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She told me to "respect her boundary" and not speak to her about the Seattle arrests.  My response was:

The MINUTE you start butting into an issue about sex trafficking involving an operation that I'm pulling women out of to safety is the minute YOU butted into MY BOUNDARY dear Mary. 
 You can't come sit on my head, crap on top of it, and then when I say "you crapped on my head now clean it up" go running for the "respect my boundary" issue. 
Now on the off chance you have no idea what's really going on here you need to read the news story on this link
What is speaks about is a sex trafficking operation I've been helping sex workers escape since 2007. I tried to help these women in Las Vegas and I managed to get the American women out but not the Chinese women. 
They were being kept captive in a house that since it was private proper…