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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


People who are new to this field don't understand why I insist there is a difference between "pimping" and "trafficking".  To follow along in audio -

Take a look at a very famous pimp - Iceberg Slim.  If you want to know more about his life there's a book out he wrote called "Pimp". For a more modern version you might have seen on TV - look at 
Bishop Don Juan.  This is a man who did try and leave being a pimp for a while.  In fact, he even founded a church that did outreach to pimps.  

I did a Jerry Springer show with him in fact where he came on still dressing, acting, speaking, like a pimp.  I pulled him over backstage and told him "walk like a duck, quack like a duck and sooner or later you're going to sprout webbed feet" suggesting that if he didn't start changing everything about his life that he would return.  Which he did.  There was a splash on MTV where he announced he had gone back to pimping.  Probably due to unpaid child support I heard him yelling to one of his baby mama's about in the car on the way to the Jerry studio that day.  

Pimps can be a woman, but are mostly men.  Yes there are "gorilla pimps" who just kidnap women off the street or randomly who then force their women to work for them.  But they don't last long.  As soon as they can break away free they will.   

For most pimps, it's a lifestyle where they enter into a "romantic" like relationships most of the time with these women who often have their children.  Pimps get women knocked up as soon as possible so they can't run and hide from them for at least 18 years.  If they try and leave - he threatens with reporting them for child kidnapping and the FBI to keep them under his control.   Here's another classic example -

Pimps are mostly African-American because that's where it started. Pimping started when the African-Americans were first made free. The women had been used as sexual objects when owned by the slave owner for some time so many of them wound up in brothels once freed.  Then what was the male to do for money?  

I was told it was based on the "pork chop" story.  That the woman was called to service the slave owner but she was married.  Now her man could have fought it but then he would have been lynched. The way they could approach this  forced sexual encounter was as a "team" where she brought back 1/2 of what she was given to him.  The story was "if he gives you a pork chop you save 1/2 to bring back to me".  Then his job was to manage the money to build them a better life.

In modern times, the pimp can be white, Hispanic, or Asian.  The white men tend to prefer to be called "husband" or "manager" but the role is the same.  It's not a racial thing, but a culture where the couple is a "team against the world" where he can also has other "sister wives".  In that respect the relationships are very much like the Mormons who have more than one wife and more than one house even he presides over.  There is usually a "bottom bitch" which is usually the first main relationship - and then "sister wives" that are added in later for added income.  

Now trafficking is run by criminal rings.  Rings who don't just prostitute people.  These are criminal operations who "multi-task". They use prostitutes as drug mules and to pump men for information they can blackmail them with or hack into their bank accounts.  They use them for information they can sell.  They use the "johns" as connections to carry out their criminal operations. The woman I told you about who came to me in 2013 for help lives in Pasadena.

As I've told you - when she said she wanted out of this operation she was carted out of her home by two Pasadena officers who then slapped her with two fake prostitution charges.  To this date, I still can't get anyone to talk to me about examining this case.  We did hire an attorney to try and get this case expunged who found himself threatened by an attorney and LAPD.  So we're at a standstill until I can get someone above them to agree to look at our evidence against this ring.

Her story was she was sold into this ring when she was only 8 years old along with her sister and brother.  She prostituted in China until she was older.  Then she was promised a "better life" in America.  She came here with a work and marriage contract where she promised to repay the trafficking ring $10,000.  She was promised a job in a restaurant, but when she got here it was changed to "helping out" in the massage parlor.   Soon she was having to "turn tricks" as well as pump information which was then used to blackmail the customers, as well as hack their bank accounts.  

Trafficking rings do all types of crime.  For example, they'll use the women to mule drugs, to sell counterfeit goods, to talk American men into marrying Chinese women to bring them over to this country, anything and everything the ring can think of to pull. These articles show what criminal rings who also use men, women and children as prostitutes AND multi-task crimes - who are based in the same geographical region as this woman:

And guess what?  Cops then know these women are "fair game" meaning they aren't the kind to file complaints when violated. When some men know they have free reign with a woman - they will get out of hand and take liberties to be nice about it -

I ask you - how can they?  How can you call police when they're the ones you're calling about?  The Chief of Police for Pasadena by the way lives in Orange County.  People have asked me "what's the connection between Orange County and Pasadena.  There it is.  This is why I make a distinction between the two - because you arrest a pimp and then that operation is shut down.  However, in a trafficking operation arresting one or two people don't stop the machine.  Also why the victims sometimes need help for which they can't just call the police - because the ring itself is still operating.

If you need help, but can't call the police -

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