Dear Constable Herman: I read http://www.click2houston.com/news/human-trafficking-victim-from-alaska-found-in-houston-area and yes you will find 99 % of prostitutes are "unwilling" to even speak to anyone in authority about receiving help. It was that way in 1987 when I launched the first hotline and program in this country originally called Prostitutes Anonymous which we renamed to Sex Workers Anonymous in 1995. We didn't just launch this to launch it. We also saw that the police, social services, etc. were "powerless" to offer us help. After so many times of offering help, taking these women away from their pimps - only to find them returning right back to the same situation - the system had given up on us. The same as they used to view addicts and alcoholics at one time. With the invention of AA - the courts learned that the problem with alcoholics isn't that they didn't want help but that they had a "disease". Once proper help was offered - they got better. These women also have a "disease" of sorts. You take someone who has been abused as a child, throw in some drugs, and some brainwashing and what have you got? A very sick person who needs help. Just as how when you go on a domestic violence call the woman will defend her abuser - this victim is all of these thrown together . Meaning that if you're scratching your head wondering how to get these women help that already exists - that's where I can come in. Before this issue got federal recognition with the Trafficking Act of 2000 - the system viewed us as costing them time and money. That's when I used to do trainings all the time for police on how to get these women help. However, things completely flipped once money got involved. Now many police departments like NY and Los Angeles are viewing this as a means to pump money into their police departments. So the last thing they want is me coming in showing them how to get these women help when instead they can submit in grant applications for millions of dollars for them to basically use as they wish. Once that happened - suddenly no one wants to talk to me about helping these women any longer. Now they want to say "well they refused help" and pocket the money. Once in a while however I spot someone who might actually care about getting these women some help to get out of this life that's only going to end in "jails, institutions and death". If I can help you in any way show your officers how to turn this around with these women - I'm here. In the meantime, please consider giving our flyer/number to any prostitutes that you come across. Thank you - Jody www.sexworkersanonymous.com


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