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ORGANIZATION FOR PROSTITUTION SURVIVORS  I saw a page for them on Facebook today and saw how they were asking if anyone from Rhode Island might like to come out and speak in support of the Norway model.  I think we have some members of who support that position so I made a comment to them about how we have members all over the country who are available to speak on different views depending, and if they need someone to speak, let me know and I'll ask from among them to see if anyone is interested.

Our members are choosing to remain "anonymous at the level of press, radio and films" so they're not going to put themselves out there on Facebook as survivors number one, and certainly not their views on subjects - not while people like Norma Jean, Domina Elle, Maxine, and Bella are running around burning anyone to the ground who is identifying as a survivor for sure.  So I reached out to make the offer only to have Alisa Bernard lash bac…