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Monday, December 21, 2015


I challenge anyone to find anything negative printed about by an actual member of this program anywhere online, or in the media PRIOR to April of 2015.  That is when we first saw the "triple threat" of Domina Elle, Maxine Doogan, and Bella Robinson, combine forces to start a campaign to raise money for a woman going by the fake name of "Kamylla" who supposedly had appeared on the so called reality series "8 Minutes".  This was a woman who supposedly wanted to quit the sex industry who had asked the producers of a show that was asking her to pretend to be rescued from sex work to supposedly actually help her in reality.  I find it hard to believe that if she's being asked to act out an elaborate ruse for the public about a fake rescue outreach team that isn't real that she would actually expect to get any help from these same people to actually leave sex work in reality.

I mean follow my logic - if I'm hired to pretend to be an actress who is pretending to run a bakery am I really going to sue them because I thought I'd really walk away with a loaf of bread?  Why lie?  Simple.  The investors into Relativity Media are suing them for fraud.  They called them straight out "con artists" as the company who filmed this show went into bankruptcy.  Of course they retracted the statement after being slapped with a defamation lawsuit which could only be proven by proving the show was in fact staged and not real.  How do you do that exactly without expending more money on a case that's already in bankruptcy?  Better to shut up and take your losses.

Why bash us?  Because we offer help to men and women to leave sex work, to find jobs, to get free legal assistance, to get help from immigration, to get free effective counseling in any state they live anywhere in the USA FOR FREE.   So to justify the fund raiser for "Kamylla" we have to create a fake bash site of that same program offering real help that has proven to be effective for free.

We have been investigated over a period of years by three independent reputable MAJOR media investigative reporters.  Tom Ragan of the Review Journal, John Quinones of ABC, and Bob Herbert when he was writing for the NY Times.  I have published their findings on which can be independently verified as being "real" not faked reports and articles.  These are not made up reporters nor made up websites or made up magazines - but legitimate reputable journalists.

We were the subject of a 10 year research project by Professor Sharon Oselin, who has never even met me by the way before publishing her report.  She studied three programs over 10 years that she wrote about in "Leaving Prostitution" wherein she found the one program that had incorporated our program into theirs was the most effective in the country.  There are quotes from the women she interviewed citing our program as what made it "work for them" this time.

The women behind the fund raiser for Kamylla are/were admitted active sex workers.  After four months of fund raising - the "real" Kamylla reported online she was living in a flooded apartment, her legal case was still pending, she was still unemployed, and had spent the $5000 she was given already  and is now broke again.   Those are her words printed online as to her state after having let these women "help" her for four months.  We have interviews up at about how well we help our members I'd like to add.

While this was still going on - we were contacted by a woman living in Las Vegas going by the name of "Sally".  She reported a story of not having any ID and thus being "forced to work in sex work because of not being able to get an ID card".  We then went through with her the methods we had used with at least 10 other women in Nevada to obtain them an ID card without a birth certificate ranging from school records, health records, and even immigration records from when she supposedly entered this country.  One by one she kept coming up with excuses as to why she could not produce even grade school records, nor any shot records from the health department which would allow her to get an ID card.  After this, we then told her about jobs paying $25 an hour we knew were hiring that really didn't care about an ID that we knew other SWA members were working at, getting paid, and was a legit job outside of sex work.  She refused our help insisting she wanted to "hold a fund raiser" instead.  She continued shopping around until she found a nonprofit in Nashville who is now holding a fund raiser for her.

A nonprofit which then joined forces with Domina Elle and Maxine Doogan to create a second bash and smear site of our program.  Again, got to bash the program doing the work for free if you're going to ask people to donate money and not refer someone to our program instead right?  Welcome to the site at they cooked up.

We then reported the second fund raising scheme to the authorities.  Only our hotline has continued to be under almost daily attack.  We have been told their intent is to "wipe out our hotline".  We're still here.  But the attacks and fake phone calls to us sucking up our time and energy that is all donated for free out of members' personal time and personal resources, that we operate with no fund raising, no grants, no requests for crowd funding,  they continue to call up and attack and harass our member/volunteers.

Why?  Because now they're running an $800,000 fund raiser for "Heather".   Where's Heather?  When this story first went down we knew someone who runs a company that produces self-defense products.  They said that they would offer her a lucrative sponsorship contract to endorse their products.  We tried to relay that offer to her - but couldn't make contact.  We did however get a very puzzling phone call from a phone number that we traced to Heather's address.  So the people who organized this fund raiser refused to give her the job offer but then turn around and organize a fund raiser?  Only I have text messages that show me the man organizing this fund raiser for "Heather" is also personal friends with "Kamylla" supposedly.  So yes these are all the same band of people involved here - just as usual hiding behind new fake names.

What evidence do we have that Neal is a "serial killer"?  He supposedly "showed up with no money" and there were "tools in the car serial killers use".  Okay - where's the receipts to show those were his tools and not planted in the car after his death?  Were his fingerprints on the weapons?  Were there any weapons or evidence in his home?  I find no criminal record, no restraining orders, no psychiatric records, no women coming forward saying he abused or attacked them.  Where's one shred of evidence tying him to those prostitutes' murders in Nevada?  He lived in Nevada?  Wow a lot of men lived in Nevada during that time period.  The murders in Nevada of prostitutes has not stopped by the way.  I believe Jessie Foster was murdered by her pimp Peter Todd.  That's what three other women I helped escape the manic into another country in fear of their lives, and a private investigator who worked on the case, and an uncover police officer told me anyway.   I know when I tried to have the information on Peter Todd investigated by the police I was threatened to "back off" so it doesn't sound like Nevada police really cared who really killed Jessie to me.

Who witnessed Neal attacking Heather?  He supposedly came as a customer right?  What proof is there of that?  He "had no money"?  Could the money have been taken from his wallet after his death?  The only so called witness in this case is a neighbor where she ran after she'd been banged up and rang out of the house.  Did this witness witness her come directly from her house to her home?  I mean there's just a lot of holes in the evidence in this case to me.  I have done an internet research months later and still find no evidence substantiating anything about him being a "john" or a "serial killer" or that for all we really know maybe Heather attacked him.  Where are the other prostitutes who are speaking about being attacked by him?  The Green River Killer did.  The Hillside Strangler did.  In fact every serial killer of prostitutes I'm aware of even down to the Grim Reaper has had at least one prostitute making a prior report of violence against the man.  Where's the reports against Neal?

Has anyone seen a drug test on Heather?  Do we know that she's not a junkie?  What if he went there on a mission to try and talk her out of the sex industry and offer her drug treatment and she reacted violently to that offer?  I mean honestly what proof is there that this isn't the case?  Her word?  The word of an active prostitute?  Someone who makes the living lying?  I can say that as an ex-prostitute by the way and recovering addict and as someone who has answered over 500,000 calls on our hotline over 30 years that yes most prostitutes do lie for a living and lie quite well.

I have screen shots documenting that Maxine Doogan and Domina Elle who orchestrated the fund raiser for Kamylla and Sally, and set up the bash sites and attacks against us, flew off to meet with Heather the minute that this story hit the news.  I have not seen the real Heather give an interview in the media about this story since.  For all we know she's signed a confidentiality agreement like Kamylla did and is afraid to speak up about the truth.  Which by the way if either of you is reading this - those contracts are not legally binding.  Especially not when a crime is involved.  In fact, agreement or not to be an accomplice to a crime is to be an accomplice to a crime.  You signing a confidentiality agreement does not absolve you of speaking the truth to the authorities if you know a crime is going on. So Heather if you're reading this and afraid to speak up because of the same contracts that the others have told me are why they're afraid to speak up the truth - they are not binding and we have lawyers who can back you up for free without a fund raiser being involved.   The lawyers we know don't take money from active prostitutes because it's a felony.  It's called "pimping" or the "receipt of earnings from a known prostitute".  So reputable lawyers will not take money from active sex workers.  That's why the lawyers we work with DONATE their time.

Before you donate a dollar to "get Heather out of sex work" I ask you how this cash is going to help her quit?  What do we know about her story?  What if she is an addict and giving her that much cash would result in a horrible binge that could kill her from an overdose?  If she's suffering from severe PTSD she might even try suicide with that much cash under her belt.  What psychiatric professional has even certified that someone in her mental state can handle that amount of cash?  What expertise and experience do active sex workers by their own admission have in knowing what it takes to help Heather leave the sex industry?  What psychiatric professional care is she under that is vouching that that this large amount of money would not be harmful to her in her state of mind and her present condition?  I'm sorry but I've seen too many addicts get a large sum of cash and get found dead the next day of an overdose.

There are a lot of unanswered questions here and I think most people are logical enough to know if you have an alcoholic you want to get sober - you take them to AA.  You have an addict you want to get clean - you take them to NA.  Are there assholes in those programs?  Lots.  Does it mean the program doesn't work?  Not a bit.  They're clean and sober assholes and I guarantee you active addicts find clean addicts "assholes".  I can find you numerous sites that say Bill Wilson was an asshole.  Doesn't alter the fact you take an alcoholic to AA.  Even if they go to professional therapy - they still go to AA.

If you want to help someone leave the sex industry, trafficked or not, they need to go to  We don't need your money and you won't find us holding fund raisers for our members anywhere online.  I've found impostors claiming to be us online holding fund raisers - but that's easy to check what's legit and what's not.  We don't hold fund raisers to help our members get out of sex work.  We don't give money to active sex workers - that's makes us a trick.  No we are not a "nonprofit" because we don't have to be as we DON'T HOLD FUND RAISERS nor solicit grants.  Your local AA and NA groups are not incorporated as nonprofits either.  Think I"m wrong?  Check it out.  Twelve step groups "ought never be organized and remain forever nonprofessional . . . ".

If you are the media - please think very carefully about promoting any fund raisers held by active sex workers to supposedly "help someone get out of sex work" while bashing Sex Workers Anonymous.  Ask yourself what you would think of a fund raiser to get an alcoholic sober by drunks who bash AA while asking you for money?

Think about it.  . . .

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