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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


People I think misunderstand me when I point out things like the NY cop who was caught pimping over 10 women while not only a cop himself, but married to another cop!   When I do this I am NOT saying "NY cops are pimps" or "NY cops are corrupt".

What I'm saying when I point this out is the women who were pimped by him are AFRAID.  They're afraid to call another cop for help because it might be his wife!  They're afraid they might call a buddy of his who backs him up.  They're afraid they're going to get another cop who tells them to "shut up" or doesn't believe them or worse arrests them for coming forward on some bogus charge.  Even worse is they don't know who to trust.  It's not like he's going to introduce them to another cop and say to her "he's a good guy so don't call him".

What I'm pointing out is if they call Polaris and get referred to a local task force in NY to call that's headed by these same cops when what does she do?  What's the back-up plan here when the cops are who you're trying to blow your whistle on?

Which is a situation I get in many times.   In Las Vegas in 2007 I had SEVEN juvenile women telling me they were forced into sex by a local detective in charge of vice.   They wanted to testify but didn't know who they could trust or how the court could keep them alive until the hearing.   So I contacted the police for them and asked them to show me HOW they would keep them alive.  I told him "you show me and I show them" and the plan was for them to come forward and press charges against him and their pimp.

Only in that case the cop who met with me, Vic Vigna, refused to show me how these women could be kept safe until trial if they stepped up and in fact refused to do anything to assure them they could safely come forward.  So I went to look for Internal Affairs for Vegas to find none.  Then I went to ATLAS who was headed by Terri Miller then who refused to talk to me about the issue.  When I went over her to her boss, then I got threatened by an FBI agent.   When I went to the Attorney General's office they refused to talk to me about it.  When I went to the prosecutor's office they refused to talk to me about the issue.

So I had SEVEN women wanting to come forward about a bad cop - and no help provided me to assure these women they wouldn't wind up like Margo Compton.  Meaning they didn't come forward against this cop because I couldn't find anyone at that time willing to show me how they could.

Does that mean all Vegas cops are bad apples?  Hell no.  There's a great cop in Las Vegas.  I really really good cop.  Christopher Baughman is a fantastic cop.  This guy is the "real deal" and has to fight not only pimps but other bad cops.  His cases are real and he's no "catfish" putting on he fights pimps when he doesn't.  This guy really puts his money where his mouth is and risks his life for these women and their children.

Now one of the reasons why I don't brag more about specific cops is because it can get them hurt and/or targeted.  If you don't know what I mean watch "Serpico".  When he was coming forward about bad cops he got shot in the face.  When Officer Jim Stewart was getting nine massage parlors shut down in 2013 in Wichita, Kansas, he had to fight other cops to get that case done.  He also got death threats from the traffickers along with the judge.

I have many a cop tell me if word gets out they even know me - they'll be targeted by the bad cops.  I've had good cops tell me they've gotten fired, set-up, smeared, and run off the force simply for giving a man or woman our phone number to call.  When Oscar Goodman was mayor - he literally told every cop, FBI agent, and probation officer "if you read this report or speak to that woman you'll be fired" when we came out with our report on "Trafficking in Nevada - Making the Connections" about what was going on there in 2007.

Now in 2013 I had a woman come speak to me about a situation where she said she told her traffickers she wanted to retire.  In response, she says she was drug out of her home in front of her mother and son in handcuffs and charged with two false counts of prostitution.  She was further threatened with a 3rd case and deportation back to China if she refused to go back to work as a prostitute for this operation.

Okay what do we do?  Who can she speak to?  I tried to speak to the Chief of the police where this happened and he initially refused to speak to me.  Then what?

In asking around, I'm having people in other cities tell me they're having the same thing where they're either ignored or threatened by a cop in their city.  So where do we go for help?  I've been calling people since 2013 asking that question and getting crazy answers.  One FBI agent told me literally "if the operation was Muslim I could help you".

Now this woman can't leave if these cops are going to come after her.  The only way out IS to do something about these cops.  What do we do?

I did some homework and this name kept coming up - Claude Arnold.  I mean check out this article with his name in there.   275 predators arrested?  Wow!

How about 26 gang members?

Seven arrested here  Here he is in Orange County.

But is he willing to go up against the Triad?  Seems so.

What about celebrities?  Is he willing to let a case slide if the guy is famous?  Nope.  He'll go after someone famous.

Is he afraid of the cartel?

What about a complicated case?

Now we know from Kevin Brown the media might just be planting stories about this guy because he sounds like he should be wearing a cape from these arrests under his name.   So I had to go talk to some of these reporters and find out if this guy was for real.  Sure they might lie to me - but I can tell if someone is lying by their voice.  The reporters all check out with this guy.

Has any victim of these criminals who testified been hurt?  Again like the Margo Compton case where they couldn't protect her?

We found this but this wasn't a witness of Claude's who got shot.

So guess what?  When we finally found his name out as a good source of someone who might help deal with this situation of these bad apples out of Pasadena - he's retired from Homeland Security.  He works for now it appears.

But he might know someone we could trust.  So we put a call into him and got one back!  He said he does know some good people we could speak to and said cases like Joohoon David Lee are "rare" and he was "just one bad apple".

Claude assured us the force itself is not corrupt, it's really good men and women, and that Joohoon was just a really rare case.   Now from his perspective corruption is rare.  Also because corrupt officer will try and avoid someone like him at all costs!

But from a victim of trafficking's perspective that's all he or she sees.  We don't see the good cops, Homeland Security, Immigration, prosecutors, etc., because they don't normally go out like politicians door to door shaking hands, kissing babies, and making sure you know you can come to them for help.

He told me they have a problem with getting witnesses to come forward and testify.  You know why?  Because when they're meeting with one of them it's usually when they've been arrested and they're terrified.  They don't know who to trust.  So they shut down.

This is where our program comes in handy.  I'm seeking out men like Claude - they're not coming to us.  I'm given a chance to get to know these guys, check them out, speak to other witnesses they've worked with, and really know they can be trusted with telling them someone that can get them murdered.

I can then relay information to the police from the victim in a way which won't break their anonymity.  I don't have to tell the cops who gave me the information - but I can get them the information if the victim wants me to give them this information.

I in turn can also assure a victim they can trust this guy or that guy and help get them out of the trafficking situation by knowing who they can trust to speak to where it won't backfire on them and get them killed.

So Claude has told me he'll line up some introductions and then I can check back with the victims I've been speaking to and we can see what can be done about shutting down some traffickers.

Now SWA is not about law enforcement.  But when in a situation where a victim CAN'T be freed without putting their trafficker's behind bars - this is where we can help as a "go between" or "liaison".

But also notice that a really good cop - returned my phone calls.

Thank you Mr. Arnold and thank you for assuring me corruption is a rare thing in Homeland Security.

I myself wouldn't be alive if not for a cop who built a task force to come after me and yank me out of the sex industry.  I wasn't happy about it at the time - but he did save my life.   Sometimes the police are the only way out for us.

So thank God for the good guys!