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Monday, February 22, 2016


Belle Knox has become the "poster child" of the "do porn to pay for college" movement.  However, at no time during any of her interviews did she bring up there are other ways to pay for college besides doing porn, stripping, or actual prostitution.

In fact, Dennis Hof and the strip clubs have now picked up this advertising call saying they will "match your income to pay for college".  Of course leaving off the fact the average length of employment with any one club or brothel is less than four months.  Meaning you would pay for what - an hour of your semester?

I bring you one case in point of alternative measures one can use to pay for college no matter how expensive it is, and no matter how little money you have.  There are also companies that hire English speaking American's to go to other countries to teach English.  They pay for all of your travel expenses, along with your living expenses so that you can pocket your income even.

This one company we've worked with is a reputable company where I've personally stayed in touch with their employees as they've gone to other countries, done the tutoring gig, got to see the country, and have returned safely to America with no problems.  If you are not working, or on disability, they pay your tuition for the school to teach you how to teach English - thus meaning everything can be paid for.

Meaning that right now, you can be put onto a track where in six months you will be certified to teach English in another country of your choice, including a country like Germany.  You will then further have your travel and lodging expenses paid to travel to this other country of your choice - some of which will also offer you free college.  Even medical school by the way.

Our program, has had members who have gone to medical school in other countries, then returned here to become doctors.  There are special classifications where you can start doing medical work here in the USA right away, or tests you can take to get the American license to practice medicine.

We have been hearing all the marketing lies of the sex industry no different than the tobacco industry tried to push on us that "tobacco was not addictive" and "tobacco doesn't cause cancer", etc.  Until the truth came out about how many chemicals they were putting in the tobacco to make it more addictive, and harmful, to the consumer.  Lies which include "I can't get a job because of my criminal record" and "I can't go to college because it's too expensive".  There are also ways to earn up to 60 college credits by examination - without attending one class - right here in the USA.  Some colleges like MIT are even offering a full course of classes for free online which can earn you a degree depending on what you want to study.  While you can't get a medical degree free online in America - there are ways to get other types in subjects such as math, electronics, science, etc.    There are even programming classes one can take for free online and we have one member I'm aware of who is making $75 an hour working from home doing computer programming.  This is a woman who never went past the 8th grade in school because she was sold at a young age.

Have you ever tried talking to an addict or alcoholic about why they drink and/or use?  It's a whole long list of excuses.  The same can go for someone in the sex industry.  Those excuses include "I have a criminal record and can't get a job" and "college is so expensive I don't know how else I'd pay for it".  Our program has helped many a member with a criminal record not only find work, but even start-up capital to open up their own business.  There is a foundation in NY to name one that gives money to felons to open up their own company because they found they often make the best business entrepreneurs.   I've also seen quite a few different ways to pay for college without resorting to the sex industry or even leaving the country.   We have worked with one major corporation that was providing our new members with housing, jobs, medical insurance and also tuition assistance until they came under new ownership a few years ago down in Florida.

I don't publish these lists because they aren't exactly great advertising for the company "hey we hire ex-hookers" or "we hire ex-porn performers" doesn't sell family vacations that easily.  I also don't publish them because I dig them out on my own time.  I go out and I talk to employers and I make arrangements to get our members hired so why would I publish that list for another nonprofit or NGO to come in and make it appear they made this hook-up?  Besides, I know fairly well that when we place an employee with a company that person is truly desiring to never return to sex work again.  Not that they will hire them on our word, and then they find that person turning tricks in the back stock room or south parking lot.  They know we're placing people with them who are truly serious about never returning to sex work - and they do this to assist survivors with being able to move on to new lives.

Which by the way I've found it quite interesting that some companies who are loudly proclaiming they're offering scholarships aren't exactly being very honest.  I've been checking out some of these press releases about "we're offering scholarships to trafficking victims" and it seems some have a few conditions.  One for example said they would only pay for the scholarship IF the student was to go to school on-campus - not in the online course work.  Not considering most survivors I'm aware of have severe PTSD in recovery, and most want to attend school from home, also because of things like child care issues, and lack of a car, or disability, I found it interesting they would only pay for the scholarship if the student were to physically attend classes on campus.   Now I don't know about you - but I don't know of many survivors who are living in that small southern town that this one school was in offering the scholarship.  If you ask me - they wanted an ex-hooker on their campus to entice male students to attend.  That's just my perception of the offer when I started investigating further.

I say that because it's well known that many companies will advertise they will work with felons with records so they can abuse them.  Take a look at Walmart or McDonald's for example.  They are quite open they will hire anyone with a felony record.  However, they also shave off hours off your time card, and they have also forced workers to work "off the clock" to save said job.  They are known for also keeping employees part-time so as not to pay benefits.  Who else would put up with this but felons who can't get work elsewhere?  So I don't consider all offers to "survivors" as altruistic until I've investigated further.

I mean I know a lot of men who will offer a woman "free rent" but it's not so free if you know what I mean.  That's what happened to the original "Destiny House" in Las Vegas that was supposed to have opened with Annie Lobert.  Seems an elderly gentlemen had offered to donate a house to them on the provision he had a "hands on" relationship with the women in residence.  Once he was told that wasn't cool - he pulled back the house offer.  This put them back at square one to have to find another house.  I give them credit for not giving in to that pressure.

I've spoken to another company who has been marketing the message loudly they offer scholarships to trafficking victims if they would hire someone who still has their porn online.   The modern trafficker is obtaining porn as soon as possible in the relationship to block the person from leaving the industry.  I point you to Christy Mack who after a horribly violent attack said she would "not be leaving the porn industry".  I pointed out "could she?"  I in fact started contacting large companies who are offering scholarships to trafficking survivors and asked them flat out "would you hire Christy Mack?"  I got a lot of hmming and hawing - so the answer was clearly "no".

I have found more women are blocked from employment by porn online than a criminal record.  Now if we had more REAL survivors, and men and women in recovery from sex work, being allowed to speak within the press, rather than than fake survivors, or paid shills, then OUR voices would be heard more.  I point to the so called "survivor board" that was pushed through mostly by Polaris.

Our program has over 190,000 members in it's active database at this moment.  Our blog has over 50,000 subscribers on an average day, with about 200 views per day hitting just the blogs.  We have been operating since 1987.   Sex Workers Anonymous has chapters in the USA, Canada, Costa Rico, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Amsterdam, France, England, and a chapter in the process of forming in Mexico once we finish the Spanish translation of our "Recovery Guide".

Meaning we are the world's oldest and largest group of survivors.  Our hotline I've answered since 1987 has clocked about 500,000 calls from victims directly.  I've worked with those transitioning out of sex work since 1984 overall all over this country, and other countries, both male, female and transgender.  If you check clips I have up at which can be verified are real through the newspapers themselves - you'll see by the dates I was not only the first person in this country to put together a "safe house" for trafficking victims in Los Angeles in 1984, but I was also the first person to launch a hotline for adult victims to call for help AND I was the first person to approach our legal system asking that they consider some of us as "victims" needing help, not criminals, and the first person speaking out the mental health field needed to accept our reality in order to provide us with proper treatment, i.e., making me the founder of this very modern trafficking movement itself.

In other words, I am like the Bill Wilson of the alcoholism movement for the subject of trafficking.  However, I don't know anyone on this advisory board - nor have we been consulted in any way about this board.  Frankly, I think this creates an "unfair competition" in this field and I am speaking with attorney's and law professors now about pursuing legal action about it.

So it kind of reminds me of when those who wanted to open drug treatment centers above Jimmy Kinnon's objections (the founder of Narcotics Anonymous) that they "didn't work" - some people went in and illegally voted him off the board of NA and then went and did what they wanted.  From what I've seen of these drug programs' success rate - Jimmy wasn't wrong either.   I mean I ask you what "survivor advisory board" is it that (1) doesn't have the founder of the movement that made them possible, and (2) hasn't asked for anyone on the oldest, and largest, program of survivors to be a part of it?  It's like an advisory board on alcoholism that doesn't acknowledge Bill Wilson, nor has one member of AA on it.

It might be why we're not hearing about real solutions and truths to dispel the myths coming out of them.

I would also like to point out that ABC is now plugging "strip to pay for college" quite loudly, among other large major media outlets, while groups like ours with our voices saying "there are other ways" and also pointing out that very few women are succeeding in meeting the goals offered by the clubs and brothels (such as most don't work for the club long enough to make any substantial headway in paying for tuition) are being silenced.  In fact, the news about "free college in Germany" came from a tiny newsletter that we get.  This means the media has become a "marketer" of propaganda for the sex industry since the passing of the Telecommunications Act of 1995.

This very movement itself would not be possible if not that from 1987 to 1995 - I was able to produce a weekly show with "recovery stories" (remember we didn't coin the term "trafficking" until the year 2000) which aired on public access in Los Angeles for free. Interns would do the filming, sound, editing, etc. for us in return for resume credit.  Then we would duplicate this tape, and send it on to other cities like San Francisco, New York, Miami, Chicago, etc.   Those stations we sent the tapes to were required to air them as part of their community service.  So the Trafficking Act of 2000 would not have happened if not for THIRTEEN YEARS of our stories going out over air waves that we're now finding our voices blocked from.

I say that because also before this Act passed - media was required to air "opposing viewpoints" meaning when Joe Conforte, the owner of the Mustang Ranch legal brothel, went on TV - he would not do so without a counter or opposing view also airing.  I found a tape by the way of a show I did debating him (and winning as brothels were not made legal in California that year) in an archive that should be digitized and online in a few more weeks.

This is what Noam Chomsky refers to as "manufacturing consent" right in front of your eyes. Silencing your opposers does not mean you don't have opposition.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


This is exactly what the devil/disease wants by whatever name you want to call it -  in the story where Christ went into the mountains He was tested.  He was tested how?  With money, fame, power, and even with the idea of being God himself when Satan told Him "throw yourself off the mountain and let your Angels come to save you".

What did Christ do?  He resisted temptation and then went seeking his disciples where he then TAUGHT.  He found Mary being about to be stoned to death and didn't say to her "I'm going to love you where you're at".  No.  He said "go and sin no more".  Then what?  She followed Him.  As she was puttering around in the kitchen - He then told her "come over here and sit and learn with me".   His band of disciples then went out and did what?

Did Christ ask the people to come up with the bread and fishes when there wasn't enough to feed the people?  Or did He create enough?  God is the source of whatever our needs are.

I have stood by here and watched as every woman who has left the sex industry and tried to create something BY HERSELF has failed.  That's why frankly I am not out here doing it alone.  In our 12 step fellowship - I have my brothers and sisters all over this country, and other countries, that I lean on for strength and guidance and we're still here 30 years later.

I don't have anything to do with it.  Professor Sharon Oselin went out and spent 10 years studying three different groups that worked with prostitutes and guess what?  The only one that was still standing at the end of her study was the one that had incorporated ours into theirs.  Sad that after she wrapped up the study they decided to go grant seeking and three months later they folded.  That's very telling in itself - especially since we're still here.

Annie, Shelley, Joy - can you imagine what it would do to this field if we were to band together against the enemy?   We'd be unstoppable.  Annie I don't know how many women you've actually gotten out of the sex industry and in recovery - but I'm not hearing from anyone.  Shelley - same.  All I'm reading is trash mail.  Joy - you got a petition going up against you.

Me?  The only site I have up now bashing me is a bunch of lies made up by a woman who was working with the Kamylla fund raiser with Joy, Domina Elle.  It will be down soon enough.  Too many people have come back to me saying they tried to post a defense to us that wasn't posted on it.  Besides, I'm not the person who runs all the groups around here.  I just answer the phone sometimes and write the literature and blog under my name.  I say "under my name" because our members don't want to post things under their name - so they post under mine to maintain their "anonymity".  Much like how alcoholics say they're "friends of Bill" as code.  To protect their profiles, IP address, etc., they post under ours.

I have reached out to all of you over the years - only to be rebuffed.  Maybe you've learned your lesson.  You may be out and you may "have yours" but how many are you helping besides yourself?  We have a lot of people now who thank us for their recovery.  What I see when I look at you three however is the same thing I saw when I went to a Catharis meeting.  It didn't last either by the way and Norma relapsed also.

We're still here.  So I'm going to keep extending an olive branch here and just say that a rope made of three strands is unbreakable.  If you women are ready to stop trying to be the star of the show and actually get some real work done, including on your own 'post prostitution syndrome", then give me a call sometime.

Shelley - I kept trying to reach out to you years ago.  Now I'm reading you've lost your nonprofit, you're in a smaller house, and Garrett has been arrested twice for domestic violence.  The real shame is that probably if you'd been working a program with me - then none of that might have been necessary.

Annie - you've got a house.  Big whoop.  Since when did that make any difference to these women who are out there making $50,000 a week but who have a pimp monitoring every move?  You think they're going to be able to go near that house?  Your cute little house will be right where mine was years ago - they'll start showing up with the zoning inspectors and zone you right out of the rehab business.

Or didn't you know we had a house in Nevada years ago?  Oh no - I take that back we had a motel and an apartment building.  The motel was for when they'd come in at 2:00 a.m. and we had no furniture or bedding.  The apartment building we'd put them in the next day.  Then the local casino, hotel, laundry, or motel owner would give them a job until we could get them SSI or in school.   When we kept up with the zoning fines - they came out and set fire to the apartment building and that was that.  There wasn't enough money to rebuild the whole building and guess who came in and bought the building?  Never guess!  Same guy who set Sharnel up that was running the alternative sentencing program in Reno that's who.

Look ladies - building an empire isn't hard.  Don't you know that by now?  It's KEEPING it and making it EFFECTIVE to helping other people - now that's hard.  So if you're "done" with this - and ready to get some real work done at helping women who need our help - you give me a call.   I'm doing just fine - but I know it would be a lot easier if instead of fighting the pimps these days I only had to fight them instead of you gals right in there along with them.

What was that phrase "bottom bitch"?  You might be women but you're doing a pretty good job for the pimps I got to tell you.  Annie - the pimps joke about "you want to go to Annie's house?"  Same Joy for your so called "job training" in the bakery.

They don't laugh about me.  No they snarl about me because I'm making a difference.  If you doubt that for one second - you look at the Mob Museum standing where those men wanting a brothel and you tell me I'm not making a difference in this town that has everyone of those pimps cussing me out every chance they get.  Means I'm doing my job right ladies.

You can't be "loved" and do your job right in this field.  Doesn't work that way.  Not universally.  The ones who love me are the ones I've saved and helped.  That's where it counts.

You've all blocked my number - so I'm inviting you now that maybe we should all sit down and find a way to work together for the "common welfare".  In our program we say "the common welfare comes first - personal recovery depends upon unity".  I've also stayed clean since 1985.  You think about it ladies. Better yet - pray on it.

You know what - don't call me.  I don't want you to do something simply because you "like" or "don't" like me.  I guess I had an advantage in that I started our program with no one around doing this for me to say "I don't like her so I'm going to do it different".  Well you've worn the crown of "leader" and guess what people do when you lead rather than "serve"?  Has anyone seen that Southpark where everyone was a "Yelp" reviewer?  They wound up pretty hated by the people they were reviewing because they were acting like shits.

Look - you ladies have been acting like the Queen Bee with everyone around you being your servants and then the minute they aren't under you - they're gone.  That's not a way to live.  I want to be surrounded by women like Kathleen Mitchell or Brenda Myers-Powell who are out there starting their own thing and doing their own thing and support them doing their thing.   So you know what?  I don't want you to call me and make friends and then do something because you "like" me.  That's not what any of this is about.

If you ladies haven't figured out this has become "unmanageable" out of prostitution by now - then I have nothing else to say other than I'm here when you do.  I don't have to know you personally to know there's some kind of addiction going on with you at home and I don't mean drugs necessarily.   I'll get you into a meeting and find you a sponsor.  You want to start a meeting after you've done some stepwork - fine.  But right now - you ladies are the absolute symbol of "unmanageability".

Sunday, November 1, 2015


In the old days, the Catholic Church used to make women found guilty of adultery wear a scarlet "A" on the bodice of their dress.  I remember a movie with Demi Moore showing what those times were like for women.

When I was young, living in Los Angeles in the 1960's and 70's, I was fascinated with the witch trials.  At 17 years old, I started studying herbal medicine, alternative healing, homeopathic medicine, etc.  It was during that time I learned a lot about what was behind the witch persecutions and burnings.  Evidently women held a lot of medical power in the small villages.  To grow their healing herbs - they would be on the outskirts of town.  When someone would get sick - they'd go see the woman for a healing treatment.

This is where a lot of the imagery of the "witch" came from - when the church and the "doctors" wanted to scare people away from these natural healers, midwives, and shamans.  Because  these women were also the midwives.  Women would give birth at home for years before there was even such a thing as a hospital to give birth in.

Homeopathic medicine really put a lot of the health issues in the hands of these midwives.  Since it was also a way to make money once their husbands died, or if they never married - it was also a source of economic power for them.  They'd be paid for their herbs, for helping deliver babies, for giving herbs to aid with healing, etc.  In a system where women only could eat if they were married - the only options for them economically to marriage was that of being a midwife, a school teacher or a whore.  Remember women weren't "preachers" back then either - they could only be a nun who is still dependent upon the church.

Which led into what the "witch hunts" were about - land, money and power.  While a lot of press goes onto the witch trials in Salem - this was not confined to Salem.  This came here to the states from Europe.  Where it was extremely common for a woman who had a lot of land to suddenly find herself accused of being a witch.  After her burning to "save her soul" the church would then get her land.  So these "land grabs", which is what they were, were disguised as "saving the village and the souls" of the people involved.  The church comes in, burns the woman, takes her land, and they get called "heroes" for "saving her soul" and the town.

When you look at the stories of the witch hunts at the view of this being about how a lot of power was taken from the midwives - both economic and culturally - and put into the hands of the doctors, the American Medical Association, the church, the politicians, etc.  Of course one of the ways this transfer of power works is through imagery, name calling, labels.  The idea of a midwife being a healer turning into a witch was done with stories and labels.  Women who were out on their farms growing herbs, delivering babies, and healing the sick were also intuitive and empowered.  The very idea of this type of women has always been very threatening to the Catholic Church who, until only recently, has held positions of great power in this world.

Our country wasn't just built to break away from the English rule.  It was also built upon religious freedom.  Freedom from the Catholic Church.  The religions that came over to the US on the Mayflower was not Catholic.  Those people had seen whole families burned at the stake so their land could be absorbed by the church.  They had seen whole villages slaughtered in "the name of God" for the church.  England was basically co-ruled between the royals and the church.  Even the Henry the 8th was afraid of the church.  So much so that rather than divorce his wives - he beheaded them.  Why?  Because the country couldn't be ruled by a queen.  So let's just plow through wives until we get a male heir.

I know what our 12 step program, Prostitutes Anonymous, then Sex Workers Anonymous, produced.  The two I will speak about you can research online as they've been open about coming up through our program are Brenda Myers-Powell and Kathleen Mitchell.  Both of these women came up from the streets with nothing.  They had been incarcerated multiple times.  They had no education.  They had been drug addicts and prostitutes.  As they got some clean time and "time" out of sex work under their belt - what did they do?  They got involved in local politics about how their sisters and brothers were treated.  They went to congress, the legislature, the people - and said "we need to change the laws".  They started their own programs themselves - Kathleen starting Dignity and Brenda starting Dreamcatchers.  Now mind you I'm not taking credit for them.  I am however taking credit for creating a program that produced them.

When I get done with my memoirs - you'll know the hell I went through just to bring that program to them in Chicago and Phoenix where they found Prostitutes Anonymous.  I didn't publish them in the 1980's because I refused to write another "happy hooker" book.  I didn't publish them in the 1990's because honestly I was busy bringing our program into the age of changing the training that counselors, social workers, judges, police, etc., received in the way of treating us when we came into the system for help.  I was also busy enjoying my recovery - my marriage, the birth of my daughter, owning real estate, running my own company, etc.  Plus I had an "underground railroad" to run helping women escape the legal brothels and the father's of their children who were also their pimp.  In the 2000's, I refused to write another piece of "trafficking porn".  Now I can write the story of the "Anatomy of a Movement".  A story I learned that only the conquerors tell.

By the 1990's - these women become leaders of their own programs, empowered, enlightened, and reaching out to help others.  They literally started changing the towns they lived in.  More important, they became something we teach about in the 12 step philosophy - they became "responsible, productive members of society".  Most important - they became RESPECTED.  I also spent the 1990's not so much with individual members - but with helping those who were running chapters of Prostitutes Anonymous in their towns learn how to "carry the message" and become a "responsible, productive member of society".  One who could walk in the daylight with their head up and chest out because other people RESPECTED them.

I'm going to tell you how something like "respect" can affect everything around you and the layers it travels through.  First, I respected myself.   As I was working on my own recovery from both prostitution and drugs - I found the man I'd been involved with for five years was less than supportive.   I'd come to see him and he'd have his Cognac, his weed, and his coke all over the house . He would start talking about "wanting to party".  I'd refuse.  We'd fight.

One night I took my chip for a year clean.  He refused to come see me take the chip but said I could come by after.  He was really drunk when I got there.  He just kept getting more and more stoned while I was there - and more insistent that I join him.  It was clear something was really bothering him.  I finally put him to bed like a baby because he couldn't even walk anymore he was so stoned.

I asked him "why are you fighting me so hard about staying clean?"  I'll never forget his answer.  He said "because if you keep this up - then I'll have to marry you" he said through his tears.   I'm like "what?"  He says "As long as you're nothing but a junkie whore - I don't have to marry you.  But you become 'respectable' and then I have to marry you."

Then he passes out.  It becomes very clear to me why he fought me so hard for those years we were together with leaving the sex industry, getting clean, etc.  It was all about me being something "unworthy" of him.  Wow what a trip.  I left that night and never went back in many ways.  I had no idea that some people were with me, loving me, being with me, specifically because they felt I was beneath them.  That was when I would no longer allow people in my personal life who didn't respect me as a human being anymore.

When then mayor Tom Bradley put together this board at the Womens' Commission for us to work out an alternative sentencing plan - everyone agreed to the idea but the Probation Dept.  Judges agreed, the police agreed, the prosecutor's office agreed, etc.  But I couldn't get a letter of approval from the probation offices for some reason.  It threatened to shoot our whole project in the foot.  The guy who had to sign the approval was in Downey which is about a two hour drive.

I said "I'll do it" because everyone else had day jobs.  I was working at a temp agency as a paralegal so I figured I could take the day off, go down there, and find out why this guy wouldn't sign to allowing prostitutes to not have to go to jail for prostitution charges, but instead to our program.

The minute I walked into his office - I knew what was wrong.  The man was a "regular' of mine when I was escorting.  He saw me and didn't recognize me of course.  I had gained weight, dyed my hair back to brown, was wearing glasses, etc.  He had no idea who I was when I walked in.  I asked him "can we speak in your office privately please?"  He agreed and after he shut the door I told him to take a real good look at me.  He finally recognized me after a few seconds of looking in my eyes..

I said to him "you of all people should know these women don't deserve jail for what they're doing - why won't you sign this?"  His answer?  "Because if they do this, get clean, get out of prostitution, then they've become RESPECTABLE."

I responded I had no idea why this was a problem.  He said "if a woman accuses me of seeing her - all I have to do is say 'who are you going to believe?'  You make a respectable citizen out of her and then I have a problem."

So I said "let me get this straight - you would rather see these women go to jail, lose their kids, lose their homes, have their lives ruined, just so that you don't have people find out you see prostitutes?"  He shook his head "yes".

I actually collapsed into the chair. To think this man would destroy all these womens' lives with jail because of his sense of guilt, shame and fear - I was speechless.   I'd seen so many women go to jail for 30 days when their motels were only paid for the week.  I'd see the motel owners throw everything into the trash so when she would get out of jail she'd literally have nothing but the clothes on her back.  I'd see their kids taken from them so they could go to jail for 45 days on some prostitution charge.  Then I'd see them fight for years just to get them back.  Many gave up.  I'd seen them not be able to get licenses to go to work as nurses, or pass the bar, even sell real estate - because of a past conviction for prostitution.  I just couldn't understand a man that would destroy so many lives over their own need to control and conceal their "dirty little secrets".  More importantly - to keep us at a level where society viewed us as subhuman.  Not equal to them.

I told him he had an "amends" to make and I wanted that paper signed.  He agreed. It was a very healing experience for me and him.  When I left his office - we shook hands as equals.   Now WE had the respect.  That signature meant more to me than just we were going to have an alternative sentencing program for the first time in history.  It meant to me that we were now being shown a gateway whereby we could come back to being "equal" to everyone else in society.  No longer viewed as subhuman trash.  Alcoholics were given the chance to have their crimes reviewed to see if they deserved jail or needed treatment.  Addicts got the same.  So did those in domestic violence court.  Now we would get the chance to also have the court review whether we were criminals - or if we needed help.  Just like everyone else in the system.

I say that because I remember when the mothers of the "Grim Reaper" killer took to the streets to protest that the LAPD was doing nothing to investigate the deaths of their daughters.  Because these women were branded prostitutes, and their bodies dumped at trash cans like so much trash - the police did nothing to try and stop this man.  Nor the many others targeting prostitutes in Los Angeles at the time.  I assure you that if these women had been secretaries - it would have been different.

I've done an informal study of my own for over 35 years now.  I see the news announce that a prostitute is missing or found dead - and the deafening silence that comes next.  Then I've seen a housewife, or someone like Lacey Peterson, or even Jon Bonet's body be found - and I've seen blood hounds, search teams, helicopters, news reports, posters, volunteers coming out in droves - it's a whole other world when a "non-prostitute" is found dead or goes missing.  I love the way it's portrayed quite accurately in the film "Frozen Ground" with Nicholas Cage.  We can't even get a search warrant issued after escaping the murderers house we can describe in and out.  Try it sometime - watch how the news handles it when a prostitute goes missing vs. a non-prostitute.  Better yet - notice how Lacy Peterson was called Lacy Peterson on the news when she went missing.  She was not identified by her job.

I am the founder of this very movement in the modern world.  It had died out in the 60's and 70's when I was growing up.  In fact, I saw nothing but sex work glamorized.  Why?  Because the pharmaceutical companies had birth control pills to plug that's why starting in the 60's.  That's when the "sexual revolutionary" hit the media.  Looking for Mr. Goodbar, the Happy Hooker, Linda Lovelace - sexually active women, even those who made it their career were celebrated.  Even musicals made about them on Broadway (Best Little Whorehouse in Texas).

I'm the one who stood up and said these men and women don't deserve criminal status when I saw them being drug off on buses in weekly sweeps.  I'm the one who started bringing people who had been forced to work as prostitutes, strippers, in porn, etc. onto those talk show stages to enlighten society that many of these people had been forced.  To arrest them, brand them criminal - was just wrong.  Yes I did that.

I also did it while saying that sex work is a job.  A job where the working conditions, and the safety of the worker, should be treated just like any other job.  Yes I've also tried to fight the legal brothels of Nevada.  But you'll notice I have not complained about the brothels I've seen in Canada, the UK, nor Australia.  Because my objection against the Nevada brothels wasn't because of them selling sex - but because of the working conditions.

If you listen to the interview of a woman who works at a legal brothel at you'll hear her speak about having no security, being raped daily, of not being protected from her pimp - and even more important - she can't get anyone to believe she's being trafficked right inside that brothel while the staff does nothing to stop it.  I've only come out against the Nevada brothels after trying to speak to the owners about changing the working conditions.  They've refused.  I'm sorry but in any other field where one is damaged sometimes for life - they get a pension to retire on.  Cops get a pension.  But when a prostitute contracts HIV on the job in a NV brothel - she's cast aside with nothing.

When Linda Lovelace tried to tell us about being forced to film "Deep Throat" she said NO ONE STEPPED UP TO STOP HER PIMP on the set.  If sex work is a job - then if this were any other type of work then someone would have.  If she had been a secretary and a man put a gun on her to force her to type - then someone would have called the police.  If she had been a farmer forced to pluck applies while a gun was pointed at her - then someone would have called the police.  The brothels are protecting traffickers from prosecution - and until they do something to change this then they need to be shut down just as any pimp or trafficker himself needs to be shut down.  We even have a "Good Samaritan Law" in place saying it's wrong for them to stand by and watch these women being trafficked by their pimps and do nothing.

So believe me - I've seen the effect of what's happened since the movement got hijacked by the TVRA of 2003.  When this policy stated that no federal money would be given to any group that viewed sex work as "work" and not a "human rights violation" - what it did was brand the women as "different".  This is when the term "trafficking victim" was coined.  Why?  Because money was only given to groups who viewed us as "victims" - not as human beings forced to work in the sex industry. 

That was a dividing line in the sand.  It said "we will only help you IF you say you ARE A VICTIM".  I view this term as the modern day scarlet letter.  I also view it as a way to keep us trapped.  When I went into the Sybil Brand Institute for Woman, the womans' jail, here in 1988 and started the first Prostitutes Anonymous meeting in there - do you know what I heard out of those women?  I heard all the blaming.  I heard them blame their parents, their neighborhoods, their learning disabilities, and yes even their pimps.  I heard them blame the drugs and the booze also.  These women had been trained by their counselors that they were just "victims of society" who had "no choice" but to do what they did.  Those women were suffering from "victim mentality".

As I listened to all their excuses about why they were there designed to make people feel sorry for them and wipe away their responsibility for their lives - do you know what I said to them?  I told them the same story my sponsor told me when I first started in recovery.  The story that "even if someone puts a gun to your head - you have a choice".  You have a choice to give in, to not give in, to fight, to not fight.  Yes they can point a gun at you - but YOU will are the one who CHOOSES how you respond to that gun.

Let me ask you something - if you're married and your husband comes back from a party and says that he slept with all the women there "because he got drunk" what would you say to him?  Especially since it was a party he walked into, a party where he knew there would be alcohol, what would you say to him?  Would you call him a "victim"?   Would you agree he was powerless to not sleep with those women after he drank the booze?

I've heard Theresa Flores story.  SHE MADE A CHOICE to go meet that man in the park.  I've heard Annie Lobert's story.  SHE MADE A CHOICE.  I've read Barbara Amaya's story.  I'm sorry but those women made CHOICES.

If anything - the one woman I think truly didn't have a choice is Yeonmi Park.  Even then, when her mother stepped up to take a rape for her daughter - that was a choice her mother made.  But when faced with the oppression and starvation that woman was forced upon her - now her I feel had no choice.  But guess what?  She has said on TV before that she is "no victim".

I've been watching this "no such thing" campaign for a while now and going increasingly angry.  It's putting a label on us of "victim".  While saying "don't call them prostitutes" it's saying "call them victims".  I don't want us called anything but human.  We are all humans.  If someone kidnaps us - then they should be charged with kidnapping,  If they threaten to kill us - they should be charged with threatening to kill us.

I don't see anyone standing up saying that the women raped by Bill Cosby should be distinguished from other rape victims by being called "Bill Cosby's rape victims".  Which is what is going on here when people who have not been in that world stand up at podiums paid for by rich white politicians and say that a "juvenile" should be treated differently than an adult and that there's "no such thing" as a "child prostitute" or a "child sex worker".  To insist on calling someone other than yourself something which is what's happening when the McCain Institute and the California Endowment are calling out for the public to view a "juvenile" as "different" than an adult coming out of the sex industry is STILL making them a different class of person.  All it's doing is replacing the words of "whore" with "victim".

More important - it's giving the impression that these people behind Malika Saar have the right to tell you the public what to call us.  What you're witnessing when you watch this is modern warfare.  No different than when the native Americans had people come onto their land with the assumption they had the right to take over that land.  To my knowledge, John McCain, Malika Saar, the California Endowment, the LA Board of Supervisors, and Sheriff Jim McDonnell are NOT survivors of that world, nor of being sold or trafficked or pimped and they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL YOU WHAT TO CALL US.

When they booted us out of our meeting halls in 2004 and these church and state people pushed us out of the process and took over trying to help us escape and recover without our involvement - I've been watching very carefully the women who the state is now handling their recovery compared with our members.  Our members are getting degrees.  They're getting married, having kids, buying homes, etc.

Right now I have a list of women who have been helped by these "trafficking programs".  They aren't doing so hot so wanting more they've reached out to us after finding us online.  I'm hearing a very clear pattern no matter what state they're calling from.  They are all living in subsidized housing surrounded by drug dealers and pimps.  They are in and $8.00 or  9.00 an hour jobs at fast food places - donut shops, sandwich shops, fast food places.  Because they're working at this $9.00 fast food job they are not qualifying for vocational rehab or college.  Their counselor has them on more than one medication that I see no reason for. Not one has started their own business.  I do not see the reason for someone with PTSD to be on drugs like Serequel or Wellbutryn together.  Another woman is on Tegretol which is for epileptics.  The drugs are causing weight gain.  Drugs like 1200 mg of Serequel are making them sleepy and stupid.

They also are in some kind of medical study.  Meaning they aren't getting what they need - they're being researched.  For example, one woman is in a B12 study.  However, women with severe PTSD and still having periods need a lot more vitamins to heal years of abuse than B12 that doesn't even stay in the system longer than a few hours.  B6 for example cuts down on the flashbacks. Magnesium helps relax the muscles and aids sleep.  Valerian calms the nerves.  For those who have insomnia - melotonin helps them to sleep at night.  I can point you to every single "trafficking program" right now being run by the county or state - and the women in those programs are being researched.

Everyone of these programs is being carried out by a Christian organization.  Sounds good right?  Until you find out the lesbians are rejected.  The men, the transgenders refused.  Show me one Christian safe house that accepts transgenders, gays or lesbians.  Or Jews.  Our program is non-denominational.  Now I'm sorry but I was raised to know we were based on a separation of church and state in this country.  The reason was so we didn't have another witch hunt or crusades.  I have traced these Christian groups and their money every one back to a source that believes gays are "damned".  I find not one offers kosher meals.

In these projects, in these studies, in their "safe houses" they are not viewed as "responsible, productive members of society".  They are trotted around at fund raisers, as a token.  They are the token survivors standing next to the politician or prosecutor who then gets a career boost shortly after.    Just as I see this "no such thing" claiming they are "elevating the wishes of a survivor" - I ask you where is this survivor?  When you are elevating one word over another, and the person doing the elevating isn't a survivor themselves - that's not US leading US.  That's not empowering us - that's using and EXPLOITING us.  Just like these same people did when they used up and exploited Linda - never accepting her as one of their own.

I've watched the women getting their degrees in a few cases where they use them as "poster children" to parade around to the media.  Then I've watched them not get tenure.  I've seen them not hired for jobs.  I've seen their hours cut once the cameras went home.  I've seen them get fired once the press conference was over.  They are not being treated as equals in this system.  That's because they're not VIEWED as equals.

One of the greatest powers of our program is that we are ANONYMOUS.  No one knows who we are.  When they put these women in these programs - another thing they do is parade them around for the camera using their real face and their real names.  Then 1/2 of the country knows they used to be prostitutes.  Call them victim. Call them survivor.  The people KNOW.  In our program, no one knows but us.  Even then we don't know as we tell our members not to share last names, where they live, where they work, etc.  We don't put our status on our facebook pages, our resumes, our social media.  We are "anonymous" and keep that at the level of "press, radio and films". You will not find one official pages of ours with a full face photo, a real name, and the status of being a member of Sex Workers Anonymous.  This is because in today's world the only way to be treated as "equal" is for them not to know about our past.

When I first started doing training's for probation officers, cops, social workers, etc., I used to sit in the audience part of the room as they would come in for the workshop.  They'd think I was one of them.  I would put on the board the instructions "write down what you think I'm going to be like" being they were told that a survivor was leading the workshop.  As I would get coffee, mingle, and talk with the students they accepted me as "one of them".

Then at the moment of time to start the workshop  -I would step up and identify.  I would LOVE see how everyone's mouth flew open.  I told them "gotcha"!  I pointed out that every single one of them had an image in their head about what they thought I'd be like, and then to realize that I was just among them, one of them, was shocking.  They also had to confront the fact they viewed us as "different" and "beneath" them.  I would then explain that's these unconscious beliefs they were holding about us needed to be addressed if they were going to be of help to us.  Also it explained why it was important to keep the status of our past private. They saw how they reacted in their minds when they thought of me as an ex-prostitute - and realized this is who others will view us who know.  Because people are people and once you label someone - they will be looked down upon.  A very real effect then that can affect what jobs we get, what homes we buy, etc.

Betty Ford did a lot to dispel the myth of the alcoholic when she revealed she was drinking in the White House as First Lady.  However, I know if she'd been honest about this before they got into office - it wouldn't have happened.  But after it was revealed she was - people started accepting the alcoholic as "one of them".   But I assure you had she revealed this before the election - she wouldn't have become First Lady.

I've traced the money for these trafficking programs - and in every single one of them I've traced the money back to the Catholic Church.  Whether it was the lawsuit of ACLU v. Catholic Bishops, or Project Rose, or other courts I've seen set up.  The money is disguised and passed through 1000 tiny little shell groups - but if you "follow the money" you see it's coming through the Catholic Church.  In Nevada, Andrea Swanson and her campaign for AB67 - Catholic Church.

This "labeling" is what they do.  They do it to marginalize us, and keep us down and out. Separate us from them.   They always mask it and pretty it up with "saving" us at the same time.  I saw this when they destroyed my Native American ancestors to "civilize" us also.  Then we were "savages".   What the white man did then to the Native American's wasn't some altruistic mission to "save us" even though they claimed it was what?  Civilizing us.

THEY WANTED THE LAND.  They took us then out of our way of life and limited us to the reservations.  They also experimented on us then too.  But they did offer us "scholarships".  I remember a movie about Caleb.  They also gave him a Harvard education, a government job, and he got to record the history of his dying ancestors and culture they destroyed.

Do you see the pattern yet of the "rich white men in power" and the Catholic Church?  They come in with the smoke screen of "saving" us.  There are the labels and the imagery.  Whether it's the image of the witch with a crooked nose and a black hat scaring people away from the midwives and into the hospitals where you're more likely to die in the hospital than from an herbal medicine.  Where it's $5000 to have a baby in a hospital vs. free to have one at home in a tub of warm water with a midwife aiding.  Whether it's the image of the native American as a "savage" who is out "scalping innocent women and children", the scarlet letter of a whore, and now we have the label of "victim" being thrust upon us.  The goal with them is always the same - to take money and power - and to exclude us from their seat at power.

I saw a show recently with John Stossell.  It's where I saw Yeonmi Park get up and say "I'm not a victim". and  He brought a woman on who quoted research showing that the more the government has been "helping" the African American community - the worse they're getting overall.  They talked about how the "war on poverty" actually made things worse for the African American community.

I propose that the minute someone says they're going to "label" me to "help" me - RUN. RUN RUN RUN RUN!

I don't want to be treated differently than any man or woman.  No one MADE me do anything.  I made my own choices how I responded to threats.  I take responsibility for my actions and my decisions.

My name is Jody.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Jody Williams, Founder & Director
Sex Workers Anonymous
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August 11, 2015

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Dear Concerned Parties:

First let me introduce myself. My name is Jody Williams. After a high profile arrest where I was dubbed the “High Tech Madam” in 1984 (clippings you can read at – I was finally able to find help to leave what I had been lured into myself in 1985. While in the sex industry – people knew they could get help to get away from pimps and traffickers from me. Still wanting to help, but not wanting to go back to sex work to do so - in 1987, I founded the first 12 step program called “Prostitutes Anonymous”, the first hotline for those seeking help to leave sex work (trafficked or not), and stepped up to demand our legal system change to acknowledge that not all of us were “criminals” but some in fact were victims being forced to do what they were doing. Thus I am the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself I would like to add here.

Before I started our program – I was friends with Margo St. James, the founder of COYOTE, which later transformed into the St. James Infirmary when she retired. This was a sex workers rights group who also believed sex work was a career choice – and that people shouldn't be forced or trafficked. Her group was set up to help the sex worker – not to help them leave. We both agreed women should not be hunted down and locked up like criminals either. But she couldn't form an “alternative to sentencing” until we could get the laws changed. After talking with the California governor who told us we'd “never see the day when prostitutes are not arrested – but we could at least see they didn't have to go to jail by forming a 12 step program like how NA does for the addict” - we decided to form PA.

Thus the modern day sex trafficking movement was born. We changed our name in 1995 to “Sex Workers Anonymous” because the internet was blocking people from finding us because of adult filters not recognizing the word “prostitute” - and also to acknowledge the very real fact that not all seeking help from us were people selling physical intercourse for money.

So we were the first people to put together an HIV/AIDS outreach into the sex industry, to demand condoms not be considered “evidence of a crime”, the first alternative sentencing and diversion program, the first training for counselors, social workers, etc. in how to work with us properly, as well the first residential programs, the first “safe houses”, and the first “rescue” operations. Since most of the children we were finding being forced into prostitution were having this happen at the hands of their parents and/or guardians – we started referring anyone under legal age to Children of the Night – which was the only program around in 1987 equipped to handle this type of child and problem.

The other people I'm writing you about are Tom Forman, Kevin Brown, Maxine Doogan, Domina Elle, D'lita Miller, the Cupcake Girls, Abeni, Hookers for Jesus, and a woman calling herself “Kamylla” online. To understand the players in this letter – let me briefly introduce them also.

He is the man who produced the show “8 Minutes”, as well as “Catfish”, “OC Jails”, “Intervention” and “Gigolo's” through Relativity Media.

Kevin Brown:
Founded “Side by Side Church” after having been an Orange County officer. He was the host of the show “8 Minutes” and supposed “rescuer”. He says in interviews he “found God” after he retired – but the church paperwork was registered in California in 1994. Interesting since sex trafficking wasn't federal recognized until 2000 with the Trafficking Act of 2000.

Maxine Doogan
She's a dominatrix that runs the Erotic Service Provider Legal Educational Research – a nonprofit based out of San Francisco that's also filing a lawsuit to have prostitution decriminalized again after a failed attempt in 2008. She's also a convicted pimp according to one interview about this. The Case number for that lawsuit is 15 CV 01007. Her EIN # is 27-2049888 for ESPLER.

Domina Elle
A dominatrix based out of Denver, Colorado. However, she has phones registered in Pennsylvania, a travel agency registered out of Kentucky and California, and various other locations. She is doing business under the legal name of “Shekinah Avraam” who actually died in 2007. There is a voter registration showing her birthdate as 1966 – but again the person who is the owner of that name was born years earlier according to the obituary. Supposedly the real “Shekinah” worked with Domina Elle according to her Linkedin profile. She has a website at for her dungeon. I have a phone report I got from Intelius available if you'd like to see it listing some of her addresses across the United States, along with phone numbers and emails she's used also.

D'Lita Miller
In interviews she says she was a legal assistant who had no idea about sex trafficking until her daughter was trafficked in one interview – while in another she admits she had been a prostitute herself when she was younger. She was told by the police “there were no resources” so she set about to create a program called “Families Against Sex Trafficking”. She says she was a “consultant” whose input was “ignored” by the producers of “8 Minutes”. When I spoke to Ms. Miller about a week before she went onto CNN to do the segment “The Truth Behind “8 Minutes” with Jennifer Pozner, she told me that her biggest “frustration” was “not having any resources for the trafficking victims she works with”. I told her that was strange because there were a lot of resources available in California especially and I offered to show her these resources. She declined and then stopped returning my calls and email after I insisted there were resources available.

Cupcake Girls:
A program that opened a Las Vegas branch in 2012 according to news interviews. Their goal is to provide “help” to sex trafficking victims in Las Vegas. Recently, they appeared at the Nevada legislature in order to get a bill passed allowing those convicted of prostitution to have their records expunged by the claim that these women were “unable to find work” because of their criminal records. I've been placing prostitutes in jobs since 1996 when I relocated to Nevada, and I have a list of companies that will hire not only ex-prostitutes, but those with drug charges and even felonies. When I offered to give them a copy of this list to refer their clients to work – they declined. Clearly they're not interested in clearing these womens' records in order to find them work. This group is a front. I say that because I've also helped many a prostitute expunge their records, and also help them get work cards WITHOUT having to put down $5000 for an attorney. There is no reason for this bill other than because the legal brothels require that no one with a conviction for prostitution can be licensed AND the fact their paid lobbyist also happens to represent the Las Vegas Defense Attorney's.

A group in Orange County founded by Meg Munoz. Abeni is about “harm reduction” and believes in mixing sex trafficking victims with currently active sex workers according to interviews she's given. She is listed as a program utilized by the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force. Out of absolutely nowhere, with me saying nothing to her to warrant this accusation – Meg started saying online that I was “stalking her” and that she was “afraid for her life”. She then started trying to find out where I lived so that I could be hauled off on a 5150 charge. Not a light thing considering what happened to Sandra Bland after she was taken into custody after her comments about law enforcement. I have screen shots of our exact conversation SHE initiated to prove I said nothing to her that would warrant either of her accusations against me. The woman is clearly trying to do this to try and “squash the competition” to what her program is offering sex workers which from what I can see isn't much.

A woman who claims to be the only “non-American” woman filmed for the show “8 Minutes” who has now had multiple fund raisers given for her now online driven by Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle – two women who claim to be active sex workers. She is supposedly married, with multiple children under the age of 18 years old she's raising along with her also out of work husband who was portrayed as her pimp on the show supposedly. I say “supposedly” because I have not seen the episode.

About March of 2014, I received a call from a man claiming to be working with Kevin Brown. The story he gave me was this man had been a cop for 20 years, then after retiring he “found God”, and decided he wanted to go help the prostitutes he'd seen while on the beat. That he put together a program, and was now calling up prostitutes to a hotel room where he was then offering them “help”. That if they said “yes” he was taking them out to a compound in New Mexico he'd put together, getting them cleaned up, and off the streets. He said that “word was out” that they were doing this “sting” and now they couldn't get women to come to the hotel rooms and they wanted me to send them women to a hotel where they would then be offered help. Honestly – I thought this was a pimp calling me up at first or some cult. I mean he's “taking women out to some ranch in New Mexico”?

Now when I first started our program – it was not easy, not easy at all, to get these men and women to stop the “revolving door”. I mean we saw right off they'd put some time together, and then “relapse”. When we went to look for help from someone to show us how to stop this constant “relapse” - we found nothing. We found nothing because no one even understood how the sex industry worked back in the 1980's – let alone how to solve these problems. So truly we had to learn to invent the wheel about this. It took me YEARS to learn how to build a program that actually “worked” and this guy just sets his cap to it and suddenly he knows how to break this cycle? Plus what about the pimps that would come looking for these women? Nothing was jivving about this story. So I asked to see this with my own eyes – him, the survivors, the program, the house - everything.

The first thing I did was ask what types of jobs he was getting his “success stories” into. I got told that they were now being employed by the church to do these outreaches. I'm like “wait a minute – so you haven't actually got these women working and self-sufficient then if you're paying them?” To which he said yes. Again, it sounded like a cult to be honest or some guy with a fetish to be around hookers. So I asked about the screening. I know that you can't get a trafficking victim up to a hotel room without passing screening by their pimps. Then when the victim doesn't return – they're going to come looking. So I started asking how come they were not running into the same problems we do when we extract a sex trafficking victim – including the threats from local police, attorney's and private investigators.

When I asked how he was handling these threats – he just starts stuttering. I also didn't understand why the hotel sting. Why not just call them up or do street outreach? I mean we only use a “john sting” when we've found there is no way to get them away from the pimp other than when they're on an appointment. Otherwise, there's no point to this. This makes no sense to me at all – so I said that I wasn't going to give referrals to them unless I saw everything with my own eyes. I wanted to meet these so called “success stories”, I wanted to see this ranch, I wanted to see what type of program they were using, meet their people, etc. I also wanted to meet Kevin Brown. But when I asked to have these meetings and tours set up – he balked completely.

He then said “well don't you need help? If you send your callers to us we can help them.” To which I pointed out our system was working just fine and he could listen to some testimonials we have up at What I found strange was a group new to this work not asking questions of us who have been since 1987 and don't even know who we are. I told him frankly I questioned how when he put this program together when he didn't go online and at least talk to us about what our program does before starting his own. That's been a real red flag to me in the past that something is fishy. Samoly Mam is a good example. She's another one who didn't even bother to speak to me about our program, nor acknowledge we even existed – and she was a complete sham.
It just made no sense to me and that's why I said I wasn't going to give him any referrals until I met people and saw things with my own eyes. I didn't hear from him again and since he called me from a blocked number I couldn't get in touch with him again either.

Then in March of 2015, I received a phone call from Domina Elle's phone. She was gathering information on groups like ours to find out what services we offer. This was before the show “8 Minutes” had even aired. I told her what I tell people scouting for information – if she knows of someone who needs help they need to call us themselves to get more information.

On April 13, 2015, I got a call from a woman who called herself “Claudia Ortiz” at first. I knew it was a fake name because she said she was from Brazil, and also her call frankly sounded scripted. She insisted she was terrified if her story leaked out to the press she'd be deported – but I later learned she' talked to over 10 reporters before even calling me. People afraid of press don't call that many reporters. After telling me her story about the series being faked, and her being paid $200 to act like she was a prostitute, and her husband acting as her pimp on the show – she then said she really wanted help to quit sex work. All while not asking me anything about how to quit being she'd called SWA. Yes I have a tape recording of that call she gave me permission to publish.

But she said the producers wouldn't help her. This made no sense to me because if the show was being staged – then why would she think they'd help her? If they had a program – they wouldn't be hiring actors. But she also told me she was going to be evicted in two days, and she had no car, no money, and supposedly an open prostitution case and an open immigration case. She also said she was terrified they were going to air this show without her face blurred and this would affect her children's safety. She asked me for help – and I told her truthfully I had her “covered”.

First of all, I've been a paralegal for 29 years now. All of our members practically come in with evictions, or divorces, or restraining orders and no one can afford an attorney. So I told her I'd fill her out a “stay” for her eviction and get that filed in the morning. (Which by the way is why I think the Cupcake Girls are attacking and undermining our program – their lobbyist is also paid by defense lawyers who are not happy that as a paralegal I'm helping out women who can't afford to hire an attorney. However, what these attorney's don't understand is these women can't afford even the filing fees when I help them – let alone to pay for legal counsel. I spent 15 years being mentored by the best attorney's in Los Angeles and do know what I'm doing as far as helping members fill out forms.)

I also have a member of SWA in Houston who owns a call center. He could hire her and her husband on the spot. Since it's a call job – they can work from home and don't need a car. As for her being in the USA – what she told me sounded like she would be a good “expert witness” in the current lawsuit that Backpage has going all over the country. I figured we'd talk to them and as long as she's being used as an expert witness – then she can maintain her visa to stay in this country and this is not a job where she's replacing an American. All requirements for her to stay in this country on a work visa.

I further felt we could file a class action against Relativity on behalf of all of the women on the show asking for a million dollars because their constitutional rights were violated based on what she's telling me. Asking someone to pretend to be a “criminal” in reality was already something that the cast of “Gigolo's” went through. When being asked to be filmed committing a criminal act of prostitution while that film is labeled as “reality” is a form of entrapment and thus also violates their 5th amendment rights.

Something neither cast of “Gigolo's” nor “8 Minutes” were advised of before filming. They resolved that on Gigolo's by having the cast labeled as actors – NOT REALITY.

So not only did I feel we could sue them for violating these people's rights not to incriminate themselves – but I also felt the show was a defamation of both real victims and real sex workers separately who we could also name as plaintiffs. Why? If you watched the show they portrayed what I believe to be sex workers. Those who advertise on Backpage for sexual services for money – and if they wanted to go into some program for help they could. The show called these women “victims” over 10 times within five minutes. They said they were “mentally ill” and “junkies” and made it appear they all could not care for their own children. So they “defamed” sex workers.

As for victims of trafficking – they defamed them by making it appear that they CAN just make a choice in “8 Minutes” to simply stop what they're doing by choice. The whole definition of a victim is that THEY CAN'T LEAVE AND THERE IS NO CHOICE. Which was not what was portrayed on this show that was again STAGED. By staging this show the producers DELIBERATELY DEFAMED BOTH sex workers AND sex trafficking victims in one shot.

As for blurring Kamylla's face – we could get an injunction against that show airing based on it endangering her safety and her children's. But I didn't have a lot of time since it was airing in two days. This isn't the first time I've dealt with this. Mind you I've been through this when Annie Lobert was doing her so called “reality show” on Bravo that I got yanked after one episode because it was also a complete sham. Why? Because people had been donating over a million dollars to Pastor Benny Perez who basically filed bankruptcy and there was no house – and I got left being the one to provide the services to the prostitutes they'd promised help to. Maybe there is a house now in Vegas – but there wasn't one back in 2010 when Annie was claiming that such a house had opened already falsely.

I also helped to get “Gigolo's” pulled off the air until they could resolve their legal issues. They were also claiming to portray “real” male escorts and the reality of that world – well if that's the case then they were filming a crime. Metro then got involved because it was appearing they were filming a crime in process. The show then had to restructure itself before it could continue airing by admitting everyone was an actor on the show – even the clients – and that everything was staged.

Why was that important to me? Because Heidi Fleiss and Dennis Hof were using that show to raise millions out of investors who were led to believe that there's enough women buying men to sustain a male brothel for women when the reality is – well it's been shown – there aren't enough women who would patronize a male to female brothel. I also was the one who had to tell a lot of male hookers who relocated to Nevada thinking they'd be able to be like the men on the show - it was hype and then I had to help them get on their feet when they realized they weren't going to be another “Gigolo” . Once again, they got the money and I got the tab.

Which was exactly what was happening with “8 Minutes”. When it started airing I'm the one answering the phone now every night until 4:00 in the morning – while they're getting the donations, the grant money, the fame, etc. I'm the one talking people out of staging hotel stings once the show aired. I'm the one people are calling for help when they are trying to find Kevin Brown and not finding him. So now I had proof that show was in fact “staged” - I was going to go public with that information. I had a social obligation to do so because people were donating money thinking that what Kevin Brown was doing was “real”.

I was also very concerned about public safety what with people thinking this “sting” idea was actually a good idea. Someone was going to get hurt if it continued.

When I started to come forward with the fact the show had been staged – I'm suddenly having people coming out of nowhere insisting this “Claudia” now “Kamylla” might be deported if we release this information. Which was ridiculous. First of all, if she was going to be deported she would have been already when they arrested her. Second, if they tried to deport her while we were suing them then it would be clearly retaliation. I highly doubted they'd even attempt this sort of thing for fear of the bad press. Third, if they did try to deport her we could make a motion that we needed her in the states to testify in the Backpage lawsuit I'm sure we could have gotten her on as an expert witness about how the things being said about them are in fact “staged” because that's what she saw them doing during the taping of the show – they “staged” it to appear Backpage was where these women were coming from.

It was during this time I learned many of the people who were telling me “not” to do this were fake profiles – or “catfish” if you will. Which is why I warn you this is a deep rabbit hole with all the fake people, fake programs, fake churches, etc. involved in this whole situation. So I released a statement that the show was faked and did so knowing that “Claudia” was not her real name. Because this statement did not contain this woman's “real name” so no one's identity was violated plus it was very clear she wanted this press or she wouldn't have talked to all those reporters was my thinking. Now I understand yes she wanted the press – but wanted the press to NOT be about the show being staged.

I then served upon Relativity Media a notice that I was intending to file a lawsuit against them for defamation, and to get an injunction against them based on the threat to Claudia's safety if they showed her episode without blurring her face. I placed a copy of this notice on the A&E page about the show, and also all over social media. I thought it important to let people know there was no “program” in reality because when I went on the A&E page – I found Mercedes Reese, Greg Reese's wife, claiming that she was running a program in Orange County and that people could reach out to her for help.

Only based on my conversation with her – there was no program she was offering and certainly not one that I saw was effective at helping either sex trafficking victims or sex workers wanting to leave the industry to find help. Now they could be using a group to pump prostitutes for information like Slate wrote about how prevalent “informants” are in Orange County and from what the prostitutes were telling me – but not a real “program” that was helping them to leave sex work. What I was seeing was a combination of intelligence gathering, evangelism and fraudulent fund raising if anything (straight out of the Samoly Mam handbook) – but no actual program she was offering anyone.

If you wonder what I mean by that – let me ask you this simple question – if you were to want to help an alcoholic to get sober, or to get sober yourself, while you might use a church to help, and even go into a treatment program – wouldn't you even think of attempting this without at least consulting AA?
These people knew about us. Kevin Brown knew about us a year before. Domina Elle knew about us in March. This woman, Claudia, knew about me to call on April 13th for some reason. Yet despite knowing that we existed, and knowing that we've been effective with our members – they're not even asking us anything about our program, how it works – no questions were coming from them to us. So it's not about helping sex workers or trafficking victims then is it?

I'm sure that if Mercedes and Greg Reese had decided to start Safe Passage to help prostitutes it crossed their mind to go online and see if any existing programs were already operating which of course we can be found in two clicks off Google. I've answered our mail, email and hotline since 1987 and no one had contacted me for any information before setting up these so called “programs” so yes I am going to say they weren't set up with the recovery of these men and women in mind. Not just my program either were they ignoring – but also Children of the Night, Covenant House, CASTLA, Dream Center, Mary Magdalene Project, and so on. Our hotline lists all kinds of programs that they hadn't accessed because no one had called me to find (1) what programs already existed, and (2) how did we work?

So why are they doing this then if not having any intent to actually outreach someone into a program that works to help them exit and recover from sex work then? Good question. The next morning after this call from Claudia/Kamylla – my phone rings off the hook from an attorney in New Jersey and another in Houston both claiming she's their client. Clearly she has legal representation. I know that once you are an official “client” of an attorney – they can't just stop representing you if you run out of money. In fact, a judge can refuse to allow them to stop representing you over simply a lack of money.

So her call was a sham like I suspected. Which is why I had no problem going forward with the statement the whole show was a sham. Even Polaris had stepped up saying they had NOT given them permission to use their hotline even in connection with the show. So if they're not working with me, and not working with Polaris – then what is going on? But I'd also seen fund raisers going on in connection with “8 Minutes” so I had a moral obligation to those donors to let them know something.

But I was worried that others who had been promised their faces would be blurred were going to have shows airing that didn't – and their children might then be in danger. People only know what they hear – not the retractions. Fearing for this, and after being told by five reporters they would not print anything about this for fear they'd be fired – I decided to announce the injunction I could file in the Nevada court at the Las Vegas city council meeting being held the next day. I also knew some news reporters I knew would me on air to announce the filing of an injunction against the show.

However, I'm out of town getting my daughter medical care and can't afford a hotel. I'd been hearing about this group the “Cupcake Girls” so I wrote them about how women could be in danger of their faces being shown on air as “prostitutes” . I asked if they knew someone who could let me take a nap before driving back home. Their response was to tell me to go fly a kite, and then block me. I'd been trying for months prior to get information from them as to what they do for our hotline to no avail – and then this.

It honestly made no sense as to why they're out there doing all this PR about how much not only do they want to help the sex workers with their program, Cupcake Girls, but also made no sense from a Christian perspective why they're refusing to meet with me. Even more so in light of the fact I'm an ordained Christian minister and survivor as to why they're refusing to meet with me.

Which is when I suspected they were in fact a “front” for something else so I started nosing around. Sure enough, the Cupcake Girls have a paid lobbyist named Kerrie Kramer working for them. Now Kerrie also represents – wait drum roll now please – Las Vegas Defense Lawyers number one. Number two is the Nevada Bus & Limo Association, and number three Live Nation Entertainment. Now Live Nation Entertainment, based out of Los Angeles, also happens to produce concerts, and they're also a Wall Street traded company. Second drum roll please - - - because Live Nation Entertainment also happens to be producing Snoop Dogg's tour currently. This makes more sense when you review the website, and campaign, I have up at

Now it's making much more sense why these people are bringing cupcakes to strippers, offering them make-overs, and facials, and saying it's their “Christian outreach”. Baloney. I knew this was a sham the minute I heard that these women can't find work other than stripping when they appeared at the legislature. I've been placing strippers, prostitutes, and porn stars in great paying jobs outside the sex industry since 1996 in Nevada. I also had the Cupcake Girls refuse this list.

They clearly aren't doing this for the strippers as they claim. Not when you realize that Joy Hoover, their founder, also owns a salon in Las Vegas. THIS is why she goes into the strip clubs offering free make-overs. Which is fine frankly if that's how you want to grab some customers for your salon. But DON'T pretend this is a ministry to “HELP” them, all while bashing a group that's been in Las Vegas since 1996 ACTUALLY HELPING THEM.

The reason they refused the list, and also why they're against what we're doing is further understood when you realize their PAID lobbyist also represents defense lawyers of Las Vegas and Live Nation Entertainment. Defense lawyers who don't want to see a prostitute not needing a lawyer to expunge her records when all they've had to do in the past is get our assistance. This is a direct attack upon the fact we've been able to get prostitutes out of jail time through alternative sentencing in our program, as well as we've been able to get the work cards, jobs, and record expungement WITHOUT having to put up $5000 retainers to defense lawyers.

You also can not convince me their attacks upon our program are not connected with the fact that Live Nation Entertainment is producing two concerts coming up with Snoop Dogg – who I started a boycott movement against in 2013 when “Turbo” was first released by Disney. I also set up a website about the boycott at Why? Because sex trafficking victims are not able to get help, nor able to prosecute their traffickers when they're under Snoop's umbrella of protection. Since he started the Youth Football League – pimps are now able to get onto high schools they previously were unable to get access to because they didn't attend these schools. The cheerleaders are not being educated about sex trafficking – nor do they have anywhere to go if they are targeted. The boys are being shown a confessed pimp as a role model – yet Snoop does nothing to educate them about the dangers of sex trafficking or even of becoming pimps like Jeremy Greene who started out at 16 years of age.

The minute I announced the show was staged – it was like a very well organized battle plan went into action. The page was taken down from the A&E site and Buzzfeed noted it was down four hours after I'd placed a copy of the legal notice on that page. Mind you when shows are canceled – it is not normal to take down their page and the videos by the way. Go online and you can still watch canceled shows. It's so unusual that Buzzfeed posted an article about it.

So I sent the reporter, Ariane Grange, a copy of the notice I'd put on the page and told her this notice was why I felt the page was taken down. Then instead of writing anything about this notice, my email to her, etc. - she acts like she's not aware of this at all – and instead starts quotes Maxine Doogan where she proclaims she's the reason why the show was canceled. She had done no “due diligence” to verify anything about this woman's story before asking people to donate. Her omission about the information I'd given her outright suggests fraud and manipulation – because a lie by omission is still a lie.

But Maxine, who had been protesting them for weeks to no avail – releases a photo claiming victory on her part for getting the show canceled. Okay who cares I think. She wants credit – fine. But I find that the very reporters who are writing that she's responsible for this victory – are not writing anything about the legal notice I'd posted, nor about the fact we had a similar problem with the Annie show, or the Gigolo show, about the fact the producers asked people to portray a crime in action they filmed and called it “real” which is a form of entrapment, nor even mentioning anything about even talking to me.

Mary O'Hara for example had talked to me, and even acknowledged that she hadn't seen a contract out of Kamylla and that her story sounded “fake” - yet now I'm seeing a fund raiser for her that Mary's asking people to go donate to? Now that's really fishy. Why would she admit to me her story sounded “fake” and she's not even sure the woman was even on the show – and then ask people to go donate to her? Why is she printing articles that act like she's never even spoke to me or heard about me? Why is the issue of entrapment not discussed despite the fact it was discussed when “Gigolo's” went through the same exact issue with their filming from the same production company?

As I see this fund raiser going up that Domina Elle set up at – I note the domain was registered a year ago. Strangely the very week filming started. Okay she says she “had it laying around”. But then she claims that I had done something to trash it and they had to move it to another site. I had not. Wondering why she's lying – I go onto this fund raiser to see that she's also asking people to support a bill forcing homeless shelters to take in sex trafficking victims. There's a reason first of all that they don't. A reason why I had been saying since 1987 that our system needed to change the way it was helping sex trafficking victims because shelters across the country weren't secure enough to handle when these pimps show up in the middle of the night bearing guns.

But what I'm trying to figure out is why is this woman trying to champion a law like this? Plus doing it in combination with a fund raiser for this Kamylla as she's now being called? I ask if this woman is a lobbyist – and no she's not. So they take down the information when they move this fund raiser yet again – again falsely telling everyone that it's because of me that they're moving it. I'm also concerned because there are multiple lawsuits ongoing with respect to not only Backpage right now in different states – but also with respect to Maxine's lawsuit. Isn't this mass propaganda these women are engaging in without being lobbyists' also a form of “jury tampering”?

I served Domina Elle with a notice that I would file a defamation lawsuit if she did not take down these lies about me that she was posting. Her response was to yes take them down. However, the same exact postings, wording and even cartoon that she'd made of me then just pops up under a completely other, and fake, name. When I served that person with the notice – it's taken down – but then pops up under another name of a real person. I do it a fourth time and the same thing happens. I've checked the law and this makes what she's doing now “conspiracy” because more than one person now is engaging not only in this defamation, but now we're reached the point of “tortious economic interference”.

This tells me she knows what she's doing is illegal – but she's going to just keep doing it like a wolf pack until I'm too exhausted to fight. Why lie about me? I'm not understanding any of this. Then something clicks that scares me. My mother had been charged with pimping me based on a photo of me handing her a $20 bill for a bucket of KFC chicken. The hotel clerk and the cab driver were also arrested with me under pimping charges. I've seen cab drivers, nail ladies, and even hotel clerks arrested before for pimping. They charged Heidi Fleiss' parents with it at first, and even tried to go after Jeane Palfrey's mother. The law is very clear that if you take so much as $1.00 from a “prostitute” - then you're guilty of pimping. You give a phone number to a prostitute – and that's “pandering”. 

The law is very clear here and this is why I don't even pass the basket at SWA meetings.
Yet here they are asking KNOWN PROSTITUTES to donate to Kamylla who has no legitimate means of support to show where her money is coming from other than sex work or this fund raiser that's now money donated from prostitutes. I become greatly concerned that if she accepts this money – she could be charged with pimping as well as possibly money laundering. Further, that if without a job she gives even $1.00 of this to her husband then HE could be charged with pimping. That upon receipt of this money, if they both are charged with pimping, and even possibly money laundering, then they won't get bail because they're not American, and their children could placed in with foster care.

So I start asking Maxine and Domina Elle “what precautions are you taking about this?” to which the roar increases where they now want to make sure no one is talking to me. This is when they start trying to target our friends and followers on social media – only I went through this dance in 2013. For that reason I already have told our family, friends, supporters, members NOT to have me added anywhere, not to mention my name, not to have me listed anywhere so that someone can locate them using my name and then target them. But some had recently come in through SWOP and had mentioned my name in defense of me – and sure enough the threats started coming to them “don't talk to Jody or you'll be shunned by everyone”. Which is why I say this has gone beyond “defamation” and even “conspiracy” but now we're reaching the point of “tortious economic interference” in that they are now not only trying to do what I do, but they're now telling other people they can't even speak to me.

It's now reached the point of “economic interference” when they're now going to groups that we belong to that we do outreach in for those who need our help – and they've forced the moderators to take our name off the list. The moderators have told me privately they don't “want to – but were forced to”. Again, since they're working in a pack – this also makes it a conspiracy. Since it's also about conning people out of money that's now reached well over $10,000 - we're looking at a very serious issue here.

Only what did I do? I offered Kamylla help her with her legal issues, get her a job, help her sue the producers, help her stay in the country and suddenly I'm the “bad guy”? It's making no sense at all. To drive me off the internet – these people started attacking our hotline. Text bombing my phone at all hours to try and get me to shut off the phone. Setting up websites at telling people I'm a “predator” and to not call or trust us that they tell me won't come down until OUR website comes down. I mean what is it about us that is making these people so nervous? When we refused to cave – they started up with the phony calls to our hotline. When they couldn't trip me up into saying anything messed up – they get even angrier and more lies start spreading about us online.

I start getting calls from other members of groups like SWOP, Red Umbrella and Desiree Alliance we've helped over the years when they got arrested, and when they exited the sex industry. But now even out of the industry they still believe the laws need to be changed so they belong to both groups. They start telling me that these people are now trying to drive them out of these groups simply based upon being my friend, or a member of SWA. Again this makes absolutely no sense – but it is familiar.

I went through an almost identical scenario when Samoly Mam and Ben Hilliar were out in the anti-trafficking field trying to convince people they were real. Their people didn't want anyone around to denounce them anyone would listen to. Which is why I say I was “prepared” this time by not having anyone listing us on their social media – we'd already gone through this same exact type of smear campaign and witch hunt in 2013 when some people were trying to pass off phony sex trafficking survivors and rescue groups back then. Back then I'd been advised this was conspiracy, fraud, rackeeteering, money laundering, defamation and economic interference, as well as “cyber stalking” - but I didn't document what was happening when it was being done by Samoly Mam and her people. However, this time I was prepared and have. The names have changed – but the game is still the same.

Having those red flags go up – I start smelling someone's scamming money. Samoly Mam had gathered millions of dollars during her run before she got exposed. By running me out of the anti-trafficking groups I wasn't able to warn people about her before millions of dollars was scammed. So I start looking – and sure enough I see that Orange County (where Kevin Brown and Greg Reese is) has received $1,200,000 in grant money to “fight sex trafficking”.

A little more digging and I see that Orange County has also received $400,000 to provide housing for sex trafficking victims. Funny thing is I'd written the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force many times since they formed offering our services to their victims – only to never get so much as a return phone call from them. But I don't see Kevin Brown or Safe Passage listed on their directory.

Doing some homework on D'Lita Miller, who is claiming to be a “consultant” to the show, I find her name connected with very large sums of money, about $3,500,000 for victims, and another $1,500,000 for “outreach” in Long Beach. Only when I'm doing homework on her programs – I'm again finding nothing but smoke and mirrors. When I spoke to her and she told me there was “no resources” for these victims she says she's working with – after being involved with all this money being granted isn't there some obligation for her to at least find out from me what resources are available?

What I did found confused me even more. I found a big article in the Los Angeles Times, and the OC Register about the “outreach” that Kevin Brown and Greg Reese had been doing before the show “8 Minutes” had started recording. One article talked about how they were out “knocking on doors” and how they're trying to do “outreach to a 17 year old” only what concerns me now is why? Why are they out there trying to talk to a 17 year old minor female about what we now know is a non-existent program? If they were referring this girl to Children of the Night, or Covenant House – then I'd understand what they're doing. But if there's no program, and the show was staged, then why are they out there trying to track down a 17 year old prostitute if not to simply show off for the reporters? But then we go back to the issue that a lot of money was given to help these women. Maybe the 17 year old prostitute doesn't exist. But the women are telling stories identical to Kamylla's in that they aren't receiving anything. This is all very confusing and why I'm writing all of you to help sort this all out.

As for “Cupcake Girls' – this is a group that is out fund raising for this woman that any attempts I've made to document her story is real is coming up short. I've asked around and no one else has any documentation. Now I donated money to her fund raiser myself which means I have some right to have my questions answered as to the validity of her story. Otherwise, now I'm a victim of a scam. But when I asked the Cupcake Girls for some kind of proof they'd verified this woman's story after having donated to the fund raiser – I then got ignored. As a 501c3 I find this completely out of line.

Especially with how they're using their nonprofit status in a very unethical manner. After learning of this woman through me – they cut me off from her, threaten her she won't get her $5000 and she'll be deported supposedly if she speaks to me again - and then went after her to create a fund raiser that raised their public profile. They are not supposed to be a political organization, and have done extensive public relations in the past stating they are not a political organization. Yet they capitalized on this press to go to the Nevada legislature to have a Bill created asking to expunge records for prostitutes on the claim that these women “can't find work” because of those records.
I've been placing men and women through now only Sex Workers Anonymous, but also Narcotics Anonymous, in Nevada since 1996 and I have NOT found a criminal record for trespassing, solicitation, or even prostitution to hinder their ability to find work in any way other than cashier jobs, or jobs handling money. Even then, I've been able to help them apply for a work permit, or speak to their employer, and we've found it not to be a problem. I have a list of companies who will hire someone with not only a prostitution charge, but also drug charges, and even felonies. I offered this list to the Cupcake Girls and it was refused.

This to me tells me they are doing a disservice to these women. Especially when I'm getting phone calls like I did on August 11, 2015, from a woman who says when she asked them for help to exit the sex industry they referred her to the local homeless shelter only and blew her off. The woman turned out to just be very stressed out from her PTSD from being in prostitution. When I went with her to DMV – we had no problem obtaining her ID card which then allowed her to start seeking work so she wasn't forced to prostitute to support herself.

Which is what concerns me deeply about this. This woman had gone to Hookers for Jesus, and to Cupcake Girls, who are raising large sums of money on the spirit of the promise to their donors that they are helping women to leave prostitution. This woman who I'll call Sally went to both of these programs first asking for help. She couldn't get legit work because she couldn't get a valid ID card from DMV because she wasn't born here in the USA, and she was adopted. With an ID card, she also couldn't apply for social services. She reports they wouldn't even give her food at the food bank without an ID card. Without being able to find work, nor social services – she was forced to prostitute to care for herself. After coming to them with this problem – she says they both refused to help her.

Well I take that back. Hookers for Jesus offered to put her in a six month residential program, and the Cupcake Girls she says offered her a make-over inside of a strip club. Neither of these things were what she needed. However, upon rejecting her request for help to get her ID so she could find work – she was again forced to prostitute. In my mind, this makes them an accomplice to crime – and it also violates the spirit of the money that was donated and/or granted to these nonprofits when they are not EITHER doing what women like her need OR referring them to our program where WE CAN.

Now luckily some people like Sally go online, and keep looking. Upon continuing to look for help – they find us and then are helped. However, I've also known many a story where a woman has felt completely lost, hopeless, and outcast when refused help at groups like these – and they've gone home to kill themselves. I've then had long talks with their mothers who had to bury their babies about how they killed themselves because of knocking on door after door after door and getting no help.

It's one thing not to offer them the help. It's another to actively deny we exist, refuse to refer them to us, as well as that we're having to do the work while they're the ones getting all the grant money and press. Frankly, I don't have the time to do the press they do BECAUSE I'M BUSY HELPING THE SALLY'S OUT THERE. This woman called me at 4:00 a.m. After spending hours talking to her on the phone, I wasn't able to wake up until 3:00 in the afternoon the next day. I then got up and got on the phone with DMV to find out what paperwork we needed to get her ID. Then the next day we spent literally eight hours at DMV obtaining her ID card. I had to pick her up in my car, take her to DMV, and then take her home again all on my own dime. Work I would like to add I WOULDN'T BE HAVING TO DO IF EITHER OF THESE GROUPS HAD DONE IT FOR HER.

Which again is fine – but then when I try and go online to raise any type of support for the work we're doing to cover my expenses in having to help women like her – I'm finding myself either blocked out of access to do this, or I'm having people telling me they're being threatened about being fired if they speak to us, their grant money messed with if they speak to us, social shunning if they speak to us, AND reporters telling me they'll also be drummed out of the industry if they give US the SAME PRESS THEY'RE GIVING THEM.

After looking at who the paid lobbyist, Kerrie Kramer, represents then these attacks make much more sense now. Including how it all connects right back to the Los Angeles based Relativity Media as well.

So something has to give here. Which is why I'm in the process of filing civil lawsuits against these people. In the meantime, I'm writing your offices to see what you can do to investigate for possible criminal charges for one. For another, I'd like the IRS to review whether or not these groups are abusing their 501c3 privileges granted by your offices.

I also think the grant sources need to know about what's being done with their money in reality. If you will note this fact – each one of these groups that have been trying to chase us out of business (if you call what we do “business”) is connected by either a large grant, or a large financial interest. Therefore this is “economic interference” and “conspiracy”. As well I'd like your offices to also investigate into whether or not these activities constitute fraud or not. I also don't think defense lawyers and corporations, as well as Snoop's guard dogs, should be disguising their agenda under the Cupcake Girls skirts or Domina Elle's leathers either.

I've attached some documentation with this letter to help you review these issues. If I'm missing something you need, I have all kinds of screen shots that I've taken to document their activities, including the receipts to show that I've donated to these fund raisers, as well as the emails between the parties and myself too numerous to include in this already long letter.

Thank you very much for your time and attention in this matter.


Jody Williams

Cc: Loretta Lynch – Attorney General
Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
Desiree Alliance
Red Umbrella
Riverside County Board of Supervisors
Chief McDonnell
Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal
City Councilman Patrick O’Donnell
Office for Victims of Crime
Bureau of Justice Assistance
Federal Bureau of Investigations
Homeland Security
Salvation Army
Live Nation Entertainment
Kerrie Kramer, Lobbyist
Gloria Allred, Esq.
Jennifer Pozner, CNN

When the media can lie - However, note that money was not involved in THIS case. However, in the issues I'm writing about above – issues of money, lawsuits, and also even the law itself is being affected by these lies.

Invasion of privacy -

Grant money that Orange County and Huntington Beach received $1.2 Million -

D'Lita Miller and Long Beach (please note they claim to be the founder of GEMS which already exists as of 1991 back in Pennsylvania.) -

Families against Sex Trafficking (that appears to be coming down now after I noted all the links on it were going to a homeless shelter in San Diego. It's okay I have screen shots of the original site.)

Where Mary O'Hara asks people to donate to Kamylla (by the way I have the phone call recorded between Mary and myself where she admits before publishing this story that she thought the whole story was “fishy”.)

Alana Massey admits to know this show was completely “staged” before writing this article. When I asked why she'd print a lie – she said she was afraid if she printed the truth she'd “never work again”. I have screen shots of that conversation showing coercion of the media.

Abeni on the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force -

Snoop Dogg has two tours coming up in August and September produced by Live Nation Entertainment -