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Let's take a real good look at for a moment shall we and ask yourself "who is being a predator?"

Reading the content of the site you see that this person was checking into my legal status, my trademarks, my mailing address, AND EVEN SENT SOMEONE OVER TO "CHECK OUT" MY ADDRESS!

Which by the way - this just proved WHY I have a UPS address listed online.  Because crazy people like this who are stalking, threatening, smearing, and who knows what else they might be capable of GO OVER TO CHECK OUT THE ADDRESS!!!  She just showed you WHY I don't list my home address online and why I'd be nuts to do so. 

Are they so desperate to bash me they are seriously bashing me for having a UPS box?  Really?  Seriously?  Gee let's just bash me for breathing air guys.   Or how about bashing me for having two feet.  I mean you're getting pretty desperate aren't you here?

Now don't you think that when we take women away from their p…