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Phyllis  - I wanted to write you to thank you once again for the article you wrote about year ages ago.  Honestly, I wanted to apologize also.  I hesitated at first to do the interview at the time you contacted me because frankly I felt like not that many potential members might see the piece.

I've always tried to limit our media and outreach work to sources where I thought we would reach potential members - not to become a Samoly Mam figure.  But my "gut" told me to move forward with the interview any way and now years later I've become even more grateful on a whole other level.

I haven't really kept you updated - but the trafficking movement i started back in 1984 was "hijacked" not just in my opinion, but also the opinion of the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 Michael Horowitz.  It got hijacked in 2004 by the faith based community if you read the revisions of the TVRA of 2004 is when all the problems s…