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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


After reading this letter -  about "fake" reality TV shows - I wrote to Mr. Gardner the below letter:

Dear Mr. Gardner:

Can we talk about Relativity Media with respect to the “fake” so called “reality” TV?  I’ve now been involved in taking three shows connected to them and the sex industry off the air because they were complete “shams”.   I also briefly was able to get the series “Cathouse” relabeled as not being “reality” TV.  I know that Fox has won a lawsuit recently that it’s okay to defraud the viewing public.  I know the FCC has also weighed in there’s nothing they can do. 

I learned that when I watched a series of fake media go out about what was supposedly the group I founded - Prostitutes Anonymous.  I’m the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement.  You can verify this at  In other words, I’m the “Bill Wilson” to “alcoholism” only with respect to sex trafficking.

Some years ago, some pretty wealthy and powerful people came to me and asked me if I would agree to basically become the opposite of what we were.  Say things opposite of what we believe and do opposite of what needs to be done in exchange for money, power and fame.  They wanted me to essentially sell out my reputation for honesty and sticking to the truth that led to the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 giving this issue federal recognition. 

When I refused - Samoly Mam was born.   A completely “fake” survivor.  But it went deeper because people knew she was not me nor the “founder” of this movement. Everyone in the field knew it started with us.  Only we were not having anything to do with Samoly Mam and a lot of federal grants that were being offered up.  People noticed we were not involved and became suspicious for that reason.  So when I refused to play along with these people - what did they do when they could not get my consent?

As Noam Chomsky teaches - they “manufactured” my “consent”.  They faked it.  I can show you a whole documentary where they make it appear that “Prostitutes Anonymous” is doing certain things, believes certain things, and is going after a specific type of victim and pimp. Even that I’m an African American woman helping street prostitutes - when in reality I’m white and the women I’m working with are women like Jeane Palfrey and Brandy Britton.   

In other words, that Prostitutes Anonymous was on board with these people, these ideas, and that we were about the street level prostitute and the African American “pimp”.  That is not what this movement was about nor what it was started for nor what we’re trying to raise awareness about what’s going on in this country.    

I went to the FCC about this whole impersonation who said there was nothing they could do.  They said I could “sue”.   However, the production company is a subsidiary under Oprah.   Yeah right I can sue.  Especially when Fox has won this lawsuit giving them the right to lie like a rug about what “reality” is. 

Only I think when you start deceiving the courts as Relativity is doing now, and you start a conspiracy to basically defraud our government out of grant money with this fraud like I’ve seen connected to this “fake documentary” and Chicago, or Relativity Media and the OC Human Trafficking Task Force and a $1.2 million dollar grant - that’s when I think it is a crime.  Investors are crying that Relativity Media “conned” them.  When they said that - RT fired back a lawsuit to shut them up.  Only it’s not wrong if it’s true.  I believe it is true back to the days when Kavanaugh got his money through Enron - which also has it’s ties into sex trafficking.

Years ago the show “The Dating Game” was a cover for sex trafficking.  Only recently has Chuck Barris started to come clean about that in his “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”.   He revealed the show was a cover to get people in and out of the country without suspicion.  But there was more to it than that.  They didn’t have video cameras and the internet back then.  To get film on pretty girls - the show was used to lure them down for audition tapes.  Then when they’d win a “date” - they would get papers to get these women into other countries without arousing suspicion.  Sometimes those women didn’t come back.  I know because I watched how the whole show operated - including how it was a front for LAPD to run escorts for a few years of women too scared not to work for them.  I know that also because the LAPD tried to traffick me also - just the same as Chris Butler was doing recently. 

Now to have said those things back in the 1980’s - the police would hang up the phone and the psychologists would just lock you up for observation.  One of the reasons I started the movement is to raise awareness that THIS type of thing was real, was happening, and that’s why we needed to be able to have these victims be believed - and to be able to call the police and get protection.  NOT about some street level prostitution and some “Hubby Bear” pimp.

I watched the media during Iran Contra fool the public into thinking it was the African American gangs who brought that cocaine into this country.  It wasn’t.  They were used as mules and salesmen as well as scapegoats.  While everyone was seeing battering rams on the 11;00 o’clock news and thinking it was the Bloods or Crips - it was our own CIA bringing those drugs into the USA - and making our women disappear on them back.

If you’ve seen the film “American Gangster” you’ll see they put away as many corrupt cops and officials in that war as they did drug dealers.  What was it - 2/3 of the NY police force was arrested for corruption in connection with those drugs.  Now - translate into the very tip of the iceberg you’re seeing when you hear about a DEA owned strip club in NJ employing illegal dancers from Columbia - while partying with Columbian drug lords - and you have idea why those dancers can’t call 911 or go into  Salvation Army shelter to get help to escape trafficking.  THAT’S what I’m trying to change with this movement - which when I was allowed to speak the truth we saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed.  Now?  Now I’m seeing people impersonate me and our work and telling the public this is about street pimps - just as Relativity Media was trying to portray with their “staged faked" show “8 Minutes”. 

It’s not just me.  I’m watching happen all over again now - only just substituting in sex trafficking when I’m seeing Jada Pinkett-Smith going into Atlanta, GA, and throwing up all these images of African Americans and street prostitution - all while calling it “sex trafficking”.   When I see an African American woman in corn rows, Malika Saar, showing off a poster of an African American girl, and trying to focus on the “No Such Thing” campaign getting people to say there is actually “no such thing" as a "child prostitute”. 

Only there is.  In Nevada a 16 year old, before she’s old enough to drive legally, can obtain a brothel prostitute license where for her first 48 hours on the site if she tries to leave she can be arrested!  Now tell me again there’s “no such thing" in America as a “child prostitute” when I’m looking at a 16 year old forced to work in a legal brothel  where she can't call 911 for help as a “trafficking victim” to get help and out of there because of all this media being pumped out saying she “doesn't even exist”. 

So there’s a lot more to some of this “fake" TV than just trying to sell a show, or get some ratings.  Some of it is downright criminal, sinister, and is harming a lot of people. 

I was wondering if we could talk more about this?  Please call me.

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529

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