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I'm wondering how long this campaign is going to continue of smearing me and threatening people away from not only myself, but our hotline and program as well.  I wrote about a situation some years ago where I found someone impersonating myself.  That person was traced to Anne Bissell who had set up "Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous" many years ago.  I go into more detail about the whole impersonation situation here on this post -

As we're getting more and more calls to help juveniles, I joined a network of people working with juveniles through the foster care system.  I also was asked to appear on some TV and radio shows which I granted in order to promote our hotline.  Only I'm hearing the same old smack coming back at me of people saying "yeah I got this phone call not to put you on the show claiming you're all about the money".  I just laug…


Back about 2005, I got a call from the Dr. Phil show's producers.  They were asking me to make plane arrangements to come be interviewed on the show.  The producer is acting like I've already agreed to be on the show.  I have never spoken to her before yet she's asking me what airline I want to arrive on.  I ask her what's going on and she tells me she was talking to me, lost my phone #, and then went online to get it and is now talking to me.  I tell her she has not been talking to me and ask her to please locate the phone number of who she has been speaking to.  She comes back on the line to tell me "oh here's the number".

I repeated "you are talking to Jody Williams of Sex Workers Anonymous?"  She said "yes".  I told her to hang on while I called that # from my other phone.  Of course no one answered.  I then "google'd" the phone number to be taken to a site that was a mirror identical to my site only the name was sli…