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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Dear Mr. Marrow:

Growing up in Los Angeles, and being born only two years after you (1960), you and I both witnessed a lot of the same split between the reality of what we saw on the streets vs. what was being portrayed about the situation in the media portraying what was the cocaine epidemic of the 1980's.

I remembered your courage in coming out with the song "Cop Killer".  I remember you using your celebrity to try and enlighten people as to what was going on in the south central areas of Los Angeles - what was REALLY going on.  You were trying to let the world know about how the African American community was being targeted by not only police - but by the whole "prison industrial complex" defended by major media at a time when we had no internet to get "our" side of the story out.  This rendered us virtually voiceless especially when even cameras were very bulky at that time and cell phones didn't even exist yet.

You and I both were watching nightly news showing homes of older retired people having their homes knocked over with battering rams on the "suspicion" it was a crack house.  We were seeing whole communities having their doors kicked in by cops without warrants in raids much identical to that of a time when Hitler was targeting the Jews.  We also watched how the media was bombarding America with images of Bloods and Crips blaming them for the cocaine epidemic that we saw in the 1980's - again much how Hitler was creating propaganda to justify his targeting of the Jews.

We also watched as the CRASH units would stop a bunch of kids who were hanging around outside because their homes had no air conditioning to photograph their tattoos for "gang signs" all while calling them names, tormenting them, abusing them verbally, and doing everything possible to try and provoke one of them into saying something that could justify an arrest - or even to shoot one of them down while unarmed and call it "protesting arrest".

You knew those kids couldn't even drive a car - let alone were they the ones responsible for the planes and boat loads of cocaine that was being brought into this country right past the Coast Guard, Border Patrol, and Air Traffic Control who were all being greased to let them pass because in reality it was the CIA using the cash derived from those sales to fund guns to the Contra's "off the books" that was what was behind all of this while scapegoating the African American poorer community..

While there's plenty of movies now out explaining this - films like "Cocaine Cowboys I and II", "Freeway: Crack in the System", and the Iran Contra hearings that came later, these films only touched upon the drug trafficking part of the situation - while also lightly touching upon the fact what made it work was the racism that was also being used as a smoke screen to cover up the true guilty culprits behind it all - men of all races and nationalities who were part of our own government and law enforcement.

The best film I saw to try and explain how they were using racism as a smoke screen to cover Iran Contra - was another film you were in "Uprising - Hip Hop and the LA Riots".  This tried to explain that again pre-internet days the only voice that those people had to try and tell the world what was happening to them was music.  Not music that required 10 years of violin lessons, or even a huge studio to produce - but music that could be recorded by anyone, then placed on a cassette tape to be sold out of the trunk of a car to "spread the word".  A culture that you grew out of - using this not to sell albums - but to tell the world what was happening in your community.  While is one of the reasons why I've followed your career.  Yes you grew out of that community, even being a pimp at one time - but you also have tried to use your status to make a difference.

Even though I appear white (I'm actually part Native American and African American) - addiction and fear creates a level playing field.  Meaning when these people wanted to get the cocaine from the boats into the Hollywood homes of film and TV producers - they came to the three madams who dominated Los Angeles at that time.  That was myself, (dubbed the "High Tech Madam"), Alex (The Beverly Hills Madam), and Cheri (the Hollywood Madam).

They put the cocaine into the purses of our escorts, who then carried them onto the movie sets and the Hollywood parties so films and TV shows could be created to fuel demand for the drug.  As well as people could be flushed out capable of the financing and legal paperwork for some of these operations (like a group of dentists in Encino who I helped to coordinate who claimed one shipment was for their surgical procedures to get it past customs).

Cheri Woods also worked with Chuck Barris who has since made the film "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" which also confessed his connections with the CIA.  Connections where he showed the "Dating Game" was using to get paperwork to take women into other countries at a time when passports were much easier to forge than they are today.  What was left out of that story, and so far ALL of these films/stories about Iran Contra - is the sex trafficking aspect of them.  I say that because the "Dating Game" was also used to identify beautiful women who had no family - so that when they disappeared no one would "ask any questions".

Those women were then filmed in "auditions".  Some of these women were then given paperwork to go into countries where they never were heard from again.  Some of these women were sold here in the states to drug lords and cartels.  I know because these same people also asked us to help them locate women for this purpose as well as to be involved with the drugs.  When we refused - we were arrested and then either threatened with long jail terms or even death.  It was very easy to kill someone in jail as Sandra Bland's family can attest.  Especially when you're "just another hooker" in the eyes of the court.

When I was arrested in 1984 - I couldn't mount a defense.  Who would have believed me then?  Stories of planes full of cocaine, CIA agents, warehouses where they were processing the cocaine, with crates of the drug going into Hollywood movie studios while the poorer qualities were mixed with heroin to be set up at crack houses to destroy the African American community and reputation all while the only way the truth was getting out was on cassette tapes filled with rap songs would have just got me locked up in the nut ward.  You knew it and I knew it.  

I set about to change just as you have in your way with the films you've made.  Which is why I'm writing you.  Because it's happening it all over again.  The "war on drugs" of the 1980's has now become the "war on trafficking" of 2000's.  I want you to see how the cops are now photographing strippers tattoos in the same identical manner as the CRASH units used to do with the kids of south central.

There's a campaign coming out on October 22nd called the "No Such Thing" campaign.  Note their "poster child victim" is an African American girl.  They had Jada Pinkett Smith leading a CNN Freedom "documentary" into Atlanta, GA last month.  Now this campaign is being led by Malika Saar - another African American woman who was photographed launching this campaign complete with corn rows in her hair!  The celebrities they have supporting it are P. Diddy and Russell Simmons - again African American.  So on the face of it - they're trying to create in the public's mind the connection between "sex trafficking" and the African American community.  The CIA is quite versed in brainwashing techniques using the media - because that's how they drove the cocaine epidemic in the 1980's and how they're doing it now.

The truth is the campaign is being funded by the McCain Institute (of course completely coincidentally that this is right before an election and when McCain is pushing an abortion bill through Congress), and the California Endowment.  In other words, rich white guys are who is being funding these projects that are putting an African American face on domestic sex trafficking.

Well why not?  From 1987, when I started the modern day sex trafficking movement (which can be validated by clippings I have up at, until the TVRA of 2003 passed - I was seeing progress made.  I mean people do believe it's real now.

But after that TVRA of 2003 passed - the white religious right wing Republicans used it to "hijack' this movement into being a tool to now attack the African American community in a new "politically correct" manner by calling their racial and sex worker targeting "rescue".  Because that's what's happening.  If you confront the police for example about why they were forcing those strippers to be photographed - they'll say "they were fighting trafficking".  That's funny - because as the founder of the movement and the founder of Sex Workers Anonymous I can assure you what they did has NOTHING to do with "fighting trafficking".

If this was about "fighting trafficking" - then tell me why the ONLY thing I'm seeing coming out of these so called "sex trafficking task forces" are police targeting African American men dubbed "traffickers" while ignoring all of pleas from the founder of the movement to come do something about "real trafficking" that's happening right now all over this country.

For the last seven years - I can not get one single police officer, district attorney, attorney general, judge, politician or even a reporter to do anything about evidence I have about a sex trafficking ring that's tied to the Hell's Angel's, the Russian mob, the Aryan's, and Liang Yaohui who was part of the Chinese government who only a few months ago was arrested and exposed for doing what I've been knocking on doors about for the last seven years.

So I'm writing to you to ask for your support and help.  I'm in the process of writing a book about all of this which I'm calling "Anatomy of a Movement".  I'm also going to be writing an episode for "Law and Order - Special Victims Unit" about a rescue we did where no one in the sex trafficking offices, agencies or the advocates would do anything to lift a finger to help these victims.  

You inspired me with your music Mr. Marrow.  I can't sing rap like you do  - so I'm writing a script.  I hope to meet you once I get it done and submitted to the producers.  You're one of my heroes.

Jody Williams

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