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Thursday, December 31, 2015


This is exactly what the devil/disease wants by whatever name you want to call it -  in the story where Christ went into the mountains He was tested.  He was tested how?  With money, fame, power, and even with the idea of being God himself when Satan told Him "throw yourself off the mountain and let your Angels come to save you".

What did Christ do?  He resisted temptation and then went seeking his disciples where he then TAUGHT.  He found Mary being about to be stoned to death and didn't say to her "I'm going to love you where you're at".  No.  He said "go and sin no more".  Then what?  She followed Him.  As she was puttering around in the kitchen - He then told her "come over here and sit and learn with me".   His band of disciples then went out and did what?

Did Christ ask the people to come up with the bread and fishes when there wasn't enough to feed the people?  Or did He create enough?  God is the source of whatever our needs are.

I have stood by here and watched as every woman who has left the sex industry and tried to create something BY HERSELF has failed.  That's why frankly I am not out here doing it alone.  In our 12 step fellowship - I have my brothers and sisters all over this country, and other countries, that I lean on for strength and guidance and we're still here 30 years later.

I don't have anything to do with it.  Professor Sharon Oselin went out and spent 10 years studying three different groups that worked with prostitutes and guess what?  The only one that was still standing at the end of her study was the one that had incorporated ours into theirs.  Sad that after she wrapped up the study they decided to go grant seeking and three months later they folded.  That's very telling in itself - especially since we're still here.

Annie, Shelley, Joy - can you imagine what it would do to this field if we were to band together against the enemy?   We'd be unstoppable.  Annie I don't know how many women you've actually gotten out of the sex industry and in recovery - but I'm not hearing from anyone.  Shelley - same.  All I'm reading is trash mail.  Joy - you got a petition going up against you.

Me?  The only site I have up now bashing me is a bunch of lies made up by a woman who was working with the Kamylla fund raiser with Joy, Domina Elle.  It will be down soon enough.  Too many people have come back to me saying they tried to post a defense to us that wasn't posted on it.  Besides, I'm not the person who runs all the groups around here.  I just answer the phone sometimes and write the literature and blog under my name.  I say "under my name" because our members don't want to post things under their name - so they post under mine to maintain their "anonymity".  Much like how alcoholics say they're "friends of Bill" as code.  To protect their profiles, IP address, etc., they post under ours.

I have reached out to all of you over the years - only to be rebuffed.  Maybe you've learned your lesson.  You may be out and you may "have yours" but how many are you helping besides yourself?  We have a lot of people now who thank us for their recovery.  What I see when I look at you three however is the same thing I saw when I went to a Catharis meeting.  It didn't last either by the way and Norma relapsed also.

We're still here.  So I'm going to keep extending an olive branch here and just say that a rope made of three strands is unbreakable.  If you women are ready to stop trying to be the star of the show and actually get some real work done, including on your own 'post prostitution syndrome", then give me a call sometime.

Shelley - I kept trying to reach out to you years ago.  Now I'm reading you've lost your nonprofit, you're in a smaller house, and Garrett has been arrested twice for domestic violence.  The real shame is that probably if you'd been working a program with me - then none of that might have been necessary.

Annie - you've got a house.  Big whoop.  Since when did that make any difference to these women who are out there making $50,000 a week but who have a pimp monitoring every move?  You think they're going to be able to go near that house?  Your cute little house will be right where mine was years ago - they'll start showing up with the zoning inspectors and zone you right out of the rehab business.

Or didn't you know we had a house in Nevada years ago?  Oh no - I take that back we had a motel and an apartment building.  The motel was for when they'd come in at 2:00 a.m. and we had no furniture or bedding.  The apartment building we'd put them in the next day.  Then the local casino, hotel, laundry, or motel owner would give them a job until we could get them SSI or in school.   When we kept up with the zoning fines - they came out and set fire to the apartment building and that was that.  There wasn't enough money to rebuild the whole building and guess who came in and bought the building?  Never guess!  Same guy who set Sharnel up that was running the alternative sentencing program in Reno that's who.

Look ladies - building an empire isn't hard.  Don't you know that by now?  It's KEEPING it and making it EFFECTIVE to helping other people - now that's hard.  So if you're "done" with this - and ready to get some real work done at helping women who need our help - you give me a call.   I'm doing just fine - but I know it would be a lot easier if instead of fighting the pimps these days I only had to fight them instead of you gals right in there along with them.

What was that phrase "bottom bitch"?  You might be women but you're doing a pretty good job for the pimps I got to tell you.  Annie - the pimps joke about "you want to go to Annie's house?"  Same Joy for your so called "job training" in the bakery.

They don't laugh about me.  No they snarl about me because I'm making a difference.  If you doubt that for one second - you look at the Mob Museum standing where those men wanting a brothel and you tell me I'm not making a difference in this town that has everyone of those pimps cussing me out every chance they get.  Means I'm doing my job right ladies.

You can't be "loved" and do your job right in this field.  Doesn't work that way.  Not universally.  The ones who love me are the ones I've saved and helped.  That's where it counts.

You've all blocked my number - so I'm inviting you now that maybe we should all sit down and find a way to work together for the "common welfare".  In our program we say "the common welfare comes first - personal recovery depends upon unity".  I've also stayed clean since 1985.  You think about it ladies. Better yet - pray on it.

You know what - don't call me.  I don't want you to do something simply because you "like" or "don't" like me.  I guess I had an advantage in that I started our program with no one around doing this for me to say "I don't like her so I'm going to do it different".  Well you've worn the crown of "leader" and guess what people do when you lead rather than "serve"?  Has anyone seen that Southpark where everyone was a "Yelp" reviewer?  They wound up pretty hated by the people they were reviewing because they were acting like shits.

Look - you ladies have been acting like the Queen Bee with everyone around you being your servants and then the minute they aren't under you - they're gone.  That's not a way to live.  I want to be surrounded by women like Kathleen Mitchell or Brenda Myers-Powell who are out there starting their own thing and doing their own thing and support them doing their thing.   So you know what?  I don't want you to call me and make friends and then do something because you "like" me.  That's not what any of this is about.

If you ladies haven't figured out this has become "unmanageable" out of prostitution by now - then I have nothing else to say other than I'm here when you do.  I don't have to know you personally to know there's some kind of addiction going on with you at home and I don't mean drugs necessarily.   I'll get you into a meeting and find you a sponsor.  You want to start a meeting after you've done some stepwork - fine.  But right now - you ladies are the absolute symbol of "unmanageability".

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