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I'm not the only one saying the Cupcake Girls is a "front" organization.  That whole show they put on claiming that "women can't get work in Nevada because of their prostitution record" was not only a complete show and untrue - but they KNEW it was untrue being someone working closely with them HAS a prostitution record yet she didn't have any problem at all finding work, and union work at that.
So why?  Simple.  The ONLY thing you can't get in Nevada with a prostitution record is A PROSTITUTION LICENSE to work at the legal brothels.

Well now thanks to Cupcake Girls, you get a signature from the right person, like maybe Bonaventure, and voila!  You got yourself a license.

You also now can't tell your pimp you can't go to work at the legal brothel because of your record.  That e…


Dear AVN:
I wanted to bring your attention to the petition against the Cupcake Girls.
There seems to be some problems associated with them. First of all, they're spreading "mis-information" by stating that "strippers aren't able to find jobs outside of stripping if they have a prostitution conviction on their record". That's just not true. Not only have we been placing women in jobs with prostitution convictions in both Las Vegas and Portland for years now, if you walk into any employment agency in Vegas they have a list of employers who will hire you with a record of some kind - along with a very very short list of those who won't.  
Essentially the only crimes where you can't find work in Nevada pretty much is if you have a violence charge or a fraud charge. Anything else - I've seen people with drug running charges hired for jobs in Nevada. Th…