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After watching what happened to Dr. Sharon Mitchell, it was the final nail in the casket for me.  If you were to sit down and make a list of people who those in the sex industry looked up to as someone they trusted to lead them, trusted had their best interests at heart, and trusted them as to things like what petitions to sign or what to vote for - I have watched as everyone on that list, including myself, have been systematically targeted.

But I've been trying to figure out why.  I did some homework on what happened to Sharon after this, and it appeared she briefly had announced she was going to reopen in connection with Harmony Dust at the "I Am Treasure".  Only that church outreach had been focusing on strip club outreach where women were being taken to homes ran by Mercy Ministries.   Mercy Ministries got exposed as targeting these women to use them in …


Dear Susan:

I read your article today about the protests.  Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jody Williams and I’m the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous.  We used to be Prostitutes Anonymous – but we changed our name in 1995 because of the way the internet changed the industry.

We formed our program in 1987 during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and also this was the launch of the modern day sex trafficking movement.  I had gone to our then Mayor Tom Bradley, Sheriff Block, and Chief Gates, about the way that all things combined within the sex industry was going to take a very special type of outreach and cooperation if they wanted to slow down the raging spread of this virus.   They agreed to put down everyone’s usual “arms” and create a board to work together to solve the issues sooner than passing laws could have done…


Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it is the saying. I'll go one step further and say this goes beyond just knowing about something happening but also in comprehending the events in the past. In 1986, Lyndon LaRouche led Proposition 64 which was asking to quarantine addicts, homosexuals, as well as sex workers on an island in order to create a quarantine process for HIV/AIDS. Speaking as someone who has seen how the system treats each of these communities – the last thing I wanted to see happen was a law being passed allowing anyone to put sex workers on some island somewhere. First of all, I resented the implication that all sex workers were possibly infected with the virus. Second, too many sex workers were disappearing in Los Angeles at this time without the police following up on any of these cases. The last thing I wanted to see was for us to be cut off from family, and friends, as well as the media and the public eye, and then trust these sam…


I'm becoming increasingly concerned about the anonymity of our members as I always am here answering our hotline, emails, and social media so that our members can remain "anonymous".  I'm getting more and more calls that I'm having to field with someone claiming they "want to come to a meeting" and representing they're a person "seeking help" only coming to find out they have alternative motives.  Either that - or I'm getting a lot of "catfish" issues from people claiming to be members of our program and talking to me like they are.  Only when I ask them questions - it's clear they are not.

The site that was created by Domina Elle at is one prime example. This woman was online claiming that she "called our hotline and that I was mean to her and cut her off when she was in a life and death situation".  Okay well if that's the case then I asked her the name of the person she spoke …


Here's a clip -  I heard about this movie on Pacifica Radio.  The one Kamala Harris is threatening to shut down after they targeted them for audit I think because my ex-husband, who I never speak to anymore by the way, is on their board.  So trust me Kamala - you won.

Kenneth Konz - the targeting of a public radio station with an audit forces them to try and only air things during the audit that will "appease the God's" so to speak so they don't lose their funding.  I find it interesting that this whole audit process started about 2007-2008 - right about the same time the sex trafficking movement got entirely hijacked by people who also want to make so sure that people like myself don't get one minute of air time - they will put all these resources behind them to make sure a few voices are sil…