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Since people are running for office - I'm going to state my personal experiences with them.  As for Kamala Harris - I have nothing to say.  I wouldn't know anything about her because she never responds to any of my requests to speak to her. Remember, I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself.  You can verify this by checking news clippings at  Not my self-reporting.  Not a claim.  But news clippings in paper newspapers that can be researched as having actually come out in 1987 showing that I was the first person who not only stated that sex trafficking in the USA was REAL - but also demanding that our whole system change in order to help us instead of treating us like criminals. So put it in these terms - in the alcohol treatment history Bill Wilson is the founder.  He came out when everyone thought alcoholism was a matter of "will power" or "a lack of moral fiber".  No one believed that alcoholism was a


Let me ask you something - if you were an illegal alien being targeted by sex traffickers - where are you going to go for safety and protection?  Don't you find it interesting that Dianne Feinstein is now trying to get the "sanctuary cities" shut down? Now I've already learned what side California US Attorney Kamala Harris is on with respect to sex trafficking.  She's on the side of her donors.  When homeowners were illegally foreclosed upon by Bank of America, as well as companies like Wells Fargo, etc. - those homeowners went out to get an attorney to help them who said he "wasn't afraid of the big dogs".  One of those attorney's was Mitchell Stein.  Mitchell also knew that some homeowners didn't even know they had recourse.  So to find those homeowners - he embarked upon a marketing campaign. Then I saw happen what happens when you go up against one of these people.  First, Kamala supposedly "accidentally" burned the records


I have spoken to a deputy US Attorney out of California who works under Kamala Harris.  She's told me she's very aware of the sex trafficking ring of which I speak - but the problem she says is they "can't build a case when the police won't arrest" anyone.  The police officers I've spoken to say they can't arrest someone if the DA "won't prosecute".  I've spoken to a few DA's who say that they can't build a case that they know the "judge is just going to throw out".  The judges say they can't build a proper case if they can't find any good DA's. Look at this recent case of where these articles claim a judge "disqualified 250 DA's because of corruption".  What's really confusing is I contacted the professor of law at UC Irvine that supposedly w