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Friday, November 11, 2016


This was a six year operation that went down in 1988.  Meaning it started about 1982.  This was going on all over the US.  One service just like this (probably part of the network) in California.  They went by the name "Talk of the Town".

Here's more on cops forcing prostitutes into having sex and giving money -

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Of course my luck is that the day the "light goes on" with me with respect to some of the concepts Tom was trying to raise awareness about - I learn he passed away two years ago.  

So I'm writing to the survivors.  My name is Jody Williams.  Back in the 1980's, I was a young MENSA  member who graduated high school at 15 years of age because of a high IQ.  I enrolled in community college to prepare my way for the university, but I needed to get a job after my father robbed my college fund.  

I got a job at a nightclub owned by the family who are part of the generational line connected to Richard Pryor of drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes . He's spoken openly about his grandmother running the brothel his mother worked in.  They needed a way to launder money and this was the club I walked into looking for a job in 1979.  

I was "turned out" by this family of pimps into the sex industry.  However, after watching this "family" tore apart by the cocaine epidemic, I asked the head of the "family" to buy my way out safely.  I'd seen what they did to those who tried to leave on their own.  They agreed and I was now an "independent" in the industry.

Word spread on the streets and this is when the REAL predators came to prey upon me - the LAPD and the CIA.  They were working together in what we now know as Iran Contra.  The corrupt police officers who were part of flooding this country with cocaine, all while blaming the African American community for this scourge, also ran a sex trafficking ring.  They supplied drugs and prostitutes to the wealthy elite of Hollywood - knowing the film industry affects the way the people of the world think.  They also needed pretty prostitutes to carry the drugs from the projects into the homes and hotels of Bel Air, Beverly Hills, etc.,  Which is why all of us "madams" such as myself, Alex Adams, and Cheri Woods were called upon to be part of this agenda.

We all went along as we were making money.  But when we were asked to supply them with women who had no "family" to ask questions about their disappearance to be sold to Saudi oil men, and drug dealers, who liked "white women" and wanted to collect them like Scarface collected white tigers - we balked.  This is why you can read how all of the top madams in the country, including Sydney Biddle Barrow, the Mayflower Madam, were all arrested in 1984.

Our faces and names were spread all over the media to make sure we couldn't not only not get a 9 to 5 job outside of the sex industry, but to further scare away all of our "regulars" who didn't want to risk any of the press coming on to expose them.  They confiscated all of our money and property, all while threatening us with other criminal charges.  The point was to make us more "hungry" and thus more "compliant".  

Movie and book contracts were offered to each of us to further ensure that "their" version of our stories were what went out to the press.  I was the only one of the bunch who insisted I would not allow propaganda to go out which wasn't revealing the "whole truth" about the sex industry, and what is now been defined by the term "sex trafficking".  I was then reminded I had signed a contract preventing me from speaking to the press without their consent.  In other words, I was being silenced legally in the form of a book and film option contract.  Clever.

Victims of this had no way out.  They couldn't call the police obviously for help as they were part of the problem.  Shelters weren't set up to protect us from the very systems funding their programs - who would then hand us over to them in two seconds if asked.  Their funding depended upon not "rocking the boat".  So I took an old warehouse I had once used as a brothel and created what I later learned was the first "safe house" for adults in this country.  I say "adults" because only one for juveniles had been created in 1979 by Lois Lee.  Since most of the people I saw being targeted by these predators were over 18 - we had a different issue which had to be addressed.  

The next thing I know I'm being set up and arrested for supposedly "running a brothel".  They gave me a $50,000 bail so the media could print what they wanted them to print and I couldn't come out and explain what was really going on by speaking for myself.  When I showed there was no evidence to support this charge - they arrested my mother.  When we fought her arrest - they threatened my 70 year old grandmother they knew wouldn't survive an arrest because of her age and frail health.  So I gave them their pound of flesh for two years.

Coming back when I was off probation in 1987 and launching the first hotline and 12 step program designed to stop criminalizing these victims to further silence and control them.  We were successful.  Our program "worked" not only at getting people out of the sex industry, rescuing them from sex trafficking operations, but also at coordinating the people to see the Trafficking Act of 2000 pass.

I thought we had achieved success.  Sex trafficking in America was now legally recognized.  Funds were going to be used to help these victims.  Our program had chapters meeting in every major city of the USA generating recovery.  In fact, if you look at any recognized survivor of sex trafficking in this country who went on to create their own local program to help prostitutes - they all came from our program.  For the first time in history, this community was recognized as people needing help - not as "criminals" or "whores".  We had achieved what Bill Wilson had when he not only created AA - but put into our consciousness alcoholism was a disease - not a crime as had been tried with Prohibition.

Jeane Palfrey was the first of us to have the black and white proof of how madams in this country were being sex trafficked not by pimps - but by our own government.  She released her "Black Book" to prove not only this was real, but also to show the connection between her and Randall Tobias - the man who swooped in with the TVRA of 2003 - and "hijacked" this movement right out from under us real survivors.  

Something the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 himself, Michael Horowitz, has confirmed this movement has now been "hijacked by people seeking money and power".  Which happen to be the sex traffickers themselves.  Just as how in the day of Al Capone and Prohibition - the only ones being arrested were those in "competition" with the mob, which also wasn't even being acknowledged as 'real" back then either.  The reason the mob wasn't being acknowledged as real was because then it would become clear the only ones being arrested were those not feeding this criminal enterprise which had it's very roots in our courts, law enforcement, politicians and the church.  People who all profited by Prohibition while the alcoholic was still suffering and exploited.  

Sure the grip on the alcoholic was released, and placed upon the addict.  When the grip off the addict was released - now the "prostitute" became the "victim de jour" to now be simultaneously criminalized, exploited, and demonized.  Something happened in 2008 - this is when I saw something happening which confused me at first.  The people we had helped to exit and recover from the sex industry, whether trafficked or not, had gone out to start local programs to provide services and resources we couldn't as a 12 step program.  

In 2009, I watched as one by one each one of these programs were disbanded.  I watched as the founders were either murdered, framed, slandered, blackmailed, or just plain threatened right out of the field.  I saw a woman with no criminal history framed and sent off to prison for five years without a fair trial who had set up the first alternative sentencing program in Nevada.  They claimed it was "elder abuse" so she got no early release, no time off for good behavior, no reprieve.  

While REAL survivors were being silenced, I then saw the 'catfish" phony ones coming up out of the woodwork.  The Samoly Mam's, Rachel Moran's, Chong Kim, William Hilliar, Stella Marr - all completely funded by the same people who were being not only the hijacking of this movement, but further connected to the sex industry itself.  Why?  

For the same things which happened in Columbia in the 1990's - the inmates were now running the asylum.  In the 1990's if you tried to call and report something you knew to the authorities against the drug Cartel - they had systems in place to intercept those calls.  The caller then was met with either threats, or just plain whacked, depending on how much they knew or how much evidence they had against the Cartel.  The courts were so afraid to step against the Cartel - "faceless justice" committees had to be set up to try and hold up some accountability against them for their crimes.  Not just with respect to drug sales - but for things which have the Columbia people terrified and controlled.  The Cartel not only owned the soccer teams, but even the country's pharmacies, just to give you an idea about how much power they had.  

We were pushed out of the criminal justice system as an "alternative" to incarceration.  If you look at the time period of the late 1980's through the mid-1990's - you do not hear one story breaking loose in the media about corruption and prostitution and/or sex trafficking.  After being pushed out of the system however, we are now hearing about Joohon David Lee and now Celeste Guap.  Celeste was supposedly not only being "bought" by men in police uniform, even Chiefs of Police, but further tipped off to trafficking activities so she herself could remain trapped.  

Her mother was a 911 operator.  I've got a nice long list now of names of people who have called our hotline because they had tried to report sex trafficking to these new, well funded, "anti-trafficking task forces".  Only to be responded to the same way those in Columbia were responded to when they tried to "do the right thing" and report crimes they'd witnessed.  Celeste's mother being a 911 operator shows a system in place I'd like to know how a crime can be properly reported when there's a woman there knowing her very daughter's life is at stake should things go south.  

What happened to Celeste shows we've lost control.  I've been trying for a few years now on behalf of many victims just like her all over the country to get them help.  I'd like to know how they're supposed to stop being prostituted, when the people behind them are most of the police force, the sheriff's office, even again going up to men such as Joohon who is in Homeland Security, ICE, and the trafficking task forces?  A man who walks victims right past LAX security into this country on plane tickets bought by our own government.  Further, a man for who I've been told we STILL have no laws on the books to even charge this man with any crime other than "bribery" who is now driving a limo in Las Vegas as what the justice system says is "throwing the book" at him.

I've knocked on the doors of our Attorney General, Kamala Harris, as well as our prosecutor's office, who has included Jackie Lacey, and Nancy O'Malley, and the Chief of Police, Internal Affairs, even our governor's office saying I need to speak to them about what these victims are saying is happening to them, and what we're going to do to provide them with help.  When I first started our program, I used to be able to put many of the victims into drug treatment where the HIPPA laws used to protect them from being found by these traffickers and drug back or worse as we saw with what happened to Jeane Palfrey.  

Only to be ignored.  When the situation reached the point where Celeste's story hit the media, instead of her being referred to our program who has dealt successfully with victims just like her for 30 years - the same people who refused to help now step in to say "they're handling it".  Celeste was then sent to a treatment program which took a woman who was being raped for years by men in uniform that had security guards on the floor.  Guards who then took a woman turning to them for help and drug her off to be charged with assault.  Further given a $300,000 bail for the sole reason of silencing her to the media, as well as I'm sure doing to her what was done to me when I was arrested in the same manner in 1984 - to make sure she keeps her mouth shut about everything she knows.  

A woman who if you look on her social media is clearly still being used as a prostitute.  Is this by choice?  I'd like to know what "choice" is it when she's being blocked from even speaking to our organization by again the very people who are supposed to be helping her such as the prosecutor's office.  One who seems more interested in grandstanding for the upcoming election than in doing what is needed to help Celeste.  If Nancy O'Malley's interest was in helping Celeste - she would have turned her over to our program with a 30 year track record long before now.  No - she would have taken our calls three years ago when we called about her plight, and that of many women in this country right now just like her.  

I have gone down the line of speaking to these people.  I talked to the Attorney General's office who told me they can't do anything if the police aren't willing to put together an investigation and arrest the criminals.  I went to the police who told me they can't do this when they're going to risk their lives to put together a case - only to see it not taken to court because the prosecutor's office won't file.  The prosecutor's office has told me they don't see a point in filing when they know the judges are all either bought off, or too scared, to charge these criminals. The judge's tell me there's no point in going against the criminals when they know they're only going to be released early by an over-crowded correctional system which is now mostly for profit in this country.  

We used to be able to get the media to put pressure on the system to "do the right thing".  We last saw this happen with the Chris Butler case.  No one wanted to touch the guy - until the press exposed what he was doing.  THEN we saw the operation he was involved with exposed.  I'm not going to say shut down - because he was just replaced with someone else.  That is what "racketeering" laws are about - when the people within the system are just spokes on the wheel of a machine which keeps running no matter how many spokes are replaced.

Now we have another stack of reporters telling us they can't report on what's going on for one reason or another - either they're scared of winding up like Gary Webb did with his head shot off, or they don't want to wind up on the unemployment line only posting videos on youtube because no news agency will hire them.  

Is it important?  A reporter was confronted recently about why tapes concerning Donald Trump, a man running for the highest seat of power in this country, were not released sooner.  The reporter honestly said it wasn't released because of the stranglehold on the media for who if he had - then not only would no one have not heard it anyway, but that he would then be completely banned from working within the media again because the company producing the segment was also the same company producing the show with Donald Trump.  So yes - when this is affecting what we know about people running for President of this country then it is a "big deal" when the media is being choked. 

Noam Chomsky has said "propaganda is to a democracy what a gun is to a dictator".  Only we the public are the ones being fired upon here. Now I don't care how well Celeste is treated at this point - the system itself which created this situation is not being addressed.  It was not being addressed when I started knocking on these doors a few years ago, when I was going to reporters telling me they're being silenced, nor is it being addressed now for the sake of all the other victims of sex trafficking, and the related corruption.

If I'm being told by every office within our legal and political system there's nothing they can do on their own because of how the other offices aren't cooperating with them for one reason or another - then what is the solution?  At first I thought applying the racketeering laws might be an answer.  When I turned to Kamala Harris' office and pushed on her to do this - she announced she's "running for senate" and put up her donation site.  Okay that's not a solution.  

Then I thought maybe if we set up our own "faceless justice committee" who could do their job without fearing their children, or grandchildren, would be slaughtered on the way to school for doing so.  Who look to Mexico where 44 students have disappeared not long ago and no one is doing anything about this either they've lost so much control after having Pablo Escobar sitting in their Congress.

Only modern surveillance technology has created the environment where what worked in the 1990's for Columbia won't work in a day and age where our phones are the same as tracking and surveillance devices.  

So what is a solution here to a train that's gone off the rails to bring things back on track?  I prayed for insight and believe it or not - I looked up and was watching an old Billy Jack movie.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing - absolutely everything I'm seeing now was in this 1970's movie which he wrote and directed to show the corruption behind a nuclear plant being built where he was wanting to instead build a youth center to help troubled kids.  

In this film, he was talking about a "national referendum" was the solution.  I had no idea what this was and in fact don't remember anyone in this country, not even Obama, saying this term.  I'd like to know more about it so I looked up Tom Laughlin's contact information just now - only to find out he's passed.  

So I'm going to hope this reaches some survivors over there who would be willing to talk to me more about this subject.  I was a kid when this film came out and all I remember about Billy Jack was the martial arts, the cool song, and the way he reminded me of an American "Kung Fu" version of David Carradine.  But clearly the man was ahead of his time.  I could see that when reading how he had to book his films into theaters himself at first.  

Tom was clearly ahead of his time.  But for now - he's "right on time" with this idea.  Please get in touch with me so I can learn more about what a "national referendum" is.  Building nuclear plants is one thing - but when we've reached the point where our children are being trafficked and there's nothing that can be done to stop it, to where when their plight comes out to the light THEY'RE  the ones arrested, held on a $300,000 bail, and having their face plastered all over the media INSTEAD of the men who preyed upon her, and her family, as well as many others, then we need to do something different.  

Maybe this is it.  Thank you for listening.  

Monday, October 12, 2015


Jody Williams
Email –
(702) 468-4529

Internal Affairs for Nevada
Via fax and emai

Dear Sirs:

Back in 1988 – I did a Sally Jesse Raphael show where I appeared against Joe Conforte, the previous owner of the Mustang Ranch brothel. He brought with him four prostitutes who worked at the ranch – and for an hour the audience heard this was a “victimless crime” and how much “money they were making”. The purpose of the show was Joe was trying to get his brothels expanded into California and outside of the small rural communities that these legal brothels operate out of in Nevada spread across the state.

When the camera was off – I had one of these women run up to me in the dressing room begging for help to escape. She claimed she had been drugged, then placed on a charter plane at gunpoint (there's a landing strip at the ranch), where she was told to say what she said “or else”. Her fear was because she said other women were “disappearing” into the night and that Joe was physically abusive to the girls. Luckily, the show was being filmed in Chicago. I was working with Genesis House up there at the time so we staged a fake ambulance call to get her out of the studio and placed with them (they don't exist any longer).

Clearly I'm concerned about what this woman is telling me. I then started calling the police who were in charge of that area in 1988 and received nothing but the brush-off. Now I understood that because of the very reason I was on that talk show in the first place. Society didn't believe that sex trafficking was real – or that women could be victim of force and coercion in the sex industry. Not when the “Happy Hooker” was on the best seller list back then and musicals were being made starring Dolly Pardon singing about “down on the chicken ranch – nothing dirty's going on”.

So I packed up my family, shut down my business, and sold off my real estate in 1996 and moved to Nevada so I could help them. Mind you this was before the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed that even gave sex trafficking federal recognition. I knew that my calling for help was going to be received about the same as if I called up saying “little green men were forcing women into sex work” back in the 80's and 90's. Meaning that if anyone was going to help – it was going to be me and not law enforcement.

I had gotten to know Sharnel Silvey at this point. She used to be a madam at the Mustang Ranch before Joe fled the country and the IRS took over the ranch about 1992. Sharnel got clean from drugs, left sex work, became a caretaker by day, joined a local church – and we started the first alternative sentencing program in all of Nevada with her taking the helm in northern Nevada. I held down the fort on the southern Nevada end of the state. Working together – her and I tried to get help not just to someone being forced to work in the sex industry – but to anyone who wanted help to exit the industry. She was then “set up” in my opinion on a theft charge that shut down the program.

Why shut it down? The stories we were hearing out of these women about law enforcement's treatment of them wasn't exactly “flattering” when it came to helping them when they were in trouble. I'm going to invite you to listen to Aubrey's interview at She was working at the Shady Lady brothel that's now closed. Aubrey claims that when an officer would come down weekly to pick up the HIV test results – that she would be drugged by this officer, and then raped. Further, that this was done in exchange supposedly for not picking up any “real” test results from the girls. This isn't just an issue about her being drugged and raped – but one of a threat to the public health and safety.

So what do I want to do about it? At that time, I went onto the internet to find out who I could complain to about this officer. At that time, the website said that I had to take all Internal Affairs complaints to the CHIEF. However, at that time, the chief was the officer in question. Now what do I do about this? I don't know – you tell me. Go to the Attorney General? The Attorney General was trying to get AB67 passed about this time and doing everything possible to avoid speaking to me. To the point where even when our group read a letter to the Attorney General on the legislature floor – she then lied to the press saying there was “no objection” to AB67. So who do I complain to about this? No idea.

Look – I'm just a recovering addict, sex worker, and survivor. What I do well how to do is I help others to leave the sex industry and find recovery also. That's what I do. I'm not a cop. I'm not an attorney. I'm not a political science major nor a politician. I shouldn't have to have some kind of advanced degree or connections in order to register a complaint against an officer. Nor should anyone with a complaint either.

Now I invite you to look at the site for Reno Nevada now with respect to Internal Affairs. I can assure you the LAST thing we're going to do to make this complaint is her and I go waltzing into the police station where this guy worked. You have a phone number for a victim to call. However, this woman has two small children who are home and awake during the day. The only time she's going to want to CALL = would be after hours. Also, to be honest – calling leaves her voice on the recording. If she was going to have bothered calling – she's not going to call and have the officer recognize her voice. Yet nowhere on the site is there simply an email address for her to make an anonymous report. Of course it also says “write to the Chief”. Yeah right. I'm sorry but my understanding about Internal Affairs is that it's supposed to be someone you can report an officer to – not someone who is going to cover for another officer.

Which is what happened to me when I started dealing with victims of Kemp Schiffer and Chris Butler. Those are the names I can mention publicly because they're now been arrested and found guilty. However, I want you to think about the position I was in getting calls from women they were victimizing BEFORE this happened. Both of these men were part of a very large crime ring that was/is networking itself across the USA. Las Vegas is only one stop on the network. A network that if you read up on how Chris operated – you'll see that I was dealing with the cops and private investigators as part of this operation. The drugs, guns, money, and even the women are transported in police/sheriff cars. That way they're not stopped. Genius right? Especially when you're putting on all kinds of public events pointing the fingers at street pimps as the “real traffickers”.

So genius that when I went to Chief Gillespie about the information that I had – names, addresses, phones numbers, etc. and gave him the file to do something about this the very next morning I had a pregnant woman on my doorstep. When I asked her what was going on - she told me that the “chief had come in at midnight clearing everyone and everything out”. Describing to me even the walls were cleaned with bleach to remove any fingerprints or evidence in the brothels & drug houses. After putting her into a motel – I then went to check all the addresses I'd given the chief to find – everything had been cleaned out.

EXCEPT the Asian operation. This was Asian women in private homes speaking only Mandarin. I can't knock on the door of these homes and say “do you need help” like I could at a massage parlor or a strip club. We couldn't even get a “fake john” into the house because they were only accepting men getting off the plane from China getting into cabs at the airports with plane tickets as clients. So what am I to do? I looked on the Metro Internal Affairs website at that time in 2007 – and there was no IA at all. There was a website that said “due to a lack of funding” there was no Internal Affairs.

So I went to a friend who was a reporter and “Operation Dollhouse” went down. Then I saw 24 women sent back to their pimps despite bags of drugs being found in that house simply to make a case go away against two officers from San Mateo that was EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TRYING TO GET EXPOSED.

So now what? I turned to Terri Miller who was director of ATLAS who told me that “making complaints about the police was not her job”. Especially since Metro had just given the Salvation Army $370,000 – I bet. So I went to the FBI and got threatened with a 5150 if I didn't “back off”. Which was a great position to be in when I had fresh information coming in on the Jessie Foster case. I went to the detective listed on her page as being in charge of Jessie's case. He didn't return my calls. I went to Terri who again blew me off. I went to the DA's office – only to run into David Shubert who has since died from a drug overdose.

Now for years I've been getting calls from prostitutes needing help because of a lot of good cops. Cops who were handing out our cards to prostitutes they'd meet who said they needed help. So at one point in time – I had seven women who wanted to step up to testify against the men involved in the same ring as Kemp and Chris (this was before they got arrested mind you). They asked me to find out if they could be safely protected if they testified against an officer, a judge, a city councilman, etc. I was also talking to Jeane Palfrey then who was releasing names in her “Black Book”. While releasing names – she was not talking about who was doing what. Not until she could figure out if she could be made safe if she did. A valid concern if you look up the position those strippers in that DEA owned strip club in NJ are in. If one of them is killed or disappears – I have no way of knowing. Which is what many of these women look to me as – someone who will know if they go missing and do something about it because I won't shut up.

Lois Lee suggested I go talk to Vic Vigna. I called asking if he would show me what steps could be taken to protect a witness who wanted to testify against an officer, politician, judge, etc. He agreed to meet with me to show me. At the meeting where he showed up wearing an FBI t-shirt – he then asked me if I wanted to be a paid informant. Then after asking me if I knew anything about street pimps (which was not the point of the meeting) – he then blew me off – refusing all future phone calls because I said I didn't want to become a paid informant. When I went back to speak to these women – a few of them laughed saying they'd had some less than nice “encounters” with Vic and they weren't surprised I was treated this way.

When Lt. Karen Hughes took over – I thought things would change. What changed was the cops who were giving out our number to prostitutes they'd meet who wanted help suddenly came to a halt. Then Mayor Goodman had threatened all Metro officers if they even spoke to me – they'd be fired. This was when he was trying to get a brothel put in where the Mob Museum now sits. I was now getting calls from cops telling me that anyone who would even mention my name, especially in a good light – was finding themselves being run right off the force or fired. Okay what do we do about it? I go online to find that Karen is also head of Internal Affairs. She's also part of the Southern Nevada Sex Trafficking Task Force.

A task force that I tried to get help from when I was finding out about underage trafficking in Nevada. I have documentation showing of multiple attempts to reach out to Karen at Metro, and to the task force, about underage trafficking I had learned about – and getting no response back. Now – who am I going to complain to about this when she's on Internal Affairs?

Last week I got a call from Officer Bolzack (I don't know if that's the right spelling). This officer said that since Karen Hughes is “no longer with Metro there's nothing he can do”. When asked who replaced her with Vice or the task force – he said he “had no idea”. Funny. This is an officer supposedly from Internal Affairs who doesn't know who is the head of Vice in Las Vegas? Seriously?

I'm still getting calls from prostitutes in Las Vegas telling me one thing or another about officers. I'm hearing about raped, beatings, threats, intimidation, blackmail – the whole nine here. I'm also still hearing about officers who are working for this trafficking network that is still operating with a few new players.

The reason for the RICO act is because you could arrest a few men – and the operation continued. Men like Kemp Schiffer and Chris Butler have been arrested yes – but the operation is continuing on. I've now built up information about the heads of this operation that is based out of Pasadena, California. I know why too – because everyone is telling me they “can't do anything” until there's a police report written up out of Pasadena, California. Easy to say when witnesses are being drug out of their homes by Pasadena officers and having fake charges slapped on them signed by Pasadena judges. Easy to say when trying to help them I'm getting threatened by a Pasadena Officer.

When I escalated this to get a return call from the Chief of Pasadena Police about the situation – I then witnessed all these private investigators staging what appeared to be the building of yet another 5150 campaign on me. One where if I walk into the Pasadena police to file a complaint about anything or anyone – I'm going to be the one carted off. Now no offense – but after what happened to Sandra Bland who was also complaining about the police I'm not touching that one with a 10 foot pole.

So Karen Hughes is with the Wynn now. So what? The reason I started the modern day sex trafficking movement is because our system was not set up to address sex trafficking WITHIN OUR CURRENT SYSTEM. Back in the 1980's I was witnessing sex trafficking during Iran Contra. This meant the men involved were police, politicians, diplomats, judge's, prosecutors', etc. Men who knew how to make evidence disappear – again as we saw with the file burning and Iran Contra. There are no system then for me to go to with what I saw happening to put a stop to it – and THAT'S what I wanted to change.

Now I look at Metro's page for Internal Affairs for Las Vegas. I have emails from Metro officers telling me they're afraid to even mention my name or they'll find themselves being thrown right out of the force. That's a problem. Now I ask you – where are they going to go to file a complaint about the fact they're being intimidated? The information on your website hasn't changed when it still shows Karen Hughes as the person in charge over there for north Las Vegas (where most of this is going on). If IA doesn't know that Lt. Spencer is in charge of Vice and I can find that out on Google – it tells me your IA Dept. is pretty much out of touch. Now Karen didn't act in a vacuum. Other officers acted with her. And I'm not hearing out of Officer Bolzack anyone really seems to care about that fact either.

I want to know where I can go and have complaints about officers actually investigated and not find myself on the other end of the threats. I am not alone either. I've got a couple of files on my desk from tax paying citizens of other cities where a sex trafficking victim came to them for help. They went to the police – and they got threatened. Serpico himself is reported to be living in a cabin off the grid because of threats he's receiving from police. He's stated we have a “serious problem” with Politico Magazine. So I'm not just ranting and raving about little green men here.

Now I want to know what's going to be done about this?

Jody Williams

Monday, September 28, 2015


As you know who follow my blog, I'm having problems with police all of the time who are involved in some fashion to sex trafficking. Since I do most of my "face to face" work in California and Nevada - most of the calls I get on the Sex Workers Anonymous hotline is in those two states.

Since 2013,  I've been trying to get someone to talk to me about what's going on in Pasadena, California's police station for a while now because of the "Music" case.  This is a woman who called for help who lives in Pasadena - and claims two Pasadena officers drug her out of her home when she told her traffickers she wanted to leave and they slapped her with two phony prostitution charges.  

I then got my own threats from a man saying he was a Pasadena officer when I was helping her - and then I've had some weird issues with their chief.  For example, he tells me he "didn't return my calls because he's already working with a trafficking group".  Okay - who I ask him? I never got an answer.  When I asked what measures he was going to take about my safety to come in and talk to him in person about this case - I didn't get an answer either.  He's not even asking me the name of the officer who called me.  Now I ask myself "how is he going to make sure I'm safe coming to this meeting if he doesn't even know the name of the officer who called me?  When I ask him about this - he's STILL not asking me the name of the officer.

The Pasadena Police already had an audit ordered when a tape leaked of a detective bragging that they could "fake a homicide" -  which the audit report was done.  It's results?  They need "more money and training".   If you google right now "corruption" along with what's going on in California law enforcement - this is much more than a lack of training going on with these officers.  

Okay the report thing is not getting us anywhere.  Not when a cop is recorded bragging he can "fake a homicide case" and then the station gets a report asking for "more money".  

At the same time, Chief Sanchez is saying he "opposes more oversight".  I bet he does.  When I asked for the qualifications of the person who wrote this report - I couldn't get a straight answer out of anyone.  I noticed for example the last name was the same for the man who prepared the report - Sanchez.  So I asked if they were "any relation".  The answer was "no".  But no matter what kind of digging I did into the background of the man who prepared this report - the best I could come up with is he sold some insurance.  I also find it interesting that in April of 2015 - the report was REDACTED.  I mean THIS was all I could find on "Veritas Assurance Group"  They sell "legal plans" like Prepald Legal.   I couldn't find his resume anywhere when the report was released.  Since then I found this -  Does anyone but me remember what LAPD detectives were like in the 1980's in the Hollywood Narcotics Division by the way?  I do.  

Now I'm going to quote an article about the report itself - In addition to looking at cases handled by Okamoto and Broghamer, the audit "will also examine a cross-section of Detective Bureau reports and criminal case filings to ensure consistency in reporting and that procedure was followed. At the conclusion of the audit, an executive summary will be made available to the public, according to the city.

Now I ask you - what does this have to do with detectives being recorded as saying they can "fake a homicide" for one thing?

Here's another quote about the report:  "The judge found that Detective Okamoto intentionally wrote a report that was misleading," Stein said. "The police reports did not match what the witnesses said."

And:  During the recorded interview of a female witness, Broghamer is heard warning her that her child could be taken from her. Such "duress" is not permitted, Stein said.

Honestly - I don't see what "consistency in reporting" has to do with things like "faking a homicide case" or the problem I've been trying to get someone to look at where a woman was drug out of her home and slapped with two fake prostitution charges (supposedly), and when we tried to get the booking videotape to see what was going on, not only was she threatened again, but so was I and another person.   Nor does this address (1) me getting a call from a man identifying himself to be a Pasadena officer threatening me to "back off" and then (2) when I tried to make contact with the Chief to talk to him about the threat he refused to return my of my calls or emails unless he got pressure from up above him!

I find it especially interesting that the MINUTE the Chief was forced by people above him to speak to me about the case, this weird "5150" campaign starts up against me online that was completely staged.   So if this detective is bragging he can "fake a homicide case" then I'm sure faking a 5150 case is a piece of cake.  ANYONE can be hauled off for a 72 hour "observation".  My only concern at this point is I might wind up a Sandra Bland or another hooked hung from a jail cell.  

Because the MINUTE Chief Sanchez actually is getting pressure to speak to me about this case - suddenly a woman I don't even know is claiming I'm "stalking" her and she's "afraid for her life" and telling people she wants to file a 5150 charge against me.  A woman who just happens to be getting funding through the OC Human Trafficking Task Force - a task force that I'm questioning it's honesty with respect to their connection to Kevin Brown and the whole "8 Minutes" fiasco.  She further goes online making crazy accusations that she's "afraid to leave her house" and asking people where I live so she can "file a charge".  Yeah right I'm going to go waltzing into any police station right now while she's doing this and this Chief is acting so strange.  

So what do I do about it?  I've gone to everyone on up to Senator Kerry and Loretta Lynch - only no one is coming to take a look at evidence I have about a criminal ring where three
 pimps have now been sentenced in Wichita, Kansas, in this ring nor about what's going on with the police, or this money going into the trafficking task force I'm not seeing go anywhere to benefit victims.

Like what am I going to do next?  What do you do when you've got grave concerns about a Chief of Police who is acting weird.  I have googled "Internal Affairs" for Los Angeles and find nothing.  

Then I then read this article closely.  It says there is a "Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau" so I go and google that.  Notice I find information for a Nevada Internal Affairs - but the rest is news stories "about" Internal Affairs.  But yet I can't find any contact information.

The first pdf I find has NO contact information.

I do find 10 sheriff's have been let go for inappropriate behavior within the jails.  

Which I'm just going to point out again WHY most sex trafficking victims can't call 911 for help.  Nor the task forces when they're out executing arrest warrants  I was under the impression that the sex trafficking task force was to help victims of trafficking.  Well now if they're splashing photos of people they arrested for running a brothel they aren't.  First of all, if the brothel IS NOT connected with sex trafficking - I have no idea why then the trafficking task force is arresting those people number one.  Number two, I don't understand why the POLICE aren't doing the arresting if they are not a sex trafficking operation or part of one.  Number three - if they ARE a part of a sex trafficking operation - then arresting them IS NOT treating them like victims.  Now if they're the predators in a trafficking operation - are they the absolute head?  No one else is above them?  Because if someone is above them in the trafficking operation - and they just blasted their photo online like this - they just signed a death warrant out for them by the traffickers who will be wanting to shut them up before they talk.  So I COMPLETELY don't understand WTF is going on with the trafficking task force arresting two people in this illegal brothel case in Vegas.  

Back to California, I'm trying to figure out who is who I'd talk to about problems with the Pasadena Police.  In Google, I found a budget that's paid by the Board of Supervisors -

In going through these budgets - I see a lot of money going to 'Operation Safe Streets" but they arrest gang members, not investigate corrupt cops.  So this doesn't appear to be about investigating cops anyway..

This appears to be Internal Affairs for Los Angeles City Police -  But that's not Los Angeles county nor Pasadena, California.  That appears to be the city of Los Angeles.  This budget shows a Michael Egan with the Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau - not Internal Affairs.   I don't know if Michael Egan is a detective, or the actor who filed fake sexual abuse charges.  Either way - I still see now contact information for this unit.  

So how do I find out how to reach these people?  Board of Supervisors?   They don't respond to my request to speak to them about this case either.  Not since I'm also trying to file a complaint against how the Board heard two people talking to them on July 14, 2015 about sex trafficking cases they said "no one was following up on" and when I checked with the board - no one knew what I was talking about - so then guess what?  NO ONE IS FOLLOWING UP on those charges just like the people who appeared said then!  

Okay now what?  So who now do I write to in order to complain about the Board of Supervisors green lighting millions of dollars to "fight sex trafficking" yet when TWO PEOPLE come right into their meeting to report sex trafficking TO THEIR FACE and they do nothing.   So who do I go and complain to about the Board of Supervisors doing this?  It's like Bush crying he is going to issue a grant to find people to go looking for Osama Bin Laden - only Osama walks into Bush's office and says "hello here I am" and then he does nothing because he's issued a budget.   I'm not understanding this (and why I posted this in the Sanity Today column also where I post other things where I feel like I just dropped acid or something they're so crazy).    

So how  are you  supposed to file a complaint or get an investigation started against an officer who isn't with the LA City?  I'm not finding anything.

I did find this article that says the "board of supervisors voted to start a civilian oversight committee" in December -  Only I google "civilian oversight committee Los Angeles" and found NOTHING.  

Go to the Chief of Los Angeles?  Been there done that with Chief Gillespie in Nevada.  Twenty-four hours later - all the evidence I handed him from a two year long investigation was then wiped clean in 24 hours.  Not doing that again.

I've already been trying FOR A YEAR to reach Jim McDonnell.  First when I wrote him when I read about him "working with prostitutes" I got no answer.  Then I wrote again, and faxed again.  I then got a woman who told me the articles were "no accurate" and that he would speak to me IF he got elected.  Okay he got elected, so I reached out.  I then told told he would get in touch with me "AFTER the swearing in".  Okay.  I waited until that was done and reached out again.  This time I was told he would get back to me "after he formulated his trafficking policy".   Okay I then saw him submit a grant application for sex trafficking.  That sounded like he "formulated" something - so I reached out again.  This time I was told he would contact me "once he got the funding".  Now I know he knows about me because I actually had a member of his trafficking task force call me up, speak to me, invite me to go on the Brian Shapiro radio show.  But when I asked if I could come in and meet with the trafficking task force to talk to them about the victims I'm working with - he blew me off the phone and I haven't heard from him since.  Still no contact from Jim McDonnell's office either.  So not going to him about the issue at this point.  At this point I'll be told he'll call me "when he retires".

Now it appears the FBI is investigating corruption.  I got a general fax number here for the FBI in Los Angeles  - but I don't know who in the FBI office is investigating corruption or sex trafficking.  The one FBI agent I spoke to, the one who arrested Bill Hilliar told me there was "nothing he could do unless the traffickers were Muslim".  He didn't even know where to report issues of corruption.  He said he would "look into it and get back to me" but of course I've heard nothing.  

Can someone please explain to me why I can't find out who or where to go to file a complaint about a Pasadena, or a Long Beach, or an Orange County cop in California, or a cop in Las Vegas that's not also on Internal Affairs?  How am I supposed to file a complaint about a cop who is also on Internal Affairs?  I have emails from cops telling me that every single time they've tried to refer a prostitute to Sex Workers Anonymous for help - they've had her "run the off the force" while theirs have told me they've seen this and for that reason they're scared to give out our cards to prostitutes?

 I mean who is above Internal Affairs in Las Vegas?  I already know I'm not going to get anywhere with Internal Affairs in Vegas because Karen just tells people I'm crazy but she won't return my calls or look at any of our evidence, nor speak to any of the victims who come to me.  

Why is there not something online that's simple I can follow?  Some kind of corruption organizational chart?  This FBI website says they just RECENTLY put together these corruption units.  Okay - but where do I find how to get in touch with them?

I did find one in Los Angeles city - but why am I not finding anything anywhere else?  Why can't I find a way to reach Joseph Dickey directly that it says handled the Mally Mall raid (not arrest)?

Then I found this which was pretty disturbing when I googled for "corruption" -  Especially when it says there was "no agent" in San Francisco at all in 2004?

This is even more disturbing when you realize that Snoop was pimping across the country BY HIS OWN ADMISSION in 2003.  But clearly Joseph Dickey isn't afraid to arrest someone who is connected to Snoop Dogg - but how do I reach him?

So this is more of the reason why when I got a call from a politician asking me to help rescue a woman out from under that ring because the "police didn't want to get involved" - you can see I had no one to complain to about this.  In Nevada - there was no Internal Affairs at all in Las Vegas in 2003.

It's things like this as to probably why right now as I'm speaking in September of 2015 - I know for a fact a drug dealing pimp just got hired with Metro.  His mom, also a drug dealer, was telling me about how the whole family, including their daughter, who is a prostitute, had to go to some function to "vouch" for him to get him on the force.  Of course he wants on the force - to protect him and his mom and sister.

Which is why right now in this country - everywhere there's a "task force" to "fight trafficking" I'm dealing with the office of the police protecting the traffickers.  Now you might say they just don't want me "interfering" or "working alone".  If that was the case - they would be talking to me about what the victims are telling me AS THEY HAVE FOR YEARS.  

But when I look at the FBI departments that are investigating "corruption" I'm not finding anything to do with "corruption".  Now I give you three guesses what that means?  If you're a corrupt cop and you don't want to have an FBI task force coming after you - go work on a trafficking task force!   They have one for drugs.  They have one for white collar crimes and even ART for God's sake.  But committee for corruption with sex trafficking?  I don't see a category listed.

When I started this work in 1987 - if I had a case involving a pimp that the woman/victim wanted to see arrested - we could go to the police and get help.  Again, look at the Margo Compton case. She was able to go to the police and get help.  Now back then I feel the system wasn't set up to properly protect victims - which is what I feel led to her death.  The police would tell me they didn't have the money to put victims into proper housing while waiting on trial because sex trafficking didn't have "federal recognition".  That's what I kept hearing about why we needed federal recognition.  But the Margo Compton case is why victims like her DON'T go to the police anymore - they come to me.  But that doesn't mean we don't want to do something to shut down the ring itself.  Okay who do we go to then?  The National Trafficking Hotline says "only the victim" can make out a report - so what happens if they are too afraid to directly so they come to me?  Then I try to go to the police with the information - and I'm getting blown off.  Something's got to give here.  

We were told they weren't helping prior to 2000 because "they didn't have the money because sex trafficking didn't have federal recognition.  Okay so we pushed for the recognition - and we got it and since the TVRA of 2003 - now I can't get a cop anywhere to talk to me as anything but the enemy.  Maybe, just maybe it's because there's no watchdogs!  I'm not finding any anyway.  I sure can't find an attorney to help like we used to either.  Too many have wound up really slapped like when that attorney went after Kamala Harris for the homeowners who got illegally foreclosed on - and he gets 17 years in prison.  Not inspiring cops to want to get involved anymore that's for sure.   I see in fact it was the ACLU who got a corruption team put together against the LAPD in fact.

I'm not alone in this view that corruption's gotten out of control.  Serpico feels the same way.

So too does Judge Goethals.  Who by the way, this Slate article said that Kamala Harris was "going to ask UC Irvine's professor of law" to do a report on this situation. He however said to me last month, August of 2015, that "no one has contacted me about it".

I guess she was too busy reviewing an illegally obtained videotape against Planned Parenthood.  Right or wrong - it was illegally obtained.  Which means anyone who aired it is also guilty of a crime as well as those who recorded the tape.  So she can hold a press conference against Planned Parenthood with an illegally obtained tape - but when I write, email, call and fax about a multi-national sex trafficking ring I get bumpkiss?  Maybe it's because I don't have the campaign contribution money that the pro-life people do.  I don't know what the issue is here.

Now it appears the FBI is beefing up "foreign" corruption.  Huh?  Can we do something about at home first?

Okay 2011 looks like they're doing something about corrupt judges and courts.  Upon further investigation it appears this is in NY only.

Oh this explains something.  Kansas got a corruption officer to work in the human trafficking area. in 2011.  THAT might explain why they were finally able to get an arrest in 2013 against pimps in the trafficking ring I've been working on getting someone to go after the heads of said operation there - but I can't here in California!  In fact there was a whole slew of massage parlors shut down in 2013 in Kansas.   Too bad no contact information for Amanda on the article.  But I still find it interesting that this was a tough case - and they got those three pimps in jail in Kansas - but not California.  I've been wondering why and maybe it was because of Amanda on the job!

Let me try and google Nevada corruption.  This looks like the "Criminal Intelligence Unit".

Okay I google that.  I get this.  I get a lot of articles about how corrupt Nevada is - but I'm not finding anyone I can file a report with about the issue to open an investigation!

Now let me bring up a point here for a moment.  It's now 4:55 a.m. I'm writing this.  I have to do my SWA work in my "spare" time. I have no salary.  No grant.  No fund raising.   So I have to do my daily stuff during the day, take care of my daughter, and work with our members.  By the time I get to do everything else - it's after 5 pm.   Now when I was a victim of trafficking - I didn't wake up until about 5 pm.  I remember that was my biggest barrier to finding help - no one was in after 5 pm to take calls.  So today there are emails and fax machines.  So when I find a phone number of an office that closes at 5 pm - that does not help me.  Nor will that help a victim either.  Just a site note here - and why we have an email address and I answer the SWA hotline until 4 am before I shut it down to go to sleep.

Now I find a vice corruption unit here in Riverside, California -  But again no email or contact form even.

The brothels however are in northern Nevada.  Going to the website to "file a complaint" for northern Nevada - I see we're still complaining to the Chief.   However, over the years the women tell me the "chief is involved".  So we need to find someone to go to over the Chief's head in Nevada.

It does appear that Internal Affairs has been replaced with the Office of Professional Responsibility -

Okay they have a form on their website -  It says you fill out the form and then mail to:

1535 Old Hot Springs Rd, Suite 20
Carson City, NV 89706

Problem is I don't know of one single hooker that is going to go to that website, fill out that form, and mail that letter.

Oh here we go - on another page is an email address -

Now Clark County says it has a "citizen review board"

Okay here's an email for them and here's the form -

It's now taken me HOURS to find these forms.  But at least I found out where and how to file a complaint against law enforcement in Nevada.

I've emailed these two emails now to see if these are the right offices to complain about a problem with police officers.

This is interesting - the Office of Public Safety appears to be DMV.  The NV legislature is saying their officers have the "same powers" as cops.  But when they ask if that means DMV employees can arrest someone - this guy isn't "comfortable answering".  But finally someone said "yes a DMV employee can arrest you" as of March of 2015.

I'm really confused now.  I'm trying to figure out who and how do I file a complaint against a cop in Nevada.  Now it appears I can be arrested by a DMV employee?  Well if that's the case, maybe I need to go talk to a DMV agent about arresting some of these pimps!

They don't seem to be doing much about the corrupt police.  Now in reading this article - it appears that I would complain to the DA's office.   This case by the way only ties back into why many sex trafficking victims CAN'T trust the police enough to call them for help!  Oh wait, that article is 2010 while Gillespie was still chief!

I remember that's when he'd report everything to the DA's office because David Schubert used to cover everything up before his death from a drug overdose.

Now back to filing complaints against police officers.  Yes it's as bad in northern Nevada as it is Clark County. Which this article ties back into why a sex trafficking victim can't safely call 911 in Nevada.  Especially if the cop is just going to go and tip off her trafficker like this guy tipped off people who were about to be arrested!  By the way - notice this a California officer that's working through a Reno police office.  This is just tipping off people - not that they'd harm a prostitute right?

Think again -

BTW - I've told you people that prostitutes are the "canary in the mine" about problems didn't I?  I want you to read this about Hambrick.

During the 2013 hearings on the sex trafficking Bill I was "intimidated" into not coming in to testify.  I asked the legislature if I could testify remotely by phone or skype and they refused.  They kept holding the hearings at karate studios where they trained the officers and I took this as clearly a threat.  What prostitute is going to go into a martial arts studio where they train cops with cops there to testify against what's going on with the cops and why we didn't want to see that law passed?

We did have a very brave member go and testify at the legislature to not only register our objection to the trafficking bill, but also to oppose the brothel expansion into Las Vegas.  She appeared in front of the whole legislature with the other anti-trafficking advocates and read a letter to them - which John heard because she was looking right at him.  When I spoke to him on Facebook about this - he FLATLY DENIED ever seeing her, hearing her, talking to her, etc.  When I reminded him this hearing was VIDEOTAPED and sent him over a clip of him SPEAKING TO HER - he then blocked me from his facebook account.

While refusing to have coffee with me to talk about the Bill, or speak to me on the phone, he did have dinner with Dennis Hof the night before the hearings.  He then had me BANNED from the property where Congo Justice, whose president was from Nigeria by the way, came in to show films about sex trafficking in the Congo, while they were discussing a trafficking bill in Nevada!  I still don't know where the money went he raised by the way.  I do know that while he was pushing this trafficking bill - he was refusing all contact with us, the only group that had been working with trafficking victims IN NEVADA SINCE 1996.

Does it get written about or believed?  Not until someone "else" gets pushed on.  They always do it to someone like us first - and then when they get away with it enough - they start getting cocky.  Next comes the "regular" citizens!

But this is just like when I was supposed to testify at the NV legislature about the brothel's proposed sales tax on a Monday.  On a Friday they showed up with a bogus arrest warrant that of course they couldn't get cleared until I saw the "judge on Monday".  Sure they let me go Monday after court - but the hearing was over then.  What you're reading about here folks - is how Nevada does things.  This is why prostitutes are NOT STUPID and why they're NOT GOING TO CALL 911 WHEN THEY NEED HELP IN NEVADA WITH SEX TRAFFICKERS!

I'm still confused though.  This guy gets arrested in a corruption case - but he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.  But the office that arrested him was out of the NY corruption investigative unit.

So this email is for people who are doing corruption in NY I guess - even if they live in Nevada.  Okay the trafficking ring I've been trying to get someone to look at for TWO YEARS NOW - has massage parlors in NY.  So maybe I can get them to look at the case!

From this article - it again appears Assemblyman Chris Edwards went to the "Criminal Intelligence Unit" for help.  I give up.  I can't find that unit anywhere on Google - so I've written to him to ask where directly I can reach this arm of law enforcement.

This article makes it look like there's been people trying to report corruption in Nevada and California for a while now.

I'm now COMPLETELY CONFUSED trying to figure out where to report various corruption in just Nevada and California.  I'm lost.  There should be an easier way to do that where just ordinary people can file a complaint.

That does it.  I'm going to build a website where people who want to file a complaint can file a complaint.  Then I'll help them figure out how to get the complaints filed.  After HOURS of research - I still don't know where to go to file complaints.  I mean I read that Internal Affairs is now the Office of Public Safety.  But then I see a site at Internal Affairs to file a report.  Ugh! 

Update?  9/28/15 3:45 pm I've actually gotten a call from someone in Nevada about these issues. Don't know where it's going yet but Nevada MUST be improving situations if I actually got a phone call today from two offices!  Yahoo!