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As you can see, in February of 2018, Dennis Hof filed this lawsuit against the Nye County Sheriff's office, Nye County itself and the Nye County Commissioners, as well as Jane Doe. Funny thing - I couldn't find ONE article about this lawsuit anywhere in the press.  Now with the brothels on the line on the ballot, and Dennis running for senate - do you think this lawsuit wasn't news?  Why can't I find one word about this lawsuit anywhere online? Included in the lawsuit was his claim that his first amendment rights of free speech were being violated.  To understand how this lawsuit might be the very reason why SESTA/FOSTA was passed, and what's happening within the sex industry today, legal or illegal, you would have to understand how the sex industry itself works as I do. Because I was there .  There is a as of yet UNTOLD story of what was going on in Iran Contra which was based out of LA in the 1980's, that STILL has not been touched upon


Dear Ms. Callahan: First of all, I can't thank you enough for all you've done to make the work shown in the film, and the film, "Hot Toxic Seat" possible.  I feel like you've not only saved my sanity, but even possibly a movement I started back in the 1980's.  I just now was able to sit down with the film and start writing down names of people I need to start reaching out to who not only won't say I'm "crazy" for what I'm about to say, and have witnessed this for themselves, but further this film has given me a blueprint I can now follow from here.   Let me try and explain briefly in a way your film is allowing me to have a language to explain myself finally.  Imagine if someone like the fireman in the film who was trying to expose the fact firemen were dying more of cancer than of fires started the movement to get this recognition for the first time.  Imagine he starts going on nationa


The campaign is all clear to me now.  The agenda to spread legal prostitution, i.e., legal brothels, across the USA is now crystal clear to me now.  I can see who is doing it, how they're doing it, and what's to come.   However, I do NOT have a problem with prostitution as I've said before.  What I have a problem with is FORCED sex work.  Someone who has been tricked into sex work.  Someone who is being left with no way out of sex work when there is a way.   I'm against pimps in ALL forms whether it's in a legal setting or not.  Remember, there are maids right now in hotels all over the country being forced to work.   Does that mean we get rid of hotels?  No - it means like in this case get rid of Leona Helmsley. I've been dealing with the issues of BOTH organized sex trafficking in this country, as well as pimping, and the sex industry for some time now as you readers know.   If you know my story, you know that I