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Jody Williams, Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous) (702) 468-4529 Cell – (818) 646-3296 Landline April 20, 2016 IRS Tax Exempt Dept. Via Fax Re: Cupcake Girls – EIN # 453970815 Sex Workers Outreach Project – EIN # 262264638 Erotic Service Providers Union Legal Education and Research Project – EIN # 272049888 Adult Performer Advocacy Committee – EIN # 46-4118260 Dear IRS: I’m writing you on behalf of the four nonprofits listed above. Their EIN numbers are also right after their names. The purpose my writing is to bring to your attention my understanding of a 501c3 nonprofit enjoying tax exempt status is they do not use this to drive the persuasion of new legislation without being a properly registered lobbyist at least. These four groups have been actively working together since at least 2013 that I can trace to directly impact legislation on issues pertaining to prostitution and sex trafficking, as


PS - when looking at media about someone you're thinking about donating money to - look for a reputable reporter or researcher writing about the person or group.  After writing the letter below I discovered that it's Operation Hope that's providing the free medical and dental work for the Cupcake Girls.   ttp://     This is Operation Hope - /    However, the "doctor" they're referring to is the guy who runs Congo Justice.  Only I checked with the Medical Board of Nevada and he's not licensed in Nevada anyway.   When I challenged him on this - he said I "misunderstood" him and that he "worked with a doctor".    He told me he was a "doctor" when he thought I was an active prostitute and he was trying to ask me on a date.  I have the screen shots of that conversation if anyone would like to see them by the way.  Okay but to me - i