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Saturday, August 6, 2016

THIS FILM SUMS UP THE SEX TRAFFICKING MOVEMENT STEP BY STEP  There is a link on here to watch this film.  If you watch it - be prepared to see the absolute correlations to the sex trafficking industry from the phony groups set up to front for the chemical industry and lobbyists, to the grant making in low income minority neighborhoods to get them to form groups to push your agenda for you.

I can't tell you how many survivors I've heard say the NEW industry has "turned them into token speakers" where they're asked to speak but not allowed to be involved in the planning or the project in any fashion.  When I saw the burn victim in this show they paraded around to try and push the chemical industries agenda as their "token victim" - I just saw the absolute connections here just step by step word for word.

If you want to see what's happening right now in the so called "trafficking movement" - then you MUST see this film and "Poverty Inc".  Then you'll see what's going on here.

The "Poverty Inc" people who can't go around raising money for the "starving fly covered African children" any longer have latched onto this field for one.

For another, those wanting to get prostitution legalized have also latched onto this field as a way of getting not only it legalized - but to make darn sure no one butts around for victims in their companies.  For example, WHY hasn't Polaris pushed to get their signs into the Nevada legal brothels yet?  They got prostitution outlawed in Rhode Island where it was decriminalized - but for Nevada brothels - NOTHING.

You watch these films - and you're hip to the games going on in how this movement has gotten itself hijacked out from under those very people who started it - the victims' themselves.

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Dear Mr. Kerry:

How much longer are you going to claim you care about sex trafficking in the USA while ignoring the founder of the very movement which gave this issue federal recognition in the first place? Check out the year on these talk shows I appeared on while raising awareness to prove to the American public this was really happening back when they used to ignore and deny it was in fact real.

You're supposedly working on laws right now about the issue - but conveniently I'm not hearing any discussion about the Joohoon David Lee case. This man was a Homeland Security Officer in the ICE office, and head of the Los Angeles Trafficking Task Force. During the same years of 2012 to 2015 when I was trying to reach your office about the fact this man was literally walking women right past airport security at LAX - which meant the training that had been prepared for them didn't even begin to cover what to do in a situation like THAT - he was walking women from China right into this country to be trafficked.

To make it appear he was actually doing something in the task force - he falsely ruined a whole family's life, and their business, in Las Vegas by falsely claiming they were sex traffickers. It was done because the man's club was in competition with a club owned by one of the traffickers he was taking money from at the time.

I first tried to alert the police, the media, and the public, to this exact situation where our own officials were involved in 2007 with what was called "Operation Dollhouse". I knew ICE was involved when the women were not held until their visa's were checked as that's what the law requires when a prostitute is arrested who isn't an American. Instead 24 women were literally released within 20 minutes right back to their pimp after a raid had been staged which I'd gone to a lot of trouble to arrange just on the same date I knew the police involved were making one of their "weekly drops". I say that because this trafficking ring had been using cops to transport the victims, drugs and guns in from San Mateo, CA on a regular basis.

Something I had tried to alert Chief Gillispie to in Las Vegas - only to have him then clean up the evidence I'd provided him by the next morning. He has since stepped down, along with 15 other Vegas deputies by the way, for corruption allegations.

But those women couldn't have been released like that UNLESS Immigration was involved in the trafficking ring as well. Because of threats I've received from Vegas police, as well as calls from victims in California - I had relocated to California back in 2013. I then started trying to reach your office about the situation - only to get absolutely no response.

After trying Internal Affairs, various other Chief's of Police (including Oakland), city council, board of supervisors, and many other offices, including yours, who wouldn't respond to my calls about victims who were needing help to leave this ring because of sophisticated Chinese technology - I finally went to the Office of Professional Responsibility about the situation. They then did open a case against Joohoon David Lee.

However, he's only being charged with bribery now because no laws exist on the books yet which can charge him for sex trafficking. This man used money from Homeland Security to buy the airplane tickets these victims were flown into this country in. He used his badge to get them past airport security. Further, he destroyed a completely innocent family's life and business to cover up his tracks and I received YEARS of threats upon myself to try and stop me from helping the victims of this ring.

They are now calling the "case closed" despite the fact the man who bribed him hasn't even been charged yet - and despite the fact the ring itself is still flourishing. In fact they've downright invaded Wichita, Kansas at the moment.

And more men in trafficking task forces are involved. Men who also wear badges and are using government money to traffick these women with IMMUNITY.

Yet you're down there right now with victims of other countries talking about trafficking so you can CONVENIENTLY not be talking about what's happening here right now in this country to our own people.

Because it's not just the women being victimized. Look at the CEO of Glaxo Pharmaceuticals. He was being blackmailed by these trafficked women. How about Steve Sassa, CEO of Hearst Media, who was being blackmailed by a trafficker via text? How about Donald Burns, also blackmailed via text by traffickers who then blamed it upon one of their prostitutes (which is how they operate).

Each time I contact a trafficking task force - I'm the one threatened. This recent news with Oakland only goes to show why - because everyone is covering their own ass. Only I've got documentation of contacting EVERY trafficking task force only to be ignored and/or threatened to "back off".

I'm not unique. I have calls from many private citizens who are having the same experience.

I'm also getting calls from the "johns" who are being blackmailed, hacked, robbed, and one situation even involved trade secrets for cell phones which could have cost his country over TWO BILLION DOLLARS through USC. That's because the traffickers are placing the children of the prostitutes in colleges across the USA.

Mr. Kerry - Bill Wilson was the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. More than that, he's the man who is responsible for the fact we now see alcoholism as a disease requiring treatment - not a moral issue or a vice.

I'm the person who did the same with respect to prostitution. When I started our work back in the 1980's - this country didn't even recognize sex trafficking. Prostitution was called a "victimless crime" which you can see the tone of the time in my talk shows on this link. I created not only the first hotline, but the first court set up to provide treatment to these victims, the first safe house for adults, and changed the attitude of this country to realizing these women needed help in order to leave prostitution - not to be judged for situations they couldn't control.

There is a Brief right now being heard in the Chicago District Court which is asking the court to rule that sex trafficking doesn't even exist - that it's all a big "hoax". Something I don't think you're aware of Mr. Kerry. The lawsuit is Backpage vs. Tom Dart. They're basing this lawsuit on the fact no reputable cases of sex trafficking are being reported. However, they aren't being reported by people where the charges will stand up because every time we do - we're shut down, threatened, stalked, harassed, and some of these people have even been drug into court and given gag orders by the traffickers lawyers.

So Mr. Kerry - how much longer do you want to keep ignoring me? You ignored me during Joohoon's trial and now after everything he's done he's on probation and driving a limo in Las Vegas unsupervised. Yep. A sex trafficker is now driving a limo in Las Vegas and hasn't been even charged with sex trafficking.

Something I think you should be discussing while you're discussing laws on this issue don't you think?


Thursday, July 16, 2015


I've talked to more than one undercover cop over the years who tell me the same things pretty much.  They've seen girls out there in the streets who they know is someone's missing daughter - but they don't do anything to pull her out of the situation because they're "undercover". 

I've challenged them on this as to "why"?  I mean "why" are they just turning a blind eye when they know some mother is out there freaking out about where her daughter is today?  The answer has been the same also "because we're working on a bigger case". 

Okay - what does "bigger case" mean I ask?  Well, "bigger" means a drug deal in each case.  I was told that Peter Todd was example was being used as an informant because of his Jamaican ties and drugs as to why it was more important to keep him on the streets after cops know he's murdered at least three women and abused and trafficked countless others. 

Who determines that a drug case is bigger than this woman's life I'm wondering.  So I ask - WHY does your boss consider this drug case more important than shutting everything down, pulling those women out of there, and sending them back home? 

The answer is because they get promoted for drug busts for one thing.  They get to take photos of them standing in front of the drugs and then they get promoted or made detective or a pay raise.  Another is because they get their funding for drug busts - not funding to send girls back home to their mothers.  They can't collect on the rewards offered either. 

Another issue is pressure.  Recently, after 25 years of killing prostitutes, Lonnie Williams Jr. was finally targeted and arrested for the murder of African American prostitutes.  However, that would not have happened without two key factors - one being the mothers went out into the streets and protested.  When the womens' groups didn't care and the sex workers' rights groups like COYOTE or SWOP didn't care to protest with them and push on police for an arrest - they made it a racial issue.  They started getting the support of the African American community by saying these aren't just "prostitutes" but "African American's" being targeted. 

They got a reporter, Christine Pelisek, to agree to risk her career to keep reporting on the story.   To speak for them in ways they couldn't.  These women couldn't travel to some of these political meetings, or knock on cops' doors to say "don't forget my daughter" but this reporter could push and could keep it alive.  She kept writing about it and making people think she was a pain in the ass because she wasn't going to just "let it go".  She kept up the exposure on the LAPD not bringing this guy in - until something was done.

I got into it with another undercover cop out here in Los Angeles.  He told me the same thing - the "loudest wheel gets the grease".  Where are the mothers he's asking me?  Whereas the drug people are up his butt and demanding action so therefore he's going to choose on the side of the drug bust over the side of the trafficking victims. 

I see Glendene start up her radio show.  I see her working with MATH  - Mothers Against Trafficking of Humans.  Only I'm not seeing any noise.  No one is demanding anything.  No one is being held accountable.  I certainly don't see her holding Nevada Metro responsible and demanding to get answers as to where Peter Todd is, what is he doing, why hasn't he been locked up?  Certainly using the information that had come to me in 2007 would have been useful to pressure - but she blew me off just like the cops did.  I can't go pushing on this case if the mother isn't. 

So I went to talk to Glendene.  I know that people don't want to associate themselves with me because I'm a "trouble maker".  I explained to her about why these cops aren't bringing these girls home and maybe things can be turned around if she starts an online campaign.  Something free and easy that anyone can join in doing.  I had seen the ALS water bucket challenge and another campaign about bullying where the girl put up an index card into the camera and then others joined her.

I made a suggestion to Glendene.  I said basically she could put up an index card that said "my daughter is a big enough case" or something to that effect on a youtube video.  Then an explanation that if a cop is out there and making a value judgment as to which is more important to consider that this woman is more important than a drug bust. 

Then I suggested she get other mothers of trafficking victims to join her.  I specifically told her to use the idea as her own, or come up with another version of her own, but to please do something.  That once she did something and created some kind of campaign - then I could use the social pressure from that to go back to some of these cops and help them feel justified in choosing to bring home the victim over the drug bust.

Her response was to go to the other mothers and talk about me.  Not the campaign - me.  I had nothing to do with it.  This was about Jessie and Peter Todd and him still walking around pimping other women.  This was about their daughters that are still out there and there being cops knowing where they are right now that aren't talking. 

Well OF COURSE she's going to come back with "people don't like you".  So what?  What does this have to do with her creating a campaign about this issue?  I had specifically told her not to use my name.  I told her she might even be able to generate some fund raising for herself - that I wanted nothing from her.  No cut, no credit, no mention. 

Then came her final answer - she wasn't going to do it because I wasn't a "popular" person.  Trying to explain to her I had nothing to do with this was falling on deaf ears - so I just retreated.  I started to think of another mother that might be interested in spear-heading a campaign.

Why was it important?  Because we're gearing up for a sign outreach project in California.  It's now state law to have a sign posted in sex related industry offices or locations with the National Trafficking Hotline phone number on it.  I also saw that the signs could be customized.  I found a sign maker in Santa Monica who said he'd donate us all the free signs we needed. 

Wanting to make the most use of signs with the hotline that had to be posted in massage parlors, strip clubs, adult stores, porn studios, etc. - I thought "maybe we can put up posters of missing suspected trafficking victims". 

Only I didn't want it to be a waste of time like I'd seen with Jessie's case.  I didn't want to have someone call me up with fresh information on a case - only to then have the police refuse to follow up on the call like they did with Jessie. 

To make sure we got the police responding if I got fresh information from the signs - then yes I wanted some kind of social media campaign by a mother of a victim to help us apply that pressure.  Glendene didn't want to be the "poster mom".  Okay got it. 

Recently I saw Glendene complaining about how people were "accusing her of being a drug addict" and "demanding an accounting of the money she'd raised" and like how dare they?  I was kind of surprised to hear that because I just assumed she'd been filing her tax returns every year and certainly she's been reporting the money she had been raising over the years.  I follow the case because I'm following Peter Todd. I want to see him in jail.  So every news piece or story about Jessie - I'm going to get in my inbox.  So I've seen more than one fund raiser for her.

Now I'm not begrudging her money.  It's expensive to travel, print posters, make phone calls, even to take time off work to make TV appearances.  But what I don't understand is why is she complaining about giving an accounting?

All I said in the group was "what's wrong with giving an accounting?" and all hell breaks loose.  Suddenly I'm getting a flood of angry moms at me shouting "how dare you attack Glendene?"  I"m not attacking Glendene.  I made a comment to the effect of "what's wrong with giving an accounting?"   She has to give one for her tax returns anyway and people should see how expensive this work is.  How am I attacking her? 

Glendene then denies she's ever had a fund raiser for her and challenges me to "prove it".  So I did.  I went out and got a bunch of links to fund raisers that went to her personally - not to raise money for a reward for Jessie.  I come back and prove I'm not a liar - and get more mothers, and then their daughters, accusing me of attacking them now.

Why is all this energy being directed at me?  Why isn't this energy being directed at Peter Todd who is still out here today pimping and trafficking other victims.  Other victims who MIGHT BE THESE MOTHER'S DAUGHTER'S.  For all these women know, Peter has their daughter right now today.  How would they know?  Are they contacting the Vegas Metro and asking them who Peter Todd is running today?  Are there cops following him around so they know who he is pimping today?  Do these women know it's not their daughter?

I mean shouldn't the energy be directed at Peter Todd and not me?   So look if you got time to wind yourself to come after me, write me, attack me, etc.  - do me a favor please.  Go direct that energy to the Las Vegas Metro police.  Write them and ask them if anyone is following Peter Todd today and if they know whose daughter's he's trafficking currently. 

Grow some balls.  Go after the real bad guys in this equation please.  I don't deserve this for trying to stop him from harming other women, and for seeing that justice is served for Jessie, and the other women, he's victimized. 

Welcome to knowing why I'm "not popular". 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Copy of Letter I just Mailed Senator Nancy Collins in Mississippi

Dear Ms. Collins:
Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jody Williams. You can read about my work with trafficking victims in John Quinones book "Heroes Among Us" that you can google actually and read online. I also have decades of news clippings at showing that I've not only been working in the field of helping sex trafficking victims for almost 40 years now - but I'm also a survivor myself.
Unlike the "typical" (if there is such a thing) victim of trafficking - my case was a little different. The family of pimps who "turned me out" came not only from a literal family of pimps that had been doing this generation after generation (spoken about openly by Richard Pryor as this was his family), but they trained me in how to do what they do - in other words how to find, and exploit other young men and women into the sex industry.
So I understand the mind of a victim - as well as that of a pimp. I wanted to talk about this national push towards heavier legislation of stiffer penalties against the pimps in the sincere desire and belief that it's going to do something to deter this problem.

It's not.

Pimps know about existing laws that can already put them in prison for long terms. They know about laws like kidnapping, transporting prostitutes across state lines, even child pornography when their victims are below the age of consent. Since the average prostitute is "turned out" between the ages of 12-13 - they already know they're dealing with children - which means much stiffer sentencing if they go to court.

It's because they know they are facing serious prison time that they "brainwash" their victims to not only make sure they won't testify against them - but also to make sure they don't make a "reputable" witness on the stand. They use nicknames so that the victims don't even know the pimp's real legal birth names. Everything about what a pimp does is to make sure they aren't prosecuted.

Even down to showing that many of them have connections with law enforcement, politicians, the correctional system, and even judges in their "pockets". Look at how Eliot Spitzer was using prostitutes when he was the District Attorney for New York for example. A man like him is not going to let a prostitute hit the stand against a pimp - when it's his behind that's also going to be "outted" in the process. He is not a unique case.

They use violence also to show these victims that they'll never make it to the stand alive if they were to turn against them and testify.

Not that these threats are just idle either. I myself had to deal with not only pimps trying to kill me when I left the "family" and they were concerned about me turning state's evidence that was so bad I had to literally change my appearance dramatically and literally go live "underground" for a while to throw them off my scent - but I had cops trying to kill me too out of their fear I'd testify against them for their activities in my brothel and also their connections with these mobsters. If you check my clipping - you'll see that I had videotapes being made of my clients - which included when they were police officers. Modern prostitutes these days also have things like cell phone records, and cameras in their phones - and it's very easy to leave "traces" of seeing a prostitute these days that is of grave concern to men who have "something to lose".

You have to realize that I was a madam in Los Angeles in the 80's - which meant that I was in the whole middle of the Iran-Contra fiasco. I saw the trucks coming off the boats with boxes of cocaine and AK-47's being flooded into South Central Los Angeles. I knew the politicians who were behind this - disgusing this whole thing as a "gang" affair. You have to know I had politicians and police officers that did not want to see me hit a witness stand back then. 

When I managed to escape this with my life - I knew that many more were having the same situation. You can't turn to the "traditional" sources in many cases for help because the really big traffickers have their connections everywhere.

The stories go on - I get calls from local teen runaway shelters about how when the prostitutes have run there for shelter that pimps show up with machine guns demanding their 'property" back. The shelters don't report this out of fear they'll lose their funding and donors if word gets out that they can't protect these kids. So no one really hears about what's really going on out there as to how the "system" can't really protect these prostitutes.

If you want to get more pimps behind bars - then you have to do something about the corruption within the system and to make an environment that is safer for the prostitute to come forward to testify.

Or you can have prosecutors create cases that don't rely on the word of a prostitute as witness against them. I know this is possible because of a trafficking case in Hawaii where the DA flew me out there as an "expert witness" against a trafficker when he couldn't get the women to agree to testify against the trafficker. After hearing what I was going to say to the jury - the pimp plea bargained. The DA told me he never would have got the guy behind bars without using me to help - so I know there's other ways to do this besides relying on the testimony of a prostitute.

Here's my very valid concern about what's going to happen if they make stiffer penalties against these pimps - that more people are going to die than do already. It is already out of fear of prosecution that these pimps will kill potential witnesses. Another modern twist is that these pimps will actually profit from the murder by selling their organs on the black market. I know this because that's what's happening in Nevada right now. There's a pimp named Peter Todd who has made two of his prostitutes and a local madam all "disappear". He walks free because there's no trace of his victims - and one of my informants has shown me how the black organ market works here in Nevada to have helped him make the bodies disappear. This is not limited to Nevada either - believe me. The network that I was shown has connections on the west coast and across the USA.

And that's with the existing laws in place. If you push these pimps into a deeper corner with threats of even more hard time - you will not wind up with more of them in prison. You will wind up with more cases of missing prostitutes is what you'll wind up with. Especially when the streets are reporting they can get about $25,000 in one shot for the organs. 

The law is not considering these victims' side of the story because very few of them will talk openly and publically. Very few of them even understand what they are going through even - it took me a long time and a lot of work within the program I run with other prostitutes - to even understand my own story myself. So I do feel I have a unique and wholistic perspective of this problem - one that I need to share with you.

If you want more pimps behind bars and to reduce this problem - you need to create an environment that makes it safer for more victims to come forward to testify. Not one where victims are placed behind bars when charged with no crime until they agree to testify either. The system is treating the victims all wrong - and the corruption has placed them in an impossible situation where the only way to try to survive is to either look stupid, or refuse to cooperate.

Now I'm also going to say something that isn't going to be "popular - but the system is also not treating these pimps like they need any help either. Many of the pimps I have known have been literally raised from children to be doing this. They are often the victims of child abuse themselves. Many of them have learning disabilities, and have been through horrible abuse of their own - to have left them with no way of supporting themselves other than through the exploitation of young men and women.

Locking them up does not deter them. I know of what I speak because Sex Workers Anonymous allows in men and women who have a desire to recover. Which means we have had pimps come to us for help. Help we have given and been a part of more than one pimp turning his life around. Honestly - I've seen very few pimps accomplish this without outside help of some kind either. Pimps generally do it until they die - and they do not stop just because they get locked up.

Many pimps will continue to pimp from prison. I've seen the men and women visit them and put money on their books. I've seen them hit the ground running the day they're released to go back to pimping again - because it's all they know.

Currently there is no program in the United States that will offer them any help to quit other than Sex Workers Anonymous either. You will not find one trafficking program that helps the traffickers to quit. While the victims have witnessed violence - it's these pimps who are doing the violence. They need just as much psychological help and help adjusting to life outside of the sex industry - as does the prostitute - if not more. Because while everyone is finally acknowledging that the prostitute is a victim - no one seems ready yet to acknowledge that a pimp can be a victim too.

If you consider this - if you help one prostitute - you help one prostitute. But if you help a pimp - you're helping more than one prostitute that he would be pimping otherwise - for the rest of that man's life.

Pimps in prison just pass the "game" onto the younger men and others who are getting out. They even pimp prisoners while in custody - I've seen them do it for money on the books, food on commissary day, little trinkets, clothing, extra blankets, etc.

Again as I said - the pimps I was turned out with have been doing this for generations. I've seen them released after decades in prison - to be greeted by their prostitutes at the gate and taken right back into the game. All that's going to be accomplished by going after stiffer sentencing for these traffickers - is that you are going to get some headlines for law enforcement.

All on the back of the prostitutes - because then you're going to be placing more of them in a position where pressure is going to be exerted upon them to testify against these more numerous arrests. Which to me means more prostitutes being threatened with their lives and killed in the interest of politicans and police officers wanting to get headlines - and not because they want to do something to help the victims.

If you want to help the victims - you need to do something about the corruption within the system. You need to create a safer environment for the prostitute to testify in - or create laws which allow for other methods of building a case against a trafficker other than resting on the backs of their victims. You also need to create "proper" aftercare programs for the female AND male victims of the sex industry. This also means including the male homosexual victims of this trafficking crisis - something I'm also seeing ignore.

Frankly, some of the most horrible cases I've ever heard about in the some 250,000 men and women I've talked to over these years I've been doing this world wide have been the male victims who are turned out often as young as 10 years old into the world of gay prostitution and pornography. Yet I can't find one trafficking victim program right now in the United States that takes male victims except Sex Workers Anonymous - and Children of the Night. That is not enough to address this problem.

I am producing a radio show to raise awareness. If you would like to hear Friday's show where I interviewed Lois Lee from Children of the Night catch it

If I can be of any assistance, or if you come across any victims that can use our help - please put them in touch with us.

Thank you.

Jody Williams
(702) 498-6211 Telephoned in the media and in lawmaking today.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Children of the Night Radio Interview

TAPS is launching it's radio show on Tuesday, November 13, 2012, at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time at  by interviewing Dr. Lois Lee - founder of Children of the Night.  They are a comprehensive program for youth who are affected by sex trafficking, prostitution and who are teen runaways.   You can find Children of the Night at 

If you miss hearing it "live" you can always listen to it as a podcast later. 

Please subscribe to our mailing list to hear about what each week's show is going to be at www.  You can also get updates at and 

If you don't know what time this is where you are - you can find out by going to 

If you know of someone who needs help with sex trafficking - please contact us at

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pimps are often Police

WE've been trying to tell you that there's police involved with these traffickers - which makes it very dangerous not only to rescue victims but also to prosecute them.  A safe house where the poilice know where it's at - is not a safe house at all!  Here's yet another example to prove our point

Canada Program

We just heard about this program run by Tania Fiolleau called Save the Women

New Facebook Page

Can be found at - please "like" us

Radio Show

Radio show is moving forward at new site at