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Dear Ms. Lawson:
Are you aware that from the history I’ve seen, those working on the issue of sex trafficking have greatly advanced their careers on that platform - while I’m not hearing from the actual victims who are being serviced by grant sponsored programs in the state they’re receiving much of anything in the way of help. 
First of all, I’m the founder of the movement itself.  You can verify this at by seeing the dates on the clippings.  The “brothel” I was arrested for in 1984 was actually the first “safe house” I’d set up for victims in the country that was placed in a warehouse by the police with all that security equipment to protect victims we’d rescued from traffickers involved in Iran Contra.  They sold more than drugs to fund illegal cash to buy guns for the Contra’s back then - and with the CIA behind this - we had nowhere to turn for help but to help ourselves.   That’s what I set out to change in 1987 when I opened the first national hotline fo…