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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Let's take a real good look at for a moment shall we and ask yourself "who is being a predator?"

Reading the content of the site you see that this person was checking into my legal status, my trademarks, my mailing address, AND EVEN SENT SOMEONE OVER TO "CHECK OUT" MY ADDRESS!

Which by the way - this just proved WHY I have a UPS address listed online.  Because crazy people like this who are stalking, threatening, smearing, and who knows what else they might be capable of GO OVER TO CHECK OUT THE ADDRESS!!!  She just showed you WHY I don't list my home address online and why I'd be nuts to do so. 

Are they so desperate to bash me they are seriously bashing me for having a UPS box?  Really?  Seriously?  Gee let's just bash me for breathing air guys.   Or how about bashing me for having two feet.  I mean you're getting pretty desperate aren't you here?

Now don't you think that when we take women away from their pimps, don't you think I would be absolutely out of my mind to list my home address online?  I mean who does that?  Certainly not the publisher of this website who doesn't show her name, address, etc. on the site to back up her claims.  But what she does state very clearly is that someone came over to an address they thought was mine and for what purpose?


Why are they doing any of this investigation?

I didn't call Kamylla - she called us.

I didn't do any of the things that I'm being accused of here and let's get real obvious here for a moment - who is the one who (1) used Kamylla to seek fame and (2) used Kamylla to raise money?

I didn't take out  series of articles online about Kamylla - but the author of that website did.

I didn't set up a fund raiser for Kamylla - but the author of this website did.

I never said I had a "trademark".  I said I have a "common law trademark".  It's not my fault they don't know the difference between the two.  Since I'm not selling anything in stores and I'm not holding fund raisers I DON'T NEED ONE.

As for the nonprofit - again I never said I had one and I DON'T NEED ONE.  Go see if your local NA or AA meeting is a registered nonprofit.  Go on - I'll wait. They aren't. They are "to remain unorganized" and their workers are "unprofessional".  I'm not on salary to do anything i do.  I don't seek grants and I don't hold fund raisers for what I do.  We don't even pass the basket at our meetings so why would I need to be a nonprofit?

This woman keeps saying that "I'm violating confidentiality of sex workers" yet I see HER posting text messages from other people's phones, I see HER posting private emails, I see HER posting private phone recordings,  and I see that SHE'S the one cruising by people's houses, looking into their legal records - I mean who is violating whose confidentiality here guys?

SWA has been operating since 1987.  Now I invite you to please go onto Google and find me one complaint online by anyone OTHER than the person who was stalking me, threatening me, smearing me, AND was the one who was "advancing their media exposure" and "seeking money' online because I sure wasn't.

The woman who set up this website against me has had a complaint filed against her by Mistress Wolf and Mistress Trinity tried to complain to SWOP about her in the past and told anyone who would listen a lot of horror stories about her.   There are not TRO's or complaints or lawsuits out against me unlike how there are against Domina Elle - the woman who set up this website.

The site was set up by a woman active in the sex industry to attack a group set up to help men and women to leave the industry.  This is no different than a drunk sitting around telling everyone in the bar what an asshole Bill Wilson is - while being drunk.  There's not one person who is complaining about me on that site that's a member of SWA, or in recovery, and in fact I've had more than one member tell me they've tried to print a defense of me and SWA and it's been refused.

This is a smear campaign pure and simple by a group of people who wanted to explain why they wanted money to help a woman do what we do for free.  Pure and simple.  The site was registered in May of 2015.  I tell you what - even if it was real - if we only had one complaint after 30 years in business that's not bad.  But this is an attempt to explain to people why they should donate to do something we do for free.  It's someone in the sex industry asking you for money to help her help someone else get out of sex work when she's not out herself.  Again the site was set up in May of 2015 - and as of January 2016 both Kamylla and Domina Ella are still in the business.  Our hotline received calls the money was used for drugs.

The proof of who is being a "predator" is right in the writing on this site - she was the one going by my house, snooping around me, attacking me, smearing me, and she was the one capitalizing on Kamylla for fame and money for herself - not me.  The money they raised didn't change  a thing either and proved our point - that money doesn't get someone out of the sex industry AND that someone in sex work can't get someone else out of sex work.  It doesn't work like that and she just proved this is the case.

No readers I think she's proved she's the predator here - and like all predators - they always say it's "not me".

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