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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Dear Nancy:

I'm not sure if what I sent you this morning about Kamylla will "click" or make sense as to why I'm sending you this information.  So let me try and give you an over view here.

Maxine Doogan is the woman suing your office to try and get prostitution legalized.

Maxine Doogan is also the woman hosting this youtube video  If this video is taken down when you go to listen - I've made a backup tape of it.  

The woman Maxine is interviewing is claiming to be "Kamylla".  Only that voice in that recording is not the "real" woman I spoke to who is the "real" Kamylla.  The real woman I spoke to says she signed an agreement to allow Maxine Doogan and another woman who calls herself Domina Elle publicly, to use her name and likeness as they wished, along with a confidentiality agreement with Relativity Media so she can't speak out about what's going on without being sued for breach of contract. 

She's told me she's not able to stand up and state she's not the person making these statements for this reason like the ones in this video, nor the ones that I found online smearing myself either.   Further, she says these women are threatening and terrorizing her - which I've also seen first hand and understand her fear. 

As I've said before, I've also been seeing these women trying to find out where I live online for the purposes of harming me (yes I have screen shots verifying all of this also) so I understand her fear.  Especially also when I've now also had other people who have been stalked and threatened by these women come to me with their horror stories of why they're actually living in fear of these women.  One woman reported to me she's now living in a rural area with a shotgun "constantly at her side" in fear of Domina Elle and Maxine.  I also have a phone recording of these statements available.  

When Relativity Media "faked" the show "8 Minutes" as a "reality show" they had investors who invested in the production company based on believing the shows were real.  The investors have already called Kirk Kavanaugh, the CEO and founder of Relativity Media, a "scam artist".  They are in the process of suing him now from what I understand for fraud.

Do you wonder what I mean by "real" look at just one of the news articles that was in the paper which was used to raise money for the production of "8 Minutes".  You'll see here a nice looking piece making it appear that Kevin Brown is actually going out into the streets to do "real" rescue.  Now I knew something was wrong after this article appeared.  I reached out to this Kevin Brown to find out if he was aware of resources for juvenile victims such as Children of the Night.  He refused all contact with me.  That made no sense at the time.  Now knowing this was all "staged" media to sell investors on a TV show - well then it makes more sense then what was going on.  

Then when Kevin Brown tried to reach out to me when the taping started asking me to "send him prostitutes to a hotel room where they would be offered help" I asked him "what help?"  When I insisted on investigating what outreach he was offering these women - he blocked me off and filming was transferred to Houston, Texas instead of California.  Clearly that was because people in California weren't going to go along with the scam.

Kirk in turn slapped the investors who called him a "con artist" with a defamation case to shut them up and back them up.  Their defense was to prove the show was faked and staged to prove their claims of being conned were "real".  To defend themselves, Relativity Media now has to make everything appear that it is "real" and not "faked".  To try and make the show appear real to prove they were not conning investors and the viewing public - they actually had this "character" they created of "Kamylla" sue them for breach of contract in Houston like the show was in fact real when it was not.   There was no "breach" because nothing was promised.  The "real" Kamylla told me they were hired as actors - so they were promised nothing.  Therefore, the lawsuit in Houston is a sham also.  

The irony of the fact Relativity Media also produces the show "Catfish" is clear here since that show is based on the fact people can appear to be totally different than who they are in reality online.  I've also screen shot and recorded that many of the threats they've directed at me have come from these "catfish" or "phony" people.  This is clearly to avoid legal prosecution for their threats and their illegal acts which do constitute defamation/slander as well as fraud.   

Maxine led a fund raiser for this "Kamylla" which she also used to raise money to support her lawsuit against California.  As she partnered with the Cupcake Girls to raise money for Kamylla, they were also raising donations, and support, and gathering addresses of support for her lawsuit and her lobbying against your office as part of her lawsuit to legalize prostitution.  However, Maxine nor Domina Elle are not registered lobbyists.  In fact, Maxine's a convicted felon for a pimping charge out of Seattle.   Domina Elle is living under a name she assumed from another woman who died in 2007 - Avaarm Shekinah.

Further, it's illegal to "take receipts from the earnings of prostitutes".  Maxine was aggressively collecting money from working prostitutes as part of this fund raiser for Kamylla, and her lawsuit against California.  Which I believe is why she kept moving the fund raiser.  If not constituting "pimping" in that she knowingly took money from illegal sex workers - then it sure looks like money laundering to me also.  How convenient of a way to take money from one illegal prostitute to give to another - and call it "clean" money than a fund raiser?

During their fund raising drive for Kamylla, they were looking for anyone who would give them "dirt" on either our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, or Kathryn Griffin-Townsend's program as well as raising money.  

When they found nothing - they started manufacturing it.  Everything said about Kathryn on that video is a lie.  I don't even believe she was even in Kathryn's program.  I've spoken to people in Houston who tell me she wasn't running the program at all last year when this woman claims she was in this program.  They also state if she was not an American, she would not have received bail on a prostitution charge but would have been held until the trial without bail in case they were going to deport her. 

They told people the money raised was "for a lawyer".  But this Kamylla had a lawyer paid for by SWOP and also by Relativity Media.  Also, they say the money was for rent.  However, rent is not due on an "uninhabitable" apartment.  The apartment was flooded and therefore rent was not due. The real Kamylla also just moved without paying the rent is what she told me happened.   The "real" Kamylla also texted me a few weeks ago claiming the money was used for drugs.  

I've also got people telling me that the group "Families Against Sex Trafficking" was not founded by D'Lita Miller, but in fact a woman named Dee.  This woman Dee claims that Dlita Miller came in, and did something to "take over" her program which was then used not only in this series "8 MInutes" but from what I've seen it's also fronted a lot of fund raisers around town, and some government grants which have been received in connection with news articles and interviews I've seen this D'Lita Miller front.

I've spoken to D'Lita Miller.  I have the call on tape.  She claims to me that there "are no resources" for either juvenile nor adult victims to justify how she pretended to be part of a fake outreach program on a so called "reality show".  However, there are resources.  When I offered to meet with her to show her what resources are available - she cut me off and blocked my calls.  T

hey are holding fund raisers and applying for grants while falsely claiming there "are no resources" when in fact there are.  Some of these grants are federal - meaning they're deliberately lying to the federal government to obtain money as well as the donors and supporters of these fund raisers.  

These are very serious things I'm seeing being done and someone needs to investigate them.  Especially when these people like D'Lita Miller and Kevin Brown are soaking up a lot of media claiming they're "fighting trafficking" while at the same time NO ONE is talking to me about real victims of trafficking I got coming to me and no one is calling me back to even discuss their cases.

To me, if you're going to obtain media attention, and donations, to "fight trafficking" then I think there's an obligation there to do just that.  However, I've got real cases of trafficking coming into our hotline that I can't even get any one of these people to even talk to me about nor even look at our evidence.  

Now considering these victims are saying they're being threatened by active duty police, private investigators and attorney's, and that they're even being slapped with gag orders for trying to report trafficking to the authorities - then I think someone should be talking to me about these cases on behalf of these REAL victims.

Something very strange is going on here and someone needs to open up an investigation into these matters.  That's why I've brought this information to you for review and so something can be done about all of this.  

Because the fact remains I'm having real victims of trafficking report to me they're being threatened by police officers.  I'm being threatened by police officers.  I have others who have been trying to help other victims of trafficking go to the authorities to prosecute them who are reporting they're being threatened by police officers and attorney's.  I've been writing Internal Affairs and offices such as yours - and to date I'm not receiving anyone asking me about these cases.  

Something is wrong when a completely staged "reality" show can get all this support from the media and law enforcement - but I've been here knocking on doors for a couple of years now and no one wants to even look at our evidence and information. 

So I'm coming to you to see what you're going to do about this.  

Thank you.  
Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529 Cell Phone

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