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Friday, November 17, 2017


Dear Al:

My name is Jody Williams.  Back in the 1980's I was witnessing not only Iran Contra, which as you know was our own CIA importing cocaine into this country to raise "off the books" cash to buy guns for the Contra's, but also what didn't have even a name for it back then which has since been coined as "sex trafficking". 

To my shock, I found out this wasn't even illegal.  Watch the unedited opening sequence of "Enter the Dragon" where Bruce Lee in 1973 was trying to convey to the world what was true - that is that it was not illegal to lure women into planes out of the country, get them hooked on drugs, and then sell them to the highest bidder.  To wit I saw our CIA selling women for not only cocaine/drug deals, but also to seal oil deals connected to the Bush family members.  I saw it with my own eyes - and because we as "prostitutes" were dubbed "criminals" we couldn't go to the police for help nor to even report what we were seeing.

The Rampart lawsuit was only the tip of the iceberg in that the police were being used as the "pit bulls" for this operation back then, so we not only couldn't go to the police for help - but we were running from them actually.  In order that children weren't going to get accidentally shot in a residential area, I took a warehouse in 1984 and created what I later learned was the first adult safe house for these victims.

Of course, these men weren't happy I was hiding women safely in this warehouse, so I was framed and arrested for "pimping" in 1984 to shut down the safe house.  To explain why we had all this high tech security equipment, I was held on a $50,000 bail while the prosecutor/police told the media I was dubbed the "High Tech Madam".  Only if you google this - you'll find EVERY SINGLE HIGH LEVEL MADAM was arrested in 1984.

Why?  Good question - because we were refusing to "sell" women to these CIA men for these drug/oil deals that's why.  So we were arrested, everything we owned taken, threatened with our family members being arrested, our faces plastered all over the media as "criminals" and then asked if we were going to be more "cooperative".  As it came out in the news, Alex was one became an informant for the rest of her life (Alex is the Beverly Hills Madam who mentored Heidi Fleiss). 

I however wanted to see things change.  So in 1987, I founded the first hotline in this country (yes years before Polaris created the National Trafficking Hotline) for sex trafficking victims to call for help, as well as anyone who wanted to simply get help to leave the sex industry for whatever reason.  I then embarked upon a major media campaign to raise awareness about modern domestic sex trafficking you can see some of on 

This resulted in the Trafficking Act of 2000 being passed giving us federal recognition for the first time in history.  Bill Wilson created Alcoholics Anonymous which led to the evolution of alcoholism being understood as a "disease" and not a "vice".  I was the Bill Wilson of the sex trafficking movement by creating the hotline, Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous), and the movement that led to this Act being passed.

Only to see Randall Tobias and George W. Bush come in and pass the TVRA of 2003 - which gave all that money we created for victims to "faith based programs".  Randall became known as the man who wrote the "anti-prostitution clause" into financial aid.  Which is frankly why Polaris creating the National Trafficking Hotline in 2003 in fact. 

Why?  Because the government wanted to create a "sex trafficking victim hotline" that REFUSED HELP TO SEX WORKERS UNLIKE OUR HOTLINE - that's why.  You see we didn't take any "moral" stance on the sex industry being a 12 step program.  But our government had to - so in order to launch the government's "hot line" for sex trafficking victims - they of course had to EXCLUDE SEX WORKERS from  that hotline.  Kind of like trying to separate out someone who has the disease of alcoholism from someone who maybe abuses alcohol from treatment - which is why it isn't working really.  Because you can't exclude sex workers from trying to help sex trafficking victims anymore than you could try and target human trafficking victims that are maids at hotels while trying to block out aid to any hotel workers.  it was, and is, frankly ridiculous to be honest. 

But you see as we were raising awareness about what REAL MODERN DOMESTIC sex trafficking really is - the light was shining too brightly on those CIA men who were doing things like flooding drugs into our country, fueling gang violence, and selling American women to wealthy oil men and Columbian drug lords.  Which then takes the focus off the African American community - which was really the very backbone of what Iran Contra was about - taking the eyes off the white CIA men and putting it all on the AFrican American "gang bangers" to blame them for the drug epidemic.  Which was the formula they followed when they started "raising awareness" about sex trafficking without real victims' voices, i.e., when they had to start creating "fake victims" like Samoly Mam.  Who was a "manufactured victim" who while she was hogging the microphone - the voices of REAL victims was being silenced.

Look Al, I'm not saying you didn't upset some women with your "sexual harassment" and your upcoming "testimony at Congress" and the "ethics committee" - but frankly I find the focus on you making gestures at someone's boobs at a USO event MORE OFFENSIVE in itself because of who America's eyes will be on instead of who they should be on.  I mean on YOU?

Where's the hearings into what happened with Jeane Palfrey's murder (the DC Madam)?  In 1984, none of us madams had any proof about what our politicians were doing to us back then.  So we had to take the media portrayals of us just like the African American community had to take their portrayals that weren't true - and shut up.  But Jeane was the first one of us who had RECORDS.  She had cell phone records, bank receipts, tape recordings, etc.

NOT OF HER CLIENTS - but of how our government was using her just like they'd been using us for our government's political and financial agendas.  In essence, they were forcing Jeane, and women like Brandy Britton, to be in the industry because of their agenda.  And Jeane had proof.  That's why when she decided to quit the industry and flee the country - she was arrested at the airport.  They slapped her with the madam charge to try and silence her.  To not be silenced, she refused the plea bargain thinking it would come out as public record.  Only because of who the men were she was talking about - it was silenced. 

So she tried to release the "Black Book".  The goal was to get her book and movie out so WE FINALLY could tell the truth about what our government was doing to it's own women and children.  Because where was Jeane to go for help when Brandy Britton was murdered to silence her and when she was being forced to send out women on "calls" where she was being pumped for information, or sending out the information they wanted her to?  She was still someone our country was calling "criminal" as a madam because again the voices of REAL SEX TRAFFICKING VICTIMS IN AMERICA WERE BEING SILENCED. 

Only ABC LIED about the names in the book - which is why we thank God we had the foresight to give a copy of the book to the Smoking Gun.  They released names like David Vitter and Randall Tobias.  You see there was a deeper reason why Randall was making sure that no one identified as "prostitute" was able to get any type of "aid" or services - because we have to be silenced and not heard. 

When Jeane was going to get that million dollars award from Larry Flynt, and we were going to set up a movie production company to "get the truth out there" - she was murdered the day before she had a press conferenced scheduled where she was going to reveal not only more names - but also more about how she herself was being "forced", i.e., "trafficked". 

Her body wasn't cold when the media was calling it a "suicide".  You want to know where I think there needs to be an ethics hearing?  Into the men that were a part of the machine that led to not only Jeane Palfrey's murder, but also Brandy Britton and even Sylvia Landry - all three women connected to David Vitter who were all three found "hung" to silence their voices.  Yet these men continue to sit at high political offices by the way. 

In fact, the House Ethics Commission has declared that politicians can be "gifted" prostitutes (without specifying legal or illegal) and it's all perfectly fine!  But we're not holding hearings about this are we?  Or about who these women are that can be "gifted" like cars or things! 

They're complaining about you?  What about the NINE women that said James Deen raped them on the set of an adult movie?  What about the one woman who was told by the producers of the AVN that if she didn't present an award a month later on the same podium/stage with James she would be sued by them for "breach of contract"?  Or one of those women who was found dead of a drug overdose?  Or the woman who was raped anally on the set while the crew applauded at the blood spewing out?  I'm sorry - but I don't feel Tweeden speaking on major media every two seconds and flashing a photo of you "gesturing" towards her boobs should be getting more attention and more outrage and more investigation THAN WHAT HAPPENED TO JEANE, JAMES DEEN'S VICTIMS, CELESTE GUAP OR EVEN ELIOT SPITZER. 

How about we put the police officers who were pimping out and raping the juvenile Celeste Guap for years?  How about the fact that THREE police chiefs in a row were found to have to be replaced and step down before the mayor just left the position open in the Celeste Guap case.  Why is everyone screaming about your "groping" a woman while the MULTIPLE officers who RAPED AND TRAFFICKED CELESTE GUAP, and most likely others, is in the middle of a trial right now I don't hear ANYONE TALKING ABOUT!

Why isn't Eliot Spitzer joining you?  This man was ignored completely when it came out he was the NY prosecutor while frequenting escort services.  Only while he was the prosecutor - tell me if those escorts and even madams were able to go to the authorities about what crimes might be being done towards them?  With Eliot having to cover up his dirty laundry - they were fair game for crime, rape, etc.  Mind you he wasn't "caught".  He wasn't "arrested".  He didn't "confess".  We only found out about it because an agent "leaked the surveillance tape" to let us know as a country what he did.  What happened?  Did we arrest him?  Not only did we NOT ARREST HIM - BUT HE STARTED WRITING SEX TRAFFICKING LAWS AND LAWS CRIMINALIZING BUYERS?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  That's about as bad as when we saw Pablo Escobar writing laws about extradition in Mexico!

So what happened to dear Eliot?  Did he "change his ways"?  Oh no - another Russian escort was in such fear of her life from him that she was trying to leave the country to get away from his reach.  Only he cornered her in a NY hotel room and ASSAULTED HER.  Did he get arrested?  No - SHE DID.  He claimed she was "blackmailing him" and SHE WAS ARRESTED. 


What about John McCain?  He and his wife barged into the sex trafficking field shouting there was "no such thing" as a "juvenile prostitute" begging our criminal justice system to "stop arresting these victims".  A campaign complete with the "fake catfish juvenile victim" as well as a structure set up to launder oil money donations through the campaign. 

Only where were the REAL SURVIVORS OF JUVENILE SEX TRAFFICKING IN THIS "NO SUCH THING" CAMPAIGN?  They weren't the ones saying to "not arrest us".  You know why?  Because it was bullshit - it was a clever way of "marketing" the idea of NOT PROSECUTING THE PIMPS AND NOT PROSECUTING THE JOHNS.  Because the real story is that for every juvenile arrested for prostitution - there is an investigation into the "buyer" as well as who is "selling" them.  If they aren't arrested - then no prosecution into these predators is created then is there? 

You want something to be investigated about "sexual abuse" in this country - I don't think it's a few women you groped while a stand up comedian.  What should be investigated is that BILLIONS of dollars have supposedly been raised to provide programs and services to "sex trafficking victims" that EXCLUDE PROSTITUTES for one thing.  Kind of like saying we'll only help sober alcoholics get sober - it's insane for one thing.  Especially when the very nature of being a trafficking victim is that you're BRAINWASHED INTO NOT KNOWING YOU'RE A VICTIM for one thing. 

For another - where is all this money gone?  I've seen BILLIONS being raised for "sex trafficking victims" yet when I answer our hotline as I do every night since 1987, and I get a victim calling me just about every Friday night like they do asking for help - NO ONE ANSWERS THE PHONE at these programs.  They're either out "at a fund raiser" or just not answering.  I can show you how EVERY SINGLE TASK FORCE HAS NOW BEEN EXPOSED AS PROMOTING SEX TRAFFICKING IN THIS COUNTRY for one thing. 

But where's the money?  In the 80's we flooded the country with cocaine to raise cash.  Welcome to Iran Contra 2.0 where the money was raised at "fund raisers" with "fake catfish victims" and "straw programs" that don't exist for victims.  I know because whenever I try and get a victim placed in one of these programs, or get them some help, or access any of these services - they aren't there!  And then everyone makes sure to keep me muzzled so no one knows this fact either.  Only where then did the money go?  Los Angeles alone was supposedly putting $7 million dollars aside for housing for sex trafficking victims - and I can't get a victim a hotel for one night so where's the money? 

Harry Reid once proposed that we needed to get politicians caught frequenting prostitutes to step down out of office because of the proximity it put them to corruption and crime - and I saw that man drummed right out of politics in response.  Yet I see men like Chris Butler and Joohon David Lee caught sex trafficking while in protected government jobs - and not only are they not thrown in jail for sex trafficking, but they get to retire on their pensions after being caught as traffickers?  And the media wants to investigate YOU?

No wonder our politicians are mixed up about what's "appropriate sexual behavior" in this country because I'm confused as shit right now seeing the media pouncing on YOU  as the "bad guy" for some jokes and groping while I'm seeing women being flown over into this country and trafficked by a Homeland Security, ICE and human trafficking agent on plane tickets bought with taxpayer money - and I'm not seeing ANYONE talk about what these men did to women - and I got to tell you I'm completely mixed up right now as to what's "appropriate" considering all these mixed messages I'm seeing right now. 

I mean why is the woman you groped getting sooooo much more air and media time for her outrage while the victims of men like James Deen are told they have to "stand on a stage and smile at the camera or they're be sued"? 

Better yet - can you explain to me why YOU'RE the one being investigated and questioned in front of our country but SNOOP DOGG ISN'T?  The man CONFESSED TO TRAFFICKING WOMEN ALL ACROSS THIS COUNTRY IN 2003 AND I DOUBT HE CHECKED THEIR ID WHEN THEY WERE ON THAT RV - and YOU'RE THE ONE BEING GRILLED OVER THE COALS?

Charlie Sheen deliberately infects women with HIV/AIDS  and YOU'RE THE ONE BEING DEMONIZED?

If you have any idea how to explain that to the ethics commission - please explain it to me.  Thanks - Jody Williams (702) 488-1127


Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Office of Inspector General, Florida Dept. of Corrections
Via Fax

Re:         John Meekins

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jody Williams.  I run the group listed above, along with the hotline associated with it.  Our group, and hotline, was the first of it’s kind for adults to call when seeking help to exit the sex industry for whatever reason – sex trafficking included.  This of course was before the term “sex trafficking” was even coined mind you.  It took us 13 years of a lot of time, money, and huge sacrifices in my life to see us get federal recognition for sex trafficking being real as it did when the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed.  A true game changer because up until that point the system viewed us only, and solely, as “criminals” and never a “victim” before that recognition was achieved.

I’m writing you because of a matter of deep concern to me.  I was told by a guard, or ex-guard, John Meekins,  he was “played a tape recording of a call and shown screen shots of our conversation” done supposedly by me of conversations John and I have had in the past.  John told me he lost his job because of this, and spoke of another trafficking program which he says will not happen because of supposedly this very thing. 

I have a real problem with this.  I want you to know that NO ONE has contacted me to verify if I said or did any of this.  I’m especially horrified that I now have this man not only quite upset at me about this, but he’s also been completely blasting me within the trafficking field telling people I had contacted the Office of the Inspector General claiming he “was a pimp” and that he “worked for Sex Workers Outreach Project”.  Two things I don’t even believe about John, let alone would I be calling up your office making such a complaint about it.

If I think someone “is a pimp” I generally don’t do a damn thing about it to be honest EXCEPT offer to help them.  Sex Workers Anonymous is a 12 step group for men, women and transgender adults who want to leave  ANY part of the sex industry for ANY reason.  I’m going to point you to my YouTube page where I have a tape of my appearance on a Donahue  located at I did in 1992.  I’d like you to note the African American man on that panel who speaks about his membership in Sex Workers Anonymous who helped him stop being a pimp.

Yes Sex Workers Anonymous welcomes in pimps as well as prostitutes.  Madams too as evidenced by Jeane Palfrey’s membership in SWA (the D.C. Madam), for about two years before her death.  I say “death” and not “suicide” because I believe she was murdered before she could testify at the Ethics Hearing about the names in her “Black Book”.  Jeane didn’t reveal names of “johns” in that book, but instead that of her traffickers.  She had been trying to prove to the public that she was being forced to work as a madam by men within our own government, just as Alex Adams had also been, as well as myself.  Meaning I believe that sometimes someone who is working as a pimp or madam can be a sex trafficking victim sometimes – coerced in some manner to be acting in that capacity. 

Which is why we don’t discriminate in SWA as to who we help or don’t help.  It’s in fact a fundamental difference between us and many of these new “trafficking” programs that have popped up now grant money has been made available to groups who will only focus on the prostitute as “victim” – completely leaving those forced into other positions within the sex industry out in the cold, or even demonized as is being done these days by these other groups against madams and pimps. 

Our very reputation is on the line here when I’m having someone come to me and tell me they have been fired over me supposedly coming to the authorities to file a complaint against someone “being a pimp”.   In other words, this goes to the very core of the confidentiality issue that I offer anyone who calls us. 

The ONLY time I have done such things has been under two conditions and two conditions only – that first of all of this person has refusing any of our help, and the second being that they are actively enslaving others who wish our help to leave.  In the whole time I’ve been running SWA, I can count on one hand the times I’ve had to do any actions against a pimp or trafficker and John Meekins isn’t one of those incidents. 

I did try and get an investigation going against Peter Todd for example.  This man murdered at least three prostitutes I’m aware of in Las Vegas in my opinion.  I had multiple other prostitutes come to me asking for my help to escape this man.  Because he was also operating as an informant for the police – these women were unable to not only get any protection from him, but in fact the police were refusing to lift one finger to help them because of his informant position, as well as do anything about the women he murdered. 

Leaving me with having to see what I could do in order to have him arrested so as to protect these other women who were not only in great reasonable fear of their lives – but also having to fight against the fact he had police protection while he was actively still trafficking women from Canada down into the states.   A man I have been so open about going after that I even set up the website to warn others about him once I realized the police wouldn’t lift a finger to help his victims.

I CERTAINLY don’t consider John Meekins not only a pimp, but not a pimp I’d even think about going to the police about for help against!  So I have a huge problem here.  I have a huge problem in that John Meekins is running around thinking I made such a complaint, I got him fired, and this complaint is being used now as an excuse for not letting some other trafficking program get off the ground.  I especially have a problem over the fact this is making it appear I’m not offering our members the confidentiality that I do – even for those who are pimps who might be calling us for help one day.

I have been very open about the fact I’ve been impersonated many times in the past.  I’ve got at least three articles published carrying what appears to be an interview with me I never did.  I wouldn’t mind actually – but these interviews state things that are completely contrary to what I believe, and what SWA stands for.  These false interviews have been extremely harmful to me and SWA actually and if I could reach the reporter responsible for them I’d slap him with a lawsuit.  I say this because I have tried to locate him for just this purpose.  After what happened with people like Stephen Glass it’s quite well known now that sometimes writers, reporters, etc. do completely fake whole stories.   Celebrities have stories faked about them all the time. 

So I’m more than a little upset at papers like “The Fix” to name one who published two of these fake interviews with me.  I’d sue them but they’ve been bought by Sober Media and I’m sure won’t be around for me to sue over this damage.  

However, your office is still around.   I need to talk to someone about this.  Please contact me at the above information at your earliest convenience and let me know first of all if this actually happened.  If so, I want to know the agent’s name who did this to John and drug my name into this.  I also want to let you know that NO ONE  has contacted me to verify I actually spoke to anyone there.  So we have a few things to talk about.


Jody Williams

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Here is an article in the Huffington Post confirming the lawsuit filed by Maxine Doogan was DISMISSED. 


The complaint wasn't written with one leg to stand on.  Not if the intent was to decriminalize prostitution as she's claiming the lawsuit was intended when she was out fund raising and garnering support from sex workers who don't have 30 years of experience with the legal system as I do (I've been working as a paralegal for 30 years since I left sex work).

Which is why when I first read the lawsuit, and knew it would be dismissed, I reached out to Maxine offering her support to modify the complaint to something I thought would have a better shot at winning the stated race of trying to get prostitution decriminalized.

Only to find myself rebuffed, even threatened to "back off". 

So I contacted her attorney's directly thinking maybe Maxine just didn't understand the legal jargon I was throwing at her.  I thought maybe her lawyers might understand more of the legal problems I saw with the lawsuit, and thus might be more willing to discuss ways to amend the complaint so they'd have at least a shot at not being dismissed at the gate.

Only to have her attorney's not want to talk to me about the case - even to discuss possible legal options based on the experience of not only a paralegal with 30 years experience, but also someone who has been looking at legal options, and following legal cases, quite closely for over 30 years also.  I mean I've had not only my legal case I was involved with in the 1980's, but I've also been involved in many of the legal cases, and lawsuits, our members have been involved with as well as their legal strategies.  Strategies which included what Jeane Palfrey was intending to bring about by refusing to take a plea bargain in her case even. 

If you remember, in Jeane's case she was arguing she could not be held responsible for her escorts being prostitutes being she had them sign contracts with her they would not be engaging in prostitution.  The court struck down this defense so she went with option B - which was how could she be held responsible for her actions as a madam when it was in fact our own government who was the one forcing her to act as such under threat of arresting her when she refused?  When in fact she was arrested when she refused as evidenced by her arrest at the airport when she was attempting to flee the country - certainly not acting as a madam when she was at the airport because she had told her CIA contact she was no longer willing to engage in these covert actions they were involving her in.  But of course she never got that far before her supposed suicide.  She had a "leg to stand on" legally in her case - but then again that's probably why she got whacked. 

Anyway, this is when I realized this case wasn't about what they were claiming it was about because any first year law student, as well as any paralegal, could see this case wouldn't be anything BUT dismissed.  A fact all the more established as true when neither Maxine nor her attorney's would speak to me about the holes in the case. 

And when I realized Maxine was not on "our" side as she's claiming either.  This is when I started digging and uncovered the strange little fact that both Maxine as the plaintiff, as well as the four prosecutors she was suing as the defendants, had BOTH received money from Swanee Hunt.  Meaning maybe they weren't "adversaries" either as appeared on the surface.  Certainly would explain why she only filed the lawsuit against four prosecutors - instead of the state prosecutor's office, or even that of just San Francisco for that matter (the same four who had received Hunt grant money in other words). 

Which is why I predicted the case would be dismissed.  It wasn't written with one legal leg to stand on to have prostitution overturned as a criminal activity - something she has been touting it was filed with the intent to do while fund raising and garnering support from the sex industry. 

Oh and if you're not sure who Nancy O'Malley is nor why Alison Bass failed to mention anything about her in this article - she's the prosecutor who is involved in the Oakland sex scandal who announced just in time for the election she's decided to prosecute seven of the police officers accused of having sex with Celeste Guap.  Of course since I've seen cops who have done horrific acts of brutality against people like in the Rodney King case not held accountable even with the videotape he had on his side - well excuse me if I don't hold my breath here about anything really happening to these cops.  Especially since the cases would hinge completely on Celeste's testimony.  What with her mother being a 911 operator - I have a strange feeling we're not going to be hearing much testimony coming out of her against cops. 

Nancy also received $80,000 of money from Swanee Hunt for one.  She's also the same prosecutor in Alameda County who stepped up for some strange reason inbetween our organization and Celeste Guap.  Leading to Celeste being driven courtesy of the police in her hometown to a treatment center in Florida where she was then somehow involved in a criminal charge of assault between her and a GUARD in this treatment program.  Now I've been around the recovery community for also over 30 years and I have never heard of a client being drug off by the police for assault on a "uniformed guard" as supposedly was the person she was charged with assaulting.  Nor have I ever heard of someone being held on a $300,0000 bail either - very convenient way if you ask me to shut her up from talking to the press.

In fact, it reminds me very much of when I was slapped with a $50,000 bail in 1984 to stop me from correcting the press when I was arrested into explaining that the "brothel" I was being accused of running was actually a "safe house".  That the woman I was being charged with "pimping" out of this warehouse was there recuperating from her pimp's assault which had broken her arm, her nose and blacked both of her eyes.  I'd sure like to know how in the hell I'd be "pimping" a woman with a cast on her arm, a brace on her nose and two black eyes like she'd been in a heavyweight fight!  But hey my bail being so high gave the police who set up the arrest two weeks to blast me all over the media as being the "High Tech Madam".  Hell they even got to tell the press that all of that security I had on the place was to help me "operate my prostitution business".  Yeah right that's why I set the place up next to the police station?  You can see what I mean at where my arrest clippings are placed. 

Meaning I'm well aware of how the media is manipulated to cover up our side of the story about what's really going on.  Just as I didn't buy for one minute Maxine filed that lawsuit "on behalf of decriminalizing prostitution for sex workers".  I've been trying to get prostitution decriminalized for 30 years and this was not a tactic that stood once chance.  Again, if this was about what she said it was about, and being made up to be about in the press, then my call to help her win that lawsuit where I was bringing her 30 years of legal strategy to the table, would have been welcomed with open arms. 

Media which for some reasons seems to be focusing a lot on a case even a paralegal could tell you would have been dismissed.  But then again the publicity sure didn't harm Maxine's fund raising campaign, nor the sale of Alison Bass' book I imagine. 

Anyway, I was proven correct when this case was dismissed SADLY. 

Shame really when all of that support could have been translated into something which would have worked to decriminalize prostitution.  But then again I realize now this wasn't it's real intent.  So mark my words here again when I say this appeal is more propaganda

I'm still trying to figure out how all of these groups listed in the Brief are listed in this Brief being they weren't plaintiff's in the original action, nor do I see them filing papers to become joined as plaintiff's in this action.  Why is this important?  Because if the case were heard, and lost, with the loser being liable for court costs, and even possibly a punitive penalty of some kind for say having wasted the courts time maybe - then they don't really have any legal say in the matter. 

I mean where were these people in the original lawsuit but now they're listed in the Brief on the appeal?  Not from any legal standpoint I can see but as evidenced by the publicity they've received thanks to writers such as Alison Bass - it's great publicity.   I'm going to be looking over all of the papers in this case in more detail over the weekend because I've never ever seen an appeal brief filed by people who are not parties to the action.  So I'm kind of scratching my head here on that point.

But for now I'm afraid the content of the Brief just doesn't hold up to scrutiny of any kind. 

What I mean by that is let me ask you something - if all of the juvenile arrests in California were stopped as of 2015 as part of the "No Such Thing" campaign, dropping juvenile arrests for prostitution down to ZERO - then how on earth can this Brief be claiming that "juveniles are being targeted for arrest"? 

Can someone please explain that to me?

By using 2014 arrest figures is how.  Convenient to cite arrests which are no longer the case in this Brief.  I say that because California stopped arresting ANY juvenile for prostitution in 2015.  So by quoting 2014 statistics - yes you can make it appear to be disproportionate - but it's no longer the case however in 2016 nor the foreseeable future either. 

As to why "LGBT youth are detained twice as much as straight youth for detention" how about the fact that one can only be tested for HIV/AIDS if convicted of prostitution, which doesn't happen unless detained?  I'm sure the fact that more LGBT youth are now infected with the HIV/AID virus, in fact we're now in an epidemic according to many statistics, has more to do with the concern over them possibly spreading the virus than that of a heterosexual youth right?  That maybe these "detentions" were more for the sake of getting them tested for HIV/AID than of this being about prostitution or them even being LGBT.  But of course pointless at all now NO  juveniles are being arrested, or at least convicted, now of prostitution charges period since the 2015 "No Such Thing" campaign.

In fact, explain something else to me.  Money for services for those infected with HIV/AIDS is determined by the numbers of those showing up as infected.  Now to make a porn movie on a licensed set - you have to show you've recently been tested for the virus.  This makes of course the numbers for those infected with the virus who are in the porn industry fairly easy to track as well as relatively low since they use protection most of the time. 

However, I have gone into strip clubs and massage parlors here in Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.  Both establishments where I've seen illegal prostitution going on right in the premises.  In fact, one strip club in the san Fernando valley is so sleazy they have back rooms sectioned off from the stage area with sheets where the "dancers" are going in to the "back" rooms several times in one hour's time.  I've spoken to dancers who are over 18 in California, but between 16 to 18 years of age in Nevada (where the legal age of consent for sex in Nevada is 15 years old mind you and yes there are strip clubs who hire 16 year olds to work there but just don't serve alcohol when they're on stage).  Not only have the women employed in these establishments told me they have never been arrested for prostitution since no stings happen inside of these types of businesses (when have you last heard of a prostitution sting happening in a strip club or massage parlor in these two states recently?), but they further report not having ever received any type of HIV/AIDS education, nor are they tested for the virus as part of their job requirement.  In fact, I asked these same women if they've ever had an HIV/AIDS test and they all looked at me like my Pomeranian does when I say something he doesn't understand.  In other words, no.

So if we are not testing sex workers who are the most likely to be infected with HIV/AIDS as much as we did before when they were being arrested more, thus tested more, and tested with results that would be reported as such as being from a sex worker, not protected from this reporting under private HPPA laws,  then this lower reporting of sex workers having HIV/AIDS would thus translate into lower services being funded for sex workers with the virus - so I ask you how is this helping them?

Now, on the reverse side of this equation, how many strip clubs and massage parlors do you know of who hire the transgender or an LGBT person?   Statistically, while there are transgender strippers I assure you they are outnumbered at least 20 to1 from what I've seen by heterosexual, or at least heterosexual "appearing" natural born females.  Why?  Market demand. 

But from what I've seen the police have been laying off any type of "legal" sex industry operation - strip clubs, massage parlors, Nevada legal brothels, webcam studios, porn sets, etc., and focusing more on the street walking faction of the sex industry.

One where there are proportionately more transgenders and the LGBT community who are not being hired by these establishments - so therefore wouldn't that be one of the reasons why arrests might be appearing to be targeting them more?  I mean if I'm wrong - take a look at the catalog of women working at the Bunny Ranch owned by Dennis Hof who owns something like 7 of them I think at last count.  Do you see many transgenders or those who say they're LGBT in their description here?

Now take a look at movies like "Tangerine" and tell me if you see any women out there on Hollywood Boulevard working the streets who look like the women at the Bunny Ranch? 

So if there are more of this community out on the streets where the police are operating than that of the heterosexual females employed by all these other "off the street" industries - than is the discrimination here the fault of law enforcement, or that of the sex industry itself that's putting them out there in the first place?

Either way, this appeal is just more press and more fund raising.  It has NOTHING to do with helping those who are being targeted by law enforcement for arrest as prostitutes to get prostitution decriminalized. 

Not one damn thing.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Jody Williams
Sex Workers Anonymous
(702) 488-1127 Telephone/Cell

Nancy O’Malley
Alameda Prosecutors Office
Via Fax and Email

Re:         Celeste Guap

Dear Ms. O’Malley:

I’m sure you remember me.  I’m the one who has been trying for oh a few years now to get you to talk to me about the very situations surrounding Celeste Guap, only to have you repeatedly ignore me. If you saw one article, an investigator said she’s connected to a case that’s “been going on for ten years now”.  That it is, and also why I’ve been trying to speak to you for some time now.  Only you told me you “didn’t have room” to speak to me about the issues our members were presenting to me, as well as calls we were getting on the hotline.  All my requests to speak to you directly were also ignored.   People wonder why I send “long letters” Nancy – maybe it’s because I can’t get anyone to pick up a phone.

The problem with “ignoring” me however is that instead of the problems going away, they just tend to turn into exactly what you’re dealing with now.  I should know as I’ve been going through this same hamster wheel for over thirty years now.  It’s why your predecessors Mayor Tom Bradley, Chief Gates, and Sheriff Block trusted me enough to work closely with me when I first launched our program back in 1987.   You can read more about that at if you haven’t already. 

They had enough sense to know when I presented them with a group of men and women we’d effectively gotten out of the sex industry, clean from all drugs, and working “legit” jobs and with college degrees - maybe we knew something.   It’s why they allowed us to start up the very first alternative sentencing program this county, or this country, ever had seen back then.   One that was quite successful also which would probably still be running today had not my home been destroyed in the 1994 Sherman Oaks earthquake. 

I moved back then to Nebraska to get more involved with the case known as “Omaha Franklin” which was trafficking children out of Boys Town.  After dealing with Nevada for a few years, I’m in Los Angeles because our members have been telling me my help is needed here.  Only seems based on your office’s refusal to speak to me they might want my help, they might want your help – but it seems you weren’t too interested.  Well now maybe this whole scandal with Celeste Guap might change your mind a little. 

I had tried reaching out to Celeste when all this news hit because I knew what was coming her way.  Only to hear Victory Church had reached out to her.  Only they’re not equipped to deal with her type of situation, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard their publicity stunt failed, she refused their help.  See it’s not that she “refused”, as much as they’re not equipped to deal with her type situation.

As I continued to try and make contact, people kept batting me away saying “Nancy O’Malley is taking over her case”.  Of course I got no answer from you either.  By the way, it doesn’t exactly send a message you give a damn about these sex trafficking victims when I can’t get you on the phone about their situation.  Just an FYI.  I mean you might impress your co-workers – but the message these men and women get is you “don’t want to hear about it” when you won’t call me back about their issues which is why clearly they’re not calling you for help directly.   Think about it – why would they feel safe calling you directly for help when even I can’t get you on the phone? 

Okay, but you did send Celeste to Florida where I can only deduce from that move either you’re completely ignorant about what’s going on there, or you’re a part of the problem itself.  Because frankly that would have been the LAST thing I would have done with her. 

Since you want to step your toe into my waters (that of helping women like Celeste who last time I looked was an adult meaning she’s in my territory now being we work with adults), then I’m going to step a toe back into yours.  It’s my understanding first of all that you’re a prosecutor.  That’s your job title from what I can see from the newspapers.  My “job” title however is helping women like Celeste. 

See I WAS Celeste Guap back in the 1980’s. 

I say that because back before we had the internet, the sex industry operated a little differently than it does today.  Now if you’ve seen films like “Cocaine Cowboys” or Rick “Freeway” Ross’s film – then you’ll have an idea about the truth about Iran Contra.  Only the “truth” has only come out now years later.  In fact, when Gary Webb first broke the story about the “truth” behind Iran Contra – seems he blasted his head off twice with a shot gun.  The coroner has said it’s “impossible” to blow off your own head twice with a shot gun – but then a lot of people connected to that whole page in our history have wound up dead under such types of strange things.  I’d like to point out however I’m still alive so maybe, just maybe, I do know something about what I’m talking about

To the outside world back in the 1980’s, the cocaine epidemic was supposedly because of African American gangs.  That’s who was being blamed for it on the 11:00 o’clock news.  I used to be meeting with men from our own CIA down on the piers overseeing the pick-up of the drug, taking it to a crack house in Compton to oversee it’s being cut and prepared for sale, then giving it to my “girlfriends” who would then be taking the drug into Hollywood parties, movie sets, and to “exclusive” clients who frequented places like the Beverly Hills Hotel.  

Then I’d go home to turn on the news to hear how the gangs down in south central were to “blame” for this epidemic.  In fact, that’s all you ever heard about on the news when the talk about “crack” would come on – you’d be bombarded with images of gang members.  It’s also one of the contributing factors to the LA Riots – because the voiceless in the media was getting real tired of being blamed for problems and being used as pawns for the propaganda.   Just as is happening today I need to mention.

You know – kind of how they’re getting it today being labeled constantly in the media as “traffickers” right out of the Iran Contra Playbook 2.0?  However, I knew they were but scape goats and pawns and the media was being manipulated.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the Rampart scandal – but that was the result of those who were in a position to actually sue the LAPD years later.  I however as a “working girl” was in no such “position” to sue anyone.  Back then, some LAPD were the “traffickers” of my day. 

Of course there wasn’t a word invented for them yet back then, but what do you call cops who insist not only you sexually service them for free upon demand, and their buddies too, and then further insist only prostitutes who “work for them” through you, are the ones allowed into these high end hotels and to work high end Hollywood clubs and parties?  See I was their “scapegoat” also so I knew.

The name of their escort service back then was “Talk of the Town”.  They also doubled as a talent booking and production company also.  This way they could send a prostitute out as a “model” and have it paid for as a company expense.  Want to do an “on location” film shoot and need to make sure you got a couple of hookers around?  Call up “Talk of the Town” and they’ll send you a couple of “actresses” who will make sure everyone on set gets laid.  Plus if a man tried to order any escort to these hotels from any other service, or God forbid pick up an “independent” off the strip, then these police officers, in cooperation with hotel security, would make sure she, and her pimp, knew never to bother ever setting foot back on that property again.  The “johns” were told that they provided this service “strictly to make sure they weren’t rolled and to further provide discretion”.

By the way “end demand” my ass.  I know when I’m watching “johns” being scared into only using certain services when I see it.  Not a coincidence one of these guys was in charge of your “john shaming” program at the time he’s “seeing” Celeste.  You don’t “end demand” for ANYTHING by arresting people for it.  Prohibition taught us that.  I mean no one wanted to wind up like Eddie Murphy, Hugh Grant, or Danny Bonaduce right? 

Let me point out for a minute here the one thing connecting those three actors AND the high profile scandal was the fact they’d picked up street prostitutesNow do you really expect me to believe that with the kind of PR people these guys have that news hitting the media was an “accident”?  Of course not.  You have to understand the “language of the streets” Nancy.  The message being sent by men like the cops who owned “Talk of the Town” IS that if you use “independents” like those hookers were – you’re going to get yourself arrested and publicly shamed as we saw with cases like Eddie, Danny and Hugh.  It’s all to make sure you drive the market to want to use YOUR product – which in my day was these services owned by the LAPD/CIA.  Yes Nancy, arresting “johns” just drives them TO “traffickers”.

Now as these cops did such a good job of sending out “quality whores” to these wealthy, powerful men, using me as one of their “contract negotiators”, we started writing out the payment for these drugs and hookers right in the very budget of the films.  How else do you think they hid spending $10,000 a pop on cocaine otherwise?  You may have heard about the Paramount Studios scandal back in my day also which hit the news as all the truth started coming out about this also.  This was when it was discovered, after I’d “retired” from the business, that prostitutes were being billed and written right into the very budget of the films.  Guess whose prostitutes?  Ah you’re getting it now!

See it was all connected back then.  The CIA wanted to raise cash to buys guns “off the books” for the Contra’s.  So they arranged to have the drug brought into this country by bribing the coast guards, border patrols, etc., with cash, drugs and hookers.  Then the gang members processed the drugs, and of course provided security and a convenient scape goat.  How convenient that if anything went wrong – they’d just turn to the gang member nearest them and say they were there “busting the guy”. 

Then they turned to us as the three madams who controlled the “market” back then.  There was me as the “High Tech Madam”.  Alex Adams, the Beverly Hills Madam and Cheri Woods, the Hollywood Madam.  Cheri used to go out recruiting “starlets” who would then appear on game shows such as the “Dating Game” produced by Chuck Barris.  Chuck had a lot of power in Hollywood back then producing not only that show, but also the “Gong Show”, the “Newlywed Game”, and even dabbled in the music industry with his song “Down in Palisades Park”.  Trust me, no one would believe the guy was a CIA operative, then or now, if he hadn’t confessed to it in his book “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”. 

Alex spoke many languages, so she was able to arrange a lot of business with all the wealthy oil men coming into California back then buying up property like they were candy.  Cheri found a lot of aspiring models and actresses who would go and do these audition tapes and game shows.  I was the one who set up a fake office down on Wilshire Boulevard so we could have everything written off as a “business expense” using the merchant account I’d set up when I had also set up the first phone sex line.  I set up the phone sex line so we could take credit cards also over the telephone without having to carry around those pesky card sliders.  It also allowed our “clients” to write everything off as a business expense.

I wasn’t too happy about having to provide free blow jobs to some of these cops being I was my day’s version of “Super Head”, so I balked.  So I got set up in a phony arrest and booked for prostitution to “teach me a lesson”.  There was no evidence of course, but who was going to believe me against a cop right?  Luckily I had an attorney who was friends with my mother.  My mother who had worked at the Los Angeles County Juvenile Courts for 13 years before taking her disability from cracking up from the things she saw down there day after day.  He came and got me off the hook but made me promise that I’d “get out of this madness”.   It wasn’t that I didn’t want to – but I didn’t know how.

I explained to him I had no idea how to quit what with guys like this forcing me.  He didn’t understand in that Beverly Hills court hallway, but he soon learned.  He got me off the hook alright then and there – but these cops weren’t done letting me know who was in charge.  See there were other things these men wanted me to do.  They wanted me to sell them girls with no family who would either be sold outright and put onto diplomat’s planes out of the country to some harem somewhere, or we’d go through the charade of letting them win a date to another country on Chuck’s “Dating Game”.  Then they’d get all their papers in order, and just never come back.  I mean who actually checked to see what girls came back from all these dates?  I mean why would anyone question anything right?  Remember, this was back then when Chuck was a very trusted, top Hollywood producer. 

I tried leaving Nancy.  I decided to quit and just go back to school and leave the whole thing.  Only if you read up on the Rampart scandal – you have an idea who and what I was dealing with.  These cops used to grab and hold me for 71 hours without booking or charging me.  It was called the “incognito” law.  Since they’re allowed to hold me for 72 hours without charging me – they would hold me exactly 71 hours and then let me go.  By not charging me, they didn’t have to book me.  Without booking me – I didn’t even get my one phone call.  All anyone in my family knew was that I’d suddenly just disappeared. 

They’d release me sure.  But this was after torturing me for the full 71 hours.  I was lucky to be fed because I wasn’t even “there” officially.  Sometimes they wouldn’t even let me go to the bathroom because they’d put me in an office handcuffed to a desk.  After the first time, I walked to go to my car and my attorney showed up and told me to come with him, and send my mother back to check the car for drugs.  He had a “hunch” they were planning on busting me for drugs the minute I got into the car.  

So I sent my mom back, who found the drugs in my glove compartment.  Seems the cops had got to my keys while I was being questioned, then planted the drugs in the car.  Once the cops figured out I knew that trick because the next time they did it, I took a cab - my attorney warned me not to go home.  So I checked into a motel and my mom went to check my house.  Sure enough she found a pound of cocaine hidden under my bed.   She also told me there were two cops sitting out in front of my apartment waiting for me to come home.   I’m lucky to have a mom who believed me the drugs weren’t mine!

See after Beverly Hills had done this kind of thing to me twice, they had to get some of their buddies to help out so it wouldn’t appear to be “harassment”.  So this time I was being drug into the Van Nuys police station.  After the fourth time I was drug into the Van Nuys station for “questioning” for 71 hours at a whack, they realized it was beginning to look like “harassment” again.  So this time they sent me up to San Mateo.  They literally pasted my photo onto another woman’s drivers license who’d written a bad check up there, so of course when I showed up there the witness wasn’t able to identify me.  But then I had to try and explain to the judge how I supposedly forged my photo onto her ID card.  They didn’t exactly believe that I wasn’t the one who did this – I mean do you think they’d admit it was one of their cops who did such a thing to drag me up to San Mateo?  Any of this beginning to sound familiar?

Oh trust me, this type of thing is alive and well even today.  See I was scheduled to speak at the Nevada legislature about child sex trafficking a few years ago.  Seems the brothel owners weren’t too happy about what they thought I would say, so four men showed up at my apartment with a truck a few days before the hearings.  One of them was a local Sheriff.  Told me they were going to “escort me to the county line”.  They’d threatened my landlord with zoning violations if he didn’t sign a piece of paper claiming I was “trespassing” in the apartment I’d just paid my rent on.   I agreed to go along with them long enough to split away from them.  I then ran and checked into a motel down the street.

Only to have the cops show up at the motel door claiming they’d “had a report of a bad smell”.  How convenient.  Well after searching my room for clearly the drugs they thought they’d find, but didn’t because I’ve been clean since 1985, for the next five hours, they realized I didn’t have anything illegal.  But they did make up a warrant they claimed for me in Vegas for a traffic ticket I’d already paid off the month before.  I showed them the receipt, but that didn’t wash.  I was arrested and taken to the Goldfield jail to wait for transport to the Pahrump jail.  From there I had to wait two weeks until they could arrange for a marshal to pick me up and then take me to Rachel, Nevada to pick up another inmate, and then finally to the Clark County jail on a Friday night.  Of course I had to stay in custody until court Monday morning who then said “oh she’d cleared this already”.  Then they booted me loose in Las Vegas.  But there’s no bus line that goes from Las Vegas to Tonopah.  My daughter can’t drive because she’s very ill.  So I had to wait another day for someone to come and take me home 800 miles away. 

All planned out by the people wanting to make real sure I didn’t show up at that hearing.  Of course I missed testifying – but trust me I learned that oh yes this system is quite well and alive.   They even got Annie Lombert, who has never worked with one single child in Nevada, to appear on behalf of our side to testify.  It passed, but without any testimony about what’s going on in Nevada with respect to child sex trafficking there because I was locked up.  Oh of course the rumor was spread I wasn’t there because I was in police custody.  Try explaining to people why you were picked up on a traffic ticket you’d already paid for and see if they don’t call you “crazy” too Nancy.  Most people didn’t believe me.

Back to my situation when I was in something like Celeste’s shoes, after having these very bad men try and convince me using police pressure to “stay in line” and “do what I was told like a good little whore”, they decided to amp up the pressure on me another way to cooperate more with them.  They took me out to the airport one day to show me women who were being loaded onto a diplomat’s plane back to Saudi Arabi.  Something about the “Sultan of Brunei”.  He was offering up to $30,000 for the right “white girl” back then.  Some people liked wild tigers, and some like “white girls”.  If you catch the opening ten minutes of Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon”, you’ll see there were no laws against the trafficking of American women back in that day.  Shame he died only three weeks before that film opened. 

Then he told me to “go ahead – call a cop” to prove to me there was nothing I could do to stop what was happening.  Well after calling the cops and them hanging up on me, and of course pleading with airport security, the plane took off and there was nothing I could do to stop the plane with 10 women inside.  Think this kind of thing doesn’t happen anymore?  Google Joohon David Lee Nancy.  See when I wasn’t getting anyone to listen to me about the women being brought over from China to be trafficked here in the states, so I went to the Homeland Security and ICE office only for some strange reason to have them ignore me as well.  Just like your office has been in fact.  So when I got no response from them, I then went to the Dept. of Transportation and asked them to “be aware these people are bringing in women from China to be trafficked – and keep in mind China’s having an HIV/AIDS epidemic right now also”. 

Well for some strange reason the trafficking ring I was talking about somehow heard about what I’d said, and the alert being out for Chinese women, so they converted over to using Korean women.  Then to further make sure that they got their victims past security, they had Joohon David Lee, a man who was Homeland Security, ICE AND the trafficking department here in Los Angeles, (you know the ones who say I’m “crazy” and “imagining things”) to walk their victims physically through the airport. 

Anyway, the idea I could be put onto one of those planes and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it – had me pretty scared.  Not like anyone would get any help from the police investigating my disappearance back then.  I mean look at the Grim Reaper case – where 100’s of womens’ murders were just being ignored.  I mean why crack that case when it was so much more convenient to just have someone running around loose you could blame any hooker’s disappearance upon and have no one really question you about it?  They don’t send out task forces looking for dead hookers then or now.

So I decided to quit.  Just like that.  Only thing was I had a lease for another six months on a warehouse I’d rented to use as an incall operation.  It had a kitchen, shower, beds, TV, etc.  I didn’t see any reason to clear it out.  Not when I’d already been using it as a “safe house” for a few women who needed a way to get away from very violent, street pimps.  I’d let them stay in the place, get healed up, and then I’d help them get home, or onto their own two feet away from the pimp in their own apt.   This is why I’d installed all this surveillance equipment around the place – to make sure if anyone did manage to get inside at least it would record who was there for the police.  But I turned off all my phones.  Stopped running my ads.  Then told everyone I knew, including Alex, I was “done” and retired from sex work.

I was afraid to go home because the police had put drugs in my apartment twice trying to bust me for drug sales.  It was always large amounts so I knew they were trying to set me up on a sales charge.  They’d even tried to set me up for running a lab but that didn’t work because I refused to set foot in the place they were trying to lure me into.  Good thing too because I later learned it was a phony lab the cops had tried to set me up in.  So I had gone to check into a motel and was minding my own business.

But then the call comes in from a woman telling me her pimp had just beat the crap out of her.  Blacked both her eyes and broke her nose and arm.  She wanted to know if I’d help her out of there.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it seems I had opened the first safe house for adults in the country.  I had to because back then treatment centers, even domestic violence shelters, would refuse to admit us if they even suspected we were “prostitutes”.  Especially what with all the fear about HIV/AIDS going around.

So I drove to Lancaster, picked her up, took her to the warehouse and told her to just concentrate on healing.  Then I went back to my room to catch up on some TV.  A few days later the call comes in that she’s on probation for drugs and prostitution and it seems I’m being charged with pimping her.   The police set my bail for $50,000 thinking that would keep me locked up.  I remember asking my attorney why the bail was so high – it wasn’t like I was a flight risk.  I knew I could beat the case because it wasn’t true.  Heck the warehouse wasn’t even in my legal name.   That’s when my attorney told me “they’re not expecting you’ll make it to trial”.  He then warned me to “keep my head down” because he felt they were going to try and get me murdered in jail.  Of course he warned me to try and stay near the front of the dorm where the cameras were, and whatever I did, please don’t react to any provocations.

Oh which there were.  In fact, there were two specific incidents where I thought sure they were trying to provoke me into some kind of response so they could be justified in kicking my ass, or worse.  At one point a guard even started to take me up to the doctor’s for some strange reason.  As I entered into the elevator where there were no cameras, I was pretty scared.  Luckily, out of nowhere, someone showed up to hop onto the elevator with us and I think they might have saved my neck there.   Bail wasn’t easy to arrange as these police had threatened any bail bondsmen they’d be arrested and charged with “racketeering” and “money laundering” if they worked with me.  Thankfully, my attorney knew a friend who agreed to take the chance.  I then had a “regular” who put up his house so no one would be charged with “money laundering” and I was allowed to be released pending trial.

The media wasn’t paying any mind really to me until these same bad cops for some reason paid the press to come cover my story.  I actually witnessed this one cop who really loved to threaten me the most go and pay this one reporter who was hanging around the court hallway $50 to not only come cover my story, but to further make sure ALL the press got ahold of it.  The logic it seems was that usually when someone like me gets a lot of press on them then the court can’t just dismiss the whole case – even though there wasn’t a shred of evidence I had been pimping anyone.  Another reason is powerful men worried what you’re going to spill to the DA who want to keep advised of your case.  Good way to do that is to let the press do it.  Tactics commonly still in use today. 

The girl was on probation and even admitted to me the police had forced her into saying I’d pimped her.  Further pressure to try and get me to come back “where I belonged” and continue working for these guys.  When they realized I was going to push for a trial, and I had the evidence to clear myself, they decided to arrest my mother and charge her with pimping me. 

I’ve since learned it’s quite a common tactic as we’ve seen now the same tactics when Heidi Fleiss was arrested.  They had tried going for Jeane Palfrey’s mother, but since I’d warned her attorney he was able to “head them off at the pass”.   He convinced them it would just be bad press to get them to not arrest her elderly, sick mother.  But if there’s family who can be deported, then of course they threaten to deport them (like they’re doing now with many  Asian trafficking victims).  If there’s children, they threaten to have them taken away.  If nothing, they threaten their family until they get a plea bargain.  Well this is when all hell really started to break out.  Because the prosecutor realized “ordinary” prostitutes don’t have cops taking reporters over to the side and paying them to cover the story. 

So he pulls me off to the side and starts telling me how he “knows I know more than I’m letting on” and if I “just talk to him” and “tell him what I know” he can “guarantee my safety” and blah blah blah.  Mind you I’d just got out of jail where I was almost murdered.  I have had drugs now planted in my car and my house multiple times.  I know these guys can pull me into a cell for 71 hours any time they want.  Now I’m supposed to believe I can tell this guy EVERYTHING I know and he’s “going to protect me”?

I already know  what I know involves politicians, the FBI (Alex was a snitch for them for over 10 years), and the CIA – so I already know this means the minute we go to trial someone is going to step in and say “in the interest of national security” and my whole case will be shut down and then what?  They’re going to protect me when I’m no longer a witness because there’s no case?  Believe me Nancy – when you’re trying to convince someone like Celeste to “spill what she knows” you’re going to have to dance really fast to make sure she knows she’s not going to wind up like Margo Compton did. 

That’s why he changed my name with the courts to “Rene Le Blanc”.  He was trying to convince me I could be “protected” by them if I talked.  I knew good and well the only reason he did that was so that if I was murdered coming or leaving the courthouse then they wouldn’t be liable.  I was already having strange people shooting at me and trying to run me off the road.  One woman had already been murdered who was driving my car and looked like me.  A man had been to be shot dead by the police who came after me in the motel I was at who wouldn’t drop his weapon.  So two people are dead now.

 My attorney’s told me they’ve offered him money to help set me up to murder me and when he said no – then they threatened to get him disbarred.   They failed to change my mother’s name however whose case was joined with mine and little mistakes like that would get me killed.  So I refused to talk to him about anything I knew.  Mostly because I knew that most of it sounded so fantastic I’d never have been believed but also because I knew the system was not set up to protect me against these types of big dogs.  If they were, I wouldn’t have made my warehouse over into a safe house in the first place. 

So as my name’s splashed all over the news for days and even went international – Hollywood starts knocking on my door.  Which kind of surprised me at the time because I’m thinking of how many men are scared to death of what I might say to either the press or the DA’s office.  They were also knocking on Alex’s door too on the west coast and Sydney Biddle Barrow’s door on the east coast.  See about the same time the three of us got busted on the west coast, Sydney got busted on the east coast. 

At first, I found the timing of all of us getting arrested at the same time a little strange until I learned they were all having the same problems I was.  Seems we all had been wanting to get the heck out of the “business” because of what these guys in our government, and law enforcement, had been asked us to do against our will.   When we’d refused, seems we all got busted and our names and faces plastered all over the press in 1984.  I mean don’t you think it’s strange we’re all busted the same year?

I soon found out why – see by plastering us all over the press our income just stops.  No “john” is going to come anywhere near us now with this kind of press all over us.  Too risky.  So we’re now broke.  All our money’s been tied up with the courts, the attorney’s, bail, etc.  With me, they took and confiscated all my money and property to make real sure I was broke.  They literally took all my property and cash.

Then when we’re good and broke, and certainly no one’s going to hire us to work the counter at Woolworth’s, then they get to move in with the book and movie offers.  Which then came next.  Sydney had a movie made about her with Candace Bergen playing her.  Faye Dunaway played Alex.  Their movies bore no semblance to reality and were “inphomercials” for the sex industry. 

After I saw them, I called up both asking why they allowed those movies to tell such stories and they both had the same answer “for the money darling”. 

But these two had continued madaming so it actually was good press for their business.   After the movies come out – NOW the “johns” were clamoring to use their services now they were immortalized.   Good way to force us BACK by the way.  Which when you understood Alex at least I know was an FBI informant, then you begin to see the whole point of what’s going on with all of us.  By making the “johns” want to come back to these madams in droves, while they’re now being “good little informants” then these guys get these madams doing whatever they want them to do without question. 

When they came to me, I took their option money and signed their contract, but in mine it had called for “exclusive rights” which is like a “confidentiality agreement”.  What this meant was I wasn’t allowed to speak to the press without their consent.  Consent they never gave.   They did the same thing to Cheri Woods from what I heard.  The thing her and I had in common was that we’d quit the business. 

This allowed me to understand Sydney and Alex had their movies made because they were staying madams AND continuing to funnel information to the authorities as their way of not being busted again.  They’d “learned their lesson” about saying “no” to these men.  Cheri and I however were “dangerous” in that we knew way too much and weren’t going to be silenced  – not like Sydney and Alex. 

Now in my case, I knew good and well if I opened my mouth on anything BEFORE it’d come out in the press I’d just be labeled a “nut job”.  It was important to me I be believed because I soon learned there was NOTHING set up in the way to help women like myself.  Here’s what I mean by that Nancy – there were laws on the books for PIMPS.   Got a pimp?  Call 911.  No problem.

But there was NOTHING on the books about what do you do when you’ve got cops, CIA, FBI, etc., forcing you to do these things.  I mean isn’t that a form of “pimping” when we’re being forced to be in the sex industry when we don’t want to be?   But sadly there was not only no services set up for “this” type of victim because our society didn’t even believe these kinds of things were even real.  I mean think back and the news about things like Chuck Barris, Iran Contra, Rampart even – all hadn’t broke yet.

So I knew what was up when I saw Alex and Sydney get their fantasy movies made, and they remained madams.  While I also saw Cheri and I silenced with these “golden gags” of these movie contracts which were effectively keeping us silent to the press about what we knew.  But it was fine.  I waited until my contract expired.  Sure enough the producers came back with more money offering me for the option to extend another year.  Now I know enough about Hollywood to know if they haven’t made your project at the end of a year – they’re not going to come back and offer you more money.  Not if their goal is to make a movie anyway.  Nah – in my case it was their way of trying to shut me up. 

Well clearly I don’t “shut up”.  I started going on TV in 1987 not only to promote our hotline as “one you can call when you can’t call the cops” but also to raise awareness this type of thing was in fact “real”.  Got off to a good start when we saw the Trafficking Act of 2000 get passed.  But even the author, Michael Horowitz, has stated he believes this movement we started has been “hijacked”.  I think that’s a kind word for what I’ve seen happen to this field.  Because I want you to understand I’ve been here every year taking calls on our hotline – 500,000 to Polaris’ 100,000 – so five times more calls than Polaris I’ve now personally answered on our hotline for 29 years now.  So I’m very aware of the things in this field that have changed, as well as what’s stayed exactly the same.

See back before Alex died, most women in the higher levels of the sex industry used to trust her word.  No one believed me she was a “snitch”.  Not even Heidi Fleiss who believed even if she was, she was a stepping stone to her goal to take over her place anyway.  See Heidi thought she had it all figured out by insisting all of her clients were either over a certain age, from out of town, or under a certain height requirement.  Only as the LAPD started hiring women – they lowered the height requirement.  Which means Heidi got set up by Asian cops posing as businessmen in town for a party!  All arranged courtesy of Alex using her connections with law enforcement to put her “competitor” out of business.

So when Hollywood came knocking about making her movie, she listened to Alex.  Of course her movie also bore no semblance to reality.  Except there was the one scene where a man on a rooftop was warning her to “keep her mouth shut”.  Now that I believe.  I mean look now at how Charlie Sheen’s admitted spending millions to keep his HIV secret, and even threatened to whack his ex-girlfriend.  That’s because threatening women like us is done every day.   ESPECIALLY if you’re in the sex industry.

But again I’d like you to notice Heidi had her movie made, and she’s still also in the “business”.   Well heck “more” really when you count the 400 pot plants she was found with up in Pahrump after yet another drug charge.   Hollywood even made a “documentary” about her attempt to open up a male only brothel.  Well why not when so many “investors” went on the hook to invest in the place?  Wouldn’t want them listening to someone like me who knows this business “inside out” who would have told them a straight male brothel wouldn’t ever work – which is exactly what happened.  But boy it was a great way for her, Joe Richards, and her other “friends” to get a lot of money from those stupid investors who seriously bought the idea because of that documentary, and the press around the idea.

Press like “Gigolo’s” where even though it’s billed a lot of a “reality” series, even the men on the show have admitted they’re just “actors”.   Just as when the producer on “Cathouse” was pressed on why her show was being staged with paid actors, and even paid “clients”, she claimed it “doesn’t matter if it’s faked”.  Of course not answering the question then about “why fake it then?”  I mean why with all the men who would LOVE to be a pretend customer on the series hire an active duty guard to do it?

You ever wonder who the modern version of Chuck Barris is in all of this sometimes?  The series “Gigolo’s” is filmed by Relativity Media Nancy.  Relativity Media also films “Intervention” and “OC Jails”.  This company also partnered with a Chinese film company that produces film on behalf of the Chinese government.  In fact, they got a lot of money from them just a few years ago.  You are aware that our FBI has recently arrested a man for being a spy for the Chinese government aren’t you?  The same Chinese government who hacked into federal employee personnel records, stole all of California’s medical records for no legitimate reason, and also was using professors at USC and students to try and steal secrets worth billions of dollars for cell phone technology.

As well the same Chinese who are connected to five people in custody arrested by Undersheriff Gary Pentis who are part of a trafficking ring I’ve been trying to help victims in connection with since clear back in 2006.  The same trafficking ring who when a few of their pimps were busted in Wichita, Kansas in 2013 they threatened to kill the judge, the DA and the arresting officer.  An arresting officer who had to wait until he retired to make those arrests because of all of the police interference he encountered while still on the force by the way.  Plus the Seattle case where a woman was murdered. 

I bring up the other shows Relativity Media produces, including “Catfish” for a reason.  Try watching the shows sometime.  Especially the one about the “OC Jails” where the cameraman goes into a back cell with an inmate who has just been charged with a crime where he then starts asking him some questions while the camera rolls.  Now mind you, he’s asked for an attorney, yet here he is talking to this cameraman without benefit of one.  He’s also alone in this cell – no guard is there to protect this man.  My point being that’s an awful amount of access to have to someone don’t you think?  Mind you after almost being murdered in jail, and after women like the Baton Rouge Madam being found hung in her jail cell, and even Sandra Bland – one tends to think about these things you know?  It appears to me that the Relativity Media production company can get access to just about anybody anywhere when you look at all of those put together as a whole – I mean has anyone ever thought about this?

There’s also a very interesting episode of “Intervention” with a beautiful woman “Christina”.  Christina was refusing to be admitted for drug treatment.  Treatment which by the way it wasn’t clear who was paying for said treatment.   Certainly I don’t think she was going to pay for it, nor the producers.  Just makes me wonder after hearing more about the whole Chris Bathum (Community Recovery) scandal who exactly was going to be paying for treatment the client didn’t want.  You do know he’s just gone and set up a whole new recovery center after he was arrested right?  Right here in California even.

But anyway, when she refused, they threatened her with a 5150 charge.  One I’m familiar with because when I’ve tried to do outreach work the last couple of years up against this trafficking ring – they threaten our people with these same 5150 charges.  Sure they let you go after three days – maybe.  But keep in mind that’s three days they can put any combination of drugs into you they want.  Kind of scary when I personally know a guy who was overdosed while in the care of a psychiatrist hospital. 

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve read up on 5150 charges and you have to be literally “unable to care for yourself” before you can be forcibly taken in.  This woman was using drugs sure.  But she was answering their questions in a very lucid manner.  When she refused again, there were police officers in her apartment.  Officers who then drug her kicking and screaming out of her apartment and forced her into treatment.  Now this was a “legit” woman – can you imagine if she was a hooker?  My point being Relativity Media has access to police officers who will do this sort of them at their beck and call. 

This wasn’t a fluke either as I also saw these officers again on another show where the man was threatened with a trumped up criminal charge if he refused.  Which he did and sure enough – these officers drug him out of his home and forced him into treatment.  Again, not really sure who paid for his treatment but it was pretty clear he didn’t want it. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of Relativity Media because they also produced “8 Minutes”.  You remember that show I’m sure about Kevin Brown and Greg Reese?  Two guys who ran around Orange County claiming they were “doing interventions on trafficking victims”.  The LA Times and the OC Register wrote big cover stories on them – all without checking out a word of their story.  Well that’s the line they ran on me anyway when they called me up wanting me to send women over to their hotel room for said “interventions”.   Just think about this – these guys are calling me up wanting me to send over prostitutes to a hotel room in Orange County so they can ask them if they want to go off to the desert?

I then questioned the guy who called me “to send them where exactly?”  His answer was supposedly Kevin Brown had some “ranch in the desert” where these girls were taken for “rehabilitation”.  Well gee that’s interesting how he just “knows” how to do that sort of thing.  I mean I’m impressed.  When I first started our group as “Prostitutes Anonymous”, I found there was no training available anywhere to help teach me how to work with this community because our society still denied these kinds of things even existed let alone had any training in how to effectively help them. 

So I had to go out and figure it kind of out for myself using the members coming into our program for a few years as our early “guinea pigs”.  Then when I did figure out how to do it – I started providing “inservices” for programs and professionals around southern California through Dr. James Crossen back in the 1990’s.  In fact, James set up the very first training for this type of thing through his Addictions Studies program at Mission College, and I don’t remember providing Kevin Brown or Greg Reese with any training.  So he just stops being a cop for 20 years and now he magically knows how to get these women out of the sex industry, gets them clean, deals with their brainwashing, their Stockholm Syndrome, their PTSD, and he’s learned all of this within these last two years he’s been a minister? 

So I asked to meet one of his “survivors”, come out and see this “ranch” with my own eyes, and I especially wanted to know how Kevin was dealing with all the threats our members are receiving out in Orange County once they try and leave, including ones from cops, just like the threats I’m even getting from the police to “back off” helping these victims. 

Not just me mind you either – but I’ve gotten quite a few calls from people telling me they tried to help some of these victims and they found themselves being threatened also by local police.   Well next thing I know they’re in Texas filmed “staged” rescues.  Which had me wondering if they’re staging the show, hiring actors, and faking everything – why Texas?  Why is everyone they’re filming a woman of color?  Why are they making the pimps appear to be men of color?  More interesting why are they claiming “Backpage” is where these victims are coming from?  Because the REAL victims I know Nancy – they CAN’T just up and leave with some guy after “8 Minutes”.  

Not this one victim I’ve been trying to help for a few years now anyway.  Why when she said she wanted to leave – the next thing she knows she’s being drug out of her house by two Pasadena cops.  Even slapped her with two phony prostitution convictions.  Then told her if she didn’t “get back to work” and “stop calling Jody” then they’d hit her with a third charge, deport her back to China, and further make sure they’d get her the death penalty because they “knew someone in the Chinese government”.  Most likely Liang Yaohui who was arrested some months later after they issued this threat who in fact WAS part of the Chinese government.  He also had literally over 3000 massage parlors as well under him. 

Oh it’s two “real” fake convictions by the way Nancy.  I know because I went back to my attorney friend who saved my life and told him about the story.  He said that if it was “true”  there would then be no booking tape of her arrest.  Promised me he’d “order the tapes and he was sure she was lying”.  So he ordered copies of the booking tapes on her behalf – only to find himself threatened by a Pasadena attorney who used to be mayor of Pasadena.  Now how he knew about it – who knows since the only people who had been asked for copies of the booking tape were the police.  This is when I got a threat also from a man calling me from the Pasadena  police station asking me to “back off” also.  Conveniently, the Chief of Pasadena Police stalled me for six months past the deadline to file charges.

One of the reasons I’m telling you about these things Nancy is to explain that sometimes I know more things than I can possibly say to the press at the moment.  Like when I got asked to help someone rescue their daughter from the Snoop pimp tour in 2003.  Seems her family had gone to the police, the prosecutor’s office, the Chief of Police, the mayor, and on up to a Congressman.  They got no response.  You know – kind of like how I get no response when I call offices like yours for help for them?

NO ONE wanted to rescue this poor woman because it of course would then be “another OJ trial”.  Only one where they had what exactly for “evidence”?  The women on that tour were put onto an RV bus.  Once off the bus – I mean what “proof” is there?  This woman was now being held chained to a toilet four months pregnant in a vacant apartment in Las Vegas.  Meaning the only “proof” she was tied to Snoop Dogg, BEFORE his confession in Rolling Stone mind you, would be her word.

By the way, I found out why Snoop used an RV for his “fantasy”.  Seems that while he’s living on the bus, it can’t be pulled over and examined like a sheriff could pull over and check out a car.  Seems under the law, it’s the same as his house.  Meaning they’d have to have a warrant.  So this is just more evidence of how calculated what Snoop did was.  He was making very sure no one could pull over and ask to search that RV easily.

Which if she had tried to make such an accusation against Snoop – we all know the press would have torn her apart.  Since the “johns” during this fantasy play were NFL players, we all know she’d have been torn to shreds.  I mean look at what the NFL has done to Dr. Bennet Omalu for God’s sake and you can imagine what they’d do to some poor young pregnant girl.  Well you know certainly why Nevada didn’t want to help these women for the same reasons no prosecutor in California has filed charges against Snoop either.  I’ve looked up the laws carefully on pimping and pandering – and there’s no reason he can’t be charged with both.  Especially since the law says consent isn’t an issue, nor is  receipt of money. 

Our group went in and got her out.  Without police back-up by the way (remember the state of Nevada said they didn’t want any record or trace they had any knowledge of this so of course we couldn’t have any back-up when we went in to get her out of that apartment).  She’s fine now safe and sound with the baby  - but honestly do you think I could be talking to you about this now unless Snoop had first confessed to this already in Rolling Stone?  The reason I’m talking about this is because I’m pointing out that I know a lot of things I can’t talk about in the press. 

Things I know from our members, and calls to our hotline.  Things like about an attempt which was made on my life on Cinco Del Mayo weekend 2014.   Right here in Malibu, California.  You know how they shut down the highway every Friday night from about 9 pm to midnight?  Means there’s not a soul out there on that dark highway during those hours.  Nothing out there but the police.  Luckily in my case, my daughter knew to call 911 and we had another officer arrive on the scene who clearly wasn’t in on the plan and made these other cops basically have no choice but to back up off me.  But it would not have been so nice I’m afraid to think if that other cop hadn’t of shown up.  Thank God for good cops!

Now why would this happen?  Well it seems there’s an operation in Florida who has entrenched themselves into the whole anti-trafficking arena.  Coincidentally, Nancy, about two weeks before you sent Celeste Guap down there, I tried calling every one of the “official” services  who are supposed to be helping sex trafficking victims.  I had a young lady calling me who wanted away from a pimp down there who is quite notorious out there.  She was afraid to call the police because it seems her pimp is part of their little circle of friends.  Now I sent out members in to help her out and she’s fine now. 

But for some strange reason I decided to see what would happen if I called the services that are out there.  I mean our government, and donors, have put out a lot of money to have resources available for them right?  Only one after the other after the other number I called – no one responded.  Just kept getting one voicemail after another.  No one’s returned my calls yet on behalf of this poor woman except one group who basically told me their “local cop has more cases then he can handle”.  Who the girl I’m talking about is fine now.  I got her into a drug treatment program that’s way outside of Miami.  From there, she’s going into a truck driving school which pays for housing and tuition during training.

I mean Chris Bathum’s whole “Community Recovery” is not unique so one has to be very careful where one puts a young woman like Celeste.  I used to actually hide out a lot of our victims of trafficking in treatment programs because the HIPPA laws allowed us to pretty much hide out anyone who was checked into a drug treatment program.  But then Relativity Media started filming “Intervention” and Sheldon Adelson started investing heavily into drug treatment programs – and well a young pretty girl with a history of prostitution has to be very very careful where she’s checked into right now. 

ESPECIALLY now SWOP’S not the same organization of sex workers anymore they used to be.  Not since Robin Few died.  See Nancy, sexual predators are everywhere and they don’t just prey upon children.  Yes pedophiles love preying upon children.  So they get jobs at daycares, ball leagues, as teachers and coaches, etc.  But there’s another kind of predator out there who LOVES to target women who have a history of prostitution.  I’ve been raped by three of them myself.   So I know the type.  They say to you after the rape “who is going to believe you what with your past?”  There’s well known interviews with these types of predators out now you can find easily on the internet where they ADMIT they look for the type of woman who either won’t report them at all, or who they know people won’t believe them. 

Oh trust me, after having a few of our members raped in the middle of the night by staff coming into their rooms while in residential treatment – they get a “two for one” punch there.  First of all, she’s a “prostitute”.  Then best of all she’s not only an “addict” but she’s also going through “withdrawal”.  Now if she’s ESPECIALLY been checked into treatment on a 5150 charge – well they hit the Trifecta and know they can rape this woman and NO ONE is going to believe her on a bet about her version of the truth!  They further know the organization is going to defend them because they don’t want the bad press. 

Now I ask you, what do we do about it?  When I’ve had five women tell me a certain therapist has raped them while in residential treatment – what exactly do you do about it?  You tell me.  Because if even these women open up their mouths before the predator’s been convicted – he sues for defamation.  She’s got an open criminal case going – he can talk to her probation officer, or even her judge.   Now back when I used to get ALL the calls when an adult was coming in looking for treatment – our group used to be able to just steer them away from organizations where we knew where the predators were.  It’s not like we could publish the list online warning anyone about them.  However, with us now on the ”outside” of this consulting loop which we’ve found ourselves on ever since we had people like Stuart Dunnings III covering his ass, and the Tennessee prosecutor trying to cover up her phony case – well the predators are back in hog heaven now hardly anyone’s consulting with us anymore about what we’re hearing about from these women who have gone through these programs and come out the other end.  That and people who have been bowing to the intimidation the “pimp lobby” loves doing these days.   

We all know they always defend their “reputation” also.  Here check this out a second – go and watch every single sex worker that Dr. Drew has treated.  Go on – I’ll wait.  Well here’s the short list – not only is EVERY SINGLE sex worker  Dr. Drew’s treated NOT gotten clean but also not a one of them is out of the sex industry either.  Now without being a therapist – would you think it’s a good idea to take Heidi Fleiss at about a week clean, and then put her in a room alone with Tom Sizemore, who also has a week clean AND he’s an admitted bipolar, and then put them in a room together alone?  Tell me if then you’d be shocked that she didn’t then storm out of there and attempt to drive to Pahrump from Pasadena where she then had a crack-up in the car and almost die?  It was downright irresponsible.

Now before he’d even started filming, I’d contacted the Dr. Drew people and said working with someone like a sex worker at the level that Heidi Fleiss is – you can’t use the whole “oh you’re going to die in a gutter with a needle in your arm” routine.  Doesn’t work like that.  Just as “celebrities” require a different kind of program to break through to them – so do does a woman who has this type of money, fame and power.  But he’s repeatedly refused any offers to provide his staff with any type of training from us we offered them freely.  Then after Heidi’s almost killed – I figured enough was enough and I filed a negligence complaint with the medical licensing board.  Seems the guy isn’t even an addictions specialist – he’s an internist.  Well they found him negligent in two deaths and what’s he do?  Goes onto the Dr. Oz show to rebuild his reputation is what he did.  Which is what all predators do – they get themselves into positions of power and then when any shit hits the fan – they defend defend defend. 

Meaning Nancy,  putting a woman like any of us, especially Celeste with her high profiled case of coming up against police officers what with how volatile of an issue police abuse is right now – isn’t just something you do by throwing darts at a board and then picking the first name to go with.   Because otherwise guess what?  You get situations JUST LIKE THIS.  I don’t know what happened – but I do know this – she’s now not only in the news about the assault and the new bail – but I guarantee you that you’re going to have way harder of a time trying to get the truth out of her about what happened to her as a juvenile if she’s now going to have to save her ass on this assault charge.  Who I’m going to be willing to bet someone is going to use that leverage on her to keep her mouth shut.  Try and get her talking to you now Nancy – now she’s got this case in Miami over her head. 

I’m sure Maxine Doogan, or someone in this “pimp lobby” is already chatting her up to sign a book and movie deal with Relativity Media as we speak.  You remember them – not only do they know every “Catfish” trick in the book, but they also can get their cameras into just about any jail or treatment center in the country with the wave of a hand.  Now they wouldn’t be thinking about anything like protecting their Chinese partners now would they?  Nancy – I mean what are you thinking?  I’ve had prosecutors across this USA and into Canada EFFECTIVELY use me to lock up some pretty bad pimps and I’m over here BEGGING you to avail yourself of not only what I know – but also my resources and I’m getting nothing?   Really?  Beginning to remind me of when I’d call Joohon David Lee’s office frankly. 

Which is why I’ve been trying to get your office to understand that you need my help in this case.  Please – before this woman is another one we find hanging in her jail cell supposedly of another “suicide”. 

Look, I’m especially nervous ever since Jeane Palfrey’s death.  An Officer Armendariz’s death.  Jeane was the first one of us who had “proof” with her “Black Book” about the kinds of things happening to us.  Proof she got out anyway.  I had warned her ABC might pull something funny – so she had enough sense to let us spread that book out to 10 other sites including the Smoking Gun.  Dan Rather at first denied there were “any names of significance” even in there.  They denied she had any “real names” as they do Nancy when they’re covering.  They say we’re “crazy”.  They say we’re “making it up”.  Anything to get people not to listen to us.  But thankfully the Smoking Gun went “not so fast” because we’d covered ourselves and given the records to more than one site.  But then before she could reveal the rest of the names, and testify at the ethics hearing – she’s found “hung”.  I mean she had bruises on her lower legs consistent with being hung  while RESISTING.  I had cops coming after me for a year after her death trying to make sure I didn’t go to the press  – which I doubt they’d be doing if she was a suicide.

Officer Armendariz was also found hung before he got to testify about what he knew.  You might remember him also – the officer who was part of the border patrol and the trafficking task force down there in Arizona?    From what I was hearing from his family – his conscience was pulling on him also and he supposedly was going to blow the whistle on what’s going on down at the border, and especially with respect to these Hispanic women such as Celeste Guap is.   I mean I’m hearing stories of Hispanic women having their undocumented children being taken right out of their homes and trafficked Nancy.

I’ve also received more than one email Maxine Doogan has sided up to people with evidence of wrong doing and then it’s magically disappeared.  Now one or two people saying this could be anything – but when you get four and five people saying the same thing you begin to wonder if it’s true.  I know her and her crowd have tried way too hard to try and infiltrate our program for some reason.   There’s other things I’ve been hearing on the hotline about her that have convinced me she’s not the “sex worker advocate” she claims to be.  Her and her crowd have threatened too many sex workers who have tried to publicly defend us for me to believe she’s on “our” side. 

So I consider her the modern version of “Alex” for this reason.  Especially after I saw she got her 2008 pimping conviction overturned.  I mean are you kidding me?  I also frankly find it more than a little coincidental the only prosecutor’s she’s charging in her lawsuit are those who just happened to take money from the Hunt Foundation to “end demand”. 

Again, over and over and over again throughout the years it’s been historically proven that the only thing busting “johns” does it drive them to the traffickers, and it further clams them up with telling the people about the trafficking they’re witnessing for fear they’re going to get busted again.  I’m sorry but those “johns” are our best witnesses against traffickers and I can show you how in every single zone where you’re instituted these programs – calls to our hotline have absolutely come to a screeching halt. 

Now I’m sorry but TRUE trafficking victims can’t call for help.  If you ask them directly “do you need help?” they’ll deny everything.  They have to deny everything for the same reasons they’re trapped.  Again I know.  Meaning the BEST source one has for tips about where someone is who needs help is the “john”.  That or another madam, pimp, or provider, who is in close enough to see what’s going on.  I mean Dave Elms used to give me all kinds of tips until he got busted.  So let’s get “real” here.  You’re not doing it because it “ends demand”.  You’re doing it for the $80,000 in grant money.  Which I don’t begrudge you  IF that money was going to help these victims.  Only it’s not when you’re not returning my calls and doing EXACTLY what they want you to do.  I mean LOOK at what’s happened to Celeste?

Maxine’s “fund raisers” are also for things conveniently  we can provide these women with for free, and it’s a great way for her to gather up more names and bank information.  As well as a clean way to launder “bribe” money from what I’ve seen.   Meaning I’m even more worried about Celeste’s safety and well-being now I’m seeing this fund raiser hit the internet.   It’s a really good way of flushing out information on who all her supporters are, where they live, bank information, etc. 

For all we know it’s a good way to gathering up information which can be used to blackmail someone also who might be afraid of what else she’s going to say.   I think you understand why I feel someone like Celeste needs an attorney who can’t be threatened to back down – someone like Gloria Allred.  She was the only one who was able to effectively go after the San Diego Mayor if you remember the whole scandal with him. But right now with SWOP holding this fund raiser for Celeste – it’s a real good way of “outing” all of her supporters which she might need if she’s going to get out of this alive.  REAL sex workers would know this – but then again the SWOP board is no longer a majority of sex workers so what do they know?  I think Celeste needs to get on the Amber Rose show right now and put herself under as much press as possible to protect herself at this point.  She’s got way too much “information” that I think a lot of people want silenced.  She needs more press right now for that reason.

So Nancy, you aren’t taking my calls yet.  Fine.  I’m trying here to give you more information on me to help you to understand why a case like Celeste’s isn’t something like some ordinary streetwalker that you might be perfectly knowledgeable about handling in your years as a prosecutor.  I’m sure you’re an excellent prosecutor.  However, I not only have been in Celeste’s shoes, and survived, but I’ve also stayed clean and continued to help others like myself to do the same for almost 30 years now.

Frankly, it’s why women like Maxine hate me so much.  If anything, her and her clan are systematically trying to shut down and remove every avenue of escape someone like Celeste has.  I mean you don’t see them hanging around with any EX-sex workers now do you?  Nor around anyone who is effective at getting them out either, or making sure that information on our current members isn’t something easy to get ahold of.  She should know as her and her crowd have spent the last year trying to get past my security and into one of our meetings, or near one of our members, and they haven’t been able to do so.   Meaning if they can’t – then certainly a pimp looking to retrieve a victim can’t either.  Besides, show me ONE person who Maxine, and her clan, have actually gotten OUT of the industry for that matter.  Heck they’re using SWOP Behind Bars to recruit women from inside the jail even now from what I can see!

And the reason I’m good at what we do is partly because I understand  there are different types of victims.  Types that when it comes to women who have issues with the police – they require different handling.  Now I handled victims out from under Snoop Dogg – and you don’t read about our victims every move being relayed in the media.  When we got women out from under Chris Butler, you didn’t hear about any of them getting into some altercation with another cop.  As for Operation Dollhouse, despite a lot of people’s best efforts to get us shut up and everyone to forget about that case, not only were there at least two convictions in that case, but further we got Chief Gillispie, along with 15 other officers now out of office who were a part of that trafficking operation, and more. 

As for Vic Vigna, he might not have been officially charged with anything, but he’s off the force now and I understand working as a private investigator.  As for Karen Hughes, Internal Affairs refused to investigate after she stepped out of office to take a private security job.  No surprise because Dennis Hof and Lance Gilman are now sending their girls on “outdates” to these same hotels like where Karen’s now working.  Girls who security can’t tell from a girl off the streets so someone has to be able to sort out the “legal” prostitutes from those who are “independents” and thus need to be arrested instead of pointed to the right door number.  I’m talking about these cases, and that of men like Joohon David Lee, which are the ones I can talk about publicly, to show I know not only how to get these women out safely – but further how to get some pretty Teflon cases how to stick against the bad guys also. 

Now look, you may think I’m saying some of this because I’m trying to make some people in authority look bad.  On the contrary, I also know well how these women lie.  They’ll say anything sometimes to save their own ass.  I also know that because I used to be also exactly like that myself.  After working with these men and women these many years, I do know well how many of them will lie, make things up, and even outright just be crazy sometimes.   Which frankly is one reason why I feel our hotline and my work is useful.  Because I know well if I’m hearing different women telling me about one particular name over and over again then maybe something is wrong. 

But on the flip side, I also know if I’m not hearing that name over and over again – then maybe nothing’s wrong.  I also know that if these things are dealt with IMMEDIATELY – then we’re more likely to get at the truth while the evidence, and witnesses, are still fresh – rather than years down the road when it’s all disbursed.  Plus sometimes you can’t just wait until someone is “outted” to go around them.

I say that because I get just as many calls from good solid decent cops who are telling me they’re having false charges slapped on them to get them out of office.  I want to point you to the men who sued Charlie Beck because they were saying they were having a hard time getting their Internal Affairs complaints heard.  I know the man who slipped that witness in the jail who was lost a phone to call for help was the only one who wound up with charges from that whole fiasco.  I know the ACLU is having an impossible time getting cooperation from Jim McDonald.  Probably as hard of a time as I’ve had trying to get him to talk to me also.  After he put in charge of the trafficking task force a man connected to Paul Tanaka – well then I just gave up.  I have literally called every trafficking task force there is on behalf of real victims needing help – and we can’t even get a return phone call from a one of them. 

But I’m not the enemy here Nancy because this isn’t just about a “few prostitutes”.  I’ve got good solid decent cops telling me they’re being run out of their jobs by these bad cops.  I’ve got decent hard working citizens reporting all kinds of false harassment to me.  I mean just look at what Joohon David Lee did to that poor club owner and his family in Las Vegas for God’s sake who did NOTHING wrong.

I myself am doing nothing wrong, and on top of that I’m just trying to help women like Celeste.  I receive no government grants.  I hold no fund raisers.  So I’m not doing ANY of what I’m doing in order to get my grant renewed, keep my “job”, or even sell some books (we give away our Recovery Guides for free).  I’m not a celebrity trying to get attention to drive traffic to my website.  I’m just trying to do what it is I do and yes I do it well.  I’ve been investigated by REPUTABLE reporters such as John Quinones and Bob Herbert who wrote wonderful things about our work.  I’ve had a 10 year study done on us by a woman I didn’t even meet or know and she wrote great things about us in “Leaving Prostitution”.   

Which is frankly MORE than a lot of the people you’re working with have.  Heck, I can even show you documented evidence  some of those who you ARE working with aren’t even what they’re pretending to be.  For example, I’ve checked out D’Lita Miller, the “consultant” on “8 Minutes” thoroughly and there’s nothing more than smoke and mirrors also.  I’ve also talked to a Dee Tucker who claims she’s being impersonated.  Which I believe her considering I’ve had myself impersonated also by a woman who calls herself both Anne Bissell and Juliette Miller – who one day will say it’s a “pen name” and on others she’ll claim they’re two separate people.  That is after everyone on her Silver Braid board was arrested a few years ago but her when I found a $300,000 grant had been taken out in my name by them. 

Now if I’m fighting the pimps and the bad guys that’s one thing.  But Nancy – I can’t fight you too.  I tried to get ahold of Celeste before all of this went down and couldn’t because they said “Nancy’s handling her case”.  Fine.  But then I can’t get you to involve me in helping this woman that requires special handling.  Again, this is not just some streetwalker who needs drug treatment.  This woman is in EXTREME MORTAL DANGER.  Now I’ve asked you nicely to talk to me about this LONG before it reached this level – and you blew me off.  I’ve tried to talk to you before Celeste got arrested – and you blew me off.  So I’m trying one more time to make contact.  I’m hoping if you know more about my story, and my competency and experience in handling cases just like hers – maybe you’ll be reasonable and talk to me.

But beyond this point, and if anything happens to Celeste past this point, then I am going to find you also “negligent”.  I’ll put this in different terms maybe to help you understand my position.  I want you to think back to imagine the year is 1937.  That’s the year Prohibition was repealed and Bill Wilson founded Alcoholics Anonymous.  Now that year, our country had not recognized alcoholism as a disease.  In fact, we didn’t recognize it officially as a “disease” until the National Council on Alcoholism was created.  Then from there, study after study was done until finally health insurance companies started paying for alcoholism treatment because they recognized it as a disease.   In 1937, years before we even had a National Council on Alcoholism, Bill Wilson, founder of AAs, was the one man in this country who knew more about alcoholism, and helping the alcoholic, then anyone else alive at that point in time. 

Right now, when it comes to women like Celeste Guap – I’m the “Bill Wilson” for this “alcoholic”.  Now you keep ignoring me and anything happens to her – I’ll consider that deliberate negligence.  Because right now where she’s at in Miami, I’ve got reports there is another trafficking operation down there using police to front an operation which is posing as a “safe house”.  Again, I learned about it when these people were threatening to kill me in order to scare victims into coming to work for them.  As of today, I’ve been unable to find ANYONE willing to talk to me about shutting these people down either.  So if anything more happens to her because of your continued refusal to speak to me – then I will investigate what type of negligence complaints I can file against a prosecutor and I will do so.   

Now, Polaris is an organization formed in 2002 to help trafficking victims.  It was created by Bradley Myles and Katherine Chon.  Two people who not only are not trafficking survivors, but further had no experience in this area before launching their hotline.  Even so, for all their fame and money with respect to the issue of sex trafficking – they have not the kind of experience in this same area as Celeste Guap is finding herself in now.  By their definitions, they’re not even going to help her because they limit their scope to not include women like her.  However, I started our program with women like her EXACTLY in mind as our “target demographic”.  Men and women who can’t call the police for help. 

This IS my area of expertise.  Not only from my own personal experience, but also because I’ve been involved with many other women who are in (1) high profiled cases, (2) are involved in issues where the subject of police corruption and involvement in actual trafficking is a part of this, and (3) I’ve also been working on victims connected to the very same operation she’s connected to since 2006.  More than just my experience – I’ve EFFECTIVELY gotten myself, and others, out of the sex industry, clean from drugs, and ALIVE to tell the story.  For that matter, I even got Paige Latin out of Miami even who is scheduled to speak at the Sex Workers Memorial Dedication coming up September 16, 2016. 

So I’m asking you now in this letter to please involve me in helping Celeste Guap.  Again, I can’t fight the world AND you at the same time.  I know you mean well – but honestly this isn’t your area of expertise. There are also things I can’t discuss, as I’m sure you can’t, because of the concern over someone getting sued for defamation.  However, working together we can provide Celeste with the best possible care.  I want you to ask yourself if we’d even be here if you, and Mayor Libby, had maybe come talk to me years ago when I first started telling you that our outreach workers in Oakland were getting threatened?  Please let’s not wait until this gets worse and someone else is dead before realizing there’s a predator in the house here and if women like you, me and Mayor Libby get together – we can root out these monsters and protect these men, women and children.  Because again I assure you, there are a lot of people being harmed by this operation besides just a few female prostitutes. 

Anyway, you can reach me at (702) 488-1127 anytime.  I don’t have voicemail on there because I just get death threats.  But if I’m awake – I answer.  I don’t have a service because a service can’t guarantee confidentiality on the calls.  I assure you if you call me everything is “confidential”.


Jody Williams

Cc:          Mayor Libby
                Amber Rose
                Gloria Allred