I was reading this article here http://www.migrantsexworkers.com/press and sensing a confusion shared by sex workers all over the world right now, especially those in the USA.  The cop asks "are you being exploited?" in a hostile and gruff tone.  The intent is clear.  It's not being asked in the spirit of helping you.

So why are you being asked?

Then when you say "no" - why are you being treated like garbage?

I used to do trainings for police officers routinely from 1987 until the year 2003.  That's the year I remember everything changed.  I also remember that was the year I stopped being asked to provide trainings to police officers, counselors, social workers, etc.


When I heard that trainings were being produced to provide to law enforcement on sex trafficking - I volunteered to work for free mind you on those trainings.  My help was rejected.

I offered to input those trainings and my input was rejected.

What's the big deal about my offer?  I'm JUST THE FOUNDER OF THE MODERN DAY SEX TRAFFICKING MOVEMENT.  So it's like telling the Ford you don't want him to show you how to drive a car or Edison you don't want him to show you how to turn on a light.

That's the big deal.  So what they were doing was the same as preparing a training for law enforcement on alcoholism and how to work with an alcoholic - while telling Bill Wilson "no thank you".   After looking at the information in the trainings - it was not at all what I would have included in the training that's for sure.

So what was the reason why I was rebuffed?  After looking at the trainings - I knew why.  It's also why I'm going to issue a warning to the current sex worker, and those coming into the so called "rescue" industry that's connected to government and law enforcement today.

To explain why - please bear with a little history lesson.  Because I'm being blacklisted right now by the very field I created - just like Bill Wilson, the founder of AA, and then Jimmy Kinnon, the founder of Narcotics Anonymous, went through for the same reasons.  Let me explain and also explain why I'm going to issue you a warning:

Before Alcoholics Anonymous - there was no money in treating the alcoholic.  Go on - look it up.   There were no DUI courts, no treatment centers in Malibu, no alcohol counselors, etc.  Insurance didn't pay for treatment because it wasn't even classified as a disease.

Our society used to just cast the alcoholic into a sanitarium or a hospital to die.   If they were caught drunk driving - they got arrested.  If they tore up a bar while drunk - they got arrested.   The churches tried to get them to sign pledges to stop drinking.  The government even tried prohibition which didn't work - it just made money for the bootleggers.  As for the hospitals - they'd put them into "wet farms" or sanitariums to die of liver failure or wet brain.  Counselors didn't even acknowledge them.  When Bill Wilson went to see Dr. Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist, Carl said "there's nothing I can do for you" essentially and sent him home.

But a woman named Marty gets sober and she decides to form the National Council on Alcoholism.  They go out and find that this is a "disease".  Well if it's a "disease" then science can find a "cure".  If it's a "disease" then insurance will pay for treatment.  Only there was no treatment centers.  So they had to be created.  We didn't have alcohol treatment centers in the 1930's.  They didn't exist back then.

Once these people saw money in the field of alcoholism - they came to Bill and asked him if he wanted to open up a treatment center, a drop-in counseling center, and all kinds of ideas.  He refused all these ideas because he said "it won't work".

When he said "it won't work" - suddenly Bill gets toppled off his pedestal as the "great founder" of this "wonderful life saving program".   They brought in their doctors, lawyers, professors, researchers, etc.  Here you can listen to some of this here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7alSH7C6dc

What these people are saying in the tape essentially is the people who once were great supporters of Bill Wilson, now started backing up off him because they "couldn't bottle it".  Because outsiders who wanted to make money off curing alcoholism realized they couldn't get him to go along, and they couldn't bottle and market treatment, the demonizing of Bill Wilson started.

Soon people started even saying that his "spiritual awakening" that led to his own recovery, and the founding of AA, was merely an "LSD hallucination".  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeO2BOdmkEg

Now look around you - alcoholism is big business TODAY.  There are grants to research alcoholism.  Medications to treat alcoholism.  Treatment programs to recover from alcoholism that your health insurance will even cover.   There are DUI courts for the alcoholic and laws were even changed to set up special courts for the alcoholic to be court ordered into treatment for his disease.   There are even TV shows like Dr. Drew or "Intervention" who employ people.

Only what happened to Bill?  Blacklisted.

The more these took over - the more they shut him out.  At the 20 year convention of AA Bill Wilson was banned from speaking.  He was removed from the Grape Vine which is like the blog that would go out to the members.

Did alcoholics get sober?  Yes.

However, they also started doing what we watched Robin Williams do.  At about 15 to 20 years sobriety, there were waves of suicides that were hitting AA.  These people were sober and killing themselves.  These waves started hitting in the 1950's - which is EXACTLY at the same time these people started silencing Bill Wilson from speaking to the alcoholics because they had something to sell them instead.


Because they were "sober" from drinking - but they were not "recovering".  If you've heard the term "dry drunk" then that's what it means.  If you watched what happened to Robin Williams - you watched this in action.  He went to a professional treatment center to get help and not finding it - he killed himself.

This same thing happened to a man named Jimmy Kinnon.  At about 15 years of sobriety - he decided he was done living also.  That he was going to wait until his family went to sleep, then kill them and then himself.  Only he too had a "spiritual awakening".  From that moment - the program of Narcotics Anonymous was born.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeQgxOc4TVY

Why a separate program if he was in AA?  Because AA didn't want to hear about it.  People's jobs were now depending upon this "machine".  There were jobs with the courts, the treatment centers, research grants, the government, the jails, the universities, etc.  Bill and Jimmy had even tried publishing a pamphlet called the "ism" of "alcoholism".  It was taken off the table at meetings.

But the smear campaigns against both of them were so strong  that Jimmy decided to just start over with founding Narcotics Anonymous.  So in 1956 he formed Narcotics Anonymous.  Now NA was also dealing with the criminal issue.  In fact, cops used to sit outside of NA meetings and arrest addicts coming out.


Because at that time it was illegal for ex-cons on parole to be around other ex-cons.  Besides, the cops didn't trust a bunch of addicts getting together meant anything other than trouble.  So NA went through a couple of years of having to have "underground" or "rabbit" meetings until those laws, and the perception of addicts, could be changed.

I was fortunate enough to come into NA before this same "machine" that took over AA took over NA.  I came into the program in 1984 after my arrest written about here at www.hightechmadam.com  The "brothel" spoken about in the article?  That was actually the first "safe house" for adults in the USA I'd set up.  I had it close to the police station so pimps wouldn't think about shooting up the building.  The security was to keep the pimps out.  The woman inside was one I'd picked up after her pimp had broke her arm and her nose as well as blacked both her eyes.  I was letting her stay there until she healed.  When he realized he couldn't get her back - he called the cops.  Thinking any hooker in a warehouse at midnight must be actively hooking and it was my building - they arrested me and tried to get her to charge me with pimping her.  Finally they listened to both of us and arrested the pimp.

Learning my lesson, I realized I needed to go about this a different way AND I had to "raise awareness" about what I was doing so people would understand what I was doing.  The cops didn't understand what I was doing because no one believed trafficking was real then.  I mean did these guys really think that with a cast on her arm, a bandage on her nose and two black eyes she was hooking?  In their mind a hooker was a hooker and anyone associated with them was a criminal.

Clearly, the world needed to change it's perceptions so in 1987, after consulting with the California Attorney General, Edwin Meese, I launched the first international hotline for adults and the 12 step program Prostitutes Anonymous.

Why a 12 step program?  Because until this country stops arresting prostitutes - any prostitute can ask a judge for "alternative to sentencing" using a 12 step program because of the law already on the books now because of AA and NA that's why.

Meaning we don't need to set up a million dollar "program" or buy a "house" nor do we need a "PhD" to "run the program".  All that's needed is another ex-prostitute to run a group - that's why I chose a 12 step structure for our program.

I then watched as NA got taken over by the same "machine" that took over AA starting about the mid-90's.  I watched the smear campaign of Jimmy and all of his sponsees.   I watched the greedy board of directors illegally vote Jimmy out of his own program.

You know why?

Because a group of men wanted to start treatment centers and halfway houses and set up addiction treatment schools "just like AA had".  Only to do any of these things there had to be literature for them.  Insurance wasn't willing to pay them for treating the addict unless there was a "program".  There was no literature for a "28 day program" because Jimmy didn't believe that an addict could get clean in a sheltered environment and then go back to their life and not use again.  He believed that one had to work their program right where they were because that's where they were going to be once treatment stopped.

His view was why lie to the addict?  Why sell them this whole treatment program bullshit only to have them relapse once they left the program and went home again - facing the same people and the same problems as before?  So he refused to help them.  Not able to do any of their plans without his consent - they not only illegally voted him out - but they also started the smear campaign of Jimmy.

And the men who wanted the money were bigger and more in number than those who stood behind Jimmy.  Anyone who supported Jimmy or tried to get him put back into office was smeared also.  Anyone who wouldn't vote these guys' way - was run right out of any service positions or smeared to the point where no one would listen.

Me?  I remember being blacklisted from speaking or serving during this time in NA.  Greg O. in Las Vegas was scheduled to speak at a Unity Day convention in 1996.   He told me "don't worry - I"m going to ask you to speak in my place when I go to the podium".  That's what he did.  He got up - introduced me and asked me to speak.  At that moment, every "sponsor" who was in the line of these men told their sponsees "if you don't get up and walk out right now - then I won't sponsor you and you'll be shunned by everyone".

I watched as over 200 people got up and walked out before I could open my mouth simply because I didn't agree with what was about to happen in NA.

Now you walk into an NA meeting you'll have a hard time finding anyone who is getting more thn two years clean.  You'll also find literally over 2/3 of the room on some kind of psychiatric medication.  If needed - I'd support that.  But if you ask these people what they're on the medications for, were they tested for this, etc. you'll get very confused answers.

I will hear of an addict on Tegretol which is for epileptics.  I'll ask her "are you epileptic?"  Her answer is no.  I'll ask why she's on Tegretol and the answer is "I don't know - my doctor told me to take it".  I'll ask her to ask her doctor why she's on Tegretol and the answer comes back "for my anxiety".  The woman was living with a Hell's Angel biker gang.  I asked her "did the doctor suggest maybe you and your two small children need to move out of that house?"  The answer is "he doesn't know".  He came into her room, slapped her with the medication, and left again.  I mean maybe she needed to MOVE.  This is what I hear over and over and over again and the last couple of years we can add in medical marijuana to the mix.

I hear addicts say to me "but it's prescribed".  That is if I'm heard through their cloud of confusion.   I can walk into a dispensary and I can get prescribed pot for headaches in five minutes.  Give me a break.  NA is very clear that it doesn't matter if it's prescribed or not - unless you need a medication to sustain life you're not to take it.

The body of an addict doesn't know the difference between a script pad and a street drug.  Having been married to a bi-polar man I know well some people do need medications.  Having also had my daughter mis-diagnosed as bipolar when her symptoms were caused by a 26 pound tumor on her ovary pumping her full of hormones - I know well that people also need to have a full battery of tests to determine WHY they're having symptoms.  Her hallucinations went after after the tumor was removed by the way.  But I pushed doctors for YEARS before those tests were run to discover that tumor.

Now look around - drug treatment has become big business.  A treatment center in Malibu now charges $10,000 a week for treatment.  There's pills to cut carvings.  I saw this doctor come on TV with this "instant detox" program where they put you into some kind of coma, flood you fluids to flush out the drugs, and then you wake up "detoxed".  The procedure costs about $10,000.  There's drug and alcohol schools now and recovery coaches and research grants into addiction, etc.

I used to train drug and alcohol counselors in the 80's and 90's.  When California started paying drug treatment centers based on performance - my phone rang off the hook with centers bringing me in to consult with them on design and to train their staff.

Once the state went to a contract basis, and also having Medi-cal pay by the day - I'm not asked to train anymore.  Trainings for drug and alcohol counselors these days are provided free by the pharmaceutical companies sponsoring them.

I asked one big center that used to have me train their staff why they stopped "off the record".  They told me "we get paid by the day they're in here so the last thing we want is for them to leave and not come back".

Got it.  Recovery fucks up the bottom line.

I invite you to listen to a tape of "how things used to be" in our program.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_TD_X3uOiA

Things changed in 2004.  After the TVRA of 2003 was passed - suddenly every meeting hall we were meeting in across the USA was yanked out from under us.  No one would let a bunch of hookers meet in their building for free except the Salvation Army and/or Catholic Charities.   The church and the government came in and hijacked the movement.  Even Michael Horowitz, the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 has now been quoted as saying it was "hijacked".  http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/nevada-movement-draws-line-human-trafficking

The "machine" has now taken over the movement I founded to make help for those in the sex industry who wanted to leave to be able to find exit services, including help for those who were being forced to be there.  

I'm also now finding myself smeared and replaced just like Bill and Jimmy.   In 2013, Metro had a human trafficking event held in Las Vegas.  Not wanting me to appear and speak despite the fact I live there - the conference fly in an African American woman from Chicago who had been running our meetings there for a few years (got to make trafficking victims look to be women of color) who they could get to say what they wanted her to say.  

She had invited me down to hear her speak but then when I got to the door I was refused admittance.  When I asked why since I run the group she was speaking for - they simply told me I was being refused.  I called her to be told "they don't like you Jody I would suggest you go home".  Later she told me that all anyone there did was bash me.  But at the same time - they were bringing in a woman to speak who found her recovery in the program I founded - at an event that wouldn't be even held IF NOT FOR ME FOUNDING THIS MOVEMENT.

The "machine" has taken over.  When I heard about this - I was curious.  http://www.latimes.com/local/great-reads/la-me-c1-prostitute-squad-20131002-dto-htmlstory.html  The article appears to be two pastors who are doing outreach to help prostitutes right?  Okay the story here says that "Kevin Brown found God two years ago" when he retired from the force.  Only the church he incorporated was done in 1994 so that's a lie.  We later saw that Kevin Brown was actually doing this to get himself into the so called "reality" series "8 Minutes" which we now know was staged.

Whether you believe it was staged or not - one thing is clear about "8 Minutes" and that is that no help was offered.  So why film the show?

I used to produce a little cable show in Los Angeles on public access.  That was when we used to get free air time before the Telecommunications Act of 1995 took that away from us.  On this show I'd bring on men and women talking about leaving the sex industry, as well as trafficking.  We'd talk about our needs, our challenges, what we were going through, and how many of us were suffering from "post prostitution syndrome".  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cO-AVboR0eE

At the end of the show - I'd put up our 800 hotline number for people to call who needed help.  So our appearances were done to get people to call our hotline if they needed help.  One of those women was this woman - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33weIPOhqVU  This woman saw me on a Geraldo talk show actually.  She was pregnant and had two other children.  Her pimp wouldn't let her go.  So I came in, picked her and the kids up, and we walked out.  This woman, and her kids, have been safely away from him, and she's been out of prostitution since 1992.  So that's why we did outreach and media - was to get help to those who needed it.

I looked into why Kevin Brown and Greg Reese were running around looking for prostitutes in order to stage a fake show if there was no real outreach they were offering.  I understand the hiring of an actress - but then why actually go around trying to find real prostitutes then if you aren't going to help them?

In looking around for "why"- I found a $400,000 grant for housing for trafficking victims.  How did they get that grant?  These guys had identified prostitutes who needed housing and then some nonprofits and the county applying for it that's how.
http://district34.cssrc.us/content/janets-journal-june-2015  So they were doing outreach not to help these women - but to get data for grant applications.

I moved back to Los Angeles partly because I was getting calls from our SWA members telling me we had some serious problems there.  Problems that our members were not willing to break their anonymity in order to solve.  Why?  Because right now anyone identifying as an ex-prostitute OR a SWA member either one who works as a counselor, social worker, probation officer, or in any capacity that might come into contact with one of us - they're fired.   Also, Charlie Sheen's admitted to spending $10 million dollars to silence news of his HIV status.  That means a lot of those who are infected, who are in our program, are finding themselves really being shut down.

But I'm hearing the despite all the money being put into "trafficking" programs - there's even less help available today.  Also, anyone who identifies as being a member of SWA, or who even says they know me is being shut out of the system.  So where is that leaving our sex workers?  Programs like COYOTE and SWOP used to do outreach.  It was when they would do outreach that if anyone said they needed help - our hotline would get a call.

When the Erotic Review was owned by Dave - he used to meet everyone who advertised on that site in person.  Again, if someone needed help - I'd get a call.  All the old madams have been run out of the business that used to call me when there was a problem.  All the old school mobsters that used to hear about sex trafficking operations used to give me a call when they'd hear a problem.  There was nothing an old school Italian mobster used to hate more than a pimp - so I used to get a lot of calls from club owners when there was a woman who needed help.

Now I'm hearing about 16 year old girls in strip clubs in Vegas who don't know about condoms.  I'm hearing about 18 year old girls in California who don't know about condoms but are going into the "VIP room" 10 times a night strippiong.   I'm hearing about Chinese women turning 10 unprotected tricks a day without condoms.  To test what I'm hearing - I went into random strip clubs and massage parlors in Vegas and Los Angeles.  I was shocked to find no condoms, no idea about protection, and no one getting tested.

Further, I found there is only ONE site in Vegas that does free anonymous testing.  It was open only until 5:00 pm. Most sex workers I know don't get up until 5:00 p.m.  They don't have cars either.  I know because I'm stuffing five women in my car at a time and taking them down to get tested.  

Would you like to know how many sites there are in Los Angeles that offer free anonymous testing?   Now "114 sites" sounds like a lot until you start looking where these sites are - http://www.hivla.org/search/new_search-results.cfm?startrow=51&categorysearch=HIV%2FSTD%20Testing&keyword=

And then there's a matter of transportation.  If you're an 18 year old stripper - you probably aren't living alone.  You're probably living with a bunch of people who are getting high at night and don't want to drive you to get tested at noon.  I know that's what I'm hearing.   Notice the hours on these sites - most are shorter than you think.  One site only tests one day a week from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.  Most close by 5:00 p.m. with only one day a week open until 8:00 p.m.  Try and get someone to drive you an hour to Torrance and to do it before 5:00 p.m.

Take a bus?  Are you kidding me?  Do you think an 18 year old stripper is going to get on a bus by herself to go get tested across town?  Not going to happen.  Most clubs close Mondays but the late hours on these sites are on Tuesdays.  So it's not as easy as you would think for someone in sex work to get to a free anonymous test site for HIV.

Now right as I'm moving into Los Angeles I hear that there's going to be this big "outreach campaign".  Here's my dilemma.  In SWA our goal is what?  TO GET PEOPLE WORKING.  So guess where most SWA members are during the day?  THEY'RE WORKING!

Now what am I doing during the day?  I'm going to doctors. I'm taking my daughter with the brain tumor to doctors.  So what's my dilemma?  How am I supposed to organize an outreach campaign when our SWA members are working?  How am I supposed to do it when I'm at doctors offices all day?  Now I did find a very nice sign company owner who says to me he'll donate us all the free signs we want.

So when I hear that SB1193 passed and that a bunch of people are organizing an "outreach campaign" to get the signs posted I'm thinking "what a great time to partner with someone".  http://www.castla.org/human-trafficking-awareness-poster

I mean look at the press - the mayor came out, the Board of Supervisors, the city and district attorney's office, yada yada yada.  http://ncjwla.org/our-programs/advocacy/human-trafficking-outreach-project/  Based on all this news I'm seeing - looks like a lot of feet are going to hit the pavement to start doing outreach into the sex industry right?

Read a little closer.


I asked where the "training" was going to be for this outreach campaign.  No one would tell me.  I finally got a woman to tell me and she then says "you're a member of our church right?"  No I'm not.  Suddenly the training was "postponed".

I explained to her that I have experience organizing successful outreach campaigns from the 80's and 90's and I work with prostitutes every day and I wanted to come to see how we might be able to see that those getting these posters might also get a flyer about Sex Workers Anonymous.  Everyone starts dancing around me but won't talk to me.  Finally I find out that they're holding "fund raisers" not "trainings" to do outreach.

But what about "outreach"?  They mailed letters to hospitals, bus stops, and a few bars.  What about strip clubs?  They said they "couldn't identify strip clubs by their license".  What about massage parlors?  They "couldn't identify them by their license".  So the answer was "no".

Thinking maybe they just didn't know that there's a directory of massage parlors on www.rubmaps.com and another directory of strip clubs online easy to find - I forward that directory to these people.  Only they're not responding to me for some reason.  I find this very strange.  Why if they're doing an "outreach to sex workers" would they not want to involve someone who had organized outreaches like this before that were very effective?  Why now they have a directory of locations - why aren't they using them to mail posters?

I finally said "screw it" and "I'll do it myself".  I have a sign company willing to donate me free signs.  I can easily find someone willing to volunteer to help me and I do.  I found a guy that takes beer signs into strip clubs for a living and he tells me he'll help us do outreach.  Okay next thing is housing.  If someone says to me "hell yeah - get me out of here" then I need to be ready.  I don't ask people if they want to leave unless we got options.

So I go out doing outreach - I need to make sure I got housing.  I read that CASTLA has received a nice grant for housing for trafficking victims.  So I reached out to them.  In fact, I reached out to all grant recipients and asked them to please let me know what they can offer a victim who says to me "get me out of here" during our outreach project - http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/endtrafficking/resource/anti-trafficking-in-persons-grants

I emailed everyone on this grant list.  I introduced myself and said we were going to do an outreach campaign in Los Angeles first, and then we were going to branch out into other cities, and to please let me know what they offered in the way of services so that if someone asked for help I knew what we could and could not offer.  Especially for those calling my hotline.

No one answered me.

I emailed everyone who was in the news about this "outreach poster project" in Los Angeles telling them we were gearing up for our own campaign and to please let me know where we could find housing if someone said "get me out of here".

No one answered me.


I reached out to someone at CASTLA when I heard they were having another fund raiser and their director was receiving an award for her work with human trafficking.  I'm thinking that they'd certainly have someone there who could maybe even help me with translations into Mandarin.  Our volunteers didn't speak Mandarin so I was needing to find our materials translated.

I got a very interesting response.  I got told "oh no we don't have housing of any kind - in fact we have a year waiting list".

Now wait a minute - you just launched this whole poster outreach campaign.  What do you mean you "don't have housing?"  She tells me "yeah even the police ask us for housing and we got nothing".  This makes no sense.  Why are you asking people to call for help and making all this noise in the press if you have NO HOUSING for those who call?

"Because we need a bigger waiting list" was my answer.

For 30 years now, I've found emergency housing for our members, and those who we find on outreach campaigns who need emergency housing by CALLING landlords.  I will call motels and apartment buildings.  I'll call realtors who are selling houses that are sitting empty.  I will call people in the rooms of AA and NA who are wanting to "make amends" and ask them to help out with a guest room.  I will call halfway houses and see if they have an empty room they can spare for a while.  THAT'S how I find housing without having one penny in the budget.

I know good and well a year means nothing to one of us.  In a year we could be dead.  We could be in jail.  We could be in Alaska.  Who knows where we'd be in a year.  Certainly not at the same phone number on their list to call in a year.

So I offered to go down and teach her people how I find housing so that she could find housing for those people on her waiting list now - rather than a year from now.

She refused.

Honey - we mean money now to the system.  In every city where there's a task force receiving millions of dollars to "fight trafficking" I can't even get a return phone call from these task forces.  I don't see them doing anything either.

Check this out - Las Vegas has received a grant to "fight trafficking" in 2015.  What have they DONE?  http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/las-vegas/2-arrested-connection-illegal-brothels  This is the only thing I've found they've DONE with that grant money.  Now I've called them to offer to help.  They were supposed to have a meeting at Congo Justice in October.  They got a grant to have a meeting in October at Congo Justice.  I've been told the meeting was "postponed".  I've emailed their new head of the task force - and also receive no answer.  I'm still not being told when their meetings are either.

I have a woman reporting to me she's being forced to work as a prostitute residing in Pasadena.  I've contacted Jim McDonnell's office and get nothing but stalls.  I've written to all the task forces about her situation.  I've written to the Attorney General, the city and district attorney who were in the press releases about the outreach campaign, Dianne Feinstein, John Kerry, anyone and everyone who stands in front of a camera taking money talking about "fighting trafficking" I've contacted about a woman who reports to me she's being trafficked.  When I tried to help her - I was threatened to "back off" by a cop.

No answer to date despite knocking on doors for her for two years now.

So here's the name of the game - I'm hearing those arrested for prostitution are being asked "are you being exploited?"  The question doesn't seem to be an offer of help.  It's not.  It's to gather statistics about how many need help so they can apply for a grant to "help you".

I spoke to a woman who was quoted in an article as saying they "had no beds for juvenile prostitutes".  I know that Children of the Night has beds for 14 kids.  I know she has five kids in there now meaning she has about 9 beds open.  I contact this lady and tell her that if she hears of another kid needing a bed that they can call Children of the Night.

She stops taking my calls.

You call the National Trafficking Hotline and do you know what everyone is saying back to me happens?  They get told "call the local police".  But we know now the police in LA can't even get a bed from CASTLA.  So what's happening when you call the police?  Nothing from what I'm hearing.
I spoke to a woman arrested within the 30 days.  She says "nothing" has been offered to her and she found us on Google.

So why are they putting up billboards all over the country and running PSA's telling you "to call"?  They got $10 million dollars from what I heard last year and they're gathering great statistics.

For those who says "yes" to the question "are you being exploited?" when a cop asks - do you know what I'm hearing?

I'm getting calls from them all over the USA.  They're being put in subsidized housing, given  minimum wage jobs in fast food places where they come home exhausted, they're seeing a counselor who is also using them in some research study, they're being put on two or three different medications, and they're telling me they think they were better off before.

Oh I've got those who are being told by some local politician they're going to "get a grant and open a center and write a book and speak to Congress".  And they might.  But then what?

Withelma Ortiz Pettigrew "spoke at the Hill".  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/10/foster-care-and-sex-trafficking-survivor-testifies-on-hill/    Her profile on Linkedin says she doesn't have money to finish getting her degree.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/withelma-%2522t%2522-ortiz-walker-pettigrew-10b19241  I emailed her to ask how she's doing months ago.  No answer.

I thought maybe I'd contact her at work to see how she's doing.  Her profile says she works at the "Still Alive Initiative".  I can't find that company anywhere.  I see she was nominated for "top 100 people of Time" but for what I have no idea.  I looked and could find nothing that she's "done" except speaking for politicians and fund raisers.  She got the top 100 award by being nominated by the Ricky Martin Foundation.  Who will by the way endorse any product for $500,000 according to their website.  I tried asking them what she'd done to merit this and of course have received no answer.  Even stranger is a couple of SWA members told me they had nominated me for that same award.  I guess real survivors of trafficking don't count compared to the Ricky Martin Foundation's nomination.

I was contacted a few months ago by a woman who advertises she's a "survivor" on her social media.  She tells me each week about a new company trying to get her to sell or endorse something.  One wants her to "sell make-up to benefit victims".  Another one wanted her to help sell jewelry made by survivors.  Another offered her money to say their program had helped her and thus give a fake testimonial.  I'd like to point out I have testimonials on www.hightechmadam.com pre-dating the year 2000 when money came into the issue - meaning there would have been no point to pay someone to give us a testimonial as we don't charge for anything.  Never have and never will.

So look if you're confused about why everyone seems to want to find you but no one is doing anything to help you - it's because the same "machine" that took over AA, then NA, and now appears to be taking our movement over still doesn't give one damn about you.  There are a few groups out there who do - but you're going to have to judge carefully who those programs are.

But you now have become a way to make money for some people.  You think pimps were bad?  At least you know what they are.

Not sure who someone is?  Ask.

I had a woman once tell me her counselor said "oh yes I work with a lot of prostitutes".  Numbers don't mean jack.  All this means is she's getting PAID to talk to a lot of prostitutes.  Doesn't mean she's helping however.  So I asked her to ask to speak to one prostitute she'd really helped.

The counselor terminated their relationship.

So I'm issuing you out there a warning that some of these people out there who say they care about you are only caring about how much money they're making off of you.

Sound like anyone you know?

If you want help to leave the sex industry, whether trafficked or not doesn't matter, then you can find help at www.sexworkersanonymous.com

And just remember - now there's money in NOT finding you help by people holding fund raisers and hawking jewelry you've made for them or helping them advance their careers or even by increasing the clicks they get on their sites which increase their ranking which increases their celebrity status - you need to be selective.

Did anyone see that great documentary that was on CNN recently hosted by Jada Pinkett-Smith?  Try calling her for help.  The district attorney who she was taking around Atlanta?  She got promoted to the White House and is now working down in Mexico.  The nonprofit that was shown?  They're applying for a grant for more money and don't have any space available.

Our hotline is always on at (702) 468-4529.  You can call collect.


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