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Thursday, December 24, 2015


Where do they get their funding?  Why do they exist?  What do they get out of this work?

Sex Workers Anonymous is a 12 step group.  Meaning based on the model of AA and NA.  What this means essentially is Bill Wilson was suffering with a craving to drink at 8 months sobriety.  So he set out to find someone else to "12 step" which was Dr. Bob.  This created Alcoholics Anonymous - reaching out to help another.  12 step groups are not federally funded by grants, nor by private fund raisers, crowdfunding, nor even private donations.  Our funding is only and solely by the sales of our literature, or money passed from the basket.  Now since prostitution is illegal, and receiving money from the "earnings a prostitute" is a felony - we don't pass a basket at our meetings.  This limits our income quite severely.  But why do we reach out to help others?  Because that's how we stay out - pure and simple.  I have been reaching out to help others, who want that help, and I have been off drugs and out of the whole sex industry, since 1985.  It's that simple.

So any press we do is to "carry the message" to those who might need us where to find us.  It's not to promote a fund raiser.  It's not to beef up an application for a grant.  It's not to look good for an election.  It's not because we have a lawsuit pending.  It's not because we're trying to get a law passed.  It's also not because we're paid informants nor a paid lobbyist either.

The group "Abeni" is part of the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force.  A task force that receives federal grant money.  How do they get that grant money?  They apply for it.  To get grant money to help trafficking victims - you have to show need.  How do you show need?  Well getting some to come into a group they think is there to help them might be a good way to do so.  Their media by their own admission says they mix current active sex workers with trafficking victims who are trying to escape trafficking.  How on earth does that work in reality?  Are you going to tell me you can put newly sober alcoholics in a bar with active drunks and that's going to work?  Well it works for the drinking alcoholics for sure - not those trying to stay sober.  Anyone who is recovering from sex trafficking knows that if the ring is still operating they will be trying to find you.  Either to retrieve you back into the ring or to make sure you don't press charges.  How do they do this?  They use active sex workers.  Meaning if you want to escape sex trafficking you have to cut off anyone from the whole sex and drug world to do so.  Otherwise, a phone rings and they know where you're at and then it's over.  You are either drug back or you're being threatened - one or the other.  I know because not only is that what happened to me but it's what I've seen for 30 years now.

I've seen criminal rings send people into jail just to get next to someone to threaten them and drag them back.  I've seen them take a girl and fake a suicide attempt to get one of their people into a suicide ward to get a threat to a victim.  I've seen them send in "catfish" victims into safe houses just to find out where they are, and to find out who the staff is.  I've seen just about every trick in the book (no pun intended) by criminal operations trying to cover their backside, to silence potential witnesses, and to drag heavy earners back into the fold.  Same with law enforcement.  I've seen a documentary how they sent in an undercover snitch into the Hell's Angel's and another show where they took and put a man in a killer's cell just to befriend him in the hopes of getting him to confess where he'd hidden the bodies.

Which is why the purity of the 12 step process works.  We don't involve ourselves in any law enforcement matters.  No lawsuits.  No legislature activity.  No fund raising.  Our only and SOLE purpose is to help someone leave, and recover from, the sex industry.

We aren't taking money from the AHF to not only promote their agendas, but to even try and sink AIM.  The AIM Clinic was set up by an ex-porn performer to be devoted to be a safe place where the sex industry could go and get testing and not be in fear of criminal prosecution, nor of being laughed at, stared at, nor files being made to start criminal investigations on them either.  There have been rumors they were deliberately "set up" to be shut down which I wouldn't doubt one bit.  Especially in light of the "Sex Industry Mafia" as I call them that does exist.  There is a specific group of people who will target anyone who has left the sex industry to try and do everything in their power to make sure those exits are not successful.  So I don't doubt at all that Dr. Sharon Mitchell was set up during this process of AIM being shut down.

It's why I also have had some serious doubts about what's going on with Shelley Lubben and Pink Cross.  We have been extending our hand to ALL from ALL parts of the sex industry - whether it be prostitution or porn since 1987.  Now why would Shelley come along and feel the need to start her own program just to reach out to porn performers?  What experience did she have in leaving porn when she opened Pink Cross?  Now in SWA we also advocate that one can't successfully leave sex work while still using drugs.  We have seen Shelley confess on her social media not only to still drinking and using, but one time she even posted that she had "flushed all of her drugs" which one doesn't do if one is on prescribed medications by a medical doctor for a valid reason.  I take thyroid medication that I don't get up  and flush and then post about it on Twitter.

I have said we have found ourselves under attack for a while now since I refused an offer to accept money to be a paid informant on our members.  Now I know I'm not unique.  If I'm being offered money to inform on our members - then I'm sure other groups are also.  Especially since Congress asked for a "census" to be taken about two years ago of the sex industry.  Might explain why SWOP suddenly starts offering people $300 to start organizing "get togethers" to encourage new members who sign pledges now that identify themselves as sex workers without any privacy policy as to what is done with that information.

But I'd like to point out something I found about Shelley's status as an informant today online:

For a while now, I've been trying to figure out why Shelley has been terrorizing people into being afraid to call us for help.  Now I think I know.  If she's an informant - then she's going to want to make sure she's getting people coming to her for help instead of us.

Use common sense people.  What other group has testimonials online in their own words over a span of 30 years of how a group helped them?  I have quotes in news articles spanning 30 years from members at and I have recorded interviews at    Our quotes are not tied to fund raisers, grants, elections, lawsuits, or laws trying to be passed.  We are not going to put together a fund raiser for you either.  We are here to help you leave the sex industry and find "recovery" meaning being able to pay your own way in your own life in your own home yourself.  We're not going to put you in our house, then parade you around asking for money to help you, and then take care of you like a child while you go to school that once you get a degree may or may not get you work.  A recent study of the homeless found 30 percent of them had a BA degree or higher.

The Cupcake Girls have a lobbyist.  Why?  What do lobbyist's do?  They're paid for one thing.  They're paid to influence legislators to pass laws.  Now think - why would a group be going out offering money, make-overs, cupcakes, hair cuts, dental work, free legal assistance to strippers and then also have a lobbyist?  What do politicians like?  Come on people - do the math here!

Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle flew to W. Virginia to supposedly "help" Heather.  They set up an $800,000 fund raiser for her.  Supposedly handed her a wad of cash, then she went on a drug binge.  Who in their right mind would do this?  Why would you hand that much cash to someone who was using drugs, prostituting, had just killed someone for whatever reason, is in a life crisis stage in her life because now her face has been plastered all over the internet as a "hero" it will be impossible for her to find a job somewhere, and then just hand her a wad of cash with no oversight even?

Nothing like paying for rent, paying for school, paying for counseling, having a sponsor appointed her that walks through these changes with her - just hands her cash and walks out after having plastered her face and name all over the internet as a "hero".  Because that's what they did - as they blasted her face as a "hero" they were also alerting the world she was a "prostitute" thus making it now almost impossible for her to find a job somewhere outside of the sex industry.  Their goal isn't helping Heather to leave the sex industry or they would have called us.  We would have connected Heather to the local W. Virginia members who then would be offering her 24/7 support, gotten her into some kind of drug treatment, some kind of counseling (depending on what's available in W. Virginia), helped her to find work when she was ready, and connected her to other ex-prostitutes in recovery to provide her with emotional support during the process.

These women are dangerous.  After they got done with "Kamylla" she's still not out of sex work either.  According to her own social media - she's still not working a job, still has legal issues, and still has immigration hanging over her head.   In other words, she has three kids, is married, and is still working as a prostitute with multiple legal issues over her head.  Now they're done with her - Maxine, Domina Elle, and the others, have moved on to Heather.  They then went after Heather for a fund raiser, and now no one seems to know where Heather is.  For all we know she's overdosed or dead in some alley somewhere.

Let me ask you something - what if Neal Falls was a serial killer?  What if he worked with a partner?  The investigation into Neal's wasn't completed yet before these people blasted her face and name all over the internet calling her a "hero".  What if his partner came after her for revenge for his murder?  I mean where is Heather?  Was she linked into a social network of people who cared about her?  No.  She was used to raise money, gather information on people, and then now dumped while these people have moved on.

Let's look at the obvious - if these women cared about sex workers they wouldn't be bashing me or SWA you know why?  Because I"m an ex-sex worker and I answer a hotline that sex workers call every day for help.  If they cared about sex workers they would not be attacking us - pure and simple.  People who care about helping alcoholics don't attack AA.  The same for Shelley, or Cupcake Girls, or anyone else attacking us.  I also am not SWA anymore than Bill Wilson is all of AA or Jimmy Kinnon is all of NA.   So clearly there's another agenda going on when people are attacking us while claiming to care about sex workers, or to be supposedly trying to help someone leave sex work.  Domina Elle and Maxine Doogan have no experience in this arena - and handing money to Heather and thinking that's going to help her quit sex work is just proof they have no idea what they're doing.

Or do they know exactly what they're doing?  I know this - if you're a group working with prostitutes right now in 2013 then the leaders have been approached to be paid informants.  They've either accepted or refused.  I've refused.  Meaning what you say to us or in our meetings stays with us.  Our only concern is your recovery.  If that's your goal also - then you can reach us at

Why do I care?  I'll tell you why - because I get calls all the time from women who have tried to find recovery by going to the wrong places.  They wind up at a drug treatment program where the director says "I'll help you" and "you can turn your tricks with me instead of some stranger" and then this poor girl winds up dead and her family just lost someone they loved.

Which is why I tend to know about places like this.  Can we publish anything about this?  Not if we don't want to wind up being sued for defamation.  But what we can do is tell family members of women like Julie and say "we've had women go through program such and such and they've been treated well in that program" and increase the odds that they won't be tripped up on the path to recovery by people with other agendas.

Understand this - pedophiles get jobs working with kids.  Why?  Access to kids.  Now if you're a trafficker - what are you going to do?  Get access to women you can get turned out right?  If you are a man with a sexual addiction and you don't want to get "shamed" in one of these "letter writing campaigns" that politicians are doing to advance their careers - then what do you do?  Do you keep picking up women on street corners?  Or maybe you go out and start a drug treatment empire where you can get all kinds of access with these women that you can then turn around and say "who believes a junkie's accusation"?

Or better yet - become a guard where you can lock them in a cell at night with no one around and then when she makes an accusation you get your boss even backing you up?  Look people - these victims are just that victims.  They are not only victims of traffickers and that's one of the reasons why these people keep creating "fake" survivors like Samoly Mam or even Wilthelma Ortiz Pettigrew to testify at Congress.  Because the fake ones limit their stories to the traffickers who target and exploit them.

REAL VICTIMS talk about ALL who target and exploit them - even those in social services, the courts, the jails, the police stations, the churches, and the treatment centers.  For which there needs to be some kind of watchdog system built in just as there is to keep pedophiles out.  Now how do we do that?  Well the best way I know is the way we were doing it - letting us bring SWA meetings into these programs and facilities.   Letting prostitutes have access to our program and sponsors.  That's a good start.   Because look - in all these stories what do you see as a common thread?  Us excluded that's what you see.

I read that an informant was paid $40,000 to set up Rick "Freeway" Ross to go back to jail.  So you know what?  Sometimes there's a lot of money out there to create situations that wouldn't exist otherwise and lead you down the wrong path.  We have a system that works with respect to getting you out of the sex industry, and finding recovery.  So if you, or if you care about someone who needs help, wants help to get out of that whole briar patch of that world - just give us a call at

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