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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

EL CHAPO AND THE MOVIE INDUSTRY  After reading that El Chapo was arrested shortly after talking about making a movie on his life - I'm not surprised.  But I also may have a different view on things than other people do right now.  Especially since I've been working on a project documenting how the movie industry has been deliberately covering up the issue of American women being victims of sex trafficking since as far back as the 1960's from what I've been uncovering.

First of all  - John Gotti got his nickname the "Teflon Don" because law enforcement could not catch this man.  To have his business meetings, he used to pay the rent on an old woman's apartment who was always home.  Then when he wanted to hold a meeting - he would have her take a walk and enjoy a bug free environment to discuss whatever he wanted to without fear of being recorded.   There was a comedy made in 2004 about how he finally got taken down called "The Last Shot"  Only the ending wasn't so funny where Alec Baldwin's character was pitching the FBI about the benefits of funding film production in order to get mobsters to spill their guts.

I remember watching "The Mob Wives" when they first came out.  Sure enough - as filming is going along I'm hearing this one arrested, and that one arrested  I'm not surprised.  Ever see one of these contracts?  You give these people permission to record every detail of your life.  The tapes by the way can be given to anyone - including law enforcement who now doesn't need a warrant to get the camera into your house or taping your phone calls because you just gave that permission to the producers to do the same thing.

It amazes me how people will say "I would never snitch" and then they sign contracts allowing people to tape record every detail of their lives - and then act surprised when their husband, father, etc., living in the same house gets arrested.  Rene - you took money to allow cameras into your life.  You may not call that a "snitch" but one has to wonder if those people would have been arrested without all those cameras everywhere recording everything and then going out on TV.  I mean what - because you didn't do it under threat of arrest it's not "snitching"?

I hear about a Hell's Angel reality show and voila!

This pattern isn't just known criminals either.  There's even housewives and their husbands being arrested.

Is this accidental?  Hell no.  I heard an interview with a reality show producer who said he wanted to get Whitey Bulger on camera - but he refused.  So he said he learned to go to "fringe wannabe's" and get them on camera.  He said they'll "spill the beans".  Whitey wasn't arrested by the way until AFTER the reality show featuring his underlings was produced.

I'm sorry but I was raised "old school" with respect to crime - which is you don't let anyone record you.  If you look at my news clips of my arrest here at you'll notice a definite lack of my photo in any of the news articles.  Why?  My attorney had enough sense to pay the reporters not to put my picture in the news that's why.  When I asked him why he did that he said very directly "because people who get their face on the news go to jail for a long long time and I want you to walk".  I walked.

Now granted, I wound up losing everything I owned.  The rub was a lot of the things I bought I had bought with "legit" money I earned from the 900 phone sex operation we set up that was the first in the country by the way according to the only switchboard company in the country who told me this.  I also had a lot given to me as gifts.  However, the police still took it.  When I told my attorney I wanted to get it back he advised me "leave it alone".  I said "why?"  He said "because you have to then prove where every penny came from that bought this stuff and that you don't want to drag into public record".  He had a point so I let it all go.

Which is why I felt bad about Kate Del Castillo being charged with money laundering over her interview with El Chapo.  Why was she charged with money laundering when she's clearly innocent? (There's no way I believe she would be dumb enough to take money from him on such a high profile case - she's not that stupid.)

Simple.  Because then the police can jack her up about every penny she's made for the last five years, and if she does anything they don't want her to do - they can jack her up some more.  It's clearly about control.

Why?  Because the interview said "El Chapo" had reached out to her for one reason - he wanted to have a movie done that told the "whole truth".  Now why would that be soooo important to him he would reach out to a relatively novice actress instead of someone like Oliver Stone or Sean Penn first?

I'll tell you why.  When I was first arrested and I was being blasted all over the news as "The High Tech Madam" I had producers stampeding at me offering me contracts to make a movie.  Not a one of them however offered me CASH except one.  It was Republic Pictures.  They offered me a $5000 advance for a year's option to make a movie about my life.  I took the cash - not thinking of anything else.  Republic was a big studio and remember there was no internet nor any IMDB back then.

During that year, I was contacted by a lot of talk shows, news stations, etc., for interviews.  However, this contract said I had to clear every interview by the producers.  Each time I called them they kept saying "no".  When I asked why - they said "because anything you say in the press becomes public record and then another producer can make the film without us or you".  Sounded good.  So I turned down a  load of interviews that first year because I had signed a binding contract.

That was 1984 to 1985.  Alex Adams, the Mayflower Madam,   was also arrested in 1984 as was Sydney "The Mayflower Madam".  These madams signed movie contracts also.

Now - they both had movies made but I didn't.  Strange huh?  Didn't even mention a word about the fact Alex and I were arrested together in Beverly Hills either.  So I watched the films and what a load of baloney.  Total bullshit.  Yes they showed all the cars, money, high powered clients - but they weren't showing anything about Iran Contra, Chuck Barris using "The Dating Game" as a front for the sex trafficking of women into other countries again at an age before video cameras or the internet.  Nothing about the fact we all were approached by the CIA to sell women to wealthy drug dealers, Saudi Arabian royalty, and to seal oil deals with men who wanted "white women" to abuse in ways they'd never abuse their own kind.  Some drug dealers wanted a tiger in the yard while others wanted a white woman walking around.    What a "fuck you" to America to steal it's women for oil.

Could we do a damn thing about it?  Yeah right I'm going to call the police and say "hey they're loading women onto a diplomat's plane to go off to some wealthy sultan who likes white girls" or better yet "The Dating Game" is getting women into other countries who are disappearing.   Something by the way I was insisting to my producers I wanted shown in my film.  My movie didn't get made - but this "inphomercial" for the sex industry was with Alex and Sydney's movies.

So the year is up and it's now 1986.  They come to me with another $5000 and tell me they need "another year" to get the project going.  Telling me they couldn't come out with three madam movies in one year you know.  Made sense so I signed.   No movie made.

Third year comes.  It's now 1987 and I've been continuing to get calls about women being kidnapped, raped, murdered, and sold who have no where to turn for help because no one is believing what's happening to them.  Now I know producers and I don't understand why I've now got $10,000 and no movie is being made.  They've had me talking to writer after writer.  I've made hours and hours and hours of tapes about my life story.  But no script was made.

I picked up a book on how to write a script.  There was nothing in the book about months of interviews telling every detail of my life story.  If anything, I'm reading that's not how you write a script.  I"m also hearing about movies being made in one week - so what's taking so long with mine?  No one, and I mean no one in Hollywood is coughing up cash on a movie they're not making and then on top of that, telling me NOT to go onto TV to stir up interest in the project.

I remembered a director's name.  I had thrown up my "Black Book" but I'd seen this guy so many times I knew his phone number and name by heart.  He had worked on just about every movie in some way - director, producer, extra, writer, PA, you name it.  I called up the guy and asked him if he could ask around for me what was going on.  He said sure.

A week later he calls me.  "Yep you just signed a gag order".  I'm like "gag order?"  He says "yeah you signed a contract stating you wouldn't speak to any other press without their consent and guess what they're doing?  They're gagging you."

Then he starts laughing at me.  "Jody you do know Republic Pictures only distributes John Wayne movies now right?"  I'm like "no - why would I know that?"   He sends me down to French's which is a movie industry bookstore and has me get a book on production companies.  Seems he was right - Republic Pictures had bought up all of the John Wayne films and that was pretty much what they were airing then.  Made sense - why would they (1) have me sign this contract, and (2) have me spill out my guts about everything I've ever seen, had happen to me, who I know, etc., onto these tapes when that's not how a script is written for a film.

I hadn't spoken to Alex or Sydney so I looked them up and called.  I asked both "Why did you make a movie that showed only a fraction of the reality of our world?"  Their answer was simple and to the point "money".  I then asked "Don't you care that the movie doesn't have any semblance to the reality?  Don't you care that some other young girl is out there going to think that's what thiSos life is?"


Not long after that Heidi Fleiss was arrested - another victim of Alex Adams' snitching AND her sales pitching the sex industry in all it's glory, but not all of the reality.

I then was smarter about movie contracts - but that didn't stop me from getting screwed over.  About 1994 the internet was starting to take off.  Guess what?  Making it pretty easy for me to find runaway young girls advertising they were prostituting online in those days.  In fact, I'm getting about a call a week from a mom asking me to help find her daughter.  I was having her mail me her photo (we didn't really have scanning yet then) and viola!  Usually a couple of hours of research and I"m finding their daughter.  So many moms we were helping - I got a call from a mom in Canada saying she was having trouble finding her daughter.  Only her daughter wasn't advertising online as she was with a very infamous street pimp who they suspected had murdered even a couple of prostitutes.  She was telling me the police were refusing to help her find her daughter because of how violent this pimp was reported to be.  So she's asking me for my help.  I had just had my daughter and not able to travel - so I gave her this advice.

I told her to dress up like the other hookers, and go out on the stroll and pretend to be a hooker.  I told her to give it about two weeks and that one of the women would probably tell her where her daughter was once she thought she was "one of them".   It worked and she was reunited with her daughter.  Turns out he had murdered at least three prostitutes.

So to promote our hotline, and to try and help other mothers, we go on the Sally Jesse Raphael show.  Only I was still not able to travel.  So Paige Latin, our chapter head for Canada at that time goes instead with the mother and the teen.   After stepping off the stage to tell the story - a producer comes down offering a movie contract.  We all signed the contracts under one condition and one condition only - the film had to air our hotline phone # at the end of the film.  Remember, we were just starting to have an internet in 1994.

I spent six weeks working with the writer on the film.  As I'm waiting to get my plane ticket to go onto the set - I get a call from Paige asking me if I knew filming had started.  No I had not.  Nor was I told when the film would air.  I actually lucked upon it airing in 1995.  Lindsey Wagner played the mother (The Bionic Woman).

The film turned me into an African American social worker.  Not one mention of Prostitutes Anonymous in the film.  Not one.  So let me get this straight - without being paid a penny I help this woman get her daughter back from a violent murdering pimp when no one else would help her and in return I get fucked out of some publicity for the hotline that helped her so we can help other mothers?  Oh and the pimp in the film they made blond and blue-eyed.  When I asked the writer why he did that he said they "didn't want to appear racist".  He was African American so I don't know what is racist about the truth.

I've had 100 meetings with producers over the years prior to the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed.  They all said the same thing about the sex trafficking, and the pimp story "no one wants to hear about that stuff" and "that's too dark - no one will watch something that dark" and "most people won't believe that" and just 100 excuses about why they wanted to not tell the WHOLE truth.

Which included when the drugs were brought into the country - those same planes and boats were also carrying women on them back to the country the drugs came from sometimes.   That prostitutes were a part of the drug war.  Dealers used prostitutes to mule the drugs.  Dealers used prostitutes to sell their drugs.  Dealers used prostitutes to push their drugs onto "johns" so if anything went down with the cop - she'd be the one talking the fall - not the dealers.

In other words, anywhere you have drug trafficking - you have sex trafficking or prostitution in some form.  Which is why when I saw Rick "Freeway" Ross coming forward with his story about Iran Contra - I thought "great".  I mean what a "look at the other side of the mirror" if we were to pair his story up about the drugs of Iran Contra - with my side of how madams were contacted by the dealers and talked into the escorts carrying the drugs into the Bel Air homes of producers, directors, etc.  I mean it wasn't a gang member that brought kilo's of cocaine into the Beverly Hilton Hotel - it was in escort's purses.

Here's how it works -  Drugs taken from competitor drug dealers is put into police evidence.  Then it's put into a cops car marked "Evidence" so he doesn't get busted.  From there it's given to the prostitutes to sell to the johns through the massage parlors as this story illustrates.  Nothing new.

So when I heard Gary Webb had first broke the story - I thought "here's my chance to tell the story".  Only by the time I contacted him - he was found dead from two shotgun blasts to the head.

I then did the next best thing - I contacted Cathy Scott who had written Rick Ross' story.  Including how the government had tried to put him in jail for the rest of his life using an informant to set him up on a drug charge to silence him from telling his story.    Only she said "good luck getting someone to write this story after Gary Webb's death".  I asked what she meant by that and she brought up his supposed suicide and laughed saying "no one is going to touch that story after that".  She blocked me the day of Anne Rule's death (a mutual friend) after that.  Anne has been encouraging me to write the story myself and self-publish it.  She even said she'd read it when I was done with the draft to encourage me.   Nice lady.

I've read Rick's book and seen his move, as I have a lot of other films about the Iran Contra situation and there is a clear absence of any discussion about the connection between drugs and prostitution as well as trafficking.   It's like a table with only two legs.  I mean the legs do belong on the table - but there's still two more missing.

So needless to say I can totally "get" why El Chapo would find the "truth" being the most important thing to him in having a film made about his story.

I also know that's why Kate has the police on her  ass right now making she does doesn't.  Already we're hearing a schism here between Sean Penn's version on reality and hers.

If you ask me Pablo Escobar was murdered by our government rather than stand trial because of what he would say about our government's involvement in his drug empire.  I also think it was horrible the way his family was penalized for what he did.  I mean how were they supposed to leave him knowing they'd be murdered the minute they left his protection during that time?  What - his son is going to get a job at a Walmart and his wife a job as a cleaning woman while the Colombian Cartel is looking for a way to bring him down?  Give me a break.  They were trapped.

I know the feeling.  You might not like where you are - but you know if you leave your dead.  Not really a choice.

I have seen book projects where the authors have said the publishers altered their works because it wasn't "politically correct" even though it was the truth.

Which is why I worked hard to set aside the last year and this year to be working on writing my own memoirs and my own script on my experiences - not just in the underworld of illegal sex and drugs but about the trafficking movement and it's twists and turns I've been on this ride with over the years.  We at least have the internet and youtube - meaning we can at least publish it ourselves for now.

Until they take that voice away.

Friday, September 25, 2015


What's the connection between Rick "Freeway" Ross, Gary Webb, Jeane Palfrey and myself? I read this article today - and This is what I wrote in response:

Gary Webb is not unique. The CIA got Rick Ross locked up to silence him. To silence me, the High Tech Madam, they tried to kill me for over a year. I started the sex trafficking movement to tell people that not all in the sex industry are there by choice. What do you do when someone from our own CIA or FBI starts telling you what to do? It's well known now that the Beverly Hills Madam was an informant.  

Only when we'd be asked to do something that we just could not do, like sell a young girl with no family to a drug cartel, we wound up arrested, trotted all over the media, turned into a carrot to lure out someone younger and dumber to take our place (like how Heidi Fleiss then stepped up to fill outr shoes until she balked and the same happened) - only we had no PROOF. We got that proof with Jeane Palfrey's "Black Book". She refused a plea bargain in order to keep that book from being silenced so it would be public record with her case.  

At first, ABC lied to the public saying there were "no names of significance". Only we had the smarts to give a copy to the Smoking Gun who said "not so fast". A few names were revealed, Randall Tobias was one. That's a very important name because I fought from 1987 to 2000 to see the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed. It was Randall Tobias that came in 2003 and got the TVRA of 2003 passed which essentially said unless you had a "written policy to stamp out prostitution - you could not get funding".  

As a 12 step group founder - we could not have such a policy as we "have no opinion on outside issues". What Tobias did at that point was turn the movement we started over to the church who was anti-prostitution - and out of our hands. This silenced us entirely - no one wanting federal money would speak to anyone who was not anti-prostitution - meaning it silenced us entirely. Jeane revealed his name in her Black Book - not as a "john" but to show our government was using her. Using her to blackmail, pump for information, and also not allowing her to leave sex work. When she was leaving, and retiring to Germany - they stopped her at the airport and arrested her to prevent her from leaving and to silence her. She decided it was time to prove what was happening to us - how Iran Contra was continuing today. Before the rest of the hames could come out, and before she could get her story out - she was murdered. To prevent me from going to the press after her death - they threatened to take away my kid who was a minor then. Well she's not a minor now.  

Jeane died to prove not just the Iran Contra connection, just as Gary Webb did also, but she also was trying to show how these system is alive and well today. Since then, they've been embarking upon a campaign to try and silence me through the media. NBC, CNN, Fox all have been pumping the airwaves full of media to try and convince you sex trafficking is street prostitution so that you don't know the truth - sex trafficking at it's root is controlled by men within our own government. Look at Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer for the tips of the iceberg about what's going on in this country now with respect to sex trafficking. That and Margo Compton who also died to show us our country STILL hasn't set up a system yet where a true trafficking victim can come forward against her traffickers and put an end to this and live to tell about it. Until that day - we have to smuggle the victims out underground. They've taken over the so called "anti-trafficking groups" entirely. Anyone trying to report true trafficking to the police or any trafficking group is quickly threatened or even arrested themselves. I have more than one person who has come to me with this fact. Today is a repeat of Iran Contra of the 1980's.  

They demonized the African American male as drug dealer back in the 1980's to cover their tracks then with drugs. Today - they are demonizing the African American male again as a "trafficker" to cover up their trafficking activities. Look at the DEA owned strip club in NJ to see what I mean by this - those were not African American street pimps running that club and those women and drugs. Once again the sex and drugs are trafficked together. If you want to hear the WHOLE story - Marc Levin - how about telling the REST of the story?

(copyright J. Williams 2015 all rights reserved)

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Below is a copy of a letter I just sent to Cathy Scott.  Cathy Scott is a woman who has written some crime books that seemed to me like she wanted to expose to the world another side of what's going on out there.  So I wrote to her like I'd also written to Ann Rule.  I wrote to Ann Rule a few years ago when I realized how much damage my grandmother's murder has done to generations of our family that still lives on.  I thought about doing a book like she does on the murder - only adding in that extra layer of how it's affected our family in different ways.

My father had a breakdown for example.  Deciding life was too short he embarked upon a white collar credit scam where he ripped off as much money as he could.  I sometimes think he's the reason why credit cards and bank cards now have "real time" accounting.   Because here's how his scam looked - he would open up a Sears card for example with a $200 limit.  In those days, they didn't report sales for two weeks.  So we would go to the hardware department and buy $200 worth of hardware.  Then $200 worth of clothing.  Then $200 in the appliance department.  Then another $200 in the electronics department.  Then after we'd hit every department - then we'd hit another Sears.  Then another and another until we had about five warehouses full of stuff.

Then he went and took out loans.  Only they didn't report you had a loan out for 30 days so he took out as many loans as he could all over Los Angeles county.  So he had something like 10 loans for $30,000 each.  Of course making sure it was my mother who signed all the papers.  Then once he had everything loaded into a house and warehouses in Las Vegas, Nevada - he told my mom she had to stay in Los Angeles to file the bankruptcy papers and fight back the police who were wanting to charge her with fraud.  He then told her he was going to rent us a house in Idaho, cleared out all those storage units - and left my mother and I stranded in a hotel with the rent coming due in three days and my mom out of work because she'd just had back surgery.

My uncle became the biggest drug dealer in Venice, California.  If you bought drugs in Venice, California during the 1980's you know my uncle.  He had a place right down at the beach where you could come in off the boardwalk, cop, and then go on to your party.  Because of his beachfront apartment, his Mercedes, and his money he got some wealthy women to give him a lot of stuff also and take care of him.  He actually supported himself still dealing during his first five years of sobriety in Pacific Group.  Many of his clients got sober through him leaving the table to go to an AA meeting - so I'm not one to judge.  I counted 100's actually of his clients who got sober watching his sobriety.  He even came and got me out of a bar in Hollywood when I was so delirious from a drug run I didn't even know where I was anymore.   All I could remember was his name to tell the operator to try and connect me.  He came and got me.  Let me sleep it off and then proved to me that "just one more" never works.

My aunt became a caretaker.  The stress I think has gotten to her because she has crippling depression and arthritis now.  I don't know how she copes with it.  Especially after losing two children.  She lost one shortly after the baby was born.  Then her 30 year old son was killed in a horrible car accident in the rain leaving behind a wife and two children.  After my mother died I was completely lost for a whle and couldn't even think straight because of the depression.  She helped guide me through a very bad time when I had police harassing me, my daughter we thought was severely bipolar, and I was in a lot of physical pain because of a stroke I'd just had and coping with the loss of my second marriage as well.  It was a tough time and I thank her for the emotional support at a time when I know she was having trouble holding onto her own ass.

So I can see the effects my grandmother's murder has had on all of us.  My real grandfather had died of alcoholism.  Falling down drunk one night, hitting his head, and then choking on his own vomit if I remember.  They lied to me for years when I was young saying it was a heart attack.  My grandmother then married another abusive man.  He would beat her and even broke her arm once.  I never liked him and they said I threw candy he'd tried to give me back at him when I first met him.  She knew she was going to die and had come to talk to me about "finishing school" the night she was murdered.  They say you can feel these things coming and I think she knew.  He waited for her to come home and then chased her down the street shooting her five times before she fell.

I had woken up the minute she was murdered with nightmares.  Then in the morning I woke up to the grown-ups all in my living room.  I saw a newspaper on the coffee table that read "Bell Woman Murdered" and realized that was my grandmother.  Harold, the murderer, got only five years.  Then swore he was going to murder my mother and myself.  He tried to find us for many years.  I'd have the school administration, or a landlord, telling me a man fitting his description was trying to find us.  That's why I started young not having an address easy to find.

But Ann Rule said she'd look at the manuscript when it was done and even said if she liked it she'd let her agent review it.  She was kind, supportive and encouraging to me.  It's one of the reasons I'm living in Los Angeles now . I want to get access to the court records of Harold's trial for the book.  I have photos of her I've been saving also.

The day I found out she had died I wrote to Cathy asking her if she thought doing a story on the new members Sex Workers Anonymous has been seeing that are veterans if she thought that would be a good or bad thing.  I see a lot of stories being done on the men being homeless, drug addicted, abusing their wives, with their legs shot off - all trying to bring attention to the fact these warriors and heroes need more help from the VA.  I'm seeing them have to prostitute to survive and I don't know if showing this would be helpful or harmful.  Since she'd just done a book about soldiers - I thought she'd be a good person to ask.

I already knew she wasn't interested in doing a book on sex trafficking or Iran Contra.  When I read her book on Rick "Freeway" Ross  I thought she might be interested in doing our story as a sequel so that's how I first had met her - reaching out to do our story as a part II to Rick's.  Until she told me "good luck" on finding someone who would write on the subject.  When I asked why she told me about Gary Webb's death.  When I said "oh I see you're afraid" she rejected that idea but the project as well.  She's not afraid but she just doesn't touch the subject.  I got it.

Knowing that she's friends with Rick "Freeway" Ross, and also Snoop, who he's been hanging out with since he got out of prison, doesn't surprise me that she doesn't want to write about the subject.  I've learned when people are turning a "blind eye" to one thing they have a very big "blind eye" to a lot of things - including how Snoop has this campaign suddenly that's taking over one high school at a time that's supporting pimps on these school grounds.   It's why I put up the site at

I've been listening to every interview Rick's done on Iran Contra and not once have I heard him touch on the sex trafficking part of the story.   Which maybe he wasn't aware of.  I don't know.  I didn't see him at any of the sex parties we threw for some of these drug lords.  I didn't see him on the landing strips.  I didn't see him at any of the meetings I was at like the one where the dentists got together in Woodland Hills and agreed to try and do the paperwork to bring cocaine legally into the country through their dental practice.  Or the meeting I was at when the Colombian who had the raw coca leaf needed to find a chemist in America who could help them to process it into paste so they asked me to help them find one.  So I don't know what he knows about it.

But I have tried to get onto some of the same interviews he's been on only to have the producers tell me they can't.  More than one has told me they'd be fired.  One radio host told me she'd been threatened not to even allow me to be a caller to the show where he talked about Iran Contra for two hours.  When I pushed to know why all she told me about was the audit that their station was going through and she couldn't risk "rocking the boat".  My ex-husband is on the board of that radio network and even he says he can't risk putting me on their station in any way because of the audit.  He's not speaking to me right now because he blames me for the audit in the first place.  Not knowing if Rick is aware of any of this I have been trying to reach him because whoever did kill Gary Webb is still walking around and a lot of people are sure trying to silence my side of the same story he's being allowed to tell for some reason.  I'd asked Cathy to help me speak to him or relay some information and she'd refused.

After I set up the I wondered if she'd react at all.  She sure did the day Ann died so maybe she was just waiting until Ann's friendship was severed before lashing out at me like she did.  Anyway, after I wrote a letter back to her - I thought I'd share it with you all.  I had to take out her email address so I sent it to myself before printing it.

(copyright 2015 J. Williams - All Rights Reserved)