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Monday, June 19, 2017


Well I finally got my memoirs done.  I realized the only way it was going to be told WITHOUT BEING ALTERED OR CHANGED was going to be to self-publish.  I wasn't able to register "Anatomy of a Movement" for a domain which is the title of the book - but I was able to register "Memoirs of a Madam".  Maybe I need to rethink the title?  I still haven't done a print run yet so there's time if that's what I need to do.

But yes I see "Snowfall" is coming out finally validating what I've been saying for all these years - that our CIA was behind the importation of cocaine into this country - NOT the African American gangs.  One of the biggest hoaxes of our time has been revealed.  

You'd think right?  The UN court did find our country guilty in that finally.

But guess what?  It's not over.  Nor are they done blaming the African American community either.  Only instead of smuggling cocaine into this country - they're now doing fund raising for sex trafficking victims.  

But just as they blamed the black gangs for the coke problem in the 1980's, and other minorities - they were also using sex trafficking to mask their further demonization of the African American communities.  Wonder where the racism is?  We had the rise in racism during Iran Contra because the media kept blasting out images of African American drug dealers - and with this - they've done the same thing EXACTLY right out of the handbook!

Of course plugged also by an African American to make sure to drive the racism home!

Withelma “T” Ortiz Walker Pettigrew (another minority by the way - one who isn't Asian or Russian - notice a trend here?).   Even right down to their fake "catfish" so called "survivor" (another version of a Samoly Mam).  Always a minority with the minority trafficker if you haven't noticed these people use.  (Except when they were pulling their fake scam in Ireland and England with their fake "Catalina Lopez" - oh but that story is in the memoir.)

Who when we checked her out was another fabricated person!  These people are hysterically funny!  I complain about the "woman in corn rows" plugging this fabricated story so they go out and get Jenna Elfman?  Jeez about as "white" as you can get.  Too bad the story of her daughter isn't reflective of the general sex trafficking victim.  Some would say it isn't even close.  Then again she is an actress.  I mean if Ricky Martinez would take a check for $500,000 to vouch for Wilthema to get an award . . . ?  Well I'd be curious about her tax return is all.  I know when her daughter was out there I know our hotline didn't get a call about it is all.  

Here's one case in point among many where the truth is coming out about fraudulent programs -

The problem with that is that to create the phony buzz for their fake groups - they're shutting down REAL trafficking programs which is probably the point.  I started a movement back in the 1980's to have domestic sex trafficking recognized as real in this country.  I wanted our government to set up systems to help these victims, and recognize them as victims and not "criminals" as they were doing back then.  All that work went into the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed.  I have some clips up showing this work at

Then these same people I was fighting during Iran Contra came in and "hijacked" the movement not only again with the new way they found to raise millions of dollars without anyone asking questions - but also used it to shut down the service structure we'd built to help victims over all those years.  I have kept a diary during the whole thing to document the "anatomy of a movement" which is what my personal story shows - the evolution of Iran Contra into the modern version of Iran Contra 2.0.  I have a website I started constructing for the book up at

If you'd like to talk to me personally about it - I can be reached at (702) 488-1127.

Friday, September 25, 2015


What's the connection between Rick "Freeway" Ross, Gary Webb, Jeane Palfrey and myself? I read this article today - and This is what I wrote in response:

Gary Webb is not unique. The CIA got Rick Ross locked up to silence him. To silence me, the High Tech Madam, they tried to kill me for over a year. I started the sex trafficking movement to tell people that not all in the sex industry are there by choice. What do you do when someone from our own CIA or FBI starts telling you what to do? It's well known now that the Beverly Hills Madam was an informant.  

Only when we'd be asked to do something that we just could not do, like sell a young girl with no family to a drug cartel, we wound up arrested, trotted all over the media, turned into a carrot to lure out someone younger and dumber to take our place (like how Heidi Fleiss then stepped up to fill outr shoes until she balked and the same happened) - only we had no PROOF. We got that proof with Jeane Palfrey's "Black Book". She refused a plea bargain in order to keep that book from being silenced so it would be public record with her case.  

At first, ABC lied to the public saying there were "no names of significance". Only we had the smarts to give a copy to the Smoking Gun who said "not so fast". A few names were revealed, Randall Tobias was one. That's a very important name because I fought from 1987 to 2000 to see the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed. It was Randall Tobias that came in 2003 and got the TVRA of 2003 passed which essentially said unless you had a "written policy to stamp out prostitution - you could not get funding".  

As a 12 step group founder - we could not have such a policy as we "have no opinion on outside issues". What Tobias did at that point was turn the movement we started over to the church who was anti-prostitution - and out of our hands. This silenced us entirely - no one wanting federal money would speak to anyone who was not anti-prostitution - meaning it silenced us entirely. Jeane revealed his name in her Black Book - not as a "john" but to show our government was using her. Using her to blackmail, pump for information, and also not allowing her to leave sex work. When she was leaving, and retiring to Germany - they stopped her at the airport and arrested her to prevent her from leaving and to silence her. She decided it was time to prove what was happening to us - how Iran Contra was continuing today. Before the rest of the hames could come out, and before she could get her story out - she was murdered. To prevent me from going to the press after her death - they threatened to take away my kid who was a minor then. Well she's not a minor now.  

Jeane died to prove not just the Iran Contra connection, just as Gary Webb did also, but she also was trying to show how these system is alive and well today. Since then, they've been embarking upon a campaign to try and silence me through the media. NBC, CNN, Fox all have been pumping the airwaves full of media to try and convince you sex trafficking is street prostitution so that you don't know the truth - sex trafficking at it's root is controlled by men within our own government. Look at Chris Butler and Kemp Schiffer for the tips of the iceberg about what's going on in this country now with respect to sex trafficking. That and Margo Compton who also died to show us our country STILL hasn't set up a system yet where a true trafficking victim can come forward against her traffickers and put an end to this and live to tell about it. Until that day - we have to smuggle the victims out underground. They've taken over the so called "anti-trafficking groups" entirely. Anyone trying to report true trafficking to the police or any trafficking group is quickly threatened or even arrested themselves. I have more than one person who has come to me with this fact. Today is a repeat of Iran Contra of the 1980's.  

They demonized the African American male as drug dealer back in the 1980's to cover their tracks then with drugs. Today - they are demonizing the African American male again as a "trafficker" to cover up their trafficking activities. Look at the DEA owned strip club in NJ to see what I mean by this - those were not African American street pimps running that club and those women and drugs. Once again the sex and drugs are trafficked together. If you want to hear the WHOLE story - Marc Levin - how about telling the REST of the story?

(copyright J. Williams 2015 all rights reserved)