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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Well I guess the pimps and scum bags have found out there's more money in blackmailing people than in the honest living sex work represents.  I do regular google searches on our name every week because people love to keep impersonating us for some reason.

In one search I found this website claiming we were "an undercover narc" operation of some kind.  I don't know because when I went to click on the ad it had been removed.  I did some homework on this site trying to figure out why they would falsely claim we had anything to do with law enforcement to find a bunch of people saying these guys were charging $300 to take your ads down.  In other words they were claiming escorts were narcs and then charging them money to remove the smear.  I guess they had a second thought about tangling with us and took it down before I got there.

Then this morning I had a woman calling the hotline about this.  She is a school teacher now having retired from sex work.  She got behind on the rent, had a weak moment, and placed an ad up on one of the many sites there are to advertise on these days.  Then she came to her senses and realized this could cost her any regular job and went to take it down.

Only the owner of the site wouldn't let her.  They demanded $300 from her to take it down.  Which isn't just blackmail by the way - but a form of sex trafficking.  To force someone to keep their ad up advertising for prostitution when they don't want to do this - that's a form of sex trafficking.

Now if the cops aren't afraid to arrest the owner of Backpage - they sure as hell aren't going to hesitate to go after this guy who is such an idiot they have listed on their website that women should "use a buddy system"?  For the maniacs I've run into in my day that is just delivering "two for the price of one" to them for victims!

These guys are clearly preying upon the desperate women who have been popping up in Backpage's absence.  Ladies - please realize that these scum bags now know your IP address, and your banking information.  Which means they are liable to clean you out and then what are you going to do?  Complain to your bank that you gave them this money for a prostitution ad?

It's always something with these scum bags.  Ladies - please please if you don't know what you're doing - don't use these sites.  Some sites are owned by the cops.  Some by these scum bags who are really really bad dudes who using these sites to get information on how to harm you.  They're liable to clean out your bank account and then if you go to the cops show up at your door and harm you even worse.  I've seen what people can do just knowing your IP address and the name off your bank card - and you need to be careful waving that around online believe me!

If you are in the middle of situation like this - please contact us for help.  I was able to help this woman get her ad taken down without involving the police.  

Friday, January 20, 2017


I created the first hotline in this country for adults to call for help to leave the sex industry back in 1987. I didn't want to just take calls for help without providing help so I created the 12 step program "Prostitutes Anonymous" as part of trying to make help more available than it was back then. Realize in Los Angeles in the 1980's, we had a record number of serial killers high on cocaine who were kidnapping, raping, beating, torturing, and then raping us without anyone lifting one finger to stop them.

Why? Because the legal system viewed us as "criminals" that's why. Literally. I took a woman who had been stabbed 51 times into the Hillside Strangler Task Force while her stitches were still fresh to file a report against the two cousins, actually two pimps, about what they'd just done to her. They threw us out of their offices saying they "couldn't get a warrant based on the world of a whore"?

When I asked why this was the case, he explained to obtain a warrant there has to be "credible" evidence. Our testimony as criminals is therefore considered worthless. He explained this would mean any evidence they're then find would actually be in danger of being ruled as "inadmissible" for that reason. The courts viewed the word of a prostitute back then on the same level as that of a murderer, rapist, or even bank robber in that we were considered then 100 % "criminals".

This bugged me because I knew lots of women who were being literally forced into prostitution. One woman I knew had a pimp who would threatened to cut off her six year old daughter's arm if she didn't return home each evening. One night this woman got caught in a raid and the police detained her all day. She kept trying to tell the police he was threatening to harm her baby if she didn''t get back home by a certain hour. They weren't listening and when she finally returned home - he had in fact cut off her daughter's arm. Now I ask you - how is that woman a "criminal" in the eyes of the law?

We didn't have the term "sex trafficking" back then. All we had was the terms for "white slavery", "forced" and "pimping". So when I launched our hotline and program for people like her to get some help because clearly the system wasn't going to help us. Because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic at that time, we couldn't even get admitted into a homeless shelter, detox or domestic violence shelter for fear of either contracting the virus, or worse still being afraid our pimp would show up with guns threatening to kill someone if we didn't come back to working for him and give him all our money. So on one hand, we're being completely targeted by pimps, bandits, rapists and murderers, while the system is refusing to provide us with anything other than treating us like we're the criminals! Well something had to give and I set out to provide us with some help ourselves since no one else would back then. The attitude was "you're over 18 so you should be able to take care of yourself". Meaning it was our fault we needed help was the message.

Now when I started our program in 1987 - we had to do outreach by foot and word of mouth. I'd run PSA's on TV at 2:00 a.m. with our hotline phone number. I took out ads in the hooker papers with our hotline #. I went on local news shows and gave out our hotline phone #. We'd hit the streets where the hookers were targeting and pass out our business cards.

Back then if someone went missing, we had to go out on foot and look. If we heard of a teen missing in the LA area for example - then there were certain spots where teenagers would be generally hooking. We'd have to go there and look for that kid on foot in other words. We'd ask the local pimps if they'd seen this kid. If I got a call about someone missing in say San Francisco - then I'd call up the members of our program in SF and ask them to go out pounding the pavement and talking to the local pimps to see if we could find this person.

The sex industry is a small world. Pimps know that and it's easy to find someone if they're hooking with a few phone calls. Their "convention" was the "Pimp N Ho Ball" which used to be held to celebrate Bishop Don Juan's birthday. Pimps would get together and exchange phone numbers and this way there was a network spanning the globe which could pretty find anyone in a short time.

Which is why when we got a call from a mom in Canada back in the early 1990's asking for help to find her daughter, I suggested she try to first go to the red light districts and look around. Now no one from the industry would talk to her as that would get them harmed by the pimp for talking to someone without being paid. I told her if that failed, then she could consider a trick I've used before (no pun intended). Which is to dress herself up like a hooker herself and go out there pretending she was one of them. I told her with time, they'd trust her and then they'd tell her where her daughter was.

Well that worked. Her and her daughter went onto a Sally Jesse Raphael talk show and told the world how we helped her find her daughter with our hotline and advice. After the show, producers came up and offered to make a movie about the whole thing. We agreed on the condition they promote our hotline at the end of the film. It came out in 1995 and had Lindsey Wagner playing the mom.

Now you'd think we'd get a lot of attention over the fact we'd helped her find her daughter right? WRONG.

Anyway, the internet was then born. I loved it. If a mom called me up with her daughter missing, I was able to take her photo and usually after a few hours of searching to find an ad which matched on Craigslist - I'd find the kid. We started finding a LOT of kids that way. We'd then get some guy to pretend to be a "john" or customer and set up an appointment to see the girl. Then we'd have the mom or parents there to make sure it was her when the girl arrived and that was it. Let's face it - if a kid is running away to be a prostitute then the parents usually don't have money to hire a private detective. They were calling us and usually by bedtime we'd have the kid back home.

But you know this upsets a lot of people. Private investigators who aren't getting their retainers are upset for one thing. But whatever the reason, you'd think people would be happy we were helping parents to find their kids and get them back home safe and sound right?

I remember the phone call. A guy called me up asking me to join him in "shutting down Craigslist". I said "why"? and he said "because they're promoting sex trafficking. I explained to him case after case where just as it was - this site was helping a lot of people find their kids. No matter what I said about how many kids we were finding on this site and to leave it be just as it was - he just kept trying to convince me we had to "shut down Craigslist".

I was mortified. I tried everything I could think of to fight these people from they were doing and they weren't listening. The more I said this was helping us find these kids and to leave it alone - the more they kept insisting it had to go. Of course I'd see them shut down the sections for a time and the only thing which happened as they moved their ads to various other sites. You don't change one damn thing by attacking the ads for God's sake. You just make it go farther underground.

Which is exactly what they did. Once the real true traffickers found out cops were obtaining their IP address, getting their location, payment information, phone number, photos, etc., off ads on Craigslist - guess what? THEY STOPPED USING IT.

Organized sex trafficking criminal organizations stopped using them. Sure independent sex workers kept using their ads. Drug addicts used their ads. Desperate single mothers who needed money to buy diapers would use their ads. But the organized trafficking operations in this country just took everything off the internet and went back to "old school" ways. Meaning strip clubs, massage parlors, sex clubs, etc.

Meaning places you couldn't get into without paying a cover charge. Now how am I going to get into a massage parlor in Florida when I'm in Los Angeles now with what these idiots just did? I can't. I can call up a few pimps I know of in the area, and ask them if they've seen this kid - but pretty much the only way to find one of them now if they're actually being trafficked is to go into these clubs, massage parlors, parties, etc. Now that's IF you can even get in. Some of these places aren't going to let anyone in who doesn't look like a "john". We don't have that kind of time either. I'm not a private investigator. It's one thing to go look online for a few hours at ads. It's another to go into a massage parlor and try and get a look at all of the girls there to see if you recognize them from a picture.

And then what? Operation Dollhouse Las Vegas 2007. These women were being kept in a private home. The only ones allowed into the house were Mandarin speaking Chinese men coming out of the Las Vegas airport with tickets showing they'd just flown in from China. The cab drivers were able to speak Mandarin and identify these men at the airport. Only they were allowed into the houses to keep out any cops, or even "rescuers" like us. So getting access to help these victims is much harder when they're not advertising on sites like Craigslist.

Now remember Hitler gained control over the media for his propaganda by coming out against the pornographers first. He claimed he was "saving the children" by shutting down or controlling media. It was all a smoke screen to get control over independent media.

I have watched this whole Craigslist and Backpage war and it has NOTHING to do with "fighting sex trafficking". The people behind this fight refuse to speak to me about the fact what they're doing makes it harder to get help to victims. In fact, I started noticing they REALLY didn't care about helping trafficking victims.

Which got me wondering WTF? Could this be a smoke screen like what Hitler did?

There are two sides to the sex industry - the legal side that's connected to sex trafficking and organized crime and the illegal independent side. Now if you operate a legal brothel out of Nevada then who is your competitor? The illegal prostitute. Why would a guy drive an hour up to the Bunny Ranch and pay a sizable amount to see a woman there when there's a woman sitting right at the bar right then and there he can invite up to his hotel room instead? People aren't realizing the sex industry IS an "industry".

So you're Dennis Hof or Lance Gilman and you are losing business behind those girls sitting at the bar picking off your customers like flies. What do you do? Go after them and arrest them to stop your competition,

Okay, how do you get the police to give a damn about your competitors? Do you really think Metro is going to go busting prostitutes sitting at bars when they have murderers and rapists and bank robbers to pursue? Most people consider arresting prostitutes as a waste of police resources. They will tell you "why are you chasing prostitutes when there's rapists out there you need to be catching?"

So the police look stupid chasing after prostitutes when there's so many bad guys out there the public wants you to put your police resources on.

Meaning how do you get the police force to go out there and arrest your competition? By saying it's your competition? Oh hell no that won't fly. But what if you put it in the guise of you're trying to "save these women from sex traffickers" and then everyone gets a hero award and applause.

I have sat back and "followed the money" and seen what's really going on here. Katherine Chon and Derek Ellerman cowrote a report which shut down Rhode Island's legal prostitution. They framed shutting down the legal prostitution there as "saving sex trafficking victims".
BUT Rhode Island was the only competition in this country to the Nevada legal brothels. Yet they were the first thing Katherine Chon went after. Derek Ellerman "got his start from Ron Paul". Ron Paul has Dennis Hof donating him money all the time. Chon is married to Bradley Myles, and they are the founders of Polaris who runs the National Trafficking Hotline. Chon oversees all of the federal grant money for sex trafficking operations, and her husband gets a lion's share of that money out of every grant because they use their hotline for each trafficking project - not Sex Workers Anonymous".

So think about this - why was it the FIRST thing Chon and Ellerman did was to shut down Nevada's competition in the name of "saving trafficking victims"? There are direct financial links right down the line to show what's going on here.'

Including the fact Polaris won't do a thing to promote our hotline which takes calls not just from trafficking victims as they're called now, but from anyone who wants to quit any part of prostitution for any reason.

Meaning they don't take calls from someone at the legal brothels who wants help to leave. But we do and we're being completely shut out of the very movement we founded. We are the reason the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed - two years before Polaris was even founded.

How else would the Nevada brothels have shut down their competition in Rhode Island if not for what Polaris did to make it appear to be about "fighting sex trafficking"?

The men who own Backpage right now also own legal brothels in Amsterdam. Their competition is the independent sex worker. So a year ago Black Walnut Holdings buys out the Village Voice and thus Backpage. In other words, they bought the advertising site for their competitors.

And then they shut them down and blamed the courts for "censoring" them. Further asking for donations to "fight the good fight against censorship". They've also changed the law to where someone can now set up an account and send legal prostitutes on "out dates". Meaning all those women who now can't advertise their illegal prostitution services on Backpage, can now come to work for the legal brothels and give them 1/2.


But not a damn thing to do with helping child sex trafficking victims.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


During Prohibition, it was well known Al Capone, and the Mafia he was a part of, would routinely use the police to shut down their "competitors", i.e., anyone who wasn't a part of the mob.

Now remember, this country didn't acknowledge the "mob" even existed back then. The existence of the mob wasn't "officially" recognized until Joe Valachi stepped up to confess it's existence in the 1960's.

Yes these mobsters were arrested - individually. Even Al Capone himself was only arrested on income tax evasion. The film "The Untouchable's" was about the fact no one in law enforcement, or otherwise, could go after these guys because of how they had the police force, and politicians, under their control. This is why we created the "racketeering" laws in fact because arresting even Al Capone himself didn't shut down the "operation" which was flooding the country with bootleg booze. Well welcome to the new "Prohibition" called prostitution. I have uncovered more than once instance where the REAL "traffickers" in this country have been using the movement I STARTED by the way, as a smoke screen to go after the "independents" and thus force them to go to work for them.

Backpage, Craigslist, the Erotic Review, Redbook, and every other site that has been "cracked down on" lately are NOT avenues where the REAL traffickers in this country are operating. In fact, I've uncovered instance after instance where these complaints about "sex trafficking" against Backpage have been completely manufactured. Every time I've traced the source - it's been Backpage"s "competitors" behind the accusations, i.e, the REAL traffickers who are using politicians, the church, and the media no differently than Al Capone did back in his day. Relativity Media received about $12 million dollars in an investment from a film company that's an arm of the Chinese government. The same arm which was connected to Liang Yaohui, a man who was operating over 1000 brothels in China, while also operating a five star hotel. Relativity Media ALSO produces "Catfish", "Intervention", "Jail", and "OC Jail" just to name a few of their shows as well as "Gigolo's.

Now this gives their cameras access to get inside any treatment center or jail they want. Go on and watch their shows and you'll see they get into anywhere in the jail they want even after the person has "lawyered up". Especially a problem when we were using drug treatment programs to hide trafficking victims for some years until they started taking over and building lines of communication in the treatment programs where we used to be able to hide them. Think you can hide them in solitary in jail? Oh no, again watch the camera's on these shows, you'll see they allow the cameras to go anywhere they want, even protective custody. Relativity Media also produced "8 Minutes". A TV show claiming to have an ex-cop with 20 years of service in OC suddenly "seeing the light" and deciding to "run a sex trafficking" rescue operation". Only guess what? REAL traffickers weren't going to send one of their victims to a hotel room just to have them disappear to some "rescue". It doesn't work that way in the real world.

Nor could they. Again, REAL traffickers don't work that way. So Relativity Media STAGED everything - right down to the ads on Backpage where they claimed these "victims" came from. Then claimed these "victims" were coming to their hotel room where they staged fake rescues.

Only one of the women hired as an "actress" had come to us for help. She even reported her husband had been hired to pretend to be her pimp. The problem was the producers had promised to blur their faces and now they were about to air this show with their faces NOT blurred - meaning that then their kids, and their school, etc., would think they really were the people they were portraying on this show. She asked for my help in not letting the show air. So I hit the producers with a notice I was going to file for a "temporary injunction" to stop it from airing. Literally within 4 hours the show was taken off the air, and the internet. Mind you many shows are canceled - but this one was taken right off the internet completely. I found it strange, not only that they were claiming to be running a completely fake rescue, but further trying to make it appear sex trafficking was something advertised on Backpage. I get calls from REAL victims as I have for 30 years now since we launched in 1987. I also get calls from "independent" prostitutes and there is a difference. What I was hearing about over and over again is two things were happening: 1. Any "john" who wasn't buying their prostitute from a trafficker was being arrested under the "end demand" smoke screen. This doesn't "deter" anything - it just forces the buyer to then go to a trafficker he knows will protect him. I saw this in my day when the Beverly Hills police would arrest anyone not using their service "Talk of the Town". Then when you'd go "independent" like Eddie Murphy did with Devine Brown (the prostitute he was arrested for trying to solicit in Hollywood off the streets)- well then the media just blasts you all over the place. Then these cops/traffickers assure you that "this won't happen with our services". 2. Any prostitute not working for these traffickers through THEIR avenues, which were not Craiglist and Backpage, is busted. When that didn't work, they started shutting down their sites one by one by one. What each one has had in common is NOT they're being used by traffickers, but by "independents". Why do you think OUR voice has been utterly silenced at the level of the press, or the legislature? We know the difference.

Rep. Portman "rescued" teens who were being used as labor at an egg farm, but did NOTHING about the system which was trafficking those kids. Now he's an "expert" in sex trafficking? The kids weren't even sex trafficking victims!!!

Funny because I sure don't see him returning our calls or speaking to our members who have a little bit more experience and knowledge on the subject - especially since we're the ones who started this movement in the first place. I'm the one who started the first safe house for adults, the first hotline, etc.,. all because we "couldn't call the cops for help" because our problem WAS the cops! Why do you think I set up a hotline? Because our members couldn't call 911 that's why because those being trafficked were dealing with cops, CIA, FBI, etc., just like I was back in my day.

So they set up the Polaris hotline to make it appear to be someone else - only they're referring callers back to who? Right back to the "local trafficking task force" which IS the traffickers.

If you doubt me on this - google Celeste Guap. Oh sure Nancy O'Malley is "charging seven officers" now in her case. Cases which will depend upon her testimony (which I'd love to see how the johns, or other pimps, are going to testify when it would incriminate themselves by the way) and when those 7 cops defense attorney's get done with her - so what?

After seeing what they did to the Rodney King cops am I holding my breath? Celeste doesn't have bruises or photos of herself anywhere near as damaged as Rodney King. No I'm more afraid she's going to wind up like Jeane Palfrey who stepped up with evidence about who was trafficking her and her escorts and look at what happened to her and Brandy Britton as well as Syvia Landry. Carl ran these publications out of Amsterdam. Their laws don't apply here in the states. Each case of so called "sex trafficking" against him was completely fabricated that I read about. I even contacted their attorney's before with information on this, including the fabricated "sex trafficking" being so called "filmed" with the bogus "8 Minutes".

I can show you step by step how the REAL traffickers in this country are trying to shut down their competitors - and you can also see this in the Seattle sex trafficking case. The site which had the REAL trafficking being advertised was NOT on Backpage. Oh but we have SWOP now claiming those women "weren't sex trafficking victims". (Like Maxine Doogan wasn't bought off when you see her pimp conviction now suddenly overturned and other prostitutes online claiming she "steals evidence of police misconduct") This is all bullshit done just in time for Kamala Harris to claim she's "doing something". I had complained "done what?" with respect to sex trafficking before about her. I've knocked on her door for three years now asking her to look at the evidence our members have with respect to sex trafficking going on through this country based out of California.

I even asked her to help us prosecute a trafficking case based right in a legal brothel in Nevada which was ignored (the pimp was residing in California) Now just days before an election she wants to look good by saying she's "issued this warrant".

It won't hold up. It's all grandstanding while Kamala Harris stands by and does NOTHING to the real traffickers. Who everyone claims doesn't exist just like they used to about the "mob" back in that day.
Grow up and look at the handwriting on the wall. We've now had the Chinese hack Yahoo, hack Sony, hack our medical records, hack California's medical records and IRS records illegally, hack the federal employee's personnel files, try and steal cell phone trade secrets worth billions out of USC, work for the FBI, fund Relativity Media with $12 million to fake this whole "sex trafficking" operation as having NOTHING to do with them (when's the last time you heard about a sex trafficking operation busted out of a massage parlor other than the one in 2013 out of Wichita, Kansas?) and we're now acting like the Triad is as imaginary as we used to act like the "Cosa Nostra" was.

Why? Because we owe them money?
Backpage is NOT the center of sex trafficking in this country. Take a real good look at Joohon David Lee who isn't even being charged with sex trafficking, and the fact I was asking Kamala Harris to look at this for YEARS. I didn't even get him arrested until I went to the OPR to get action because Kamala wouldn't touch the case with a 10 foot pole. Why? Because she doesn't want any house cleaning that's why - so let's direct everything to Amsterdam. But Amsterdam's not the problem. It may be the problem with respect to "prostitution" but it's NOT the problem with respect to "sex trafficking" in this country. And you tell me why I operate the ONLY hotline in this country where someone being trafficked who can't call the cops can call us - and NOT ONE of these people will return my calls? What does that tell you as to whose side they're on? They're grandstanding for the election PERIOD.

Rep. Portman also hasn't returned my calls about the fact there's sex trafficking going on right now in EVERY sex trafficking task force. Oh he said he "wanted to order a report" about Ohio. Well a report was already ordered and it's just sitting on a judge's desk. So what? In the meantime, the band plays on. We have reached the point in this country where we are no different than when Pablo Escobar was in the Mexican Congress writing laws that suited him.

You want to convince me Kamala you're "fighting sex trafficking"? Then where's the warrant for Snoop Dogg who CONFESSED in Rolling Stone to being a pimp throughout this country during his 2003 tour sponsored by Playboy? His confession matches every point of the law for you to be able to issue a warrant for "pandering" by the way. Money, even consent don't negate the charges.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


I came across this Appeal today online.  file:///C:/Users/Loren/Downloads/backpage_v_dart_7th_cir.pwwdf

However, here's the previous briefs in the matter:

November 2015 -

Here's another brief I can't find a date on -

The case started out as a "free speech" matter from what I'm reading.  Then somehow morphed into saying that "sex trafficking doesn't exist".

You read these and tell me what you think.

I've been trying to figure out WHY these fakes have been allowed into the media while the TRUE stories are being suppressed for years now.  One of the members of our board told me that what's happening here he's "seen before".

He told me he saw the same thing happening with respect to child sexual abuse down to a "t".  Slamming the media with story after story of "false memories" and "debunking satanic abuse" to the point where now if you even so much as mention "satanic abuse" people will roll their eyes at you and say "we've already debunked all of that".

Well no they haven't.  Just because there's been a few false cases doesn't not mean there aren't some which are real.

I myself have been wondering why the press has been INSISTING upon bringing on people who are being disproved as fakes AND covering they're fakes - while I can't so much as get a word in edgewise about the REAL stories.

Case in point here:

Story debunking Samoly Mam correct?

This ran on the cover.

Yet when I've tried to reach out to the same reporters, the same publication, about doing a story with respect to REAL sex trafficking - I can't get a return phone call.

I can see what the bricks are building here.  Can you?

Saturday, October 10, 2015


What do sex traffickers do?  They exploit their victims, make money off their pain and work, then after they're used up and broken, they go out and get a new fresh victim to exploit - casting aside the used up broken down one because their usefulness is gone.  Right?  Isn't that the difference between a "sex worker" and a "trafficking victim"?

I want to point you to the career of Gypsy Rose Lee.  This was a woman who had a mentally ill mother.  Her sister was known in films as "Baby June".  She was the "ugly duckling" that the mom would dress up as a back-up dancer on Vaudeville when they'd tour to do shows which advanced Baby June's career.  Their mom was getting all the money also.  The whole story was turned into a film with Nataliee Wood playing her, and then later redone with Bette Midler playing the mother.

They were desperate financially at one point as Vaudeville was dying.  There was always the cash cow of stripping - but Gypsy felt she was tall, ugly, not sexy at all.  What she did know was the audience.  So instead of "stripping" - she focused on the "tease" in "strip tease".  She also knew about marketing, packaging, press, and that men always want what they can't have and turned on by the "forbidden" and "unseen".  So Gypsy embarked upon a tour where the audience would talk for days about whether or not they actually "saw" anything with her hiding behind curtains, feathers, and bodysuits.

Then she wrote a book about her life.  She started giving workshops to wives about "how to strip for your husband" and classes in the "tease of strip tease" to strippers.  This led to a Broadway play, a film with Natalie Wood playing her, etc.   She used stripping to become wealthy and famous.  Meaning Gypsy Rose Lee was a stripper - but she was not a "trafficking victim" nor did anyone exploit her but her.

Meaning that there's a difference between a "sex worker" or someone in some part of the sex industry - and a "trafficking victim".  Victims are exploited, used, and cast off.  Something that I witnessed happen to Linda Lovelace in the 1980's by the anti-porn people.   Before I started our movement to help us, and empower us, and to change how society responded to the plight of victims - I watched Linda step up to speak about how she had been forced to film "Deep Throat" by her pimp, Chuck Traynor.  The film was financed by the mob and while it cost a few thousand to make - the film made millions for the mob.

Now when Linda stepped up to tell the world about how when this gun was pointed at her on the set no one stepped up to help her - her story was picked up by these anti-porn people.  The "religious right wing pro-life people" scooped her up to do all these lectures, fund raisers, events, etc. calling out to stamp our pornography.  NOTHING was done to set up a system whereby future victims on sets who were having guns pointed at them would have a way to call for help.

The closest I've seen to anything being done to change THIS - is when Polaris got a law passed requiring signs with the National Trafficking Hotline be posted in offices like the porn agencies.   Granted, no one is following up on the law from what I can see.  I've now called the top five porn agencies in Los Angeles asking if they have this sign posted in their lobby.  They had no idea what I was talking about.  I have had a few of them agree to meet with me to talk about posting the signs in their lobby - but I have to get my car repaired first in order to get to these meetings.  But this is another blog post -

I watched these "feminists" and religious people exploit Linda in the SAME IDENTICAL MANNER CHUCK HAD.  They made press for their cause and money for their pockets but I didn't see anyone setting up Linda in her own foundation, paying for her a college degree, or even giving her a job for that matter.  These advanced their careers.  They got on TV.  They set up nonprofits.  Politicians used Linda to get voted into office.  The press was used to advance their companies like Ms. Magazine to name one.

Linda had been forced to use drugs by Chuck, and kicked in the kidneys a lot during beatings.  The stress of this public speaking and travel to speak out against pornography caused her health strains.  She didn't have a job so she didn't have health insurance.  When she needed a transplant and $10,000 for the surgery - I watched her ask these same people for help who turned on her and abandoned her.  I watched as Linda had to make another XXX film to make the money to pay for her medical care.  The film didn't make money because the porn people felt she'd turned on them when she let these people use her to try and stamp them out of work.  I remember watching the porn industry shout out "no one forced her to make this film" and basically they used Linda's film return as a "denial" about her stories about what happened with her and Chuck.

Shunned by both sides of the issue - she wound up using and drinking again.  Dying from wrapping her car around a pole while drunk driving.  So do you know what happened here to Linda Lovelace?  After she left Chuck, like an alcoholic who stays sober but doesn't work on their recovery and thus becomes a "dry drunk" - she found a new kind of pimp.  She found a whole group of people more than willing to exploit her, use her up, and cast her off - just as Chuck and the mob had done.   Now I ask you - did it have one bit of impact on porn?  If anything - porn is now MORE common and in more homes than in 1980 when Linda first released her book "Ordeal".

So keep in mind that when I stepped up in 1987 to announce our hotline, our program, and what WE were doing - I swore I wasn't going to let us be used and exploited like I'd watched them do with Linda.  It's one reason I liked the 12 step philosophy - I wasn't going to get sucked into the same arenas as Linda by either side.  The only thing I wanted to focus on was getting help to those who needed help.  Then to show these victims how to not be exploited by ANYONE.

Because keep in mind I saw how Linda had turned around to be pimped by the feminists (supposedly) and the religious faction because she didn't have a chance to work on her "recovery" from being a "victim".  Which as you can see by her case - if these women don't - then they just get scooped up by another type of pimp.  The first big case we worked on were women who were being exploited by the Church of God cult.  I had been hearing that this church was getting all these women out of prostitution - so I went to interview them before opening our program.  What I found was shocking - this cult leader had these women out prostituting for him.  There was no difference other than he was calling himself a "pastor' instead of a "pimp".  That was the only difference in the Children of God case.  So actually our first biggest case wasn't getting women off a street corner or away from a trafficker - but away from the leader of the Children of God cult who had the women doing what he called "flirty fishing" to bring donors into the fold.

So these "anti" people have this down to a system now.  Just as pedophiles and rapists look for someone who has already been "broken in" or "groomed" - so too do these people know how to find someone like Linda and exploit them for their ends also.  End result?  Linda is dead and the porn industry is even bigger.  A system I'm now seeing crank them out like an assembly line.  Look at Annie Lobert for example.  When I met her - she wasn't working a job.  She was out shilling money for Pastor Benny Perez who then after raising millions to open "Destiny House" filed bankruptcy, pocketed the money, and then started to walk away.  They're back working together now - but that's because Annie married a relative of Benny's.  I can't remember if he's a brother or cousin - but again isn't that how pimps work?  Most pimps get their victims knocked up so they can't leave.  In Annie's case - Benny had her marry a relative so she couldn't bail when she learned the truth.

It's a system that I'm seeing being duplicated all over this country now  - let me show you.  This article speaks about two politicians who got a lot of press off writing a letter to Backpage because of a woman who was murdered.  How easy this is to write a letter to Backpage - and turn it into press for yourself -

Now let me ask you - does Backpage get upset at this type of media?  They charge on average (until recently) about $25 per ad.  When they see these articles that say "hey people are promoting prostitution over here" that's free advertising for them.  Then they get a whole slew of new customers buying ads at $25 a shot.  So they could care less.  As PT Barnum would say "just spell my name right".

Maybe they don't charge for the adult ads anymore.  So what?  You know what?  If these "career climbers" had spoken to me - I would have kept BP charging for the ads.  You know why?  Because in future cases of other murders or maybe if there is a pimp involved - that payment on that ad ties back to a real person, bank information, and details that could be used to stop predators from abusing these victims.

Now with a free ad?  Anyone can run an ad now and so what?  If a woman is murdered now - so what?  There's no bank information on the payment for the ad.  I'm pointing this out to you to show why if people really do care about this issue and really do want to make an impact on trafficking THEN THEY NEED TO INVOLVE US.  I mean Sex Workers Anonymous has now been dealing with this issue for 30 years now.  I think we might know a few things.  But no one wants to hear that when these people started cracking down on Craigslist - I lost the ability to easily find a lot of missing kids.

Did anyone care?  Nope.  I told these people I could show them case after case after case where our hotline would get a call about a missing son or daughter.  I'd ask for a photo.  Then in about two hours online - I could find their kid.  Then I'd call up a SWA member in that city and ask them to set up a "fake appointment" to flush the kid out.  Problem solved.

Now?  Now the traffickers are mostly off line.  They're in the strip clubs and massage parlors (google Chris Butler or the DEA owned strip club in New Jersey to see what I mean).  Those who advertise online now pretty much use stolen or stock photos - not real pictures anymore.  But this is my point.  If they cared about these kids - they would have come talk to me about how our system the way it was - was finding kids in two hours and bringing them home.

Now?  Everyone who attacked Backpage has advanced their career - and now I find that the traffickers have been driven so far off the internet that it requires now "boots on the ground" investigation which is almost impossible to do.  I can get someone to help me look for pictures of a missing girl online easily.  What's almost impossible to get is someone who will walk into the strip clubs, the massage parlors, etc., and look around the rooms or the street corners at 2:00 a.m. for these kids physically.

This article is two Attorney General's.  One is Peter Kilmartin from Rhode Island and the other is Maura Healey.   What I don't understand is why THIS case is being used to attack Backpage on the claim it's "promoting sex trafficking".  Because here's what happened in this very case they're grand standing on -  It says that 24 year old Ashley Masi was advertising for escorting on Backpage when Daniel Tejeda answered her ad.  It says that Ashley's two minor children were in the home when Daniel murdered her.  The children are now in the state's custody - meaning she had no family to turn to (obviously or she might not have been hooking off Backpage).

Excuse me - but where's the "trafficking" in this case?  They think shutting down Backpage is going to somehow have prevented her murder?  Here's what I see that's been left OUT of this story.  The fact that I wonder if they might have only caught Daniel because of the ad he responded to.  That left a trail for police to follow in her murder.  I wonder if she'd been hooking on a street corner and brought this guy home - would police have been able to catch him?  They shut down Backpage - and then what would Ashley do?

I'll tell you what Ashley would do.  She'd go out on a street corner where the TRAFFICKERS ARE.  She'll go out on a street corner where there's no bread crumbs or trails to follow when the customers murder the prostitutes in an alley and leave their body there like trash.   In every case these people use to cite about some murder connected supposedly to Backpage - I think that's marketing.  Because the way I see it - is that they're able to find out who murdered these prostitutes because of those sites.  If those same women were working on a corner and turning tricks in an alley or hotel - there would be no trace.  Their bodies would be found with the police having no clue to follow up on to find out who murdered them then.

OR they go to work for traffickers and when her body is found dead - they tell the john to give them some more money to clean up the mess.  They then sell the prostitutes' body for parts on the black market, blackmail the murderer maybe for some extra cash - and I assure you the traffickers are not going to go to the police and identify who murdered one of their prostitutes.

So who is behind this attack on Backpage claiming that the murder of a prostitute warrants attacking Backpage to "end trafficking" (is anyone else confused here?).  Anyway, Maura Healey is an Attorney General with her eye on way more than just being an Attorney General.  She's now used the press and her position to become a "campaign surrogate for Hillary Clinton". So she's a political climber on the rise.  The article even says she "didn't meet a camera she didn't like".

Peter Kilmartin was running for his second term as Attorney General in Rhode Island.  He started out as a cop, then a DA, and now is on his second term as AG.  This article here states that despite his platform of "going against anyone who does crime" - he's not prosecuted one felony case.   The article also accuses him of being a "climber" career wise also.

Now the fact he's from Rhode Island caught my eye.  I thought to myself "isn't prostitution legal in RI?"  So I went to look it up on Google.  Yes - it WAS legal it appears from 2004 to 2009 to engage in "indoor prostitution".  So in reality Mr. Kilmartin - Ashley's death is not because of Backpage - but because your state made prostitution ILLEGAL again causing her to advertise on Backpage.  An ad that again I wonder if you would have been able to catch her killer if not for that ad leaving bread crumbs to him.

Now am I saying that Peter and Maurey are bad people?  Not at all.  But how easy is this?  Get some press about writing letters and going after Backpage like that has anything to do with sex trafficking.  It goes over well with the voters who generally think this is actually having some kind of impact.  Here's the impact it has - if you give a lot of press to busting a bootlegger who "operates a still right outside of town" - guess what happens?  Anyone who wants booze is going to now know where to find it.

I watched a documentary once about bootleggers who would actually PAY politicians to do campaigns to attack alcohol, support prohibition ,and even of course arrest their COMPETITOR bootleggers.  Because every time they would arrest and shut down one of their competitors - guess what?  You got it - they got their customers and made more money.

Here's the reality of the sex industry - "independents" or "rogues" or "outlaws" or whatever word you want to call someone who is NOT being trafficked by traffickers advertise on Backpage.  Who advertises on Backpage are single moms, transgenders doing sex work to raise money for their sex change, runaways who can't get a job because they're too young, or don't have an ID, drug addicts trying to use prostitution to support their habit, or lure in a "john" so they can roll him for his wallet, etc.

Now - let's look at a real case of sex trafficking.  This is a ring I've been trying to have some impact on for some time now.  This case here has three of the pimps being sentenced.   These people did not advertise on Backpage.  This ring operates a string of massage parlors all over this country.  The women who are being trafficked by men like Liang Yaohui from the age of 8 years old on - hit 40.  When they hit 40 years old - they're then sent to America.  If you google photos of the women who are being arrested in these parlors - you'll see they're all over 40 years of age.

The reason is because once they get here - they then have their family back in China they can threaten.  That's one reason they do this.  The women freed when these 9 parlors were shut down thanked the court for their freedom.  They're very lucky actually the police and courts and judge did their job there in Wichita.  I learned that they had received a grant the year before this operation started to do something about corruption - and I know that's why this case happened.

Why?  Because the officer who made the arrests has said in interviews that he tried going after this ring back in 2005 originally when he was a cop.  Only he kept getting threatened by other cops on the force to "back off".  He tried to get an arrest against them in 2009 - but it was shot out of court for a "lack of evidence".  Then Officer Jim Stewart realized while he was a cop - he's never be able to shut this operation down in Wichita.  So he waited until he retired and then got a job in the zoning department.  While there - he was able to nose around until he got enough evidence for this arrest in 2013.  Arrests which now got him, and the judge, death threats.

I can't speak for Jim Stewart - but I'd be willing to say that shutting down Backpage in his opinion would not help "fight trafficking".  I think he'd say what would "help fight trafficking" is doing something about the police corruption that forced him to have to bid his time from 2005 until 2013, have to wait until he retired, got a job with the zoning department, and THEN he was able to get these 9 parlors shut down.   So if you would ask him about what would help - I think he'd agree with me that doing something about police corruption would help.  Because again I wondered why he was successful at getting the case in front of a judge while this same ring isn't getting any cases against them in these other cities - and that's what I found was different.  It appears that a grant was issued to investigate corruption with respect to ACORN - of which a committee was set up in Wichita, Kansas for a while that appears to be why this case made it through the courts - whereas in cities like Pasadena, Long Beach, San Diego, etc. I can't get so much as a return phone call!

Now - note there are other parlors owned by these people spoken about in this article that confirms this ring has parlors in other cities besides Wichita - which if you google it - you'll see no one else is talking about anywhere!  Maybe because the HEAD of this whole operation resides in Pasadena.  I have paperwork tying Gary Kidgell to property in Pasadena, and yada yada yada.

This is the case I got called into a few years ago when one of the women related to some of the people at the top of this ring decided she wanted to retire.  She told them she was now in her 50's and wanted to quit - and she was then carted off out of her home by two Pasadena cops and slapped with two fake prostitution cases.  She was further told if she didn't stop giving them a hard time - she'd get a third charge and deported back to China where she would then face Liang Yaohui.  Mind you this man wasn't arrested until a few months ago - and is a part of the Chinese government.  Here's more on this case I can't get anyone to even talk to me about while 1/2 of the country is "suing Backpage" -

Now - as for Peter Kilmartin or Maura Healey - before you took on this platform I would have liked to see you get onto Google like I did just now about Rhode Island laws with respect to prostitution, see that I'm the founder of this movement, and leader of the largest and oldest program for adult survivors like Ashley was, and give me a call to ask me what we think would help the situation before you went off on this whole Backpage campaign.  That's what I would have liked to have seen you do before using this movement to advance your careers - because I'm sure as hell not seeing how we get anything out of you suing Backpage.

Because what I would like the most right now is for someone, anyone, to talk to me about this trafficking ring that's operating right now all over this country.  Has been since at least 2004 from what I can document and my own experiences with them.  Now I've seen cases like Wichita - where a few people in the machine are thrown in for good measure - but the whole operation just continues rolling along without even a hiccup.  I want to see the whole thing shut down.  I have enough witnesses, and information, and evidence to do that also right now in hand.  Have for a while - only I can't get anyone in offices like yours to talk to me about the case.

I've heard all the excuses.  One being that "there aren't the right laws in place yet that allow us to take this ring on".  Wrong.   I've spoken to the author of the RICO act itself who told me that I have enough evidence to go after the heads of this operation under the existing RICO laws.  No new laws have to be written.  No task forces need to be funded.  No grants need to be written.  Meaning if I can get someone to look at the information I have right now today - we could do something to shut this whole thing down.

In the meantime Mr. Kilmartin and Ms. Healey - would you like to see what Backpage is actually doing to help fight trafficking? SWA runs ads in their adult sections like this one -   Meaning if you shut this down - I lose a means to reach out to offer help to adults in the sex industry to leave.

As for teens -  They run ads for Children of the Night.  They help teens get out of the sex industry. opened their doors in 1979 - when programs like Covenant House were refusing to admit prostitutes into their programs.  I know because I used to get the calls from their shelters to try and place the kids because they didn't want to admit them.    Of course that was before we got federal recognition, cough cough - money.

Exploiting the exploited is when politicians use this issue to advance their careers and do nothing to actually help us help these victims or change the situation.  So which are these two?  No idea.  I've written them today, October 10, 2015, and we'll see if they answer.  I do hope they won't join the ever growing list of people I'm building who are using this issue to advance their careers - and then when I call and say I'd actually like some real help on this issue I can't even get a return phone call.  I'll keep you posted on their response.

By the way - does anyone know if these two Attorney General's who are using Ashley's death to advance their careers helped to pay for her funeral or are they looking in on her kids to see how they're doing in the care of the state?   Because if they are going to win any money in this case against Backpage - I think it should go into the care of Ashley's kids.  I also think the state needs to examine what NOT involving groups like ours in their anti-trafficking work is costing them.  Ashley's life aside - these two kids are now being care for by the state.

That's expensive.  Honestly - if we'd been called in to get involved more in this issue there before her death - I would have liked to have think we could have prevented her death.  You don't care about her or her kids?  Multiple the cost of these kids' care by how many kids are in the system - and then come back and tell me you're being even "cost effective" by not involving us in your planning on these issues?