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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The campaign is all clear to me now.  The agenda to spread legal prostitution, i.e., legal brothels, across the USA is now crystal clear to me now.  I can see who is doing it, how they're doing it, and what's to come.   However, I do NOT have a problem with prostitution as I've said before.  What I have a problem with is FORCED sex work.  Someone who has been tricked into sex work.  Someone who is being left with no way out of sex work when there is a way.   I'm against pimps in ALL forms whether it's in a legal setting or not.  Remember, there are maids right now in hotels all over the country being forced to work.   Does that mean we get rid of hotels?  No - it means like in this case get rid of Leona Helmsley.

I've been dealing with the issues of BOTH organized sex trafficking in this country, as well as pimping, and the sex industry for some time now as you readers know.   If you know my story, you know that I was turned out into the sex industry when I went to take a job working as a cocktail waitress for a nightclub that I had no idea was a front for the drug and prostitution world.   I had entered college at the age of 16 years old because I had a very high IQ.  I did not go knocking on the door of a brothel or an escort service to enter the sex industry.  I went to go and get a cocktail waitress job to put myself through school and happened to do so at a nightclub owned by pimps.

After I had enrolled, my father who had sexually molested me had stolen my money to go to law school where he then became a lawyer quite capable of making sure no lawyer in Idaho would defend me against him should I decide to press charges.  That's why my mother didn't allow me to press charges for the sexual abuse, nor of his stealing over $50,000 of my college money out of my bank account.  She knew he had the Idaho lawyers, police and even the judges in his pocket at that time because he had also joined the Mormon church up there to get him even more protection against me if I decided to file against him.

These men never made one single direct threat against me, nor pointed a gun at me, nor even laid a finger on me but I was a victim of "coercion" nonetheless.  I witnessed horrible acts of violence and retribution they executed on other people so the message I got was clear about what would happen to me if I tried to leave.

In other words, they made their threats against me "indirectly" and made sure that I was scared of what would happen to me if I left might be what happened to them.  If questioned directly I could not tell any officer that I had been even touched or threatened by these men - which was the best trap of all.  One that I couldn't even get a restraining order over.

How do you file charges or get a restraining order based on "I'm scared they'll kill my mother and grandmother"?  So I knew if I went to the police about my situation there was nothing they could do under the current laws we had on the books.

Is this just me they did this to or their common tactics?   First, I was in the presence of a family that was generations long in this.  The head of the family, Weldon, told me a story of how pimping went back to slave days and how it was the only way the African American's could pull themselves out of poverty in towns where they weren't allowed to live in safety, let alone work jobs in those towns.

Being relegated to only certain parts of town, the African-American male had to find a way to survive, which was by knowing that the white man wanted his women and to do drugs.  So a system was set up, the illegal brothels, whereby the white man could come and drink forbidden alcohol and drugs, sleep with the women in the brothels, and the men were tolerated because they knew all their dirty secrets.  Their wives were kept out of these areas because "oh dear no honey that's the black part of town".  Racism in other words was developed to keep these mens' wives away from their partying after work with the other "good ol' boys".

Richard Pryor told us very openly his mother was working in his grandmother's brothel growing up.  In this family, as a boy you became a pimp or drug dealer.  Richard actually went against the family by entering comedy.   Each night after the club would close, Rock, the man who was my "boyfriend" I would drive over to Richard's house to drop off his drugs.  Meaning if the car was stopped it was me who would be arrested.  So yes I was in the presence of men who had been trained to do this from childhood on.  I watched at family events as the boys were trained to be pimps and dealers and the girls were trained to be prostitutes, then madams. 

If you read "Ordeal" by Linda Lovelace you'll see how their operation works.  Chuck Traynor also threatened to kill her mother and father if she tried to run.  So to protect them she continued to allow herself to be victimized.   When Linda stepped up in 1980 to speak her truth - I saw exactly how she was diffused.  She was the first person I saw speaking the truth so I watched very very carefully how she was diffused and disbelieved back then and made notes.  I was rooting for her but told myself if she didn't make it out of the bucket of crabs - then I'd have to do it.  So I took notes swearing if she didn't get the word out - that I would take note of where she went wrong and I'd get the word out.

The first thing that happened was she was offered the book contract for "Ordeal" to tell her story.  Then as she promoted the book people kept ignoring her story by saying "oh you're just trying to plug your book".  People came to her speaking about a movie, so the talk then became "you're just blowing this out of proportion in order to get your movie made".  

The audiences refused to believe her because they didn't understand why no one else on the set stepped in to stop her from being threatened by a gun off camera as she claimed.  People said "why wouldn't anyone stop him from this then?"  Well that was because the film was financed by the mob.  You didn't mess with mob money or mob jobs.  If you wanted to work again, or get off the set yourself alive, you did your job and kept your head down.

Remember, this is a culture that is trained "not to rat" also.  Others on the set are also from a culture of both abuse and mafia where you just don't call the police.  Nor do you step up and correct a pimp correcting "his bitch" unless you want to incur his wrath.    Adult films use adult crews - so if these people wanted to continue working they weren't going to defend Linda.  Continue working they were because after Linda got away, Chuck started pimping Marilyn Chambers.  So there were other films to be made.  Films if you wanted to work on, you did not step up and support Linda with what she was telling the public.  So no - no one was going to throw their career away to validate Linda's story.

At the time Marilyn came out with her story, the Meese Report was being done.   This was a report about the harms of pornography.  Gloria Steinhem was part of the media that crowded around Linda.  But mostly it was the religious right that jumped up not to support what Linda was saying - which was there was trafficking and abuse going on adult sets and in the adult industry, but that pornography needed to be done away with entirely.

Looking back now, and knowing what I know about the issue of drugs, Prohibition, the "war on drugs" and now the sex trafficking movement - I think the anti-porn campaign that swept Linda up in their arms was manufactured to diffuse her from her original intent which was to alter working conditions on porn sets and the sex industry.  The "anti-porn" campaign that sucked her up totally put her on a non-winning track.  There is no way to end porn - so it did what it would - which was suck her dry, use her up, and then cast her aside with no one hearing what was her original message of how something had to be done to set up safe guards to prevent sex trafficking in the sex industry NOT to "end porn culture".  One won't change the weather - but one can build a house to protect you from the elements.  

Pornography will never end until prostitution ends because it's nothing more than the marketing of prostitution.  Just as tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs advertise their products, so too is pornography a way to sell someone into prostitution.  Believe me, both Linda and Marilyn's datebook was full of "johns" lining up to "fuck a porn star" when Chuck was "managing" them.

Pornography is also marketing for the legal brothels of Nevada which were created in 1971 by Joe Conforte.  Not allowed to advertise in the same manner as tobacco, alcohol, even legal marijuana, the brothels have to advertise their existence another way.   Since they can't pay for advertising straight-up, they rely upon "other media" such as appearances on Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Oprah, Howard Stern, and other Hearst Media owned companies, which for a long time was under management of Steve Sassa, CEO.

Steve Sassa was fired when he went against his blackmailer who was a pimp.   He was told to do something or "else" his texts would be sent to the legal department.  Well they went to the legal department, so he didn't comply with something.  But he could have been complying for who knows how long.  I do know that on each show that Dennis Hof has appeared on - I've also had our members refused.  Despite being a 12 step program, we have never appeared on any of the Dr. Drew series, or his radio show.

We have also never appeared in on publication or show owned by Hearst.  We once had an article about us in Cosmopolitan for example back in the early 1990's before the corporations took everything over - only once it came under the ownership of Hearst - they not only won't do a story on us but they PROMOTE sex work outright if you look at some of their current articles.

I saw a very good film by the way which explained how Prohibition made some men rich.  By making alcohol illegal, you created bootlegging.  Which of course then drove the price up.  Now if you're selling booze - do you want to have to set up a whole legal brewery or do you want to be able to make some moonshine in the back woods and sell for the twice the money?  When I was in the sex industry I used to say I wanted to keep it "illegal" because we "made way more money" that way.

Come on - think about it.  Being illegal makes you money as a moonshiner.  So you are going to want BOTH the support of the politicians AND the church to keep it illegal.  The churches used to go around making me sign "pledges" they wouldn't drink and preaching the evils of alcohol.  The politicians got women to come out to their rallies by promising they'd get the laws set out to stop their husbands from drinking up the rent and beating the hell out of them.  Everyone wins but the alcoholic.

The legal system also wins because the politicians get to stay in office by talking about how they will "stamp out this crime", so they get also the support of not only the women through the church, but also the police, the judges, the courts, etc., because they continue to get fresh fodder to process, arrest, and keep paying them money also.  Again, everyone wins but the alcoholic.   The thing I liked about this one film is they interviewed bootleggers who talked about how they would bring in politicians and the church to drive out their competitors, and thus allow them to drive up their prices.  All very carefully orchestrated in such a way as the general public had no idea what was going on.  The parallel's between this system during Prohibition are identical to what's being done right now in the USA with respect to prostitution and sex trafficking.  Even down to the church's "protest" while the politicians' build their platforms on the issue - and now I can't get a return phone call from any of them to help me with a victim.

I started our program in 1987 to be a national program.  I would get calls from all over the USA and the thing is if I had a person in trouble somewhere, I was able to call the local police there and get help who was more than happy to go get that woman out of there, arrest her pimp, and get her some help.  I found I was able to get help from the "system" everywhere but Nevada.  When I would call the police in Nevada to help a woman in trouble I would usually get grunted at and hung up on.  Why?  You have to understand the system in Nevada to understand that because it's the only state of the USA where legal prostitution is being tolerated.

But because I was unable to get help for women calling for help in Nevada by making phone calls to get them help - my husband basically at the time took it upon himself to drag us to live in Nevada.  I was quite comfortable in Nebraska at the time.  We had bought five "safe houses" and I was just fine having those who needed help coming out to the midwest to start over.  If their pimps followed them out there - believe me they stuck out like a sore thumb and we'd be alerted immediately.   But these women couldn't even get on buses or get to the airport to get to us because of the way the whole state was structured.

For example, there was no bus line until 2011 that would go from one end of Nevada to the other.  So if you were not in Las Vegas nor Reno - you couldn't get to the airport or bus station to get to us.  These women were trapped geographically.  With the police not willing to take them to the station to get to us - that left us with coming to them as my now ex-husband pointed out.  So in 1996, we packed up and relocated ourselves to Nevada.

We built up a very good system of "escape" for those who were being trafficked within the legal brothels.  Mind you I'm not talking about women who were working at the brothel of their own free will as a vocational choice.  I'm talking about women who were having pimps forcing them to work at these brothels who were never going to be able to see these men prosecuted for trafficking.

Why?  Because the only way currently to do so is for her to be arrested.  Then once arrested, the police then go and arrest her pimp.  Now if she's in a legal brothel where is this arrest going to happen?  Do you think the brothel is going to tolerate her dropping a dime on him?  When they aren't letting these women file charges against their "johns" for things like rape, violence, etc. - do you really think they're going to let her file charges against her pimp?  Don't think so.

Which is why in 2007, I agreed to help Melissa Farley do a report on what was happening in Nevada.  You can read some of the clips at   The original idea I was pitched was that NCAST was going to be formed to address the unique nature of trafficking within the legal systems of Nevada.  Which was much like seen in Amsterdam or Australia where prostitution, and brothels, are also legal.  In 2007, Amsterdam had shut down much of their windows district because of how crime and trafficking had taken over their area.  Tourists were being robbed so they had to do something.

I helped Melissa interview the women we had helped to get out of the legal brothels for her report to the State Dept.  I had to help her because no other group had been working with helping this group of women which required a very unique type of process to help them unlike we were doing in other states where legal prostitution didn't exist.

As far as I could see, we were the only group working with this subject so I had to help her to get the report done.  To hear what we mean about the unique needs of this type of trafficking, you can listen to Aubrey.

Melissa had been telling me I was "going to be in charge of direct services" of NCAST, that I would have a salary of $120,000 a year, and she even had me going out looking for offices to lease for the project.  Oh man did I fall for this hook, line and sinker.  My mom had just died in January and my daughter was ill, my husband had just had a breakdown and left - so I was completely off-kilter and didn't see it coming.   I didn't see if coming when she said "we need to get your strongest members of SWA to stand up and validate this report so people will believe it's true".  So I agreed to let her bring out Brenda Myers-Powell and Kathleen Mitchell - two women who had been public members of ours for years because they had founded local programs as well as being a part of ours.

Right as I was being microphone'd up for the press, Melissa pulls me over and asks me to make a statement.  I had been unaware of the TVRA of 2003 prior to this.   Now I had been thinking I'm working on a report about trafficking WITHIN the brothels.  THAT'S what I was trying to expose and fight.  I thought we were setting up a program that would address trafficking WITHIN the legal brothels.  I was not holding this conference to call out against legal prostitution or legal brothels.  I wasn't calling to have them shut down.  I wasn't calling out to have them abolished.   I look at it this way - slavery was abolished yes.

But temporary labor agencies are legal meaning if you need someone to do what those slave hands once did then you can now legally hire out someone to do that work.  That work is then governed by laws which prevent you from not paying them, or over-working them, or abusing them while working.  That's the way I view legal brothels.   Which currently there is no system in place to protect the workers.  The only difference now is that the women not only have their street pimps, but they ALSO have Dennis Hof or Lance Gilman, or for a while Joe Conforte, over them who is even in Dennis' own admission now just a BIGGER PIMP.

I do not challenge legal brothels.  I challenge the way they're run.  I can go on and on but instead I'll have you listen to Aubrey about what my objections are to the way they're being run in today's America.   They are not being run like the brothels I hear about in the UK or Australia that are run by women.  You won't hear for example the women there saying they can't get their hands on their own money - that the house is only paying their pimp and won't pay them directly their own money.  Again, if you got to a legal employment agency they pay their workers.

Anyway, Melissa asks me if I will speak out against the brothels, and if I will state that "all sex work is rape".  Which I can't.  First because all sex work isn't even sex.  Madams aren't having sex and they're in the sex industry.  Some porn is done alone and no sex is involved.  Webcams is where the person is not having intercourse with anyone.  Stripping is sex work and yes some strippers do not have sex with their clients.

So how can I say "all sex work is rape" when all sex work is not "sex"?  I told her I couldn't make such a statement and we went forward.  I later wake up to read that Melissa had taken the reporters into the hallway and told them I had "asked to abolish the brothels" and she told them I had said what I had told her I would not say.  So we had a falling out right there.

Well what Melissa did was put me on the brothel's "shit list".  Up to that point, I've been able to call Dennis and have civil conversations with him.  Not that I agreed with him, but civil.  It seems that we both agree on principle that we hate pimps.  However, Dennis' idea of "fighting human trafficking" is to transfer the victim from their pimp to him.  That's not my idea of "freedom" anymore than I think putting an addict on methadone is them getting clean.  A drug is a drug is a drug and a pimp is a pimp is a pimp.

Pimps have ways they recruit, operate, and maintain control.  I'm going to clarify again very strongly, I am not against the sex industry itself if the woman, or man, performing that task is doing so of their own free will, and being paid properly for that work.   Do I have a problem with Linda Lovelace being in "Deep Throat"?  No.

I have a problem with the fact she was being threatened with a gun to film the movie, and that her family was also being threatened to be murdered if she tried to run.  I have a problem with the fact the crew on that film stood by and did nothing because they didn't want to be hurt, and they wanted to continue working on future jobs like on Marilyn's movies.  I have a problem with the fact the men who made that film were abusers and the imagery in there did not have a disclaimer for the viewers they were watching a form of rape.  Now does that mean I think Playboy is rape?  No.  Playboy is not rape.  "Deep Throat" was rape.   Playboy supports "Children of the Night".  I do not see the legal brothels supporting neither CON nor SWA.  So there's a difference.  Sex is given through free will. Rape is coerced.  They both are sex but they each are different.   The same goes for the sex industry and the people in it.

When the report was done, I read it.  In this report, there were interviews with people such as Karen Hughes, and Lois Lee.  I remembered exact quotes from the report Melissa finished with me.   Please note the date of "August 2007" on the cover of their report.   Note however, this news article says the report was "released in March" of 2008.

Here's the article on March 25, 2008 actually -  Note the press conference I gave with Melissa on this report we did was dated September of 2007.   The report was made into a book also

So what you have here is I stood up with Melissa Farley in September of 2007 to release our report on Nevada and domestic sex trafficking.  Then the report from Shared Hope was released to the press in March of 2008.  However, if you look on the cover of the report you'll see it "appears" to be released in August of 2007 - in other words it's trying to make itself APPEAR to have been released in August of 2007, not March of 2008.

Now I read the report when Melissa handed it to me, but she refused to give me a copy of the report - only the book.  When I read the report that's made to appear to have been released a month before our press conference, the quotes in it are the same.  I was on speaking terms with Karen Hughes then so I called her.  I asked "Did you give two interviews - one to me and one to them?"  I asked the same question to Lois Lee.  The answer from both of them was "no".  Meaning they gave one interview during the report I was working on with Melissa, but did NOT give a second interview to Shared Hope.

After the press conference, I found out that Melissa had misquoted me to the media.  But remember, she had been promising me a job, a huge salary for doing what I was doing anyway for free, our own office - heck she had even taken me to an architect's office to show me drawings of the center we were supposed to build a residential center of in the desert.   I was going out doing presentations for her to churches, architect's, realtors, on what we could accomplish if they gave me a donation.

However, remember my car had been demolished the day after the press conference. I had no car and no way to do outreach or look for an office.  So I was asking Melissa to let some of the money go in order for me to replace the car.   She wasn't sending any money.  Melissa had also promised me a job doing research until we could get the office open, and she'd told me if I raised donations they could go through her nonprofit and after she took a cut, I'd get the rest.

Well after the press conference, people were offering me cash donations.  So I'm asking Melissa for her nonprofit number so I can take these checks - and she's balking on me.  In fact, she's balking on everything she'd been promising me.  I finally pushed hard on her about the fact I have no car and I'm getting calls from women needing help.

That's when she finally starts going into the "I have no idea what you're talking about routine with me.  When I asked about money to replace the car out of the donations we'd raised so far she tells me "you're a big girl - you knew the risk you were taking giving that press conference".  I'm like "wait a minute".  This woman had been telling me "oh no matter what happens we got your back" and now it's "I'm a big girl?" I am also getting calls from the local churches and businessmen we'd spoken to. They're asking me if I got the check they sent in.  I"m like "what check".  I call Melissa and she says "yes we've raised $180,000 of our $300,000 goal".  Okay, well I need a couple of grand to buy a decent car now to replace the one that got destroyed because of her mouthing off about "abolition" at this press conference.

That's when she turned around and said "money - what money?"  Then it was "board member - what board?"  Oh now she's denying everything she said to me for months to get my help on the report?  I made some phone calls and it was adding up to $180,000 in checks sent to her after that event.  The people told me they sent them to her.  I spoke to people in her office who told me that "yes we got that much money".  Okay I need an outreach car.  I call to push on Melissa and finally she just goes into the whole "I have no idea what you're talking about".  I asked to see her treasury report so I could see how much money she brought in over the conference, and she refused.

Then I read in March of 2008, the Shared Hope Report.  I called Melissa saying "Did you see this?  They completely plagiarized you" because even the quotes on the interviews were the same.  Again, I had spoken to people interviewed who said they had NOT given a second interview to Shared Hope.  Leaving me with only one conclusion - the report I had worked on with Melissa has been repackaged, and pre-dated to appear to have been done before ours, but in reality the report is from work we'd done with Melissa.   I asked Melissa why my name was removed entirely from the report, as well as any reference to our program entirely.  Of course I got the whole "I'll get back to you" response.  But that was the last straw.

I sent out an announcement to everyone I could think of, from professors at UNLV, to the sex industry blog "Tits N Sass", Maggie McNeal, and every single person on our mailing list that I was "no longer affiliated with Melissa Farley in any way, shape or form".  I will say this - the sex worker community responded by uniting together and making it very clear  Melissa would not be getting any more interviews from ex-sex workers from us, or anyone, but of what she'd just pulled.

I was also responding to what I was reading about Judge Voy's court.  I had written up a whole proposal packet containing an outline of the alternative sentencing and diversion program we'd created for adults - and showed him how we could modify this for juveniles and thus roll out a whole program for juveniles that wouldn't cost the state one dime.

I had a list of people ranging from counselors, social services, and even self-defense teachers who had all offered to donate their time to work with juveniles in his court - who were being completely ignored so he could fund raise for a residential program that wouldn't even be big enough to house the number of clients he was seeing in one day, let alone one year.  Yet here I am reading interviews with him and Shared Hope saying "oh we have no resources" while they had thrown our proposal in the trash.  Guess you can't fund raise if you have services so who was I to screw up his fund raising.

I had tried contacting Shared Hope about the report myself, and about Judge Voy's refusal to even look at the proposal I'd given him which would at least offer these girls SOMETHING rather than putting ankle bracelets on them, or locking them up in Caliente jail when they hadn't committed a crime.  I was ignored by them entirely.  When I asked for help with a victim sitting in my living room - I was told "we don't provide direct services to domestic victims".

Oh that's interesting because March/April 2008 kicked off them going all over Nevada speaking my stories like they were theirs!  Oh you can imagine how I felt watching this and them talking about these "reports" like they were theirs when I was the one who had arranged them.

But they went around Nevada speaking about these stories, without mentioning our name one bit, and then after raising $1,000,000 - they split Nevada without even so much as buying me a cup of coffee. No I take that back - I tried to go hear them speak and had security tell me I was "banned from the property".  So I couldn't even go hear them talk about my work.  After leaving town, in fact, they were able to turn the work into some legislative changes.  

Thanks for including me in the work that made that possible Shared Hope.  Nope - you did a real thorough job of scrubbing my name entirely but just so you know - I have the original notes of what I sent Melissa to prove what part of that report was my work I was responsible for, or created.

Which is why I'm going to alert you to how pimps operate so you can see it unfold as Dennis, and the legal brothels, continues on with their plans.  First of all, the pimps that I was taken in by liked to work with adults.  Hence the nightclub where you had to be over 21 supposedly in order to even work there, or come in as a customer. However, I lied about my age to get that waitress job and I was only 18 years old when I came in.  They didn't ask for my ID because they didn't really care.   I did not start out in prostitution and never would have.  The waitress job was my indoctrination into the system and the people.

In Nevada, you can get a job to work in a restaurant at 16 years of age with a special work permit.  I knew something was wrong when Dennis started bullying his way into advertising his "restaurant" in Oakland.  He wasn't just buying billboards, he was BULLYING the purchase of billboards.  When the powers in Oakland refused his purchase - he started bellowing that he was "going to sue" which is by the way what pimps do.  They are very aware of the law and they use the law to their advantage.  Dennis was crying "free speech" and threatening to sue.  I stepped in and said there is free speech yes, but now when you're inciting someone to a crime, of which trafficking was happening in his clubs.  Therefore, Oakland had the right to refuse his advertising because it was a ruse.

If what I had said was "defamation", Dennis would have sued me so fast  my head spun.  However, he did not.  He backed down.  Why?  Because ever since Kemp Shiffer started recruiting girls in California where the legal age is 18, to Nevada, where the legal age for sex is 15 years old, it's a known tactic to recruit 16 year old girls to go to work in the restaurant that's in the brothel that's literally only one step over the threshold into the brothel section of the property.   So yes, 16 year old girls are now getting work permits to work in the restaurant of the brothel serving food which is THEIR indoctrination into the brothel.

Now, for a 16 year old girl to be arrested for prostitution in the legal brothel an officer has to witness this to make an arrest.  How is that going to happen on Dennis' property exactly?

When Aubrey was reporting to me the man coming to pick up the HIV test results weekly was being bribed with sex with the girls in exchange for not turning in the results,  we went to make a complaint with Internal Affairs.   (I don't know why they bothered with not sending in the weekly results for HIV - these guys have the access codes to change anything within the system they want when it comes to anything going into Quest Diagnostics Lab - the only lab in Nevada.  Tests for DNA, HIV/AIDS, STD's, paternity, etc.)

Only thing was, the website for Internal Affairs reported these had to be made to the "Chief of Police".  But what do you do when the Chief of Police IS who you're making a report about?  Kind of a problem.  To show you what is going on up there in the Reno police department -

When Aubrey told her pimp she didn't want to work anymore at the brothel, he beat the crap out of her.  When the police arrived, he was untouched and she was bloody.  The police arrested her for domestic violence - not him.  The courts then put her into the mental health system where they declared her "incompetent".   After declaring her mentally unfit, they gave custody of her children to her husband being he didn't have a record, nor did he have a prostitute license either.  Because she had been forced to work within the legal brothel he had no charges against him.

Then like pimps do, he threatened to put her children into porn if she didn't go back to work.  Now how do you prove that to get anything done legally WITHOUT there being a photo of that child in porn?  We were told that his threats alone were NOT sufficient to get custody removed of the children from him.   Which left women like Margo Compton having no choice to protect her children but to file pimping charges which got her and the children murdered.

By the way, the only thing "Bridget's Dream" and "Awaken Reno" offered her was "free counseling".  Of which they then never followed up on. But boy they sure do hold fund raisers.  Aubrey says she reached out to them to get no response.  When we reached out for her, she was offered this counseling, but then they never called her back to schedule anything.

Leaving the ONLY resources Aubrey had was through our program.  Now we're only a 12 step program.  We aren't a formal alternative sentencing and outreach program.  So to set up a formal process Sharnel Silvey, who used to be a madam at the Mustang Ranch, set up "A Scarlet Covering".  Through the church, she was able to obtain resources we as a 12 step program can't.

We can't arrange for free housing, free counseling, free attorney's, etc., but through the church grants can be written, programs set up, etc.  Alcoholics Anonymous has their situation set up through Alano Clubs.  They then have halfway houses owned by Alano Clubs.  They have treatment programs set up through the National Council on Alcoholism.  So AA works with these types of outside programs all the time to help the alcoholic.  So in northern Nevada we set up a process where what we couldn't do - we were able to do through "A Scarlet Covering".

So ongoing counseling by professionals was done for Aubrey through "A Scarlet Covering".   Also through the church, Sharnel was allowed to bring roses into the women in the brothel with a phone number to call for help stuffed in the roses.  The owners don't want to hear "that religious crap" so we knew they'd walk away and not listen when Sharnel, or the outreach team, was speaking to these women and giving them Bibles.  Then I'd answer the hotline, and we'd dispatch help as needed.

We were making headway when this legal system owned by the brothels snapped back at Sharnel.   She had to be eliminated.  So she was set up.  Joe called up Sharnel and asked her to "come back" to madaming.  He sent her money and jewelry in an attempt to bribe her.  She refused because these women needed the only help there was in Nevada.  We had arrangements with a motel owner, an apartment building owner, a casino owner, etc.

So we were able to create a system that got these women out, and kept them out, and also was helping them with their legal issues.  So Sharnel had to be eliminated.  That's when she was set up on a phony "elder abuse" charge.  I warned Sharnel not to walk into that court without a very good attorney - but she just couldn't believe they'd railroad her the way they did.  Well they did.

They did because they control the legal system of Nevada in the same manner in which they went after Sharnel, was the same way they were able to take custody of Aubrey's kids from her and put them into the control of the pimp to further push her back to working at the legal brothel.  What do you do when you are having your kids taken from you by the court by the man forcing you to go to work there otherwise?  What do you do when the one agency protecting you is railroaded into jail?

Which Sharnel's case and the way they all turned on her would have normally triggered outrage.   My father built up his "audience" when he moved to Idaho when he got scared I was going to file charges.  He wanted to make sure he had a whole slew of people who would believe him and not me.

So he went to Mormon country, joined their church, went through law school, and made friends with everyone in town by offering them cheap discounted legal assistance so they'd view him as the "good guy".  Then when I'd go on Geraldo and speak about his abuse of me as a child - he would just say "oh my poor crazy daughter needs help" and get even MORE sympathy as the grieving concerned father.   Makes me puke.

ALL abusers have their audience is how they operate.  The media which had once praised Sharnel, suddenly disappeared over night.  I wondered how Google did this sudden change, but all of the articles that had once been there about this great program she'd set up, this great work she was doing, about her recovery, yada yada yada, suddenly disappeared off Google.  It went from stories like this on her:

To stories like this -  Please note how it was a "commission investigation that led to Sharnel" in this article.  She was set up folks.  She had been caring for an older man who knew about her work that was dying.  He had instructed her to take those items as a "donation" upon his death.  I witnessed him giving her these items freely and it was for her "good work" that he did this.  Only this commission comes along, the family got their heads all twisted up by these same people telling them Sharnel had lied, the media was twisted up against her, and she got thrown into prison for years without any hope of parole.

What got my attention was not only how the Nevada media suddenly turned on her - but Google as well.  During her trial, and while she was in prison, I couldn't even find hardly any articles on her previous work in Nevada in Google - again having to turn to Yahoo to even find them again.  Which I later found out an executive from Polaris did go to work for Google right about the time I started finding articles were being manipulated and hidden on Google, not being so shifted on Yahoo or TOR.  Polaris by the way was founded pretty much when a report was released on sex trafficking in the massage parlors of Rhode Island - which up until then had pretty much allowed prostitution to exist as long as it wasn't "out on the streets".   It almost seemed like there was someone at Google changing the way articles were being retrieved with respect to her.   Turns out there is a Google connection here.

However, I have to admit I find it very interesting not only the positions Katherine Chon holds now, but also that she eliminated the one pocket of legal prostitution that existed in the USA but NOT the legal brothels.  In other words, before her report there was two places where you could work as a prostitute without being arrested - Rhode Island and Nevada.  Polaris eliminated Rhode Island - which was where the "independents" worked who didn't want to work at the legal brothels.  Now?  No choice.  A "monopoly" was created where there is no competition to Nevada.  Why?  Good question.  Why would a Chinese woman, horrified by seeing Asian sex trafficking, step in to get shut down Rhode Island where one could work "independently" of the legalized brothel system, but not the legalized system also in Nevada?

Derek Ellerman helped Katherine Chon with that report.  The reason why Nevada's brothel's weren't attacked become clear when you see Derek says he "owes his career to Ron Paul".  Ron Paul receives a lot of support from the Nevada brothels.  I find it interesting also that Derek was once in the police academy in Wisconsin.

I think Derek wouldn't want to go against the man who is "responsible for his career" that has Dennis Hof  saying he "pimps for Paul".  I have a better idea now why I couldn't get Polaris to answer my calls when they first launched their hotline now.  I also know why Polaris' Hotline is for "trafficking victims only" NOT for those who "want help to leave the sex industry" as our hotline advertises now that I know that Derek Ellerman "owes his career to Ron Paul" who Dennis Hof "pimps for".

Bradley Myles, co-founder of Polaris,  has partnered with Palantir  They are a CIA backed company who will be analyzing the data that comes in through the hotline.      CJ Adams used to work with Polaris, and now is with Google.  So there's our "Google" connection.  Might explain why things that disappear on Google - I can find on Yahoo.

So this was a smear campaign against Sharnel that hit the media when she was arrested right out of the Chinese tradition being executed here which was almost instantaneous in the way Google turned on her after the arrest.   I had literally seen all of her positive articles about her a week before her sentencing, yet the day after her sentencing - it was like her good work in the past never existed.  By the way, the Chinese love to smear their competitors.  If you want to see what I mean by "marketing by smear" check out KFC and their smear campaign against them.

Why do I bring up the Chinese?  Because I believe that the legal brothel system has joined together in an alliance with the Aryan's, the Triad, the Mexican Cartel, the Russian Mob, the Columbian Cartel, as well as Google and the CIA it appears if you look at those articles all together.  That's why.   We now are looking at a criminal underworld overseen by Aryan based police who have partnered with everyone BUT the African-American gangs who are now being used as the scapegoats ala 1980 Iran Contra's "War on Drugs".

The system that was in place before was the "five families" of Italian mobsters.  They were destroyed by Rudolph Guilliano using the government to take them down.  Rudolph wanted to smash the mob - so he went to the proper people and got himself some grant money.  He then joined up with the media like with the making of the "Godfather", and the "Italian Defamation League" and we now see the war that's taken place on not only the mobsters, but even their family as well.

I point you to the "Mob Wives" show.  These women were pitched the idea of "making some money" and "helping their men's cases" by a TV crew.  They signed releases to allow in cameras and recordings anywhere and everywhere.   These men's families were then exposed to the camera, with tapes going back to law enforcement.  Knowing these people would never ever "snitch" out what they knew - but the camera sees all - even more of the mob network was exposed and arrested through the use of "reality TV".

While Renee preaches "I'd never rat anyone out" - she did let the cameras into her house that got her husband, father, and son embroiled with the authorities.   Essentially destroying as much of the old school Italian mob as possible.  Even Whitey Bulger was finally caught because of underlings who agreed to do reality TV.   But remember, even when the Italian mob was in control over the "vice" in this country - the scapegoat was the African-American gangs then as it is now.

But who have they been replaced with?  From what I've been able to see, replaced with a group of Aryan's who have gone through 20 years of law enforcement work to build up their connections, and to now get their pension.  I point you to Chris Butler as but on example of this:

Which by the way can anyone show me the difference between Chris Butler and Kevin Brown from "8 Minutes"?  Note Kevin Brown also was a 20 year retired cop who partnered with a private investigator.

If you read up on Chris Butler, you'll see he partnered with other cops in active duty, along with private investigators.  You can also see how Chris Butler was built up by TV shows like Dr. Drew, just as Kevin Brown was built up by the Los Angeles Times & OC Register.

Which what these men have in common also - Chris Butler, Kevin Brown, Greg Reese - is they were ex-cops who were going out to motels where other prostitutes were known to stay, including minors, and with other cops cars backing them up in the parking lot, knocking on doors asking to speak to prostitutes, some juveniles, for the purposes of what?  Chris Butler was letting them know they were either "working for him or else" they'd be arrested.  Kevin Brown & Greg Reese were not however telling these men and women about either Sex Workers Anonymous nor Children of the Night.  They were however supposedly telling them about an "outreach" program they had.  Only we've now learned that "8 Minutes" was completely staged.

Begging the question WHAT WERE THEY DOING OUT THERE?  Creating press for the production of the show maybe?  One has to wonder what was going on because in "8 Minutes" they were generating calls that would go to "Kevin Brown" and then where?  Follow my question here because when the show aired, Polaris would then feed the calls back to Kevin Brown who was going to do WHAT with them since there was no "rescue" program?  There was no "40 acres in the desert" they were pitching me when they tried to sell me on the idea they had a real rescue going.  I mean honestly WHERE were these women going to be taken if they called?

I hope, I really hope, what I'm hearing isn't true because the first case I ever worked on was with 10 women with children who were trapped by a religious cult "The Children of God".  Before launching our program, I was researching previous, and other, programs working with prostitutes.  I was told "there's this church that's really pulling them off the streets".  So I went to check them out.  I  did and found that these women had been yes rescued from street pimps and street prostitution.  Only to be impregnated and now they were out hustling donations for the church.  Their children were being molested and used in porn - but these women had no idea how to get a job.  They had no cars, no resumes, and four kids with no high school diploma.  I remember going on a local news show and saying we needed help.  An apartment building owner came forward and gave them apartments until they could get on their feet.  We got them jobs and on their feet - while the head of the church fled to Europe that year.

I found out he was back in Arizona when I got a call asking if I'd heard the news about Ricky Rodriguez shooting himself in the head because he thought there was no programs that would take in male victims.  The cult was back in Tucson, Arizona, and now called the "Family".  Ricky shot himself in 2005.  Now I don't know if this is related to a woman named Beth Jacobs who literally runs around telling anyone who will listen to her that I'm "dangerous" and a "pimp" - but she's built herself up a nice career in Arizona in the human trafficking arena despite not being a licensed social worker or counselor.

In fact, she's now a trainer for "Truckers for Trafficking".  An organization that once they came into being - I found the "rescue rides" we used to get donated for our victims evaporated overnight.  We used to have truck drivers who would take a woman across the USA without there being a record of her a plane or bus ticket her pimp could trace UNTIL "Truckers Against Trafficking" has now got truckers calling Polaris instead of our program.  Who then call the local police who 9 out of 10 times are the ones involved in local sex trafficking - meaning the victims just run from the truckers when they hear this.

I bring up the "Family" cult because I'm now getting calls from survivors who are telling me they're being offered a chance to "go fight trafficking" by going to live on a 40 acre compound in Arizona.  These women are being offered free housing, a job, and "to work recruiting sex trafficking victims into recovery".  

I hate to say this - but it sounds to me like Kevin Brown might have been using "8 Minutes" to recruit women into the new modern updated version of "Children of God".  If you want to see some of their handiwork by the way - check out Joaquin Phoenix.  He was raised in the cult for a while before they fled the country.  I think he's an extremely talented man - don't get me wrong.  But the drugs, the prostitutes, etc., from what I saw in a documentary on him had him very very messed up.  I pray he's over all that now.  But I have to ask myself why are these women telling me these people are in Arizona and going onto Facebook trying to recruit survivors to come out there and help them raise money?  It sure sounds like the same m/o.  

Oh why Arizona?  You don't need a warrant in Arizona to remove a child from the parents' custody there like you do in California.   I'm also hearing how they're taking children away from their parents' without a warrant in Arizona and putting them into trafficking operations - so that's why Arizona for a group like them.  He can threaten to take their children if he wants and they don't cooperate with him now.   He also remembers how I got the media on him back then so I'm sure that might be another reason why we're  probably being so shut out of media if the cult is back.

Anyway, these cops, ex-cops, etc.  are also Aryan's, and connected to the Hell's Angel's.   Who by the way also used "reality TV" to go after their "competitors" in "Devil's Ride".

So you have Viking Aryan's who may also be Asian, like Paul Tanaka,  who blend in the Hell's Angel's (who owned the "Shady Lady" where Aubrey was being abused daily), along with Police Clubs, Police Officers like Chris Butler, and also part of the Vikings, who are now running a police-based network.

(By the way, note this "largest biker fight in history" recently was in Waco, Texas.  As a side note, the only sole survivor to the Waco stand-off in the Branch-Davidian incident was Clive Doyle.  Lois Rodden, was his wife, and published a magazine "Shekinah".

One of the surviving members of the cult was Renos Avaarm.  Who had a follower of his own who changed her name to "Shekinah".  Who is a registered voter here and is the owner of "Red Cheek Productions"

Who is "Domina Elle"  Who "Avaarm Shekinah" was the registered owner of until we pointed that fact out.  Now it's under "domains by proxy" if you look it up now.  With an ip address of  Which is also the same IP as "" and and  The site at is quite interesting.  $35,000 for a "stamped t-shirt".  Interesting. 

Also appears this domain was a jewelry site before it was attacking me.  Other domains owned by DominaElle include:  In other words, Domina Elle is campaigning for the sex industry as a form of "lobbyist" while also attacking Sex Workers Anonymous, i.e., me.  Is there a coincidence this meeting was taking place in Waco, which also happens to be connected to DominaElle, who is also a lobbyist for the sex industry also attacking me?  Don't know - just an interesting connection.)  I think it's even more interesting that here I am speaking about "false" opposition, or the "illusion" of opposition, and we have Domina Elle owning a domain for "abolish prostitution".  Now why would a sex worker rights' activist have a domain that would make her appear to be the very person she's supposed to be fighting?  Why is she attacking us when her own website says she's "trying to raise money to get a scholarship to leave sex work"?  I actually sent her an email that I knew companies giving out scholarships to those leaving the industry that is for those leaving the industry, not just for "trafficking victims", and I'd be happy to let her know about where to apply for $40,000 for school.  She never answered me.  

Which by the way was what I was trying to expose with "Operation Dollhouse" in 2007 is the connection between the Aryan Vikings who are cops like Paul Tanaka, who are partnered up with the Hell's Angel's and the Triad's sex trafficking operation:  I knew these police were going to make a "drop" out of San Mateo on that date, so we arranged for the reporter to get a "surprise raid" done that day TO catch the police on the premises.

I had no idea the police would just let 24 women go right back with their pimps when baggies of drugs had been found on the premises along with obvious signs of prostitution, and BEFORE Immigration could come and clear their visa's and question them.  But because this officer was the one caught - everyone walked right back to work that day. 

Again we have a case where Greg Munks played not only the "innocent" when caught with his hand in the cookie jar - but he also had to smear ME in the process.  If the people involved had listened to me, then we might have had things take a different course.  BUT you have the media ear listening to him, while ignoring me.  So of course the public going to take his side because all of the press is talking about him with our voices not even in the arena.  You can thank the Telecommunications Act of 1995 for this by the way who no longer requires "opposing" views to be aired on media any longer.  Meaning the voice of the rich corporations grabbing for power is what's going to be heard - not that of the people being abused by men in uniform.

Munks by the way said he had "asked the cab driver" to "take him to get a massage" and then he "just wound up there".  These drivers had been ONLY taking Chinese businessmen from the airport with Chinese tickets to these brothels who spoke Mandarin before these officers showed up.  No effort was taken by the way to retrieve the tapes from the cabs the officers drove over in which would have validated, or disputed, their testimony either.  Which happened because WE were not allowed to speak to the press when this happened.  I tried - but no one in the press would speak to us.  Maybe if the press had been allowed to speak to us - we wouldn't be reading about cops smuggling cell phones to Hell's Angel members in jail here -  THIS wouldn't have happened if the press had listened to us in 2007.

So abusers get control of the media, and who listens to their victims, in order to control what people think.  Which is probably by the way when I gathered enough evidence together to go to the FCC about how the Review Journal was repeatedly silencing us on these issues in order to favor the brothels, and those who do business with them,  I thought it even more interesting by the time I gathered enough information on the Review Journal to bring them up on a formal complaint about how they are slanting the media to push through legislature certain people want, and also to silence voices of those who aren't big huge financial powers - they sold the paper to an international company.

Would you like more evidence of how Nevada's media is connected to the Triad?  How about how Adelson has donated money to the republican's from "prostitution money"?

This might explain why a reporter from the Review came up to me after our 2007 press conference and offered me a front page story for our program IF I "came down for a photo session".  The only photo of me from the press conference I made sure was as blurry as possible and I only allowed it because I knew I was at my heaviest because of a stroke I was recovering from.  I knew I was about to lose that weight so I figured why not.  But she now wants a clear shot of my face.

I explained to her I would not agree to this because I often needed to go "undercover" for our work and I also didn't want a clear photo of my face that could be inserted into facial recognition software.  Her response was interesting.  She then told me I had a "lifetime ban on my name ever appearing in the Review Journal EVEN IF IT MEANT WOMEN DIED".  I said let me get this straight - you don't care how many women die because of not finding help out of prostitution as long as my name doesn't appear in your paper?"  To which she looked me dead in the eye and said "yes".

Okay message delivered.  Glad I didn't give her the photo of me she asked for then.  Meaning it was all a trick to try and get a clear photo of me.  But Adelson is doing more than making sure I'm not written about in the Review Journal.  It seems he does know how to make journalists afraid to write about things he doesn't want them to write about if you read into this article about how he likes to sue journalists.

If you still don't think Adelson isn't putting his resources into the legalization of prostitution - read here  Sorry for the long link - it was removed from the Huffington Post and I had to find it "cached".   I also couldn't find it in Google - I had to find this article using Yahoo.  More on why I feel Google is part of this in a moment.  Other people have commented that he has a definite "prostitution agenda".

By the way, his financial support of Newt Gingrich?  He was a part of Iran Contra with Oliver North.  Which is why I COMPLETELY backed away from "Breaking Out" when I saw their connection with Oliver North on their Facebook.  This is the group that hired Chong Kim OVER my objections she was a "fake" survivor.

Only the minute they decided to fry her over the coals - suddenly I'm their best friend.  Chong Kim was who the fake move "Eden" was based upon by the way.  Who when they wanted to use her for their ends - they used her.  Then when they were done with her - they "exposed" her as a fake.   I then continued to try and speak to this group only to find they weren't too interested in working with any real victims of sex trafficking in the USA at the time.  But they supposedly are about "fighting trafficking".  Hmm.

Anyway,  we all know that criminals use money to get people not to stop them.  Al Capone for example - famous for his charity.  Frank Lucas used to give out turkeys on holidays.  Based on these kinds of gifts - I imagine a lot of people in Nevada don't want to get in this guy's way or on his bad side either.   Wynn sued Adelson for his supposed Chinese ties based on what this article says.

Might explain why Karen Hughes got a job with the Bellagio so quickly the minute I filed a complaint with Internal Affairs.  Karen Hughes was a typist with the police when Vic Vigna was an officer who was in charge of juvenile vice.  So when I started getting calls from juveniles reporting to me they had a cop who was raping them in exchange for not arresting them.

I asked if they wanted to file charges against this guy before he raped more girls.  They said "if you can guarantee us we would live to see the trial - yes".  I learned what they meant fast.  I called Lois Lee who told me "Vic Vigna is the guy in charge of vice for juveniles - see what he can do."  I told him if I met with him I didn't want him coming around the house because if the other members saw me speaking to a cop - it could give them the wrong idea.  So I asked if we could meet at a coffee shop.  He agreed and then showed up to the meeting wearing a t-shirt and hat with FBI in bold upon his attire.  Real discrete.  Three other officers were with him.

The purpose of the meeting was to have him show me how he could protect these girls if they came forward from another officer killing them so they wouldn't make testifying at the trial.  When Vic came into the coffee shop, he invited me to sit in a car with him.  I figured he was going to take me to see where these women would be hidden so I agreed and got in the car.

Next thing I know I'm hearing the locks go up, and I also know I'm being recorded.  He then starts badgering me about street pimps.  I didn't ask him about street pimps.  I don't know about street pimps.  I was there about cops and to find out how he could protect these witnesses that wanted to come forward.  Vic then let me know he'd run my record and I didn't have any warrants.  Why would I have warrants?  I've been clean and crime free since 1985.

Then he starts a tirade with me about how "these aren't really cops these girls are talking about" and "how do you know they're really cops?" and basically interrogating me even though I'm not these girls making these charges.  I hate to admit this but as he's doing this all of my PTSD went off like a Vietnam veteran at a firing range.   All of a sudden I feel myself going deaf, dumb and blind.  I break out in a sweat and I feel like my heart is coming through my chest.  Floods of memories are coming to me and the only thing I know is I'm in the presence of an enemy and I want out of there.  It literally took me two days to snap myself back into balance again after the way I felt attacked by Vic set off my PTSD in that car that day.  I wouldn't even want to think how he would have upset me if I'd been a 16 year old teen girl.

After creating his tape where I appear to not know anything about street pimps, where I supposedly can't tell a fake cop from a real cop, basically trying to create a cover story that these girls were lying about the guy being a cop, and then he sets off all my PTSD buttons to where I go into the "stupids" that PTSD victims go through when triggered, he then asks me if I am willing to take money to be a paid informant for the FBI.

I reminded him I wasn't there to receive money to give him information and I'm not a snitch so I said no.  I am there to be shown how someone can come forward against a cop and live to see the trial.  If they can show me this, I have seven juvenile prostitutes who want to file a report against a cop for forcing sex, i.e., rape, upon them.  I refused his informant money and repeated I wanted to see what could be offered witnesses.

He then kicks me out of the car, and gives me a phone # to call the next day.  When I asked why I was going to call that # the next day when I came to be shown this system of protection - he said he "needed to prepare some things".  I called it the next day and every day for a week after and no one answered the phone.  Vic never returned my phone calls after that either.  When I went back to tell these girls about my experience - they had a real good laugh.  I will give you three guess's who they told me the cop was who raped them?

Why do I tell you about Vic?  When ATLAS was formed, I had been asked by the Salvation Army to be it's executive director by Adam Freer.  He said I was the "only person willing to do this job in Nevada" when he made the offer.  I was told I had the job and it would start in a few months.  Imagine my surprise when I open the newspaper to see Terri Miller has now launched her job as executive director of ATLAS.  She has no training, no experience, and she's a school teacher from Pahrump.  When "Operation Dollhouse" hit, and those women were allowed to go back home with their pimps, Terri and I were at the Salvation Army demanding to speak to those victims.

The minute the news hit that we were trying to speak to those women, a grant was given to Metro to "restructure" ATLAS.  Instead of questioning each and every prostitute arrested, they were only allowed to help women referred to them by Metro.  Guess who?  By Vic Vigna.  So in order for ATLAS to help anyone they had to get a referral from Vic Vigna only he wasn't giving them.  If you read the media - at the end of the year  ATLAS had not helped one victim whereas I was reporting we had processed over 311 girls out of Nevada that same year.

So after the grant was issued to "restructure" ATLAS, Terri at the end of her year reported a big fat ZERO number of victims helped.  I would also like you to note that she refused to distribute a report on the legal brothels of Nevada as noted in this article in the Sun.  Also notice how she wouldn't cooperate with getting information from Metro, again written about in the Sun, not the Review Journal.  The only criticism of Terri in fact was in the Sun again here

I went to Terri and asked her point blank "don't you find it strange that with women going into jail every night for prostitution holds that NOT ONE of them is being referred to you for handling by Vic?"  She shrugged that it was "not her job to question an officer".  I said bluntly "no it's not your job when you've just got a couple of hundred thousand bucks not to care".

Trying another tactic, I asked her if she would be willing to take notes on what Vic Vigna WAS doing about the subject of trafficking to which she snapped at me "it's not my job to report on officers".  A few hours later after speaking to Terri, I got a phone call from an FBI agent out of the Las Vegas office who told me if I did not "back off this issue about asking questions about Vic Vigna" that I would be "thrown into a psychiatric unit for observation on my sanity and my child would be taken into foster care".  Okay message sent.

I had a later discussion with Terri when I gave her a proposal for a translator to be hired to go into the massage parlors of Nevada with someone who could speak Mandarin and Korean.  I was denied my proposal for $30,000 - while $50,000 was given to build a new sign for a strip club owned by Steve Miller.   When I asked why she would support money for a strip club sign rather than my doing outreach her response was "oh we're organizing outreach - we just want a MINISTER to be doing it".

To which I responded "first of all, all faith based outreaches done in major cities like Las Vegas in the past have failed".  I then printed out a series of news clips to show her their failure and gave them to her.  Then I said "second, I AM an ordained minister so I am perfectly capable of leading an outreach if what you want is a minister to be doing them."  Her response was "we are going with a minister in another church thank you".  Of course I asked "which" church she was going to use over my organizating an outreach and the answer was a surprising "my" church.  Which church is that Terri I asked?  This is when I learned that Terri was a member of Annie Lobert's church.  Oh I see.  I also see why no such outreach was ever organized.

In case you're wondering where Terri is now -

Back to Vig Vigna. A couple of the girls said "oh hell with it we want to file a complaint anyway".  They were out of state now and physically safe and wanted to file a report against the cop who had raped them they said.  I told them with Terri covering for him obviously, and the media as well, this might be hard.  They said "we don't care - we're in another state now and we want to file".   Thinking that with being in another state for their residence now they could get outside media to report on the issue.

I said okay, and went to file a report with Internal Affairs.  Only there was no Internal Affairs at the time.  I then went to Chief Gillispie about it.  The next thing I know Karen Hughes is promoted to not only the head of vice, but she also seems to be the "go to" person for the media when coming to town on the subject of sex trafficking in Nevada.  A typist.  Okay.  But she's also now put onto the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force.  So I reach out to her - only to have her ask me to "take her off my mailing list".

This was about the same time I was dating a man I was getting engaged to who confessed to me that he had come in after a relationship with me for the sole purpose of getting me involved in this trafficking network involving police officers.   I took all of the information he had given me about how they operated, where they operated, who they operated with, etc.., to Chief Gillispie.  Then 24 hours later everyone is cleaned out literally down to the bleach smell on the woodwork in the houses that have been cleared out.  Okayyyyy.  I go back and tell these girls I don't think we're going to get them anywhere with making reports if anything that's being reported is only being reported to then be cleaned up and covered up - just like the Colombian Cartel did in the 1990's.

I had watched Assemblyman Bob Beers get set up to run him out of office.    I wouldn't have even done the 2007 press conference had not Bob Beers came up to me when he saw me chickening out and said "I will stand behind you with this whatever they do to you".  I trusted him and he kept his word.  He had told me he was going to get better outreach and licensing done for those women in those parlors for one thing.  For another he said he would back me up on any retaliation.  Which when my power was cut off the day after the press conference, he did.  He made a phone call and got it restored.

This is when I learned Lance Gilman was one of the three men who founded the Nevada power company.  As some of you may remember Enron was trading energy contracts which is where Ryan Kavanaugh comes from also - Enron.  Ryan then founded Relativity Media which filmed "8 Minutes", and other films I've seen who falsely portray the sex industry and four shows that I've had taken off the air because they were completely bogus faked staged crap labeled "reality TV" that was also duping people out of money like "8 Minutes" was.  Lance Gilman also owns a Harley-Davidson dealership in case you wondered where the Hell's Angel connection came in.

Shortly after helping me with the power company, I saw Beers falsely set up by the Review Journal.  The Review Journal put a $5.00 donation onto a website no longer maintained by Bob.  I know because I had cautioned him that he needed to start tending to those neglected sites.  Sure enough they deposited $5.00 into an account he then did not report because he didn't know.  They then got him up before the Ethics Commission over this and run out of office.  I called Bob and asked him why he didn't fight back and he reported because "he was getting death threats and he had family to protect".  He further told me the threats were coming from "bikers".

Once Bob Beers was out of the way, he was replaced with John Hambrick.  I then kept trying to meet with Hambrick to only keep being blown off.  The MINUTE that Aubrey spoke at the legislature and we won against the brothels - John blocked me off his social media after denying meeting Aubrey.  I had posted a video of him speaking to Aubrey to prompt his block of me.

By the way, since Hambrick replaced Beers, he supposedly "bullied" his way into being Speaker of the House.  Other senators have complained - but I don't see anything being done.  I don't think it will be either now that Dennis Hof has announced he's going to run for Senate.  Sure now he got Reid out of the way - who was the only man in the legislature I saw holding the line against the brothels.  If any of you witnessed the media attack upon him in 2015 - you know the media was meant to get him out of the way so Dennis could move in and Hambrick could remain in power.

Reid wasn't chased out of politics by the media over the issue of money and the sex trafficking bill because the ACLU v. Catholic Bishops  had already said they had to get their mitts off our bodies when we were in trafficking programs which is all he was saying.  No - he was run out on a rail because of what he proposed with respect to David Vitter and campaign contributions.  Which once again if we had been given a voice in the media when this was going down - we would have brought up as their real motivation - but again we were silenced.

Back to Karen Hughes, I started getting calls from the many fine upstanding police officers that we used to be able to call upon to help when we found a woman being threatened by a pimp, or even another officer.  I ask you - what was he doing digging around in information on porn stars?  Could be possibly trying to find someone who left their pimp as a favor?  Good question because he certainly never had a good answer as to what he was doing in there.   Anyway, these officers start telling me that Karen is running out of the force anyone who even mentions my name in a good light.

Which had me wondering "how is she going to do this" when there was a big human trafficking event coming up that year which our absence would be noted.  Oh I found out - they flew in Brenda Myers-Powell to speak for us while I was told by security I wasn't even allowed to hear her speak on our behalf.  Oh, the woman IMPERSONATING us was allowed to attend - but not members of the REAL group.  Because when I was blocked at the door of the Monte Carlo, I also had five other members with us.  Oh no - we can't have NEVADA victims speaking at a NEVADA event.  Oh God forbid no.  Congo victims yes.  Nevada victims - no.

Well I get three officers who are willing to file complaints about a few things they saw according to what they told me.  They consisted of - Karen was arresting "johns" and then telling them "if you go up to the legal brothels you won't have to worry about this again".  Also, arresting female prostitutes and then telling them "you don't need to be arrested if you go up the hill and work with Dennis Hof".  Lastly, don't call Sex Workers Anonymous OR Children of the Night.  Why?  Because as far as I know we're the only two groups these guys don't have their mitts in that pose any threat to them.

The key thing these cops told me was if they even mentioned my name, the name of our group, or tried in any way to help any prostitute OUT of the industry and NOT into Dennis' hands - they were being run right off the force.  So I went and filed a complaint against Karen which wasn't easy being that she was now (1) head of vice, (2) head of N. Las Vegas police, (3) head of N. Las Vegas Internal Affairs AND (4) on the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force.   Which every time the media comes to Nevada TALKS TO KAREN - not us.

(Which I need to note I LIVE in N. Las Vegas during this time.  Well "lived".  After the bomb was put in our RV and my front door kicked in and the police refused to make a police report - I left living in N. Las Vegas.  Also after Christina Parreira threatened to "come kick my ass and I only live 10 minutes from you bitch".  That was time to leave N. Las Vegas for me.)

Anyway, about two weeks after we filed a formal report against Karen Hughes based on these officers who said they would come forward about what Karen was doing, not only to us, but also towards other officers, and with the clear intent of driving business and prostitutes to work with Dennis Hof - I get a phone call from IA informing me they will "not pursue the investigation any further because Karen has gotten a job with the Bellegio".  Good girl Karen - you got yourself a great cushy future now.  Who cares about the  fact these women have no way out because they can't go to the police?

Which goes back to my story in the 1980's about the Beverly Hills police.  If you've read some of my background and personal story - you'll remember how the Beverly Hills police told me they operated out of the Beverly Hilton hotel.   See racism has always been a cover for these guys because some of you may remember a video about a well-to-do African American man in a Mercedes who was pulled over and jacked up by the cops in Beverly Hills.

Here's what that was really about.,,20102555,00.html    Some cops on the Beverly Hills Police Force also owned the "Talk of the Town" escort service.  They also worked together with Alex Adams, the Beverly Hills Madam, and Cheri Woods, the Hollywood  Madam, and they wanted me to "enlist" as the "High Tech Madam".

So they showed me how the rooms at the hotel were wired.  Then when a "john" called for a girl to be sent over, she would be stopped at the door by security.  Then given a warning that unless she worked for "Talk of the Town" that she would be, well, not treated very nicely.   Then one of their girls would be sent up to the man's room.  Now sometimes when one of those girls who were being mistreated by security and cops down in the basement of the hotel had a pimp, and that pimp would be coming to get her out of there, the police would stop them and jack them up to deliver the message to him to "stay the hell out of Dodge".  Meaning when I saw this attorney being jacked up by the cops I felt like reaching out to him and saying "it's not because your black baby - it's because they think you're a competitor pimp to them"!

I imagine Karen has a nice cushy job at the Wynn doing security now that Dennis is doing "out dates" to Vegas hotels.  Advertised right on his website, newsletters, and the brothel's prostitute's blogs.

The media right now is making men who are seeing prostitutes now appear to be heinous monsters.  Watch this and you'll see what sounds like a murderer being caught.  It's all over the news - you see a prostitute and you're a monster.  Look anyone knows that the minute you "forbid" something - the minute demand goes up.

If these guys wanted to not get caught - they'd fly to Nevada now.  But there are men who don't want to get caught.  They don't want their license plates written up and put in the paper.  Now does this have ANYTHING to do with "ending demand"?  HELL NO.  What is is about is CREATING DEMAND for LEGAL prostitution.

Notice, once again we're not being included in this discussion to point out not one of these "shame" campaigns doesn't work.  Did it work with Eliot Spitzer?  The man was totally humiliated, he lost his job, he almost lost his wife, and had to make a public apology.  That's pretty shaming.

So are we allowed into this conversation that "shaming" does not "end demand" for prostitutes, it just "increases demand" for not being arrested?   No.  Anyone who knows the first thing about psychology, or sex addiction, knows that "forbidding" and "shaming" just increase the demand MORE.

Do you really think the casino's of Nevada aren't connected up with the Triad, and the provision through their security agents of prostitutes, just like they were doing in the 1980's with me?  Check this out -  Here is an "insider" talking about just that same exact thing.  It also appears the Chinese police arrested over 100 prostitutes in his casino over there.  It also appears Adelson has been trying to fight Obama, and support Romney.

Adelson is no dummy either.  He's produces Comdex = which shows the latest in computer technology.  Everyone knows that most advances in computers are driven by the demand for porn.  It's no coincidence that Comdex and AVN Awards are always held the same week - being that most computer geeks are heavily into porn.  The Chinese are also heavy into hacking.

So this feeds both needs right here - that for the connection to the porn industry and technology.  The biggest hacking was done to Sony.  Everyone knows the best hackers are the Chinese - which is also right next to Korea.  So I"m not surprised at all when "johns" have called me saying they've left massage parlors, strip clubs, etc., only to find not just their credit cards maxed out, but that their bank accounts have been hacked and robbed as well.

Do you want to know why these men want control over the media?  I watched "live" the coverage of Lamar Odom unfold.  I have been writing letters to the authorities since 2013, reporting that men who have visited strip clubs, legal brothels, Asian massage parlors, etc. have had more happen then just what was reported to happen at the Crazy Horse where customers were supposedly drugged and then their cards maxed out - but that they were saying they were going home to find their bank accounts hacked and robbed.

So what do we see?  Lamar shows up supposedly already "high".  But then he's got "every drug there is" showing up in his system.  If he was that stoned when he walked in, he would have been unconscious.  So he got the drugs after he arrived.   Then they let him sleep without checking on him for hours.  Of course that story changed to they did check on him as the story progressed.   Why was he flown to the Pahrump hospital when it's the same distance from the Pahrump to the Las Vegas hospital?  Friends of Lamar say he had $75,000 in cash on him in his pocket.  The Pahrump Hospital by the way isn't all electronic - meaning some of the files are on paper.  When it appeared he was REALLY sick, they then took him to Sunrise.  Why not UMC which is where celebrities go?  For one thing - Sunrise has all of it's medical papers on a system where it's all digital and it can be altered.  Why it that important to know?  Because if Lamar had died the brothel might have been found liable.  You have to understand UMC and the Pahrump Hospital are not ALL digital.  It's important when they thought he might die to go to an "all" digital system because you can then alter the paperwork as needed.  Nevada's brothel owners's also have access to the ONE lab in all of Nevada.  That's so they can alter DNA results, HIV tests, and anything else that might implicate them like even paternity.

Now Lamar could have filed charges for the $75,000 missing.  However, the police were there threatening to charge him with drug possession.  I saw the stand-off where he then let's it drop to where he "spent" the money at the brothel, and the possession charges were dropped.   Which means we got to see unfold in front of us what the "johns" were reporting to me was happening to them.  They'd go to see a prostitute, and then wind up with their cards maxed out, and their bank accounts hacked and robbed.  Then when going to the police to file theft charges - they were finding themselves either charged with something OR threatened with being exposed to their boss and/or wife.  Imagine if Lamar was trying to keep from the press what happened to him?

Which also ties into what I was saying about how these "johns" are affecting politics, and this is not just about their "sex life".  Why do I say that?  Because Eliot Spitzer was never arrested for being a "john".  The story was leaked to the press.  Why?  Well Eliot was frequenting an escort service run by Kristin Davis.  However, Kristin was probably like Jeane, like Alex, like myself - where we only got arrested when we started saying "no" to certain things like the sales of women to the Sultan of Brunai, and other such oil royalty.

One of the owners of the escort service was living in Israel at the time of the first arrests.  In fact, one was an Israeli tax official.  So yes it's kind of interesting to see what Adelson's stance is on Israel, and his involvement in the support of Mitt Romney over Obama (who has done more to fight human trafficking than any other politician I've ever seen - thank you Obama).  It seems that Mark Brener and Cecil Suwall published a book with meditations in it from Rabbi Schneerson.

But of course Sheldon Adelson is also a board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition.   Which could explain two things (1) the first being how everything about these bikers being Aryan and every single tactic I've seen being used in this campaign to legalize prostitution seems to match tactics right out Mein Kamph, or Hitler's handbook on how to rise to power, and (2) why I can't get anyone to talk to me about Jewish victims of sex trafficking.  I got the complete brush-off when I tried to speak to local Rabbi's about Jewish victims who were not getting access to proper kosher food inside any of the sex trafficking safe houses, and the Anti-Defamation League completely blew us off also.  If you wonder what I mean - go and show me a safe house for victims that includes a kosher food plan for them.

Meaning there might have been a lot more to this patronage of Eliot's with this service than meets the eye considering he certainly wasn't going to be arresting anyone that would have exposed his use of prostitutes' willingly.   Which of course then become my issue - being if any of the women employed at this service were being pimped or trafficked - could they have gone to the police for help?  Not when the NY police have a history of looking away anyway they can't.

Getting me back to the issue of the media and the planned rise of legalized prostitution in America we are watching unfold before our eyes.  Because when John Hambrick was trying to get AB67 approved, REAL trafficking victims were trying to have their voices heard they were not in support of AB67.  Neither was SWOP at the time in 2013.  I was on the phone with SWOP members who were in total agreement with me against this.

I was suggesting that we organize a protest outside of Nevada where we could get the media to understand why we were against it.  Only this was when I started hearing from them about the group of women who had invaded SWOP:  Domina Elle, Norma Jean Almodavor, Bella Robinson, Maxine Doogan, and  Meg Munoz.  These other SWOP members started telling me that "they had been told" by these women not to even so much as meet me for coffee, let alone work with me towards organizing a protest of AB67.

My argument was if the majority of SWOP was in opposition to AB67, and Sex Workers Anonymous was in agreement against AB67, then what on earth did a group of four individuals who seemed to have some personal grudge against me have to do with anything if the joint goal was to defeat AB67?  This was when I was told "we have worked out a deal with a legislator on the inside who assures us it will be defeated IF we agree to stay away from you".  Well that right there tells you this is a ruse and a lie.  Because if whoever this person was that was telling them this was basing it upon not speaking to me, and I was the only other group representing opposition to AB67, then this was a ruse to "divide and conquer".

I pointed to the media and the fact no media was registered either of our opposition, and that if we staged a protest, that the media would have to report upon it.  I argued that this was a lie to get them to stay out of the media eye and then screw us over.  These people refused to budge, the media reported "no opposition" and AB67 was passed.  Oh and the women who told me they wanted to go this route to win against AB67 "retired" out of SWOP after that defeat.  If you want to know why REAL trafficking survivors are against AB67 - read it.

Meaning that silencing the voices of REAL survivors of REAL sex trafficking is being done in order not only to silence  them with respect to not wanting the truth to come out about how trafficking does operate within legal operations such as the legal brothels or the legal strip clubs, but how there's also a political agenda afoot here reaching beyond just the legalization of prostitution, but also very much also about campaigns like Obama's campaign which was very much about fighting sex trafficking in today's modern America.

THIS is why you saw us blocked at the door of trafficking events in Nevada where Congo Justices comes in with films about sex trafficking in the Congo NOT Nevada.  It's why a film was funded about Nevada sex trafficking - which was very carefully crafted so as not to include one victim speaking about what it's like in Nevada's legal brothels or strip clubs.

Always following the pattern of getting pastors who don't know one bit about the sex industry to speak for us they can fool.  Such as not only Troy Martinez' who would make a film that wouldn't include victims within the legal brothels of Nevada in his "documentary", but why the Nevada Brothel Owners Association lobbyist, George Flint, is being run by a preacher up in Reno who admitted to me once he had "never set foot in a brothel".

Easy to fool them that way about what goes on in these places if they've never set foot in before.  But then again their job isn't to help the workers - but to help the owners advance the brothel's.   So yes, what do they care about what really goes on inside of one?  It's also why Troy Martinez' film on Nevada sex trafficking does NOT enter into the legal brothels or the Asian massage parlors once during his documentary.

Remember, Hitler rose to power using three things as his biggest tools:  the media/propaganda, fear, and the idea of helping children.  His control over the media came by attacking pornography in the name of "saving the children" for example.   That's why you can't just silence a group that's been working with helping trafficking victims out of both the Asian massage parlors, the strip clubs, the porn sets - but also the legal brothels of Nevada.

You must also use "false" media.  We are not alone on this by the way - Planned Parenthood has also said they've been seeing "fake" people getting up to testify at Congressional hearings about them.  I've seen that too by very carefully crafted films made to accuse Planned Parenthood of "supporting trafficking" with abortions.   So when I stand up and say we haven't been seeing this with our members - it's not enough to silence us.  You must also have "fakes" who get up and falsely claim they did.

Where is where groups like Hearst Media and Relativity Media have come in to this agenda being carried out.  Please note that Relativity Media, founded by Ryan Kavanaugh who once was part of Enron, has partnered with not just a Chinese based film company, but also that which is Chinese government owned.  You may remember how high up in the government men like Liang Yaohui was who was arrested for his connection with corruption and prostitution in China.

Now remember, I'm not against prostitution.  I'm against FORCED prostitution.  The woman I've spoken about before in our blogs, Music, is being FORCED to work in an Asian massage parlor, and their outcall work with the threat that not only will she be deported back to China after they slap her with a third false prostitution arrest, but further they'll make sure she gets the death penalty for pornography they filmed while they had her drugged.  Thus making it appear she had sex with her own sister - of which incest is a death punishable by the Triads.  Once they get ahold of that - she's toast.  As I understand, the family is then given the bullet her head was shot with if executed.  So yes, anyone connected with this operation is being "forced" in some fashion.

Many of the articles about it have been removed, but the series "Cathouse" on HBO was a far cry from being "reality" was it as originally billed as.  There was an article about a guard at the north Nevada jail fired of taking the role of acting like a customer at the brothel that's been removed off-line.  There was also an interview by Patti Kaplan about why she let the series being staged.  But the bottom line is "Cathouse" has been staged".  There's some reference to the actors' here.

I know when the show first came out labeled as a "documentary", I threatened legal action against HBO for the mis-labeling.  The show was taken off-air and then to re-labeled as "entertainment" then put back on-air.  In this interview with Patti Kaplan she said "what difference does it make if we stage this - a blowjob is a blow job".  Well Patti the difference, is that the public needs to see the fear in some of these girls' eyes, and what these customers are really like they aren't allowed to deny service to.

The only shows filmed by George Productions was "Cathouse" and "Simple Life".   Which by the way George Productions ties into the company who set up the website against us at  Remember their IP address used to be which also certifies jewelry as real.  So here we have the connection between Domina Elle, the website bashing me and Dennis Hof because of the production company also being the production company for the jewelry company that's one of their clients, and also "Abolish Prostitution".  Which just confirms what I've been saying - this phony "end demand" and "abolish prostitution" campaign is being drugged up to drive traffic/customers to the legal brothel system.

Also showing another tactic of the pimps - the guard dogs.   Hitler didn't want to get caught beating anyone up himself.  So a squad was set up that was who everyone was afraid of - the "protection squads".

What happened to SWOP?  The "protection squad" of Domina Elle, (who is pretty scary when you realize she was a devoted follower of the Branch-Davidians and David Koresch at one time), Norma Jeane, Bella Robinson, Christina Parreira, and Maxine Doogan.  The SWOP members who wanted to unite with me to stop the passing of AB67 said what?  They were "scared of crossing these women".  So they stopped them from partnering with SWOP and AB67 was passed.

With that under their belt, they got bolder.  When "8 Minutes" aired, they approached the woman called "Kamylla" in real life - and got her to sign a confidentiality agreement, along with a model release to use her name, likeness, and speak as her "for the purposes of the fund raiser".  Then they started saying horrible vicious lies about me and SWA online all attributing them to "Kamylla".  Only when I spoke to her she was telling me "I don't have a computer, I don't have internet and I'm not saying those things about you online either".

She told me she was going to "speak to Domina Elle and have the lies taken down".  Only when she did, she was reminded not only was her fund raiser on the line, but her husband being allowed to stay in the country as well since the fund raiser also included the attorney who was fighting for their immigration as well.   So if I"m going to sue someone for defamation - I would sue her.  Only it wasn't her saying them.  What a great way to protect yourself from a defamation lawsuit!  Remember now, Relativity Media also produces "Catfish", as well as "Intervention" and "Jail".

Then we have Michael Whiteacre, husband of Christina Parriera.  Anyone who has left the porn industry who then tries to turn around behind them and get others out of the industry is on his shit list he's now stalking and terrorizing online.  One commented said "it's like he's trying to get her to commit suicide" about his blogs against Shelley Lubben.   By the way he goes after these women - if you were in porn and thinking of leaving you would be terrified of not only joining the groups like the Pink Cross that he's destroying, but you would also be thinking "I sure wouldn't want to get on his shit list".  Which if you were to leave porn and create a ministry to help others leave porn - you would think you'd be on.  I know I"ve been wondring when I'm going on the list because I seem to be the only one right now who isn't.  Openly that is as they're hitting me from behind womens' skirts with and backdoors.

Notice Doris Duke, from the Free Speech Coalition, which is also connected to APAC or the Adult Performers Advocacy Committee

When I was being talked into joining up with this police/mob owned escort network "Talk of the Town", I was told I would be asked to go up and work at the legal brothels "when overflow help was needed".  Also, that if things "got hot" I could just up and relocate but still be able to "work".  What they did however was they wanted to know when people were thinking about quitting their agency, or running away.   So they created what's called a "trap exit" as I call it.  It's a chute that is set up to grab you when you get ready to leave the sex industry.

With them, they ran ads for a "new agency coming to town".  Only the phone was a different phone number that went directly to their office.  They would have someone else answer the phone and pretend to be another agency.  Then they would ask this person "are you working with any other agency" to see if they'd talk.  If they started talking, they then said things like "have you thought about reporting them to the police" and things like that to pick their brains.  Then if they did start talking about things like "oh yeah I already called so and so" then they knew what their exit plans were.

Which I learned even TV shows could be part of a "trap exit".  When we were doing talk shows back in the 1980's and 1990's, I got invited to go on the Donahue show.  They asked me to bring on men as well as women and said they wanted to get "someone as new as possible" on the show.  We had been joined about six months prior by a man who had been sold as a child.  At 8 years old, he was sold to the Hell's Angel's.  At 10 years old, they sold him to a pimp in NY who worked with transforming little boys into little girls.   To maintain control over his ring of young men - he would commit a murder once a month.  He would make one of the boys commit the murder to "keep them in line" and then have take the murder weapon and put it in a safe.  This was so he could tell the boys that if they "tried to run then he'd just go in the safe" and have them locked up for murder.

At about 13 years old, he could tell his turn was coming up.  So when the pimp asked him to shoot another one of the boys in the ring, he turned the gun onto his pimp and murdered him.  The police came and put him into a juvenile facility.   At night, the guards would bring "johns" into the place and they'd be sold.  The doors would be locked so they couldn't escape.  When the guards would leave, the other boys would gang rape him and punched in all his teeth.   He ran away to the streets where the social worker came to find him.   Only to sell him back to the pimp for $1500.  He managed to get away again, and then working as an "independent" male escort, he put himself through Cornell University.   He wanted to work with kids like he once was - so he got the degree so he could work as a counselor with boys like he once was.  Mike agreed to be on Donahue.

So I told the story to the producer, and she said "ok" and we made plans to be on Donahue.  The night before we were set to leave, Mike calls me from the hospital.  Some goons had come to his house, told him he had "better not do the show", beat the hell out of him, and then left.  I asked the producer who knew about him coming to do the show and she said "no one" but the staff.  I asked Mike if he remembered the name of the company where his pimp got his money laundered.  He had told me once he saw his pimp taking the money to this large company for laundering - which happened to be the same company which produced Donahue.  Give you a guess by the way which company singer "Kesha" says raped her?

You got it - Sony.  The company which was also the victim of that huge hacking which released all of their papers - what a great way to gain control over a company by the way.   See when a company launders money for pimps (supposedly - remember this is all information I was told by a SWA member and therefore rumor only), and then silences the words of it's victims (Mike was ordered not to appear on that Donahue "or else" it would be "worse than a beating next time") then you're going to have situations where some predators blurr the lines between the women they can get away with that type of behavior with, and others who won't stand for it.

So yes Donahue did do a show on us to promote our hotline.  But Sony also made sure we didn't have Mike appear speaking anything to do with Sony out while doing our show at the same time.   Meaning his pimps had no idea where he was either - until we let the producers have his phone number.   Another reason why we're very careful not to give out phone numbers of survivors' we've helped to people saying they're the media.  They might be, but doesn't mean they aren't connected to the pimps does it?

The same as for the Adult Performers Advocacy League.  Last December, they were putting on an "Exit" panel.  So of course I wanted to have Sex Workers Anonymous there to represent an exit program.  We have members living in Los Angeles who have been Playboy Bunnies who is now a hairdresser.  We have a woman who was in Hustler who now works with inmates in the jails as a counselor to help them get clean and sober.   We even have an ex-pimp for the men who might be there to hear his story.  (We have some of these interviews up at www.  A 10 year study had just been released in "Leaving Prostitution" showing the effectiveness of our program.  So I contacted APAC to set up a time to show them our work and come speak at the Exit event.

Only James Deen not only refused to let anyone from our group come speak at the panel about our hotline and program, but we later heard some pretty interesting accusations about James.  Which might explain his reaction to our reaction when he told us we wouldn't even be allowed to come pass out flyers for our program at this "exit" panel.  I told James that if he didn't want to have someone from our program speak at his exit event, that was fine.   I would just go to the porn studios and agencies and show them SB1193 requiring them to hang up posters with the National Trafficking Hotline # on it, along with our number added onto the poster, along with the hotline # for Children of the Night for juveniles.  His response was to start asking me to "meet in person for coffee to talk about this".  Where I come from when they want to talk to you in person instead of on the phone - it's to threaten you.

After the story of the rapes come out, I could hear "sighs" within our local California members.  They started coming to me one by one telling me their "James Dean story" now they felt safe enough to talk because others had.  Funny how when one comes forward - then the rest feel they can also like we saw with Bill Cosby.  Sure enough, we had maybe another 10 women come to me within SWA reporting not only was this true, but this was why they didn't feel safe coming to our meetings for months until they learned the Los Angeles meetings were done by phone meeting.

Because so many in our Los Angeles group have been involved in porn, and because the paparazzi, and how they lie to get into meetings to film celebrities - we hold our Los Angel's meeting by conference call.   That way no one sees their face nor can photograph them.  Once they realized this - we had a huge influx of new members from Los Angeles - because they knew someone who knew Steve was.  But this is what pimps/traffickers do - they want to scare them into not going to a group so they tell them things like "we'll have someone else there who can spot you and let me know where you went in five minutes."

Which by the way is what "Catfish", "Intervention" and "Jail" is. For years, we've hidden victims we've taken from their pimps in treatment centers, halfway houses, sober living homes, and yes even jail sometimes in small towns.  There's an empty cell in some of these jails and sometimes they need to be in a bullet-proof safe environment.   But we started getting calls from the staff at these halfway houses, treatment programs, etc., saying "we can't stop their cameraman from being here because we signed a contract.

Which is why I smelled a rat when the "Cupcake Girls" was given a hospitality booth at the AVN awards?  Come on here - give me a break.  The beer and wine convention does not give a hospitality booth to Alcoholics Anonymous.   The tobacco industry does not give a hospitality booth to Nicotine Anonymous.  Our program has repeatedly been denied even being able to rent a booth at the AVN and they get a "hospitality suite"?  Read the fine print here - they don't help women EXIT the sex industry - they "help with unmet needs" of sex workers.   Oh, I see if your pimp knocks your teeth out, they get you a dentist to fix them so he can knock them out again when you go back.  Got it.

Now one of the things that saves a woman from being forced by her pimp to work in the legal brothel IS her prostitution record.  If you have a past conviction for prostitution, you can't get a license to work at the brothel legally.  Now could Dennis and Lance go out and ask the Nevada public "hey can you help us wipe out these records so we can hire more women to work here?"  Hell no.  But boy you can put on a dog and pony show to trick them that's for sure.  Welcome to AB 108!A-Step-Forward-for-Sex-Trafficking-Survivors/cmbz/556fa0860cf219f177242529  The Bill itself is here:

First of all, we have no problem finding women with a prostitution record work.  In fact, many casinos LOOK for someone with a record to do jobs in marketing, sales, public relations, customer service, etc.   We know of one company off-hand in Las Vegas where people starting in the call center make about $800 a week, and those doing time share presentations are making $25 an hour.  They could care less about a prostitution record.   We have a long list of companies we've seen hire people for drug sales, manufacture, distribution, and even felonies.  So it's not a "barrier to find work".

As for "expunging records", not a problem either.  We've been doing it since 1996.  We take a year's worth of paystubs, a year's worth of rent receipts, a letter from their NA or AA "home group", I write a letter about how they're doing in SWA, and we make a motion to the court to hear us on how this person has changed, and how the record will hold them back and thus why we need it expunged.  By actually EXITING the sex industry -we have not had a problem with the judge expunging their records.  But again note we do it by them actually leaving the sex industry.  Now would we help someone expunge their record to leave and go to work for Dennis?  Nope.  We only help our members find a way out, and to stay out, of sex work.  We don't help them dig deeper in.

Thinking maybe they just didn't have the right list of employers, or know about how we were expunging records of our members, I reached out to the Cupcake Girls'.  I offered them our list of employers, along with how we were handling court.   We were promptly blocked from emailing them.  Now this is making sense why all my attempts to meet with them were rebuffed.   I read AB108 and I'm laughing because if you could "prove you were trafficked" then you wouldn't have a record in the first place.

But it appears the Bill is saying that you can get a judge to sign off your record if he "believes" you were trafficked.  Since I saw a Nevada judge sign a warrant against me for impersonating myself for buying a burger with my debit card as was done to me.   So I know with the right connections you can get the right judge to sign anything you want in Nevada - including a motion to say you were trafficked so you can go and get a brothel license.  Which I didn't see on the Bill.  I didn't see the Bill say "after the record is expunged they will not get a license to work at a legal brothel establishment".

So what the Cupcake Girls has done is create a way for women with a prostitution record to be able to go and get a license to work at the legal brothels.  Yep - they're pimps with cupcakes.  Which explains why their lobbyist is not only the same for Live Nation - which represents Snoop Dogg, the Pope, and Charlie Sheen, but also the Nevada Defense Attorney's Association.   I say that because right now I have SWA members reporting that just about every Las Vegas attorney is insisting on not only cash, but sex, as part of their payment for "services rendered" ala Stuart Dunnings III style.  Also, the Nevada Bus & Limo Association.  Got to have someone to drive those women and customers out to those brothels too you know!  Especially after they've been drugged and robbed.

Why do I bring up the cabs & limos?  As I said, these guys have blocked me at every turn of where we used to do outreach.  When I first came to Nevada, we got most of our referrals from the cabs & limo's.  I would have drivers bring me trafficking victims at all hours of the night and day and drop them on my porch.  They would be drugged up by their pimps and they would be beating them in the back of the car when the drivers would throw them out (the pimp) and then come bring the victim to me to process her to safety.

Once these guys' found that out - we had cameras put in these cabs and limos.  Then every driver who had been bringing us referrals - was fired.  The rest were warned - you go anywhere other than where they're supposed to go and you're fired.  I had the drivers telling me if they tried to bring them to me - they'd be recorded and then fired.  Once I had a guy knock out his camera and bring a victim to me.  Only he got fired when they had tracked him with a GPS device when the camera failed.  I remember one driver telling me how he had drank himself into a liver problem because he couldn't live with driving these women with these pimps day in and day out and not being able to bring them to our program any longer until he finally quit he said.

So you think a victim can "just get in a cab and get to safety"?  Think again.  Take a look at that news clip and who the lobbyist is for Cupcake Girls - and think again.

Now were the Cupcake Girl's unknowing dupes by Dennis Hof into getting that law passed?  Nope.  A person close to Joy Hoover reported to me she has a job now working in a union job along with having a prostitution record.   She got the union job with her record - no problem.  She also told me Joy knew this when she had AB108 passed.  So Joy knew that a record wasn't holding her back - nor anyone else.  So then why pass it if not about getting someone out of sex work?  Because it's a false exit.

Just like Karen Hughes.  I called her and Lou Pascoe on the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force when I had bought an 1986 RV for outreach.   I got it on a small lot off Boulder Highway.  While there I kept noticing young ladies going in and out of the back room.  I knew what I was seeing and asked the owner about it.  He told me he "let the girls use his bathroom to clean up in between tricks".  I asked why he was so understanding and he told me he had once owned a strip club in Las Vegas.  I asked him if he knew how old the girl were and he said "13".  I went over and talked to one of the young girls and yep - she was 13 years old.  So as a "tester", before I took them out of there myself, I contacted both Lou and Karen, as well as the task force.  I told them I was looking at  pocket of 13 year old prostitutes we needed to get off the streets and away from their pimp's.  No answer.  Oh I take that back - Karen asked me to "take my name off your mailing list" and then ignored me.   I went ahead and got those girls out of there myself.

Which for all the money the trafficking task force had been receiving to help girls like that pissed me off.  People have also been donating a lot of money thinking that they're helping those girls - and then they ignore them?  But also bash me who is putting these girls physically into my car and driving them to a safe program?  One that doesn't have a camera from Relativity Media inside letting the brothel owners, the Triad, the Aryan's, etc., know where they are that is.

When I asked Dennis years ago to help me with a trafficking victim who had been beaten horribly by her pimp - his answer was "bring her to me".  I explained this woman did not want to go back to work in prostitution after what happened and no that wouldn't be a good idea.  She had come to me for help to get out and stay out of the sex industry - not just trade up to the "big leagues".

I had then asked Dennis once again after a woman who had worked for him had been murdered if I could please put up a flyer for us so maybe that kind of thing could be avoided next time.   If she had left with us when she got pregnant - that might not have happened to her.  So I asked about flyers.  Dennis' answer was "I spend too much money on recruiting to just hand them over to you".

He knows that most will do like Airforce Amy did in her own words  - which is she stomped off at 3:00 a.m. once Bernie Madoff had walked off with her retirement.   I tried reaching her before she left the ranch and couldn't.  I didn't know where she went but two years later she shows up on Dennis' site again.  She says she "couldn't find any help to adjust to life outside the industry so I turned to drugs and was depressed."  Then broke, she came back.  Which would have been avoided had she found us instead. We know this is what happens to most who leave the brothels without a proper exit program.  So I asked if we could please have the flyer up - and he refused.  I asked if we could bring in an NA meeting then for the women so they could have a meeting on the premises being they had to stay there for weeks at a time and he said "no".

When the real "Kamylla" reached out to us, she said she wanted to exit the sex industry.  However, Domina Elle had taken her phone, and those other "influencers" were all over her warning her if she spoke to us even, let alone let us help her get out of the indutry, she's lose the $10,000 the Cupcake Girl's was raising for her.  Interesting blackmail.  She was telling me she wanted to come get with our program and get out of sex work -but that then she'd lose this $10,000.  She kept telling me "let me get this money and then you can help me".  I warned her that by that time - they wouldn't LET her speak to us.  Which by the time they got done with her she was TERRIFIED about speaking to us.

I remembered that when I was arrested, I had producers jumping at me offering me a book and movie contract, to sign a confidentiality agreement, and they gave me $5000 for the "option rights" but then told me I couldn't speak in the media yet while they were "developing the project".  Then they had me sit and record everything I knew onto a tape - and no movie was made.  I soon figured out I was being silenced and when they came around again to have me sign for another year - I refused to be muzzled.

The game is the same here - sweep in offering a movie contact, some money laundered through the Cupcake Girls so it's tax deductible, and get them to not only sign to silence, but also  so they can do things like bash me to hell and back using someone else's name and likeness so it appears to be multiple people saying something online - not just one person like the king in Emerald City.

I once knew a mortgage company where they would go looking through inmate profiles for the biggest con artists they could find.  Then they're offer to hire them selling their mortgage loans and would arrange for their early release even to come work for this company.   They did this because they were not only good salesmen this way - but also loyal.  Where else would they make that much money "legally".

It finally clicked here with Gigi's fundraiser.   They got her to sign a release for her photo (which by the way after posting it all over the internet - no she won't be able to find housing or a job upon release from jail - which is the point it seems to drive her to the brothel.)

I know good and well there's a transgender legal center that would help her for free.  What on earth then is this about?  Here's one such center that would help Gigi for free.  So why the fund raiser for what she can get for free?  Why post her address in jail online?  I took one look at her address and freaked out because I knew that her address posted online was going to get her a slew of letters from pimps.  I know because I've been there and I got a whole slew of letters from pimps.   My immediate thought when I saw this was not only were pimps going to be writing her now, but that she won't be able to find work or a house upon leaving jail, and this is all going to drive her to go to work at the legal brothels out of desperation now what with this photo and fund raiser campaign blasting her all over internet as a "sex worker".

OMG - that's it!!!  The pimps see her address and know where to write her to make connections.  She's sitting there wondering what she's going to do when she gets out.  Voila - right here she's got a pimp writing her.  Then the fund raiser by the Cupcake Girl's and guess who is probably going to be picking her up on release date?  The legal brothel's.  Has she a criminal record for prostitution?  No problem - AB108 takes care of that.  A simple judge's signature she was "trafficked" and she can come to work at a legal brothel doing "out dates" if she doesn't want to work inside.  Wow - what a "recruiting" gimmick for them to bring in more prostitutes.

I have sat by and watched while every avenue where a woman would promote her work as a prostitute WITHOUT having to work for the legal brothels has been attacked, raided, shut down, etc.  From the Erotic Review, to Myredbook, Rentboy, Craigslist, Backpage, etc.   The "johns" are being chased into their pocket.  Because "end demand" isn't the least bit about "ending demand".  It's about driving out the competition and turning demand into their pocket.

I have proof of that too in my mind.  This event was organized in Las Vegas about "end demand".  It was supposed to convince men not to see prostitutes any more.  It was held by the  I heard about it and went to the organizers to tell them about Sexaholics Anonymous - the only program I'd seen that truly stopped a man from seeing prostitutes and porn.   Only they kept fighting me about bringing in materials about SA.  I finally went up to one of the men organizing it and confronted him.

I said I don't understand - why would you be bringing together a bunch of "johns" to "end demand" but then not want to let them know about a program that works.  He then confessed "because it's not about that".  I still didn't get it and he put it to me this way - if you wanted to open up a legal medical marijuana pharmacy and you wanted to find customers for that pharmacy, but needed to do it "covertly" wouldn't you then hold an event entitled "how to get off medical marijuana"?  I couldn't believe what I was hearing - this event was to find out who the "johns" in town were.  Well it wasn't like the brothels could do it openly now could they?  Brilliant.  Devious.  But brilliant.  These men were flushed into this event to find "customers" and made to look like a church event.

So it's all smoke and mirrors and this is how pimps operate.  We're watching the largest sex trafficking network in action using our government, and major media, to accomplish their goals and we're watching their campaign to push legalization prostitution into all 50 states.  If they can't get the states to approve brothels - they'll just get "outdates" approved to go anywhere connected to the ranch.  They'll advertise their legal services to men like David Vitter, Eliot Spitzer, and Stuart Dunnings III about how they can avoid all that scandal next time by coming to use their services, and they're using the Cupcake Girls as the carrot and Domina Elle as the stick to recruit more victims into the operation.

Oh I forgot the best part - you get the pimps out of trouble by the take-over of SWOP.  The group is now used for "outreach" alright.   It's being used for them to conduct "outreach" to find women they can now recruit to come to work up at the club, threaten about what would happen if they try and remain "indepedent", remove their ability to market themselves, cut them off from exit services, scare them into not leaving, and here's the cherry on the sundae - SWOP will now step up and tell the cops and the media that "this woman is not being coerced" to cover your ass.   They got Hambrick in as Speaker of the House, got rid of Harry Reid and Assemblymen Beers who opposed this, and then once they get Dennis Hof into the Senate, and keep Lance Gilman on the county council - VOILA!  We will see legalized prostitution spread across the USA as the "answer to sex trafficking".