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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Come listen to Jewell - who came to us in 1989 originally.  Her story includes what it was like growing up as a Hispanic woman in Phoenix groomed from childhood on into a life of prostitution.  If anyone "trafficked" Jewell - it was her mother.  She found her way to a Prostitutes Anonymous meeting as we were called then, got married, had a baby, got her Masters' degree, got clean from drugs - and then WHAM!

The movement was hijacked when Project Rose came into town.  Hear what that looked like, what happened, as well as what's going on in Phoenix right now with "real" trafficking victims.  Not the ones being put up at the microphones at congressional hearings - but the ones they're trying really hard not to let speak to the press or public about what's really going on.

Hear about how when she tried to form a new chapter of Sex Workers Anonymous in Phoenix about May of 2015 - how she had her home broken into, gas poured on her house, her rose bushes soaked with motor oil, and then the police refused to take a report.

Just as it happening in every other city where there's a "human trafficking task force".  Then when I try and bring to light this is happening - I get told "there's no police reports".  Which brings me back to the original question we had when we started this movement:

"Where do you go when you can't go to the police?"

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Letter to Malika Saar about "No Such Thing" Campaign

Dear Malika Saar - I represent the largest and oldest group of survivors in this country. I am in fact the founder of the movement itself. That can be verified by clips I have up at dating back to 1987. No one had stepped up before me, before then, specifically saying this was in fact "real" and that our country had to stop viewing us as criminals - but instead to set up a system where the victims could receive help by them rather than having to call me alone. The "brothel" in the news clip dated 1984 was in reality the first "safe house" I'd set up for adult victims. No "brothel" is a warehouse with iron bars, CCTV cameras, high tech security next to the police station! I had a woman staying there I was hiding from her pimp. The pimp called to say that "prostitution was going on inside" which led to my arrest.

Being angry that I knew I couldn't even defend myself on that case because the public, and especially the courts, didn't even understand this was "real", let alone why I'd have to set up such a protected environment to help these victims - that's when I stepped up in 1987 to call for this to change. After hearing upon your "No Such Thing" campaign - I came to you about the fact that a "child prostitute" and in fact a "child sex worker" is a reality in Nevada. At 16 years of age - a woman who is too young to drive, smoke or vote - can obtain a license to work in a Nevada legal brothel which makes her a "child prostitute" and even in the strip club next to the brothel which makes her then a "child sex worker".

Your campaign asking the media to essentially state these women "don't exist" also wipes out their need for help. I want people outraged. I want them to see those words and get really mad. Mad enough to DO something. I contacted you, and the McCain Institute, and the California Endowment who seem to be sponsoring this campaign, to ask that all of this press you're generating be used to highlight their situation which might led to CHANGE. I was then told that you were "highlighting the voice of a survivor".

Okay - well how about other voices? How about the voices of some of the women who have been trafficked at these brothels as "child sex workers" and "child prostitutes" which can be heard at I understand the woman writing the letter you're championing not wanting to be called a "prostitute". I think it's awesome you're "championing" her view. But when I contacted you, and your group, and these other groups like the McCain Institute - I didn't get so much as a return phone call let alone a discussion of any kind about the feelings of those who are being put to work in establishments at states where the legal age is lower than 18 years of age - as well as in establishments that are "legal".

Meaning they're not even going to get help for their plight by being arrested. They helped organize the press conference we gave in 2007 asking for help for them in ways not involving arrest because they are NOT going to be arrested while working at a legal brothel and/or legal strip club. Do you realize there are women right now being housed in "residential sex trafficking programs" where the pimp is picking them up at the door and taking them to work in strip clubs and/or massage parlors and/or webcam studios and the shelter staff is being told "there's nothing we can do to stop this because it's a legal job". I mean we've got a program or system or whatever you want to call it happening right now in this country where no one even seems to know what the problem is BECAUSE NO ONE IS TALKING TO US.

So after putting on this conference with a panel of these types of services begging for something to be done - $870,000 was put into a grant to create ATLAS in Nevada to help trafficking victims. Only the director of said program then tells me she can't "help anyone unless Metro calls me". If you look at cases like Kemp Schiffer, Chris Butler, David Shubert, and the fact that the Mayor was pushing for "magnificent brothels" to be built in downtown Las Vegas that same year - then you'd understand why at the end of that year - ATLAS had helped ZERO cases while our hotline processed over 300 calls in Nevada ALONE. That wasn't counting the cases in other states.

We were excluded from one penny of that money going to help real victims. In fact, $50,000 was spent to upgrade the Olympic Gardens Strip Club's signage while my request for $30,000 to hire a translator so we could do outreach in the massage parlors was denied. Maybe if we had a translator - then those 24 women in Operation Dollhouse might not have been sent back home with their pimp and their bags of drugs that were after we tried to expose the police involvement with that case. Then again that might not have let the two cops found on the site off the hook - so maybe that's why they chose the sign over the translator.

In BEGGING for more money to help these victims - another grant was issued to form the Nevada Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force. Just in time to help pass AB67. In fact, they helped organize 45 "abolitionists" who helped pass AB67 - who when the hearing time came to discuss putting a legal brothel in downtown Las Vegas where the Mob Museum now resides it left our member, and survivor of brothel trafficking, to go up and testify against the brothels by herself.

We won and there's now the museum and the arts district there now instead. Aubrey, the woman who testified, then had her car and belongings stolen, her children's lives and hers threatened, and basically had her and her childrens' lives threatened so dramatically that we had to help her move out of state to safety - all without one shred of help from the task force, Awaken Reno, or any of the other groups who testified for AB67. Oh I take that back - the director of Congo Justice did offer me money for sex when I contacted him asking for help with Aubrey. I guess that's some type of "offer".

So after being the reason why the money came AGAIN into Nevada to help these victims- we suddenly found ourselves not being invited to any of the task force meetings even. Other groups who were invited were telling me they were told they would "lose their funding" if they so much as even spoke to us. People like the head of juvenile social services in Clark County who turned to us to help what they said are now "third generation trafficking victims" (pregnant with their pimp step-father's baby) - were in fact fired for calling us for help. Sure the lawsuit to stop being blocked access to victims because of the abortion issue of ACLU v. Catholic Bishops hadn't been won yet, and we had people in office like Mayor Goodman wanting to fight our opposition to them wanting to expand brothels at the same time they're trying to get grant money to "fight sex trafficking" - but what this resulted in was still the fact money was being donated by people who wanted to see victims get help. Instead they got billboards, booklets, and films bordering on "Reefer Madness" that conveniently left out of the sex trafficking "documentary" any word about sex trafficking within legal brothels and/or strip clubs in Nevada. The donors got videos about trafficking in the "Congo" while actual Nevada survivors wanting to talk about Nevada sex trafficking during Nevada hearings on sex trafficking - were banned from even being allowed on the premises - let alone to be asked to speak.

When I heard about your campaign again to address the way the media is talking bout us - I reached out to you asking if we could talk. I was also very concerned about you being the "face" of this campaign while being African American wearing corn rows in your photos about the campaign while the "poster child" was also African American and then championed by African American celebrities such as P. Diddy and Russell Simmons. P. Diddy who hangs out with Snoop Dogg who STILL hasn't apologized to the victims of his "trafficking tour" in 2003 which he has bragged about openly in Rolling Stone, and Russell Simmons who I watched help keep her escorting career alive after the Eliot Spitzer scandal broke out. I'm finding their "outrage" about as hypocritical as Jada Pinkett-Smith hosting the CNN Freedom Project in Atlanta featuring only African American girls (along with only showing African American men as pimps) the same WEEK as she comes out promoting Magic Mike XXL. Once again - we seem to be having people who aren't even understanding the basics here about how sex trafficking works because frankly it seems the only thing people are listening to here is the GREEN and not the voices of survivors.

Meaning we had members of SWA who wanted to come participate in your event today. Speak to the press, your audience, you - as survivors of trafficking about what their experiences are across the board and the wide range that this thing can take. Ranges important to be aware of because as the emphasis keeps going onto African American girls - the traffickers in this country are simply switching their operations over more to Asians and males . As well as increasing their blackmail and theft of the "johns" who are finding when they go to the police they're being threatened.

In much the same manner as we just stood by and watched with Lamar. He was taken to the brothel so stoned supposedly he couldn't drive. Yet knowing this - he was then sold herbal supplements they had no idea how anything would interact with in his system. Then knowing this - he was left alone unsupervised and without medical attention called until he was found unconscious. His friends reported he had $75,000 in cash missing from his pockets. Nye County police then obtains a warrant to verify he had "every drug known" in his system. While threatening him with possible drug possession charges - suddenly Lamar is not holding the brothel liable or negligent for what happened to him neither do I see anyone charging the brothel. If that had been a bar - they would have been shut down for the same act.

Which is highlighting the cry of the "customers" of places like the Crazy Horse who have been reporting they were being drugged, their credit cards ripped off, and then when they went to file charges for the theft found themselves further threatened by the cops and the DA about how their "lives would be ruined" when the "press came out", and even possible charges against them for the drugs! I mean how do you prove who drugged who? What happened at the Crazy Horse wasn't stopped until a man was paralyzed. Am I saying Lamar was robbed? No. I'm saying if he was - could he file charges without facing charges against him? Doubtful. Now imagine if you are one of the customers up in these so called "legal" establishments that are telling me they're being drugged, robbed, and then blackmailed? And where is a victim of someone like Chris Butler or Kemp Schiffer to run to for help?

I mean all of this press and attention over labels - some of these victims I'm speaking to would like some attention drawn to their issues, plights, and needs. These women want to see the licensing process in Nevada change for example. They would like to see the legal age for the brothels and strip clubs to at least increase to 18 years of age. They would like to see an orientation at the licensing where they can be offered the National Trafficking Hotline to call for help before being swept into a brothel where if they try and leave within the first 48 hours - they're threatened with arrest.

They'd like some of this press over the fact that the only ones receiving any help from these "trafficking programs" right now are those arrested that you're speaking about in your campaign. You're talking about how the press is calling them "child prostitutes" when arrested. Okay well at least they're getting help at whatever they're called. I've got victims in RI for example who up until 2009 prostitution wasn't even illegal. I've got victims in NJ, FL and PA strip clubs at 16 years of age where it's legal. They aren't able to get a trafficking charge filed against their pimps because the only witnesses are other people working at the club. Or worse are working at clubs like the DEA owned strip club in NJ. How do they get help?

So did I get a call from you? No. Meaning that for the voice of this one woman you focused on in your campaign - you are refusing to acknowledge, incorporate, or even show an interest in the voices of many other victims that I've written you asking if the ones we have who lives in the San Francisco area could come and be involved in your event today.

Where the lack of response tells me it's not the "voices of survivors" you're interested in at all - but only this one. Which tells me it's not about "our" voices - but more sounding like you found one that mirrors what ever this is really all about that you're exploiting for some purpose. I'm sure the election coming up and this being sponsored by the McCain Institute has nothing to do with the timing of this either.

But this is also why we're saying that "anyone about us - needs to include us". Because one of the biggest problems we faced when Samoly Mam started spreading her agenda around and she wasn't "real" is that she was mouthing what the press who put her up to that farce wanted her to mouth - not what are the issues WE want addressed. Not much different really than when the Nazi's had the Jews leading the Jews into the showers. They did that to get "compliance". They knew if the Nazi's were leading them into those showers - that all hell would break loose. The victims walked into those showers thinking they were coming out because they felt their "own" wouldn't "do them that way".

I wasn't asking you to do anything but to speak to "us" about this. Hear our voices. Consider our feelings. Again, as the oldest and largest group of survivors in this country - if the campaign is to be about US - then we need to have our voices heard. I hear you speaking out for one person - well then why not hear from others of us when representing us? Don't you think that's fair?

Ms. Saar - you are a female attorney and activist. I however am not a female attorney. Now I ask you - how would you feel if I started writing a letter to the press and organizing a campaign to have all of the media in the country start referring to ALL attorney's as either "female attorney" or "male attorney" because I felt it was an important distinction? Not being an attorney - how would you feel about me doing such a thing with the representation of your career and how you're going to be written about in history for years to come when people google your name? How about a group of pimps who start lobbying to have them referred to as "alleged" victims since they haven't PROVEN they're even a victim yet in a court of law?

Meaning unless you want to come out and say you're a survivor yourself - we're right back to the fact we've asked you to involve some of us in the campaign you were organizing about what the media is to call us and I haven't received a call from you, the McCain Institute, the California Endowment, etc. Nothing. Meaning you sure don't seem to interested in hearing from our survivors for some reason - but yet you do seem really interested in an agenda with respect to what we're labeled in the media. An agenda you sure seem pretty set on putting an African American face upon too at the same time. Now if you have a shortage of white, Russian, Asian, Hispanic, etc. victims - we can put you in touch with survivors of every race, religion, etc. Including males and transgenders we weren't seeing represented either.

We also addressed the letter to you to the press club you are appearing at. The press is also supposed to be hearing about "us" so we thought someone there might be interested in hearing from some of these survivors. They didn't seem interested either. Again, I'm not talking about "me". I'm talking about the survivors who live up in the area who would have loved to have come and spoken to you, to the press, etc. They weren't too interested either evidently in speaking to other survivors either as we got no response back from them either.

Funny how you seem so interested in this one voice - but then not interested in others. So I guess I'm just writing to let whoever is reading this know we asked and offered - and were ignored. So in our opinion this isn't about us at all.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Dear Concerned:

My prayers are with Lamar.  Knowing that he's struggled with addiction, and upon reading he's been in recovery - I count him as "one of the family" even though I've never met him.  Please know I've lit a candle and I have been praying for his recovery on all levels.  Considering him one of the "family" is why I'm writing you as I would as if Lamar were a blood brother of mine.

I don't know if you received any of the letters, emails, tweets, or phone calls I tried to get through to your family over the years starting when I read Kim had her film being marketed by Vivid.  I understood the situation and knew the film could not hurt her future the way something like that can, and does, hurt other young women who don't have the benefit of having the family, nor the career, that Kim had at the time she did this deal with them.

However, I was meeting many young girls who did not understand I was hoping I could get Kim to speak a word to them about this.  What I mean by that is the fact I was seeing young girls who have had pimps and pornographers talk them into making these types of films to "make them a star" much like I saw happen with Montana Fishburne and Jeremy Pipes when she was marched down into the Vivid offices on practically the day she turned 18 years old to make a film with them with the thought in the back of her mind "this is going to make me like Kim".

Only with Montana - she doesn't have the family support behind her Kim does, nor the career to absorb this as just a "blip" on her resume of accomplishments.  No, in Montana's case, the film will not only follow her for life - but I can see it sincerely hindering her future.

Let me give you a film that shows exactly what I mean by that.  It was done in 2003 called "The Crooked E - The Untold Truth About Enron".   In this film, it showed how Enron would employ "strippers" to work at their company.  This segment of the film highlighted how "reputable" companies "just don't do that sort of thing" - as well as it was included in the film to show how "shady" the company must have been to employ strippers.  I ask you - what Fortune 500 company is going to hire Christy Mack or Belle Knox?  They want to be in porn for life?  Great.  But what if they're only doing it because they CAN'T get something else?  That's not choice.  

So I'm seeing a whole generation of young girls wanting to emulate Kim right down to making an adult film with Vivid who aren't in the same situation, with the same family, on the same career track, and don't have a team of publicists behind them controlling how this is perceived that Kim does.  Whereas this helped Kim's career - to girls like Montana it limits and defines them. 

Khloe's relationship with Lamar puts her in a position where they're going in and out of the Staple Center in Los Angeles.  In the parking lot of the Staple Center is a whole generation of teenage pimps and prostitutes.  Ones who look up to Lamar, Khloe, and the whole family.   So there's a connection there for Kim to not only reach out to other young women to let them know making a porn film is not going to be the same for them as it was for her  - and also Khloe is in a position to be able to organize some kind of outreach right there in the parking lot of the Staple Center to this whole new generation who aspire to be "in the game".

So for that reason, when I heard Khloe was court ordered to do some type of community outreach before this happened to Lamar I had tried reaching out to try and speak to Khloe about her and Kim and the Kardashian family to talk to the young about doing some kind of outreach/awareness work along these lines.

Because as founder of this modern day sex trafficking movement - my goal was not to simply make the world aware of what's going on in the sex industry underneath all the hype and marketing but also to do something to change things.  With more and more of our young being sucked into trafficking by pimps - I've had to ask myself "who is someone the young would listen to?" when trying to think up outreach campaigns.  Of course the Kardashians was the first names to come to my mind.

That wasn't the only reason.  I have watched your show for some time now.  I also remembered watching Lamar's behavior while living with Khloe.  Specifically how he wasn't sleeping and roaming the house at night.  Knowing his past trauma, combined with his being in recovery - I was extremely concerned about those red flags that he was in trouble with not only his recovery then, but also his mental health.  I've seen his behavior before in others in my work with traumatized youth - and I was concerned.

Your family wouldn't know the signs that I do being that I work with young men and women like Lamar with histories like his my whole life.  However, I do.  So in concern for wanting to talk to you about getting him the proper help I could see he was lacking was another reason I was reaching out to make contact before this incident.   I got blown off by people around you who seem to think what happens to people like "this" is not your concern.

I've also tried to make contact with Cait to let her know how much I admire how she's been handling her transition.  I appreciated very much her understanding that the majority of transgender youth don't have her advantages either to pay for their transition.  The transgenders I've met over the years is because they're paying for the change through sex work.  Not to say all do - just saying that's who I meet is all because of running Sex Workers Anonymous and the hotline.  I don't get the chance to meet those paying for it other ways.  But in her campaign I've seen her address this fact and try and bring the whole subject into the open that many do use sex work to pay for the change.  

Because many of those who are transgender and working in the sex industry are not "trafficking victims".  That said it doesn't mean they don't need just as much help to transition out of the sex industry when they want to leave as someone who is a trafficking victim.  When the movement I founded got hijacked by politicians who have been using this as a platform to advance their careers since 2003 - the voices of those who are in the sex industry for financial reasons but also need "exit services"just the same as trafficking victims has become non-existent.  While the billboards across the country shouting "if you're a trafficking victim - call the trafficking hotline are great - there's been NOTHING for the other 97 percent of the sex industry promoted for them to call for help like Sex Workers Anonymous simply when they want to leave the sex industry FOR ANY REASON.

What do I mean by that?  Sex trafficking, while horrific, averages out to be about 97 percent of the sex industry as a whole.  Dennis Hof himself will insist that the women at his ranch are not victims of trafficking.  Okay - but what about when it comes time to just quit for someone like them?   I remember "Airforce Amy" bragging once to me long ago on an interview that "she was going to retire with a million dollars" and therefore "didn't need any exit services" when she was blowing me off about not needing a program like ours.

All well and good - until Bernie Madoff ran off with that retirement fund of hers.  Leaving her at 50 years old with nothing to show for her life's work.  What happened?  I have screen shots showing her packing up her car at 2:00 in the morning in tears to leave the Bunny Ranch.  I saw this and started dialing the phone to try and offer her the help and support I knew she was going to need - only to be completely rebuffed by Dennis and the staff who wouldn't let me speak to her.  Dennis kept insisting "she'll be fine" and "she doesn't need your help".

Really?  Two years later I saved the screen shots of Airforce Amy's promotion of her return on the Bunny Ranch website.  It was a letter to her regulars saying she was "back after having spent two years not finding any help to go through the adjustment of leaving the sex industry.  For that reason, she went into a depression which she self-medicated with drugs and alcohol unable to find anyone who could give her the help she needed to adjust to life now.  Then hitting a bottom with the drugs - she further found a program she didn't relate to that didn't understand her issue wasn't drug addiction.  Having not found anything she needed to cope with life off the ranch - she was now back working for them".

I confronted Dennis very angry about Amy's return in this manner.  I don't call "by choice".  I stated that clearly Amy was going to need ongoing AA or NA meetings to stay sober on her return and asked what he was going to do about this.  They aren't allowed to leave the ranch to go to meetings, nor will Dennis let us bring a 12 step meeting into the house.  I've even offered to skype in a 12 step AA/NA meeting for the women being that I've been clean since 1985 - and he's refused that just as he's refused to allow me any contact with Heidi Fleiss or any of the other women in his brothel the same as Lance Gilman won't either.

When I asked Dennis why he refuses to give women like Amy leaving the ranch the phone number to Sex Workers Anonymous - his answer was the obvious.  He wants them to hit walls like Amy did and return.  When I suggested to Dennis this exit policy of his has literally cost lives of women like that of Brooke Phillips who without our support fell into a very bad crowd while she was pregnant which then got her murdered - his answer was simply "I spend too much money recruiting and training these women to try to help them leave".  Point taken Dennis.

Dennis also has rebuffed all attempts for me to try and make contact with Heidi Fleiss after her failed attempt at Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  He's another one who refused all discussions with me that women like Heidi's primary issue is NOT drug addiction nor is it sexual addiction.  His refusal to even speak to me about this fact, and the reason why so many leaving sex work don't stay clean for long when their drug use isn't addressed properly - is why I've yet to see one sex worker on his shows ever get, or stay clean.

I thought once Heidi left Dr. Drew's control and censoring of our contact information after he failed her, and once I'd heard she had a horrible car accident leaving Celebrity Rehab - that maybe I could help her through Sex Workers Anonymous. Not finding any phone number for her she answered - I reached out to Dennis again to make contact.  He assured me Heidi was "in good hands" under HIS care - and he would "look after her".

What he did was exploit a relationship with her at the time both in the media, and financially, very much to his benefit by moving in on her like pimps do.  Getting engaged with her to be married was another very clever publicity stunt of his.  Of course it also helped him keep control over her while convincing her to go along with playing for investors like she was going to be opening up a "mens' only brothel" knowing full well as a convicted felon she couldn't obtain the licensing to do so.

Dennis of course milked that whole relationship as far as he could for the money, the press, the connections, the investors, etc. until it all came out in the press not only was Heidi buying hard drugs from someone when she got arrested for the buy, but she also had 100's of pot plants growing in her back yard in Pahrump.  The MINUTE this press came out - Dennis yanked Heidi's image right off his Bunny Ranch website and downplayed any connection with her whatsoever.  Once she no longer served his purpose - he acted suddenly like he doesn't even know her.  Yeah right Dennis - you did a real good job of "taking care of Heidi" in lieu of us.  

"Us" being other women who have not only left the sex industry - but specifically women who have left the employ of the legal brothels of Nevada.  Our group, Sex Workers Anonymous, is the only group I'm aware of who has been doing outreach specifically to the women who work in the legal brothels and strip clubs of Nevada since the 1980's.  I moved to Nevada in 1996 specifically so I could go and physically pick up these women when they wanted to leave.

In fact, if you check the site at you'll see a press conference we gave in 2007 telling the world that women in these legal sex businesses like the brothels needed help just as much as a trafficking victim standing on a street corner engaging in illegal prostitution.  Why did I do this news conference?  Because again when the politicians and the church hijacked this movement right out from under "us" and made it "their" issue - they've done nothing but point at illegal street prostitutes as the ones who need help.  When in reality - what I'm seeing is the ones being trapped within these brothels need it just as much, if not more.

To illustrate my point - when Airforce Amy left the Bunny Ranch that morning could she have called the National Trafficking Hotline or the Salvation Army or "Hookers for Jesus" and found help to transition out of a life in the sex industry?  Without a "trafficker" to prosecute - even the state wouldn't offer her any exit assistance.  Meaning that STILL our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, is the ONLY one right now in this country offering help to ALL adults, male, female and transgender, from any part of the sex industry, legal or illegal, who want to leave the industry FOR ANY REASON and find recovery, whether trafficked or not.

The news over Lamar is highlighting how difficult transportation can be to leave one of these brothels.  Imagine you're a woman with no money, no car, no celebrity status, no friends - and well now you know why I relocated to Nevada so I could hop into a car and go and get them out of the working girls out of there when they wanted to leave.  So in that work over all these years - I've seen a great deal of things that trouble me besides Dennis' control and exploitation of women who shows not one bit of concern for them once he's used them up and cast them aside.  If I'm wrong about that - then please tell me how Sunset Thomas is now doing?  Does he even know?

I've been trying to talk to the press (our 2007 press conference), the government, the public, celebrities, anyone I can talk to about what's going on in Nevada for a long time.  Now before the Telecommunications Act of 1995 - I was guaranteed a voice in the press that I could use to tell people what's going on in the sex industry, including the legal brothels.  With that voice, I not only was able to defeat Joe Conforte from expanding the brothels into California and Las Vegas in 1988, but also defeat Dennis, Lance Gilman and Mayor Oscar Goodman from putting a brothel where the Mob Museum now stands also today.  That voice was heard and the IRS came in and took over the Mustang Ranch in the early 1990's - and Joe has since fled this country as a fugitive.   Again, we now have the Mob Museum where these men had once wanted another legal brothel instead.

But now?  Now since I can no longer run public service announcements, have our weekly cable show on air, and get onto any media not owned by corporations in league with the sex industry - you'll not find one single TV show I've been interviewed on since the 1990's, and you'll see the news articles almost disappear entirely also.  The brave reporters who have written about me all found themselves fired - and I now have a list of others who tell me they've been threatened with their jobs if they so much as publish one word about us.  So things have changed dramatically with respect to the sex industry since our voice was silenced with the passing of that Act all for anywhere but our social media or where we can manage to grab some kind of media.

You can see that's another reason why I tried to reach out to your family before this happened to try and get some press on these issues.  I know your people think that what happens to some hookers in Nye County doesn't affect them - well now we've learned that everything affects us as members of the human race.  While I'm very sad that Lamar, and your family, is going through this right now, I am thinking that maybe this might just be God's way of shining a light on the issues I've been trying to get some attention on that no one has cared about because they keep thinking "what affects those whores doesn't affect me".  Well now you see it does affect you.

I am not against the sex industry.  I am against force, control, deception, and exploitation.  That is why I'm trying to fight sex trafficking in all it's forms.  To me, if someone wants to be a sex worker as a career choice - then I support that choice.  What I don't support is when someone is being pushed into a position of having no choice, and the exit door to leave when they want to leave is being blocked.

Which is why I'm for decriminalization - but I am absolutely dead set against the brothel system as it exists within Nevada.  I say that because I've seen female owned brothels in the UK and New Zealand that seem to be working quite effectively from the reports I've received from the women working there.  Reports that were given after they'd left and were not under any control or manipulation.  I mean who is going to tell a reporter what they really think about any boss when he's standing right there during the filming?  Come on!  You're only going to hear the truth when someone leaves.  

We all have watched as the "old school mob" and criminal lifestyle that built Las Vegas has been edged out of the gaming and hotel industry in Nevada.  What we have not seen however is that criminal mentality edged out of the sex industry in Nevada.  That's why I gave that press conference in 2007 - not to "abolish the sex industry" but to demand those brothels be shut down that do things to women like Aubrey speaks of in an interview I have up at

Listen carefully to that interview - because I challenge you to find one other single interview from a woman who has left the Nevada brothels AND gotten clean from drugs AND left the sex industry entirely talking about what goes on up at those brothels that is given without the brothel owner standing next to them, or paying for the production of that interview, but AUBREY'S.  Therefore you will hear a different point of view out of her than others coming from someone sitting right next to Dennis or in a report paid for by the brothels or from someone who is "friends" with Dennis like Christina Parriera to name just one.

There is a campaign about to launch on October 22, 2015 whose face is Malika Saar called "No Such Thing".  It claims we should stop "calling children 'prostitutes' or 'sex workers' because there is no such thing".  I differ.  In Nevada, the licensing board allows that anyone over the age of 16 years old can apply to work in a legal brothel.  Mind you 16 is too young to have a drivers license, to vote, or to even smoke.  Yet a 16 year old can work in a legal brothel, or a strip club, owned not just by men like Dennis Hof but also by men like Lance Gilman.  Lance Gilman who is not only a businessman, but also a Storey County councilman, a member of the Nevada Board of Economic Development, and an adviser to the Nevada Governor and legislature.   Pretty powerful guy. 

This campaign is behind held in California - but is made to appear to be a national campaign.  What many people don't realize however is that in California one has to be 18 to be of legal age.  However, that's not the case in Nevada, or other states as well.  There are other states who are employing 16 year old girls to LEGALLY work in their strip clubs.  So yes Ms. Saar, the McCain's, and the California Endowment - yes there ARE "child prostitutes" and "child sex workers".  You can't make that go away by brainwashing people into saying it "doesn't exist" when it does.  Don't like it?  Then change IT not the words.  Let's stop playing word games and let's start looking at what's going on here.

Which is why I don't care how much people think it's in "bad taste" to be filming every minute of what's going on with Lamar.  I've seen what happens in Nevada when something like this happens to one of the "working girls".  I've seen evidence disappear.  I've seen the police make it disappear.  The minute Aubrey started putting a case together against the Shady Lady brothel and her pimp - I saw everything and everyone just "disappear".  Because that's Nevada.  

I've got evidence of police who have been on Dennis' payroll to deceive the public as when one of them was paid to "pretend" to be customer of the ranch for a so called "reality" show on HBO.  I once saw Patti Kaplan say "what difference does it make if we pay someone to give a blow-job on that show vs. show a "real" one"?  Well I'll tell you the difference Patti.  Because if you're having to pay actors instead of showing the "real deal" - then it means someone is hiding something.

I am writing you in the hopes you are gearing up your lawyers to do something about the way Lamar was treated.  I saw the report that he was so "high" when he showed up at the ranch he had to be driven by a friend.  So they knew when he walked into the property he was under the influence of drugs.  Was an ambulance called then?  No.  

He was then allowed to purchase and ingest something else that you know of - the herbal supplement. While it may be perfectly safe to give someone who is not under the influence of drugs/alcohol this supplement - I don't think anyone knows the effect on someone who is.  Yet he was given this, no SOLD this - and who knows what else he was allowed to purchase and ingest.  I say that because Heidi I know supplies the ranch with marijuana, and other drugs. Nobody grows that many plants for their own personal use.  I've got Aubrey on interview stating that police have come to the brothel she worked in and THEY gave her drugs.  Chris Butler was using police to drive drugs into Nevada, and all over California, from evidence rooms.  He didn't get arrested by the police - he didn't get arrested until the media was put on him.  I'm trying to show that in Nevada there are police who protect Dennis, work for Dennis, and may have things to hide by bring this up here.

Lamar was then supposedly moved from the brothel into Dennis' home unit.  That was supposedly because they could tell he was having a hard time.  I think it was the opposite.  I think they wanted the ambulance to be called while Lamar was not in the brothel part of the property - but in Dennis' personal space for a reason as to why they moved him in the first place.  I mean honestly - why move him otherwise?

Again, an ambulance was not called even then!  No attempt was made to put him under supervision STILL.  Even if they were thinking "oh let him sleep it off" - why still was no one put into supervision over him or a camera put on him to make sure he was monitored?  In fact, he was then left alone unattended with no cameras on him, no one watching him, etc.  Okay they "checked on him" at lunch time supposedly.

So what?  Knowing he's under who knows what kind of drugs, and knowing he's depressed from the divorce, they just go and leave him alone in a bedroom for hours?  Come on.  That's negligence not hospitality.  It's also goes to show this is how they treat the working girls who get into problems up there - they don't exactly rush to call an ambulance for them either.  

This was not a personal home of Dennis Hof his friend.  This was a BUSINESS Lamar entered into.  I'm sick to death of them playing the "whatever happens in a personal bedroom" card when they are in trouble - ignoring the fact that the minute you charge for anything - it becomes a business.  I can serve food to people night and day out of my home kitchen - but the minute I charge for that I need to adhere to certain laws and regulations concerning a commercial kitchen.

These brothels have been ignoring those same rules and regulations of ANY business ever since day one - and this is the result.  If Lamar had walked into any hotel, any bar, even a strip club in the condition he was in when he walked in the door - and if they had served him that supplement and then left him unattended for a minute like they did without calling an ambulance - they would be being held liable.

Now I hear he "couldn't fit into a helicopter".  Okay - please tell me why his knees couldn't have been bent or he couldn't have put into a stretcher they use when they can't fit them into a helicopter?  That was the excuse they used not to fly to the Pahrump Hospital.  I propose there was another reason.

Let me ask you something - when Siegfriend from Siegfriend and Roy was hurt - where did they take him?  UMC.  When ANY celebrity has collapsed or had an accident or is in serious trouble - they go to UMC.  They go to UMC because they have the best trauma unit in the state.  So - again why if going to trouble of taking him into Las Vegas - why wasn't Lamar taken to UMC?  Honestly UMC is even closer than Sunrise Hospital.  So why was he was taken to Sunrise of all places?

My mother died in Sunrise.  I'm very familiar with Sunrise.  Sunrise Hospital put in these computers that every single medical record goes into.  You can't access these records without a pass code.   I know because I kept trying to look at my mother's records when the nurse would leave the room - and I couldn't get into the system without a pass code.  Now having medical power of attorney I even asked to see my mother's medical records when I felt the hospital was the reason why she died.  I suspected foul play at Sunrise in her death and asked to see her records.  They refused me insisting that I had to "get a court order" despite having this power of attorney.  Only I knew what that was about - it was to buy time to go over their records and cover their ass.  I need to add that the Pahrump Hospital does not have this type of computerized system for their records.  

Anyone who has lived in Nevada and had any dealings with the hospitals there does not trust Sunrise Hospital for anything serious.  They mainly do outpatient surgeries or things that are not serious.  And when my mother died - I heard story after story from people telling me about how horrible the care was there.  In fact, the funeral director I took my mother to showed me her instructions if she were to suddenly fall ill to be flown into California for medical care rather than go into Sunrise Hospital.  This director told me it was because of the stories she's heard about the kind of care people get at Sunrise.  So please please explain why he was taken to Sunrise when residents of that state know that not only is it not the best for someone as sick as Lamar was at the time.  But also why he was taken another 20 minutes further from UMC?

I propose it may have been to get control over all the medical records.  I say that because of a rape case I had in SWA where the young woman was raped by a man with genital herpes who is connected to these people.  He said "prove it".  I said "well the medical results if positive will prove it".  He then laughed and pointed out to me that these people have a lot of control over medical records in Nevada.  Quest Diagnostics is the ONLY lab in Nevada.  There is no alternative for blood work and with one computer pass code he told me he could alter her records in seconds.  When I asked why they would go to this length to have this much control - he pointed out for this reason.  Control over things like blood work in Nevada can go to show not only disease in a rape case, but even things like paternity.

What I'm trying to say is I've seen a lot of cover-ups in Nevada.  Operation Dollhouse and the Rick Rizzolo case, as well as what happened with Chief Gillispie, David Shubert, and many other people I've been trying to use in this blog to point out that there is a very dark, corrupt, dangerous system at work in Nevada all set up in connection to promote, protect, and maintain the legal brothels of Nevada.  Now in Lamar's case - he has enough wealth, power, celebrity and family that maybe you can do something to make sure about what happened to him and that the responsible parties are held responsible.

But I ask you - just for a moment imagine if what happened to him a 17 year prostitute with no family, no money, no celebrity, and this same had happened to her?

That's why I want you to please see what you can do SHUT THESE BROTHELS DOWN.

If I can be of any assistance - please don't hesitate to contact me.


Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The enemy of my enemy is my friend is an ancient proverb which suggests that two opposing parties can or should work together against a common enemy. The earliest known expression of this concept is found in a Sanskrit treatise on statecraft dating to around the 4th century BC, while the first recorded use of the current English version came in 1884.[1][2] Some suggest that the proverb is of Arabic origin.[citation needed]

I look around me to see who "hijacked" the modern day sex trafficking movement and morphed it into the new "war on drugs" only on sex workers and the African American community.   I see the same people, the same tactics, the same names even, in each one of these cases.

I see the faked ACORN hidden camera video where a reporter pretended to be a pimp to try and set up Obama to appear to be supportive of sex trafficking.  The reality came out in court that the agent was stalling for the police to arrive by "playing along" with this reporter.  He was fined $100,000 for this hidden camera stunt because it was recorded in California where the "two party" consent rule applies to hidden recordings.

While most people remember the ACORN videotape - many don't know about the lawsuit and the whole story that tried to set up Obama.  Obama by the way has done more to try and help the sex trafficking victims than any other president in our history.  Don't even get me started on the Bush family and their involvement in sex trafficking - let alone their outright hijacking of the movement.

Because that is what happened.  We saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed.  I for one thought that meant we had "arrived" now we had federal recognition.  I know that in early 2000, Sex Workers Anonymous dominated this country as far as helping those men and women (and transgenders) leave the sex industry, and also escape trafficking.  Any one for any reason who wanted help to leave any part of the sex industry, legal or not, found that help through chapters we had set up in every major city of the USA by that time.

Then Randall Tobias came in with the TVRA of 2003.  I didn't even understand the implications of what that was for the longest time because of how it was worded.  President Bush came in right behind him and declared that "no money would be issued in federal grants except through faith based groups" which between the both of them served to completely exclude us from everything and everyone.  Overnight we were shunned, ejected, shut out, and a subject people were threatened with being fired or losing their funding if they even spoke to us.

Did we have any "proof"?  Yes.  Jeane Palfrey stepped up with her "Black Book" to show that Randall Tobias and Dick Cheney were in fact connected to sex trafficking in other countries WHICH EXPLAINED WHY THEY WANTED ANYONE WHO KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS SUBJECT EXCLUDED.   Before she had a chance to explain what those names in her book meant (not that they were 'johns" but that they were the ones who were involving her in sex trafficking as they have other madams in the past pre-internet days).  For that, she was murdered in my opinion just as Gary Webb was also murdered for trying to raise awareness about what's really going on out here.

But they booted us out - and took over. Not just within the system - but in the major media.  Pre-2000 - there was not one news show, documentary, talk show, or even a film made about this subject where we were not brought in as technical consultants if not to supply them with people to interview.    After 2000 - I couldn't even get a producer on the phone.  Reporters who did write about us were fired for doing so after 2000.

Looking back - I realize we were given just enough rope to get these people in the door.  Then we got shoved right out of the way and they took over.  Just as I've seen the "war on drugs" was about getting control of the African American community - so too now has these hijackers now been using this movement we started, and they hijacked, to also now serve as a smoke screen to still attack the African American communities in ways that if done directly wouldn't fly today.

As well the LGBT community and the Jews.  Prior to us being booted out of this movement essentially - we included men, women, and transgenders as well as the Jewish community and the Buddhists.  We did outreach to Heidi Fleiss for example who is Jewish, and we've done many an Asian massage parlor outreach who are predominately Buddhist by faith.  We've also always included transgenders in our programs within the jails - going into the jails regularly to make sure they're getting their medications, and treated properly by the staff.  Show me one of these people's "safe houses" now that include transgenders or have a kosher food plan and I'll eat my hat!

So now they're attacking the African American community - I've written to the NAACP to see if they would open up a dialogue with me about this new modern form of racial targeting and media brainwashing.  No answer.

I've written to the LGBT Center in Hollywood, California and in New York over the fact that transgenders are being denied the same benefits that straight women are being afforded by these sex trafficking programs - including payment for their burials and vocational rehabilitation.  No answer.

After witnessing the hidden video stunt being pulled on Planned Parenthood and their media slandering campaigns - I've written to them about us having the same common enemy and maybe we should open up a dialogue.  Because we saw in the ACLU vs. Catholic Bishops lawsuit the reason why we were being denied access to these very victims we raised awareness even existed in the first place was the churches fear we'd help them get abortions (which isn't even true).  So I wrote to Planned Parenthood and not only did I not get an answer - their local branches on Facebook blocked me!

I then read how PETA even got set up by the same police station that I have a victim claiming slapped her with two false arrests for prostitution, where an officer threatened me and a Chief refuses to work with me on the case in Pasadena, California.  I wrote to them to open up a dialogue about what happened to them with the Pasadena Police.  No answer.

Gloria Allred is championing for women who were actresses raped by Bill Cosby.  I've written her about the victims of sex trafficking at the hands of Snoop Dogg and his CONFESSED pimping tour of 2003 spoken about in Rolling Stone.  No answer.

I've written to Sex Workers Outreach Project who we used to partner with on outreach projects in the 1980's and 1990's.  Those who wanted to stay in sex work but who were being targeted by traffickers were the ones we were helping - so we had a "common enemy".  When pimps would kidnap a sex worker and force her to work in a brothel or outright sell her to someone, but the police would refuse to investigate because it was "prostitute" that was kidnapped/sold - that was our common enemy and we had a united front over the fact ALL people should be able to call the police for help - no matter what their profession.  I even wrote to their chapters where these trafficking projects had set up that violated the womans' constitutional rights with ones like Project Rose and the Phoenix SWOP.  No answer.  (Oh I take that back - I got a letter this week taking credit for THEM "shutting down Project Rose".  Which is funny because it was shut down after I slapped them with a "cease and desist order".  I did ask their chapter head to please show me exactly how THEY got it shut down - and I haven't heard an answer back yet.)

So guess what folks?  These groups that have been receiving a lot of money from your personal donations and your personal support because you THINK they're out there supporting you as the common folks, the minorities, the disabled, the sex workers, you're female, etc.

If these groups were to band together to defeat who has taken over the major media, and our political system right now - we'd defeat these people in a week.  Problem solved.  But they don't.

Now you tell me why you think that is.  If there was a bully on the school yard against 10 other kids and those 10 kids banded together that bully would be toast.  So you tell me why these groups are not banding together against the very same people who are targeting them.  Think about that before you cut one of these groups another check, or think they're 'on the job".

Friday, October 2, 2015

Open Letter to “No Such Thing” Campaign:

Many of you reading this, I'm aware haven't heard of us, know what we do, who we are, etc. If you'd like to read some news clips we have at There are interviews with some of our members up at and we're producing another cable series you can check out at We hope to start production shortly. To kick off – we'll be filming our combination outreach/research project with footage incorporated into this which will be posted onto social media for all to see what we see. We're doing this project because we're understanding that people don't see what we see – so we're going to take steps to change that. It's not as easy as it might sound and I'll explain why shortly.

First, while we refer to outside programs for help those who are under legal age, our hotline still answers calls from anyone of any age. For this reason I try and get as extensive of a referral list as possible for services to anyone who calls for any need. Since we've had this hotline since 1987 – it's not surprising to get a call from someone who says “I've been holding onto your number for 19 years now” (as one caller actually said). We're also now in our “second generation” of calls. That means that mothers who belong to our program – who are finding their sons or daughters are now having issues or need help will also call us because we helped them “back in the day” .

Our outreach teams don't know the legal age of someone when they first meet them out in the streets and/or the sex industry (the strip clubs, the legal and illegal brothels, the sex clubs, the porn production companies, the porn modeling agencies, the AVN awards, etc.) - so we talk to boys and girls of all ages as they're coming into recovery. But the vast majority (probably about 90 percent) of our members have been pulled into whatever they were involved in long before they were of legal age in that state. In fact, if you listen to some of our radio interviews - we have one up from a member who was trafficked starting at as young as four years of age. Her name is “Rachel”.

Our members are also members because they need to keep their “anonymity”. Many still have their traffickers “at large” So you can imagine my phone started ringing off the hook when your “No Such Thing” campaign kicked off with members asking me to “say this” to you, their organizers, and the public, as their trusted servant. You have probably read about Amelia having to leave her home So you have some idea why both our members, and myself, are having to be as guarded about our personal “anonymity” as we can possibly be. Let me give you a more specific example to help you understand why this is such an issue for all of us.

Up until he fled the country as a fugitive - Joe Conforte was the owner of the Mustang Ranch legal brothel. He's the guy Joe Pesci played to show that he shot down a famous boxer in cold blood and never did one day of jail. The legal age for sex by the way is 15 years old in Nevada. In 1988, Joe decided he wanted to expand the legal brothels outside of these tiny little rural communities in Nevada into the larger cities of Las Vegas, Reno, Carson City, etc, and into all of California. Buying himself a rigged HIV test, he then put $1,000,000 into a PR firm to go after his goal. The only person who would oppose him back then was myself. Each time I appeared on TV to oppose Joe's campaign – I got fired, evicted and threatened. That year I had to go to work for a temp agency and I moved so many times I finally rented a weekly motel room until the campaign was over. We won that round obviously.

Then he started up again to expand in Nevada. I had helped the madam there get into recovery. With her help – we were able to get the IRS to come in and take over the brothel – kicking Joe out. He wasn't too happy about that – so he got Kemp Schiffer, the IRS agent who took over the brothel on behalf of the government, to keep funneling him money. Thus he finally got charged with money laundering and had to flee the country. Kemp Schiffer then started bringing girls into Nevada from California to work at the brothel because the legal age is 15 years old here.

The brothel was then bought by Lance Gilman. Lance Gilman is a Storey County Councilman and adviser to the Governor and legislature because he's also on the Nevada Board of Economic Development and he's one of the co-founders of the power company. Lance then convinced the ex-mayor, Oscar Goodman, that putting a legal brothel in downtown Las Vegas where the Mob Museum now sits would be good for “economic development”. So Oscar and Lance went out to get celebrities, investors, large corporations, etc. to buy into the idea of putting legal brothels in Las Vegas where “men of the world come to pay and play” is what they used to say. Trust me – this was a cold war!

While the Trafficking Act of 2000 got passed giving sex trafficking federal recognition – there was still raging horrific trafficking going on within the legal brothels of Nevada. I invite you to listen to our interview with “Aubrey”. She was 12 years old when her pimp, and his father, “turned her out”. They had her working on a street corner in what would be considered as “child sex trafficking”. This was disguised when she was young by calling him her “boyfriend” - but as they got older her pimp started getting nervous people would figure out what was going on. To protect himself from criminal charges – he took her into Nevada once she turned 15 years old. This made her the age of “legal consent” for sex in Nevada – but since she had to be 16 years old to work in the brothel – he put her on the streets for a year. Once she turned 16 years old – he put her to work in the Shady Lady brothel which was owned by the Hell's Angel's. The same gang that brutally murdered Margo Compton, and her two children, when she tried to go to the police to report them for trafficking in 1977.

She couldn't leave the brothel because they'd only give him her money. When she'd be dropped off to work there – he'd have custody of their two children. So she couldn't leave the brothel because he always had the kids. It was a long story how we got her out of there, and with her kids, but we did. Aubrey became the first case where we could prosecute someone for sex trafficking that worked within a legal brothel. This was a landmark case because the public perception seems to be that sex trafficking does not occur within “legal” sex industries such as strip clubs, massage parlors, and legal brothels.

While this was going on – Snoop Dogg's “Playboy Tour” was coming through Nevada We got a call about a pregnant victim being held captive by a notorious violent pimp with a long criminal record asking us to help this woman to escape. When we asked why he didn't call the police – we were told because “no one wanted to prosecute the pimp because it would lead back to Snoop”. Take one look at how Mally Mall had his house raided – but was not arrested – and his connection to Snoop Dogg.

Now take a look at the Bill Cosby case. Then realize this was before he had confessed to doing any pimping in Rolling Stone. Remember he beat a murder rap and who his friends and fans are. Think about what the OJ case was like. Now you have an idea why this guy said the police didn't want to prosecute the pimp holding her Meaning they couldn't offer her any rescue or even rehabilitative services. So we had to go in there alone and get her out of there – which we did. Then we had to go about trying to help the other victims of this tour that he was keeping on an RV. All while every city he stopped in – the police and press refused to get involved. Imagine what we were dealing with!

Think of it like this – imagine if 10 years ago if you got a call from the police saying Bill Cosby was on tour and raping women in his hotel room all across this country. Imagine the police said they couldn't arrest him, nor would they respond if one of his victims called 911 for help and the only thing that could be done to help these victims was YOU had to do something yourself. Further imagine being told that no one can give you any grant money or donations to do this work because it would the “implicate” them in their negligence and looking the other way. Because that's exactly the position we were placed in by Snoop's Tour. Further – imagine Bill Cosby then gives an interview to People where he brags about “living out his rape fantasy” and laughing about his victims and you have now a good idea why I put up the website last year after his confession was printed.

Also realize this man is leading a growing football league in high schools across Los Angeles. Not just coaching young men – but also auditioning and interacting with cheerleaders. To add a cherry on the sundae – he has now bought a medical marijuana delivery service. No – the cherry on the sundae is the security guards telling me they now can't legally keep pimps off the high school grounds of schools they don't physically attend because they say they're “coming to see the game”.

We gave a press conference in 2007 announcing to the world we had a BIG problem in Nevada. That pimps were bringing girls as young as 16 years of age here, then placing them in “legal” businesses, that none of the “abolitionists” nor the “anti-traffickers” were even registering on their radar there were victims in these types of businesses because everyone seems to be targeting street corners exclusively.

To VALIDATE our call for help – John Quinones and Bob Herbert both physically came to Las Vegas, saw what we saw, verified what we said was TRUE, and verified that I was for real, Sex Workers Anonymous members were for real, our work was solid - and the only thing that seemed to happen out of this for them was Bob got threatened with a “baseball bat to the head” by Oscar Goodman, and John Quinone's book about this “Heroes Among Us” didn't receive one bit of press or attention.

Almost IMMEDIATELY after this press conference calling out to have something DONE about this – I came home to find my power cut off, my cable, phone, TV and internet wires cut, my car was completely trashed, my insurance had been mysteriously canceled, and when my daughter went to call for help she was mowed over in broad daylight by an SUV that was owned by a Metro officer where the cop who came to the scene then ticketed my daughter for jaywalking (which she wasn't doing) and refused to take any witness reports nor give the driver a breathalyzer test nor take any photos of her physical condition either My daughter's back was broken in three places from the impact.

Then the brothel owners made one more bid to expand into Las Vegas in 2013. At a hearing that had not been listed on the public docket as required by law – Aubrey went into that hearing and testified about what really goes on inside those brothels. How they aren't safe, they're raped daily by not only the customers, but also the police, and how they have no way physically out of these places, etc. We won again and the legislature voted against the brothel expansion. However, Aubrey went home that day to find her power had been cut off, her cable, TV, internet and phone lines had been cut. The next day her car was stolen. A few days later her home was broken into and everything she owned was stolen. When she called the police to make a report – she had her life, and the life of her children threatened. Needless to say – we got her out of Nevada. Just as a side note, probably no connection at all - but Lance Gilman's Board of Economic Development has everyone of these companies on the board he's a member of, plus again he's one of the co-founders of the power company.

While the hearings were going on about the trafficking bill AB67 – our outreach RV was stolen and then returned mysteriously. Luckily it broke down because the mechanic then found a bomb had been placed within the RV's exhaust system. Not long after that – while I was out of state – my front door of my apartment was kicked in. The police then refused to take a report because they claimed that “I could have done it myself to get attention”. They refused to dust for prints or interview neighbors.

Okay – now I tell you this for a few reasons. For you to understand why despite being the oldest and largest program of survivors in this country, and the founders of the movement itself – why our members are remaining “anonymous” at the moment. We've had to shut down all of our groups and forums online because of attacks We've had to ask all members to remove all mention of our names from their websites, facebooks, social media, etc People just mentioning our name have been fired and/or threatened – so we have become very tight about our “anonymity” the last two years. Two years ago is also when we started trying to help a victim who said she was carted out of her home in Pasadena by two police officers and slapped with two fake prostitution charges when she said she wanted to leave the trafficking ring and retire because she's worked for them for 40 years now.

You also won't find much in the way about press for us in the last two years either. As a matter of fact, we have a list of reporters and writers who have been outright threatened, or actually fired, with respect to writing anything about me or SWA. Yes I have documentation to verify everything I'm telling you. I'm telling you this to explain that despite all of this – someone has to answer our hotline which has also been under severe attack since we exposed the so called “reality” show “8 Minutes” as a “fraud”. This resulted in it being yanked off the air after three episodes. So we've endured things like software ringing our phone off the hook to jam the line for hours at a time, text bombing to jam the line up, etc. We're traced the hotline attacks to those supported by paid lobbyists connected to Snoop Dogg.

Now – maybe you can understand why our members are a tad emotional right now about some of the press that's been going out on issues that have no relation to what they're going through right now – and WHY they're having to rely upon me to try and speak for them. I've already moved into an RV that I move every three days. I've got security cameras installed everywhere, etc. So I'm taking every reasonable precaution I can right now to protect myself while trying to keep our hotline open and interact with the media and public to carry the message from our members to the outside world.

Now we see the great voice you're giving one survivor. We would like to see some help in getting a fraction of this press, attention, voice, etc. to the issues WE'RE going through. We had hoped once we had the “fake” Samoly Mam exposed – maybe some of that press could be turned back to “our” voices. Not “mine” - theirs”. My letters are long – but I'm trying to distill down what many survivors want you to please hear from them because they are having to protect their new lives. Should I be going about this some other way? Fine. Then tell me what that way is because waiting politely doesn't seem to be working either. We'd love to hear any suggestions you got. Do I have someone else who wants to put a bulls-eye on their back to do this? No. I'm afraid I am the only one crazy enough to still be standing here. But this is the movement I started – and I'm not abandoning it, or them, w.

Jody Williams

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Dear Prachi:

I would like to talk to you.  i read this article today -

I think you should know I got a lot more than "death threats".  I've had a car destroyed.  I had a bomb put in our outreach RV.  My daughter was run over by an SUV in what was an attempt on my life which broke her back in three places.  I've had my front door kicked in while the police refused to take a report. They said that "I could have done it".  I have screen shots of people trying to find out where I live so they can come harm me that are connected to so called "anti-trafficking movement" people.

Just as these people pretended to be the buyer of baby parts to get this video against Planned Parenthood - so too are they masquerading as being part of the very movement I founded - which is being hijacked.   I'm going to ask you if when you promoted what appeared to be the petition of a 17 year old victim, if you are aware it was being used to launch a "no such thing" campaign whose face is an African American attorney, but funded by the McCain Institute?

Prachi - you appear young.  I started this movement in 1987.  You just became a senior writer there at Cosmopolitan.  Years ago a member of Prostitutes Anonymous (our name prior to 1995) was allowed to publish an article about us.  Today, now you're owned by Hearst Media - I can't even get a blurb published.  Let alone buy an ad for which I was refused.

Why?  Because the CEO of Hearst Media before he got fired, was Steve Sassa  Who was fired when a pimp of an escort he was texting went to the legal department in a blackmail attempt.  What he was being blackmailed to do?  Don't know.  But there's clearly a lot more to this movement than meets the eye.

Which is why I'd like to see you include us Prahi.  If you want to fight for us, help us, have our voices heard - than please help us get OUR voices heard.  Show me you've got that kind of chops.  Because if you'll write about her having to be on the lam for her views - how about me having to now live in an RV that moves every three days because of attempts on my life and my daughter's.  Not THREATS - but ATTEMPTS.

How about our voice?

Jody Williams