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Sunday, December 6, 2015


I was watching that pawn shop show and this woman brings in a conductor's baton that was signed by the Red Rooster Brothel.  Next thing I know I'm hearing that after WWI the government started building military bases in the USA.  The towns evidently objected to having the bases in their town for fear it would bring brothels into town to "serve" the soldiers.  I'm then hearing that this is why prostitution was outlawed in every city just about except Nye and Storey County in Nevada is because our government wanted to build bases.

Curious if this was why our government puts on this "face" about objecting to prostitution while I know for a fact they use it as part of their intelligence gathering, as well as to "seal deals", including raise cash which I saw happen during Iran Contra in the 1980's - I went online to do a little homework.  Sure enough I find this article -

People think Jeane Palfrey was revealing the names of clients in her "Black Book".  She wasn't.  Jeane was trying to prove our government's involvement in sex trafficking, and to also get the million dollar prize being offered by Larry Flynt for gathering proof of such involvement.  THAT'S why she was revealing names like Randall Tobias.  Look him up - he's the guy who was responsible for the hijacking of this movement (along with Bush) with the TVRA of 2003.  I endured tremendous sacrifice to go on TV talking about sex trafficking being "real" in order to get federal recognition because I thought it would allow us to be able to fund services to those victims that victim services was denying them because in the eyes of the law, and the public, they were "criminals" because of prostitution being illegal.  Every single time I'd go on TV I would be fired, evicted, and generally shunned.  I came home once to find a note "whore" on my front door with an eviction notice even though I'd paid my rent.  When I went to speak to my landlady she tells me "we don't want your kind here".  I calmly explained to her I'd quit in 1985 and the reason I was on TV was helping others to do so also.  She said "once a whore always a whore" to me.  That's the kind of thing I'm talking about I endured and I didn't do that for what's happening today in this movement.

The article in the LA Times clearly talks about how our government was "involved in the sex trade" in the 1980's.  Which is what I've been talking about I witnessed.  This article sounds like there might be some kind of historical proof - so I've written her to see if I can find out more about her sources.

I'm trying to understand why we have Prop 47 in Los Angeles going to "stop incarcerating" people for crimes where they should be getting treatment and support services - when all they have to do is decriminalize prostitution.  Right there you save a fortune in manpower and money.  Then you make it 1000 times easier for those witnessing sex trafficking to be able to step forward and also testify against the traffickers.  But when in some cases it's our own law enforcement and government doing the trafficking - well that explains why they don't want to make it that easy now doesn't it?

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