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Ever since the news hit that Samoly Mam had lied about being a survivor of sex trafficking, and had amassed a fortune in donations, awards, etc., before being exposed - this is when I first started getting the fake "Nigerian" calls for help.  Instead of being asked to help someone smuggle "millions out of their country" and then asking for my bank account number - this person was claiming to be "rescuing sex trafficking victims".   

When the film "Taken" was made based on one man's story - more people started seeing the financial potential in these stories.  Yes later he was exposed as a fraud and arrested - but a lot of people still aren't aware his story was not true either.  No you can't run around other countries shooting up traffickers and then come back to the states and be called a "hero".  

Then came "8 Minutes".  Kevin Brown and Greg Reese were going all over California holding fund raisers for their so cal…


We called out to have Snoop Dogg prosecuted for pandering in Nevada where we rescued our first victim out from under his 2003 tour recently, along with a "Ban the Brothels" campaign after what happened with Lamar.  I wondered what the backlash would be.  We got it.

I got a snarky attack on our page by Annette Rizzolo for one.

Then we had a bogus review from "Sally".  The story behind her is when we received a call from a woman calling herself "Sally".  Some of you may remember we had started to post her complaint to us about how the Cupcake Girls and Hookers for Jesus refused to help her as a prostitute working in Las Vegas.

We took down that complaint from her about their groups when we realized her whole story was bogus - therefore we couldn't trust what she said about these groups.  She claimed that she was "forced to prostitute" because she "did not have an ID and couldn't get a job" to quit.  I offered to let her attend…