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One of the reasons why it was not such a good idea that "non-sex workers" take over SWOP, or Sex Workers Outreach Project, as they have since Robin died is because they clearly have no idea how our world works in reality.  

As a result, they're going to get a lot of people hurt.  Either that, or they are aware and this is some kind of deliberate set-up.  I don't know because their "new management" won't even speak to me when I call and try to.  Older members of SWOP who were chased out of SWOP after Robin died told me they were cautioned to "not to Jody".  So I don't know what's up with them.   

I'm referring to the practice of "fund raisers" to retain a private attorney for someone who has been arrested on a prostitution or madaming charge.  Since SWOP doesn't want to seem to listen to my cautions against this practice - let me explain it to you here.  

In my day, in the 1980's, if you were an attorney who tried to …


This interview is NOT an SWA member nor an SWA interview.  The reason why we've included it is because I want people to hear what I've been hearing for 30 years now.  It's called "Dennis Hof Raped Me" because that's what Jennifer says he did to her and more.  She is not a member of SWA nor would I say if she was.  SWA posts interviews from women we've helped out of the industry.  Instead this interview is posted as a warning and prevention.  It's also posted here because I want people to hear I've been hearing about from women too scared to even use their own voice to tell you what happened.

So I want you to hear what women were telling me about what Joe Conforte had done to them at the Mustang Ranch, and for a few years now from Dennis Hof.  No he didn't start out like this.  I've worked with pimps and they all say that you "go crazy" in the end which is what I'm hearing now. 

I a…


We reported earlier in this blog this was a complete set up and there was "more to the story".

I knew his lawyers had sold him out when I had also tried contacting them with information I believe would have gotten him out of a conviction.  First of all, why haven't I heard one word about whether or not the gun found in his car trunk was found with a legitimate warrant?  Who was the gun registered to?  Why would any cop even think to go look in his trunk when blackmailers are known for being non-violent and he had no history of violence?

I want to know why Donald Burns got a whole "sting" operation set up when I've tried contacting the police on behalf of other "johns" who were being blackmailed, hacked, robbed, etc., of just as much money as Mr. Burns by the trafficking network I believe was behind this situation?

I contacted the police saying I had information on how this man was just part o…


Dear Editor:

I'm writing in response to the article Conor Swanberg did for your publication on pimps and their tattooing of their victims. are not always what they appear to be to an untrained eye. For example, many detectives used to think a crime scene with candles, pentagrams, and even sacrificed animals were signs of satanic rituals. However, a trained detective knows this is usually instead signs of a drug party by youngster imitating what they "think" is satanic.
When it comes to sex trafficking - I should know. I'm the founder of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself. I'm the one who stood up in 1987 on national TV shows, news stations, with reporters, etc., stating that sex trafficking was not an urban myth, that it was real, that it was h…