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Saturday, April 30, 2016


For those of you watching the upswing of the "end demand" campaign - I would like you to note a few things.  

In 1980 when Linda Lovelace came forward to say she'd been forced to film "Deep Throat" by her pimp holding a gun to her off camera  on a mob financed adult film set where no one stepped up to help her - suddenly we see the Meese Report coming out trying to stamp out porn NOT the situations that allowed her to be forced on that film. 

Did it work?  Did porn go away? 


If anything, it's now everywhere right?  

I've seen how Prohibition led to the speakeasy's and Al Capone became a rich man selling bootleg liquor.  Did Prohibition stop drinking?


Our program, has been effectively helping men and women leave the sex industry for 30 years now.  I've watched as Sexaholics Anonymous was helping men to stop being "customers" of prostitutes, buying pornography, etc.  

Yet do you see people like Swanee Hunt - NOT promote anything to do with us.  If anything, she was responsible for taking us OUT of Phoenix when she helped to create Project Rose and Division 17 through CAASE.  Then when Project Rose bombed - did she come to us to restart back up the program which had been operating in Phoenix for 20 years effectively?  

No.  She went out and took women who had gotten into recovery through us and created

Which got me to wondering why Domina Elle, of SWOP, would be getting money from Swanee Hunt's foundation.  

It also made me think back to when big tobacco used to hold "youth prevention" campaigns to curb teen smoking which didn't do one darn thing with respect to teen smoking EXCEPT INCREASE it.  

Now if the tobacco company went out marketing to kids - that would make them really bad guys.  But if they act like they want to "prevent" it - then they care right?  But in all the focus on the kids - no one is focusing on shutting the industry town then are they?

Swanee Hunt has enough education, and enough money, to know how the mind works and to hire the best marketing people in the world if she wanted to "end demand".  

What does she do to end demand? This -

Now take a look at Derren Brown teaching about "negative suggestion".    Here's another video on it

Now do you really think this is what's going on here?  Everywhere that Swanee is touching down - he's increasing arrests against the "johns" which isn't going to do one thing to "end demand".  All it's going to do is push them into a situation where they'll be SURE TO HIRE A VICTIM in order to cover their ass just as we saw with Eliot Spitzer.  In fact, he uses escorts from other countries connected to Russians he knows will be so terrified they'll even call up reporters and say they "made the whole thing up".

The REAL reason these people are creating fake Samoly Mam's, fake Chong Kim's, fake Rachel Moran's, and trot around real pain from women like Brenda Myers-Powell, INSTEAD of the woman who created the program that got Brenda off the streets (us), is to KEEP THE EYES OFF THE INDUSTRY ITSELF.

Just as big tobacco did. 

Just as alcohol did.

Just as drugs did.

All things which share they're products sold to addicts.  

Just like the sex industry.  

THAT'S why they don't want you talking like the sex industry is an industry - because they don't want you putting two and two together about what they're doing.

Controversy sells.  We saw this with "50 Shades of Gray" and why Maxine Doogan is a very clever "influencer" hired by the sex industry to take over SWOP to ensure the INDUSTRY is protected, not the workers.  That's why you never heard things like "union" out of her mouth - but you do ours. 

I watched the schools growing up who had DARE running through them - and when they left suddenly most of the kids were doing drugs.

I watched the teen sex education programs swept through our schools - and then watched as some schools had most of their teens pregnant at the same time.

I'm not a PhD and I know this - you tell someone "no" and they want it just the more.  Which is what "end demand" is all about in reality.

Not "abolition". 

It about "abolition" then why do they refuse to speak to me about our battles against the legal brothels in the past, that have won?  Why aren't they at the hearing to expand brothels into downtown Las Vegas we testified at ALONE and won?  Why are they holding their "summits" in MISSOURI rather than NEVADA?

Oh they're "ending demand" alright.  For their competitor's product while increasing demand for theirs.  

THIS is how you change people's minds.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Yesterday we saw a post on the Polaris page about a meeting being held about the issue of "fighting trafficking".  One of our members said to me who was over visiting "nice of them to include us".  Now how do we deal with resentments?  We address them by not holding onto them and nursing them but by direct confrontation.  So I told her " well say something then if you're unhappy".  Which she did.  I then got an email back from Elaine about why she deleted it and how uncool she thought the comment was basically.  Our response was below:

Elaine - you think this is about me.  It's not.  

I run a program that's been around not only longer than yours, but made Polaris possible.  I assure you back in the 1980's when we started our work no one believed trafficking was real any longer in the USA, nor did they care to.  We spent 13 years of our lives, sacrificed jobs, homes, stability, relationships, in order to lay the groundwork that became the Trafficking Act of 2000.  Of which the author himself, Michael Horowitz, has told the media he feels the movement has been hijacked.  Out from under us Elaine.

Our hotline takes more calls than yours.  We're older than yours and we've been in more countries longer than yours also.  No we don't put up billboards - because that's not where the people who need us will see our number.  From what I've read you aren't getting many calls from real victims off those billboards either.  We get our number out in more covert manners because that's how to reach our target members.  But that doesn't mean we don't exist - it just means we operate differently than you are.

Which is because we don't just take calls from trafficking victims.  We take calls from anyone who wants to leave sex work for any reason - of which trafficking is one.  I was organizing rescue missions back in 1984 which got me and my mother arrested and splashed all over the press as "madams".  I had the government confiscate everything I owned and I spent $250,000 on a legal defense.  All because the pimp of a woman I'd helped retaliated by calling the police and claiming our safe house was a brothel.

But when that happened - word spread and more victims reached out to us for help.  Back in the 1980's before you even had a shingle on the door.  We have chapters all over the USA, in Canada, and in five other countries now.  We have three chapters in Australia and six meetings a week in Russia going that grew up over just six months.  We've already had to send them over a Russian translation of our book.  My database of current members shows 190,000.  Our subscribers to our blog reads at 60,000, I've had 100,000 hits to our google hangout, and I've had over 20,000 listens on our radio program.  Brenda Myers-Powell just had a documentary come out on Showtime - who attributes her early recovery to our program.  As does Kathleen Mitchell who has just been involved in an art show in New York about sex trafficking.  She ran meetings of our program for over 20 years in Arizona.  With women coming to those meetings who now call me about their daughters.

This is NOT about me.  For our members to maintain their anonymity, they speak through me using my name like alcoholics do Bill Wilson.  They do this when they say "hey I'm a friend of Bill W's".  It doesn't mean they know Bill personally.  Many of our members have to hide who they are because not only of the stigma, not only because they may have a pimp looking for them, but also because starting in 2013 we started having our members identified, targeted, stalked, and outright threatened.  

So much so I had to taken down all online groups, chat rooms, members areas, and defriend everyone off our social media that's a member because people were going in and talking them based off our social media.  Making it "private" didn't help because we then had Beth Jacobs go into a private members only area, copy photos of members with their children who were hiding out from their pimps, and post these photos along with their location on  the open internet.  Thus it gave us no choice but to shut down any avenue something like this could be done.  But just because we don't trot our members out on social media now doesn't mean they aren't there.  

Many of our members have been slapped and told to "shut up" because "no one cares what you think".  Some of them were told "your name is chair now" to dehumanize them.  I have spent decades of my life telling our members their voice matters, they count, and that what they've gone through is important and valuable.  But these members also have children, families, jobs, etc.  So to protect those new lives, they ask me to make contacts for them to speak through.  We work on joint projects where we sign simply as "Sex Workers Anonymous".  In other words, they use me to make arrangements to be places where they can then show up.

To get them empowered, and to get them speaking out, and to show them they have a voice and they matter, I listen to them.  I then have to encourage them to tell others how they feel.  Only for them this is a scary process sometimes as they have been horribly attacked often when doing so.  Some have seen people murdered for speaking up about how they feel.  So sometimes to encourage them and get them used to speaking at all - I assure them they can through our social media using my name.  So I have an account where 20 different members may be speaking separately or together in order for me to get them used to expressing themselves.   It has my name on it - but it's their voices on it combined.  It's why many of the posts are so long - 10 people are all contributing to the string.

Now while I'm doing this - Polaris has consistently ignored us since the day they opened their doors.  My phone calls and emails SINCE DAY ONE have been ignored.  I watched as when you first launched your resource directory you listed Hookers for Jesus, BUT NOT US.  Now I don't know if you saw going on in Las Vegas what we saw but if you did then you'd know what a slap in the face that was to us.  

Because at that time Annie was running around in stripper costumes on the strip saying "Jesus love hookers" and talking people into money for "Destiny House".  She was doing this by convincing hookers on the strip that if they came to her church and spoke she'd pay their bills.  So they did.  The church got donations and these women got five day notices.  When they got five day notices - Annie stopped answering their calls.  We then had to file the stays for these women, and then scramble around getting them work cards so we could get them legit jobs.  At our expense, while Annie was sitting back collecting press and praise.  We were too busy getting these women on their feet. 

But when we tried to speak to you about what was going on with her in Las Vegas - we couldn't get anyone on the phone.  Your hotline continued to give her work "credibility" by the listing on your site and refer people to her who were being exploited and abused - who weren't in turn being told to contact us for help.  Do you have ANY idea how many YEARS it took us just to get one listing in your resource directory?  

Which we pursued doing because people otherwise in states like Nevada were being told there was "no" resources when Pastor Perez filed bankruptcy finally and Annie ran off to Africa for a while to let the heat cool down.  No we can't compete with your media exposure so you are going to get calls we don't.  Then if the caller doesn't see our resource in some states - they will falsely think there's nothing.  Very few think to go beyond being told by you there is "nothing else" to go onto Google to find us which is how people got through to us before you finally did list us in the directory.  They told us they got told by you "nothing else exists" and then went onto Google to find us.  But again since not everyone was that resourceful - we pursued you until we finally got that listing for their sake.  Because in Nevada there is no other resource who will go and pick up those women out of those brothels other than us since 1996 when we first moved there for that purpose.  With no bus line and no cabs - WE are their ONLY way out of there.  

Polaris has not invited us to one event they've held or organized  - ever.  You have sent people into towns where we have chapters, and where I live, and not one of you have picked up the phone and asked if we could go to coffee.  We have been at the same meetings as your representatives - who won't look us in the eye, won't speak to us, and won't acknowledge our presence.  We have ASKED your people to coffee with us in those towns - and the minute they hear this person is a SWA member - they are blown off.  We have never been invited to a TV show you've been on, a panel you're appeared on, not one single thing have you ever included us or even acknowledged us.  

I want you to know something.  At the February 2013 hearings on AB67 there was a back room meeting going on to discuss expanding the legal brothels into Las Vegas that was being held "off calendar".   We had tried to reach someone at Polaris to go with us into that hearing because of discussing AB67, and the sign laws, and also because of that hearing with George Flynt.  I was supposed to go to that meeting but I had someone call in a report my car rental was stolen.  I had just had six police officers pull me over and almost arrest me.  They discovered it was a computer glitch but then had to take the car in as evidence.  So I had no car.  Meaning Aubrey had to go into that hearing by herself with two months clean, and two months away from a pimp who had trafficked her since she was 12 years old.  

Aubrey appeared at the AB67 hearing and spoke.  She also read a letter to the legislature that had been written by over 50 women who had been trafficked specifically in Nevada.  Women who were part of the press conference and the report we'd held in 2007 with Melissa Farley on sex trafficking within the legal sex industry of which you also did not involve yourself in that press conference.  But we sat up for two weeks compiling a letter from all of us on what WE wanted to see done in Nevada for US she read for us.  The person she said was there from Polaris wouldn't even look her in the eye she told us - while she then walked into that hearing and testified on behalf of all of us alone.   This is what she'd endured before going into that hearing by herself.

We won by the way.  Do you see her name?

Aubrey is a brave woman.  After she testified at this hearing and won, she came home to find her power, TV, cable, internet, etc., turned off for 3 days just as mine had been after I gave that press conference.  She persevered anyway and set up a SWA meeting in northern Nevada to replace the one Sharnel had to drop when she got framed on a false charge and was sent to prison for five years.  

She came home from the first meeting to find everything in her apartment stolen, and then the phone rang.  She was receiving a death threat to her and her children because of not only her testimony, but also because she was preparing a ground breaking case to file against her pimp for forcing her to work at a legal brothel against her will.  It would have been the first ever case against a trafficker in a legal brothel.  

So Aubrey has had to move and go underground.  To protect her and her two children she's not going to pick up a phone and call someone and say "hey it's Aubrey" because it could be traced back to where she is and get her killed.  But clearly she's passionate about this issue and she'd like to be involved in helping others.

Only everywhere we turn - we're not invited.  When we ask to be invited - we're declined.  When we show up anyway - we're threatened by security to leave the building.  Not just me mind you Elaine BUT US.  Anyone who says they're a member of SWA is shunned, threatened, attacked, ignored, or otherwise shut out.   So when I hear you're doing something in Florida and our Florida members would like to be involved - I reach out to your office to see about arranging that.  Only to get no response at all.  

Now mind you most of our members are working.  Meaning they don't get home until after 5 pm or later.  So no they aren't going to call your office either.  They're going to ask me to arrange for them to come not only because of time - but also to protect their anonymity.  Some of them don't want a call from Polaris coming into their house they have to explain to their husbands.  But that doesn't mean they don't want to be involved.

We've sent your newsletter/blog items which are never published.  We've sent your office urgent alerts that are never responded to.  We have tried to open up dialogues with people who say they work with you that are never responded to.  We've come to you with cases we've working on - only to get no response back.  

Now remember we have no paid staff.  I don't have someone I have paid who can sit on the phone during the hours of 9 to 5 and call into your office demanding to speak to someone.  With no paid staff, and everyone around here a volunteer, I can leave messages, send emails and shoot off faxes.  Then I wait for a response.  Which doesn't come.  As for you to us - you know how to reach us and we've received nothing.

So when you're putting together things like a council of survivors to advise on the issues - we don't receive an invitation to see if any of our members would like to be included.  When you're doing reports on the issues - we don't see any inquiries from us to input on anything you're researching.  We have seen you mention other groups who are less than a year old - but I have YET to see one mention of our work or our name anywhere.  I have scanned your site, your social media, your blogs, things you hand out at meetings - and I don't see our name anywhere.  

Does it affect what you're doing?  Absolutely.  When we see your council of survivors talking about "needing more jobs" - we not only don't see that as our biggest problem - but we have jobs.  We have lists we can't publish of companies who hire survivors who aren't going to be public about it because it just doesn't look good for their image.  I mean do you think Disney for example is going to run around shouting they will take in people leaving prostitution and give them housing, jobs, and help them get a degree?  I don't think so.  But I can't exactly relay to your people the resources we have either if NO ONE IS TALKING TO US.

When trainings are put together for the field - we're not included.  When training materials are put together for the field - we're not included.  When booklets and other written materials or resource guides are put together - we're not included.  As a result, we also hear the complaints.  I don't think you do but we do.  Because we're the ones people who want to complain about you come to when they're asking us for something you don't have.  Since we don't have a paid staff it would be a lot easier for us to just be included in the materials in the first place - but no.  All of our offers to be involved are unresponded to.

To top it off, anywhere we turn we're told by people who receive money from Katherine Chon, Bradley's wife, that if they even so much as SPEAK to us - they're worried they will lose their funding or be fired.  What's worse is everyone who has - has been in fact fired.  To name but one, we had a social worker in Las Vegas who was the head of her department for 12 years organize a workshop for us to train the workers in how to speak to these young girls, many of who are third generation victims, pregnant with their mom's pimp's, baby, and the minute she put out the flyer for the workshop - she was fired.  Believe me the message was sent NOT to call Sex Workers Anonymous.

Now you know who suffers from that?  The girls.  Because again your hotline is set up for TRAFFICKING victims while ours is set up to help someone exit the sex industry.  So we are going to get calls you don't like from women who don't have pimps - but want to quit just the same.  Who now are being told by Las Vegas social workers and probation officers the only thing they have is an ankle bracelet to monitor them.  They're not being told we can offer them sponsors, meetings, a Recovery Guide, or someone to drive them to NA meetings either to keep them out of trouble after school.  

And when your resource guides don't include our name - people take that to mean we're "not approved" and then they don't call us either.

We have seen interview after interview from Polaris on cases we're actively involved in where we're not included in this article by Polaris in any way.  I mean let's face it - YOU'RE IGNORING US.  


Our group is comprised of the survivors who want to remain "anonymous" yes - but not voiceless.  They do not want to trot around the USA spouting off from stages and podiums who they are for various reasons.  But that again doesn't mean they don't want to be heard.  Now again if this was just you - your loss.  However, it has reached the point where we're now being blocked at every single point of contact by people who are telling us they are dependent upon Polaris for funding and for position who can't speak to us in fear of losing their funding or position who are either being told to do this explicitly, or simply by following the lead established by Polaris who ignores us.

Please don't lecture me on what's "helpful".  We have been trying since 2002 to open up a dialogue with your office.  So this isn't because one of our members popped off about how they felt on your page in frustration about yet again not being included in a meeting that is about us and affects us but for some reason doesn't want us around for that discussion.  Again, not me - US.  Do you have any idea how many members I have in Los Angeles alone who would love to show up at some of these meetings?  

Now before you tell me how these people, or myself, should act, let me ask you something - do you KNOW one single thing about what it takes to get through the day for these women?  To get through the day without using drugs, without drinking, without being able to talk to anyone you knew or even family because they're connected to your being in the sex industry and now you're in recovery you can't speak to any of those people now?

And then to see yet one more meeting being organized ABOUT US that doesn't include US.   Then when we let you know we're not happy about being ignored to get some lecture from you like we're children about "appropriate" behavior?  You know what Elaine - any day my members can get through without drinking, using, acting out, or shooting themselves in the head is a day when I don't criticize how they express their feelings when someone is ignoring them.  Especially when we're tried to tell you about problems long before they hit the news.

The case of Joohoon David Lee in Las Vegas?  We tried getting ahold of someone in your office about that case back in 2013.  He might have been caught sooner had you responded. 

We are STILL trying to open up a dialogue with you about a woman who was drug out of her home by two Pasadena police officers, and slapped with two fake prostitution charges.  I am still trying to open up a dialogue with you about cases where I've got victims reaching out to us for help only to then have cop threatening me not to speak to that victim "or else".

All things, and more, that should be things being discussed at a meeting about this subject being held that we posted a comment about it under the page.  

Do you know why we did that?  For one thing, if you didn't like it take a look at your own behavior first.  Because we have been trying POLITELY since 2002 to open up a dialogue with Polaris.  So frankly we should have lost our temper sooner.

So if you don't like what was done - take a look at your own behavior before lecturing us.  Because we did it because we're tired of being ignored and then what do we do?  We got home and commiserate with each other.  Then nothing changes.  

We're not going to do that anymore.  We've asked nicely to be included for 10 years now.  Enough is enough.  Now we're going to be nasty about it.  Because we want people to SEE you're ignoring us.  Another example of why we're frustrated - we've got members in Ireland.  

We've been taking calls from Ireland for 30 years Elaine.  Members who say what's being said in the press about the situation there isn't true.  Only we see a huge announcement about a group in Ireland you've partnered with to take calls from victims out there also.  Great.  It would be nice to coordinate with someone else out there about calls we get.  Only when we write this company and try to open up a dialogue with them also - we get nothing.  


Only we're going to make sure then that people know we're being ignored.  Then you can explain it to them because you're sure not explaining it to us.   You want to blame it all on  a comment put on your page a short time ago?  Fine.  But then explain everything else that led up to the frustration that went into that comment then Elaine.  

We tried speaking to the press directly about including us in articles they include you in.  Only we've now been told by over 10 reporters they will be fired if they print our name.  We've been told by a Review Journal reporter that Sheldon Adelson has put out a blacklist on our name in the media.  True to his word, we haven't seen one word in any press you're included in since.  When we had two reporters threaten to walk if our name wasn't printed and included - they were fired.  Leaving us back with you.  The reporters can't be fired about an article you're in if you're including us.  

Our members are tired of being ignored.  They're frankly beginning to feel like they're back in the presence of their old pimps who would ignore them also.  Especially when we're being "chastised" for expressing how we feel to you which is how we felt when that comment was posted.   Instead of respecting our feelings and maybe taking a look at what prompted it on your end - we then get judged, shut down, and basically ignored because I don't see an invite to the event included in your chastisement of our actions.  

Now I'm sorry but I've been teaching them to allow themselves to be ignored and just "take it" isn't recovery.  Our program teaches them to speak up, have a voice, express themselves, and they're just as important and as valuable as any other human being.

Now I'm sorry Polaris doesn't feel that way about us.  But if I"m wrong Elaine - then you show me one single invitation to any event, meeting, training, committee, etc. we've been invited to or offered to be included in?  Since 2002 - show me.  

Then you can talk to me about how "out of line" our feelings are about this issue.  Especially since the grants you receive wouldn't have been possible without the hard work and sacrifice we put into this field.  You want the money?  Fine.  But you don't want to include us in a field that's about us in any way, shape or form, and then you want to contribute to us being excluded from the table on issues that affect us by ignoring us  =  well then I"m sorry but we're done being polite about it.  

You want to go around talking about how much you care about survivors?  Well I'm one too and frankly I don't think I'm being treated very well either - let alone the respect you're showing our members.  

Which is none.  

We are the oldest, and largest group of survivors in this country.  We are not only survivors, but human beings.  Things have escalated to the point where Polaris has now created a "natural monopoly" within the very field we created.  A field I assure you didn't even exist in the 1970's and 1980's that WE created and made possible.  

We have asked "nicely" for 10 years now to be included and recognized - not ignored like we're not in the room.  Again, I don't mean "me" either - but "us".  Even "me" however counts as I am a survivor myself.  I also don't know ANYONE who has been in this field longer than myself other than Lois Lee who works with juveniles.  So as far as adults - there is no one with more experience in this work than myself.  

Now we're getting snarky about it.  Now we have your attention.  Sending us emails chastising us is not responding to the issue.  We need to know what you plan on doing about it or we've done the homework that establishes we have the basis of a lawsuit for Polaris being a monopoly on the field not only we created, but we used to dominate. You are engaging in "unfair" competition and trade practices when Katherine Chon holds the purse strings through the grants at the Trafficking in Persons office, and also jobs within the system for social workers, counselors, etc.  

Something has to give here when members of our program tell their counselors they are in fact members of SWA and they are then DISCHARGED because the counselor doesn't want them "infecting" the other prostitutes in their case load with information that the one woman who is doing well in the batch is attending our meetings.  

Then when we confront the counselor about why she did that to this survivor, we get told "because our clinic survives off grant money from the federal government that's why".  Pointing to grant money the clinic receives from the Trafficking in Persons' Office.  

When social workers who post flyers for us on the wall are then fired for doing this, and her boss then points us to training manuals that mention nothing about us and for which we're not included in the creation of nor listings within as to why she was fired for using "unauthorized resources" - then we have a problem in that we're not only having our program being shut out from helping our members, but our members are being PENALIZED by this system.  

This country, the public, and our legislature has been subjected to one fraud after the other after the other Elaine.  Frauds that would not have happened most likely if we weren't being ignored by Polaris.   Samoly Mam for one . William Hillar and Chong Kim are two others.  When we knew these people to be fake, and further ripping people off for money, we would have been able to shut them down IMMEDIATELY with the reach your organization has.  If you didn't want to get behind that whistle blowing - fine.  But when people are afraid to even listen to us for fear of you - then we have a problem in that your ignoring of us is contributing to people being harmed, ripped off, and misled.  Especially when these fakes are testifying in Congressional hearings.  

Especially when the fraud has reached the level it has within Tennessee as but one example with the case involving Heather Weyker.  We knew there was something wrong with that case from the gate when we were shut out for the first time in a case.  A case that would have not cost over $10 million dollars, and innocent people jailed, had the people surrounding it been forced to listen to us when we said there was something wrong with that case.  

But when people like them are ignoring us, well then turning to you to see you also are ignoring us - then this has reached a point where it's no longer just harming us survivors Elaine - but everyone.  

So before taking the formal action of filing a monopoly case with the court to get your attention - we're trying another tactic.  Funny how THAT got a response out of you when nothing else "nice" had.  

You have my number.  I'd like to know if instead of insulting me you have a constructive suggestion to the problem?

Jody Williams

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


People think that what I'm talking about doesn't affect THEM.  They think "well that's just a couple of prostitutes so why should I care?"

You should care because if the system is broken, then we're just the ones they go after FIRST.  Then once they've worked out the kinks - it's game on.

Tennessee is named as one of the top states who have parents in jail.

What I don't see discussed is ON WHAT CHARGES?  Because if someone is locked up on prostitution charges - guess what happens to the kids?

Foster care.

Tennessee is where the biggest trafficking case in history was faked.

Up to this case, when someone was arrested for prostitution - we'd then ask the court to consider giving a woman with children "alternative sentencing" to come to our program instead of going to jail.

Only someone realized the private jails were losing money this way, as did criminal attorney's who weren't needed.  We would send a SWA member to the court with them and ask for this consideration.  It worked.  We'd then show up a year later to discuss how well they were doing, and in two years we'd be talking record expungement.

When this case hit, I tried reaching everyone in the system from the prosecutor, to the public defender, the social workers, etc., trying to reach the "victims".  I got these cracks about how they had been "sent to a professional" in a tone that made it sound like they felt they were better than our program for these women.   Only I'm the one who has been training those "professionals" in Tennessee working with real victim.

So I called the local "professionals" and asked if they'd gotten a new client when this went down only to hear "no".

Meaning this couldn't have happened without us being shoved out of the way so people could be fooled.

Now when I started piping up about being shut out of the system up there I got a lot of "who cares"?  I mean the prosecutor here was getting a lot of awards, a lot of speaking engagements, a lot of press so people were like "what do we care what you think"?

THAT attitude is why all these parents are now behind bars.  I also would bet cash money many of these parents are there on prostitution charges.

We need to talk.


People I think misunderstand me when I point out things like the NY cop who was caught pimping over 10 women while not only a cop himself, but married to another cop!   When I do this I am NOT saying "NY cops are pimps" or "NY cops are corrupt".

What I'm saying when I point this out is the women who were pimped by him are AFRAID.  They're afraid to call another cop for help because it might be his wife!  They're afraid they might call a buddy of his who backs him up.  They're afraid they're going to get another cop who tells them to "shut up" or doesn't believe them or worse arrests them for coming forward on some bogus charge.  Even worse is they don't know who to trust.  It's not like he's going to introduce them to another cop and say to her "he's a good guy so don't call him".

What I'm pointing out is if they call Polaris and get referred to a local task force in NY to call that's headed by these same cops when what does she do?  What's the back-up plan here when the cops are who you're trying to blow your whistle on?

Which is a situation I get in many times.   In Las Vegas in 2007 I had SEVEN juvenile women telling me they were forced into sex by a local detective in charge of vice.   They wanted to testify but didn't know who they could trust or how the court could keep them alive until the hearing.   So I contacted the police for them and asked them to show me HOW they would keep them alive.  I told him "you show me and I show them" and the plan was for them to come forward and press charges against him and their pimp.

Only in that case the cop who met with me, Vic Vigna, refused to show me how these women could be kept safe until trial if they stepped up and in fact refused to do anything to assure them they could safely come forward.  So I went to look for Internal Affairs for Vegas to find none.  Then I went to ATLAS who was headed by Terri Miller then who refused to talk to me about the issue.  When I went over her to her boss, then I got threatened by an FBI agent.   When I went to the Attorney General's office they refused to talk to me about it.  When I went to the prosecutor's office they refused to talk to me about the issue.

So I had SEVEN women wanting to come forward about a bad cop - and no help provided me to assure these women they wouldn't wind up like Margo Compton.  Meaning they didn't come forward against this cop because I couldn't find anyone at that time willing to show me how they could.

Does that mean all Vegas cops are bad apples?  Hell no.  There's a great cop in Las Vegas.  I really really good cop.  Christopher Baughman is a fantastic cop.  This guy is the "real deal" and has to fight not only pimps but other bad cops.  His cases are real and he's no "catfish" putting on he fights pimps when he doesn't.  This guy really puts his money where his mouth is and risks his life for these women and their children.

Now one of the reasons why I don't brag more about specific cops is because it can get them hurt and/or targeted.  If you don't know what I mean watch "Serpico".  When he was coming forward about bad cops he got shot in the face.  When Officer Jim Stewart was getting nine massage parlors shut down in 2013 in Wichita, Kansas, he had to fight other cops to get that case done.  He also got death threats from the traffickers along with the judge.

I have many a cop tell me if word gets out they even know me - they'll be targeted by the bad cops.  I've had good cops tell me they've gotten fired, set-up, smeared, and run off the force simply for giving a man or woman our phone number to call.  When Oscar Goodman was mayor - he literally told every cop, FBI agent, and probation officer "if you read this report or speak to that woman you'll be fired" when we came out with our report on "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections" about what was going on there in 2007.

Now in 2013 I had a woman come speak to me about a situation where she said she told her traffickers she wanted to retire.  In response, she says she was drug out of her home in front of her mother and son in handcuffs and charged with two false counts of prostitution.  She was further threatened with a 3rd case and deportation back to China if she refused to go back to work as a prostitute for this operation.

Okay what do we do?  Who can she speak to?  I tried to speak to the Chief of the police where this happened and he initially refused to speak to me.  Then what?

In asking around, I'm having people in other cities tell me they're having the same thing where they're either ignored or threatened by a cop in their city.  So where do we go for help?  I've been calling people since 2013 asking that question and getting crazy answers.  One FBI agent told me literally "if the operation was Muslim I could help you".

Now this woman can't leave if these cops are going to come after her.  The only way out IS to do something about these cops.  What do we do?

I did some homework and this name kept coming up - Claude Arnold.  I mean check out this article with his name in there.   275 predators arrested?  Wow!

How about 26 gang members?

Seven arrested here  Here he is in Orange County.

But is he willing to go up against the Triad?  Seems so.

What about celebrities?  Is he willing to let a case slide if the guy is famous?  Nope.  He'll go after someone famous.

Is he afraid of the cartel?

What about a complicated case?

Now we know from Kevin Brown the media might just be planting stories about this guy because he sounds like he should be wearing a cape from these arrests under his name.   So I had to go talk to some of these reporters and find out if this guy was for real.  Sure they might lie to me - but I can tell if someone is lying by their voice.  The reporters all check out with this guy.

Has any victim of these criminals who testified been hurt?  Again like the Margo Compton case where they couldn't protect her?

We found this but this wasn't a witness of Claude's who got shot.

So guess what?  When we finally found his name out as a good source of someone who might help deal with this situation of these bad apples out of Pasadena - he's retired from Homeland Security.  He works for now it appears.

But he might know someone we could trust.  So we put a call into him and got one back!  He said he does know some good people we could speak to and said cases like Joohoon David Lee are "rare" and he was "just one bad apple".

Claude assured us the force itself is not corrupt, it's really good men and women, and that Joohoon was just a really rare case.   Now from his perspective corruption is rare.  Also because corrupt officer will try and avoid someone like him at all costs!

But from a victim of trafficking's perspective that's all he or she sees.  We don't see the good cops, Homeland Security, Immigration, prosecutors, etc., because they don't normally go out like politicians door to door shaking hands, kissing babies, and making sure you know you can come to them for help.

He told me they have a problem with getting witnesses to come forward and testify.  You know why?  Because when they're meeting with one of them it's usually when they've been arrested and they're terrified.  They don't know who to trust.  So they shut down.

This is where our program comes in handy.  I'm seeking out men like Claude - they're not coming to us.  I'm given a chance to get to know these guys, check them out, speak to other witnesses they've worked with, and really know they can be trusted with telling them someone that can get them murdered.

I can then relay information to the police from the victim in a way which won't break their anonymity.  I don't have to tell the cops who gave me the information - but I can get them the information if the victim wants me to give them this information.

I in turn can also assure a victim they can trust this guy or that guy and help get them out of the trafficking situation by knowing who they can trust to speak to where it won't backfire on them and get them killed.

So Claude has told me he'll line up some introductions and then I can check back with the victims I've been speaking to and we can see what can be done about shutting down some traffickers.

Now SWA is not about law enforcement.  But when in a situation where a victim CAN'T be freed without putting their trafficker's behind bars - this is where we can help as a "go between" or "liaison".

But also notice that a really good cop - returned my phone calls.

Thank you Mr. Arnold and thank you for assuring me corruption is a rare thing in Homeland Security.

I myself wouldn't be alive if not for a cop who built a task force to come after me and yank me out of the sex industry.  I wasn't happy about it at the time - but he did save my life.   Sometimes the police are the only way out for us.

So thank God for the good guys!


I was watching a film today where the character was talking about how the Nazi's formed opinions about Jewish people using propaganda.    They would use images like below.  Mind you this is not mine or my opinion - I'm just showing the cartoon the Nazi's used to turn people against the Jewish community.

Now I want you to look at the people who are being paid for by big money such as the Hunt Alternative Foundation which is paying for the "End Demand" campaign to teach you what sex trafficking is, who the victims are, and most important . . . who the TRAFFICKERS are:

Brenda Myers-Powell, a street prostitute who had a street pimp.  She's also a woman of color.  

The  "No Such Thing" campaign whose poster child is literally a girl of color.  

Marion Thatcher - a woman of color who speaks about street prostitution and street pimps.  

Wilthema Ortiz Pettigrew, a woman of color who speaks about illegal street prostitution.

Malika Saar who speaks out for the "No Such Thing" campaign.  Right down to a hair style people associate with jail.

Jada Pinkett-Smith speaking for "Don't Sell Bodies".

Samoly Mam - now while found out to be a fake - the point remains she was talked into it by people such as Melissa Farley and Nicholas Kristof.  What image were they going for?  She's not white.

Monica Jones has been getting a lot of air time in the media about not being a trafficking victim - while certainly being shown as a "prostitute".   Note she's a person of color.

The one Caucasian in the bunch.  Note however she speaks about illegal street prostitution and of being pimped by one man - not a criminal operation.  

Chong Kim - again exposed as a fraud but what were they going for?  She's not white, and she talks about illegal street prostitution and about the one man who trafficked her.  Not a criminal operation or group of traffickers - but of one man.

I typed in "trafficking arrests" and this is a screen shot of what came back.  Where are the white and Asian people?  Also, these arrests are about individuals in a relationship with the victim - singular.   Where's the trafficking operations involving multiple people?

Let's contrast to the people who say "sex trafficking doesn't exist for us".

Here's Maxine Doogan.

Domina Elle

Savannah Sly - President of Sex Workers Outreach Project

When we heard Heidi Fleiss was being filmed on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew - we tried for weeks to speak to him about Sex Workers Anonymous AND about the fact recovery for us did NOT work the same way as taught in textbooks which writes about male addiction recovery.  I say that because Bill Wilson founded AA.  Jimmy Kinnon founded NA.  Roy K. founded SA.  So these groups were founded by men and based on their recovery.  Textbooks write about research done mostly on males.  So what works for females who have been sexually abused and then worked in the sex industry, possibly trafficked, is NOT what's included in those textbooks.

So if you line up every single episode of "Intervention" you will see every single episode fails with sex workers because the "typical" approach does not work on us.  Dr. Drew's staff repeatedly refused to speak to us.  His staff has refused to put us on his show.

Now I don't mean ME = I mean Sex Workers Anonymous.  We have a chapter of SWA in Los Angeles and I mean WE.  If you'd like to hear from some of our members in their words   Our program is 30 years old, we've got news clips up at with other quotes from members, and it's perfectly logical to assume if you have someone like Heidi or Mary Carey in your program then you should be able to refer them to the program.  Yet Dr. Drew has REFUSED to even speak to us despite the fact we have an international program, and our hotline has answered 500,000 calls to Polaris' 100,000 calls to date.

So WHO DOES Dr. Drew speak to:

The screen above came from only the site goes nowhere.    There is no contact information for our hotline.  However, it appears there's an interview up with Dr. Drew and Kathryn Griffin-Townsend.  Now let me get this straight - Dr. Drew is part of a group of shows produced by Hearst Media.  Hearst Media also produces Oprah.  Hearst Media has produced THREE shows on Brenda Myers-Powell, a woman who has attributed her recovery not to Kathryn's program, BUT TO OURS.  

So Brenda, who gets her recovery in OUR program is not filmed by Dr. Drew, but instead he filmed Kathryn Griffin-Townsend.  Can anyone show me where HER graduates have wound up please?   Oh wait a minute - she was supposedly a part of "8 Minutes" which was exposed for either being a faked staged show, or for "breaking promises" and not "delivering recovery as promised" depending upon which version you want to believe about why the show was taken down.

So if our program has stood the test of time as being more effective than Kathryn's - then why is SHE the one being filmed by Dr. Drew instead of our program?  The most obvious difference between us is that she is a woman of color while I "appear" to be white.  I say "appear" because I'm light skinned, but in reality I have African American and also native American blood.  

The show "8 Minutes" also featured D'Lita Miller from Families Against Sex Trafficking as their resource consultant.  A woman who when I spoke to her claimed she "had no resources" for victims.  When I offered to show her where resources were - she blocked my phone number.  Real professional action.   These are photos of Ms. Miller who was also put on CNN with Maxine:

Like the corn rows again for the "ethnic" hair style?

Now - who are the "rescuers" brought to us by this media campaign?

Annie Lombert - Hookers for Jesus:  she is all over the media.

Linda Smith - head of Shared Hope who up to 2013 told us they didn't provide "direct services" to USA domestic victims of sex trafficking while taking millions from American donors.

Joy Hoover - who got a law passed in like a minute flat in Nevada with the Cupcake Girls.

Bradley Myles - co-founder and CEO of Polaris.

Tim Ballard  - who Nicholas Kristof filmed taking a rescue mission into the streets of Columbia.

Shelley Lubben - Pink Cross

Minh Dang - named to the office by President Obama.  She won't return any of my calls despite the fact I run the largest and oldest program of survivors in this country.  

Now check out our blog page:

Note we've had 100,000 views and our blog isn't that old.  

If you go to  I'd like to point out we have an image of a young person, a male, a female, and a person of color.  We shot for a nice mix.

Now - check out the images which came up in Google connected to the "Girlfriend Experience" film which just came out recently.  

I know marketing and propaganda when I see it.  

Something is wrong when the people I'm seeing saying "sex trafficking doesn't exist" are white, those who say they're victims of trafficking put in front of the camera as such are all women of color, the people being shown in the media as "traffickers" are all people of color, and those being shown as "crusaders" are all white with most being downright blond and blue-eyed.   

Those crusading for trafficking victims who are not white, are only talking about street prostitution and street pimping - thus further making it appear sex trafficking is mostly about illegal street prostitution and street pimps.  

If I'm wrong about this OMISSION of sex trafficking existing within the LEGAL sex industry, affecting men and women of ANY color, existing within the higher ends of the sex industry, and further that I don't see ANYONE talking about organized trafficking in the major media - then please explain to me why Katherine Chon went after re-criminalizing prostitution in Rhode Island BUT NOT Nevada where the legal brothels operate.

When I helped give a press conference on sex trafficking existing within the legal sex industry - I had an older woman there with grey hair (Kathleen Mitchell), an Asian woman (Chong Kim), an African American woman (Brenda Myers-Powell) and myself (who is of mixed descent).  I went to great effort to make sure we didn't represent a singular racial image of who survivors were and I spoke about sex trafficking at the higher levels of the sex industry, as well as in the illegal and legal aspects of the sex industry.  Candace Jordan was there speaking about how Joe Richards, the owner of a legal brothel, had offered her a bribe while she was on the city council.   Thus we also spoke about traffickers who were not only in the legal sex industry - but also represented a more organized type of trafficker.  

Well this probably explains why I'm not the one being paraded around on stages nor in front of the camera.  Tell you what Dr. Drew - I'll paint a black face on, talk about street prostitution, and a street pimp - instead of trafficking which is existing within levels of authority preventing victims from calling for help because of who is involved in our world and we'll leave discussion about victims connected to men like Eliot Spitzer alone.  

I guess we're just supposed to believe Svetlana (the one caught with Eliot Spitzer in a hotel recently) cut herself on a wine glass after telling Eliot she wanted to leave the country to clearly get away from him. and that her supposed "confession" she had "made the whole thing up" which gets Eliot off the hook has nothing to do with his political and media power and that there's absolutely no reason why someone like Eliot wouldn't want Svetlana to know she can get support from a program like ours.

And let's not even think women like Heidi Fleiss, Mary Carey, Kristy Mack, Belle Knox, Suzy Favor-Hamilton, Brandy Britton or Jeane Palfrey might possibly be victims of some type of coercion, and don't need a program to help them exit and find recovery from the sex industry.  

No - women like Alyssa Funkes (the young woman who killed herself after being bullied by people who attacked her for being in porn) are just fine without a group like to turn to for help Dr. Drew.  There isn't any need at all for women like her to know about us.

Nor for women like Amber Rayne who was found dead recently after saying James Deen had raped her (another man in the porn industry) -

Nor Christy Mack when she decides to retire.  Sure Christy will be able to go get some job as a cocktail waitress or a secretary and she'll have no problem at all looking for a job somewhere.  Her past career won't hold her back one bit.  Nor will Belle Knox have any problems with housing, banking, nor jobs once she quits the porn industry.  Women like Suzy Favor-Hamilton who keep hooking despite having a career, a husband and a child, and over $1,000,000 in endorsements can always just fly off to Beverly Hills to see a psychiatrist so no - there's no need to have men and women be able to pick up a phone and call our hotline and speak to another person who is in recovery from the sex industry.  

Yes Dr. Drew you know so much about this subject you can just point out to me your long list of testimonials from men and women in recovery from the sex industry you've helped like I can at  I've got more interviews I haven't loaded yet online also.

When marketing tobacco - they used images of the Marlboro Man.  It seems we have Madison Avenue at work in this field right now folks!  

Because I'm the one who has answered 500,000 calls for 30 years, has 190,000 members in the current database, 100,000 views on her blog, 60,000 subcribers to our newsletter, and who created the program who got women like Brenda Myers-Powell, Kathleen Mitchell, Savannah Sanders, Paige Latin, and many other leaders in this field their early recovery - but I'm not the one being invited to speak, teach, train, or advice on policy or laws.  

No - we have a woman who stood on a corner for four years and now she's got a pretty dress on we're going to put her in charge of training people in law enforcement, probation, etc.  With people's lives at stake here with respect to what they know about this subject, and all the money being spent on providing the best possible training to people in the field - THIS is who is being presented to you as your educator NOT the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement who started it all and whose work was even validated in a 10 year study "Leaving Prostitution".   No - we're going to bring you Leah talking about her four years on the streets.   No one is trying to hide any information from anyone around here now are they?

I'm sorry but WE HAVE LAWS ON THE BOOKS ALREADY TO ARREST PIMPS.  You get pimped by a pimp and guess what?  Call 911 and his butt will be in prison in five minutes.  THAT'S NOT THE WORK LEFT TO BE DONE!

So the powers that be have to make sure to keep the focus on the streets so no one knows what's going on in places like the DEA owned strip club you can read about here:

Nope THIS is the trafficker we're going to focus on in our training and awareness raising.

The last thing we're going to do is put Jody up on a stage or in front of a camera talking about we need to "change the system" so that THOSE victims can go and get help when they're being trafficked rather than waiting around for the possibility of someone tripping up on their case to help them.  The NY pimp's victims had COPS SEE THEM BEING PIMPED AND THEY DID NOTHING!  Oh no though - we can't talk about THAT and what we're going to do about THAT.  

You know it's things like this why after the Mann Act of 1910 was passed to help Chinese women who were being trafficked in massage parlors back then that by 1960 we'd only arrested two African American men who married white women as "traffickers".  

So "end demand" wants to keep focusing you in on the victims while I keep on trying to get you to focus in on who it is creating the pain so something can be done.  Well if the only way to get on camera or on a stage is to put on blackface - I'd better go get my make-up kit.