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Thursday, December 3, 2015


One of the reasons I started going on to national TV and speaking about sex trafficking and demanding our country not only wake up and acknowledge it was real BUT ALSO to change our current system to address trafficking so that cases like this would not happen again.  Under the "old" system, Margo went to the police and informed on her traffickers.  They in return had her at home with her children where she was then murdered along with her children.   The reason was because our system wasn't set up to address traffickers and how they operate.

RICO laws were written because organized crime CHANGED things.  Just arresting one or two guys didn't stop the ring.  The whole operation had to be shut down in organized crime - so they wrote different laws.

When it comes to corruption issues - we can't expect victims of sex trafficking to call officers who can't be trusted -

For a few years now I've been saying the movement has been "hijacked" and that the money being set aside to help these victims isn't reaching them because it's being put into a system that protects the traffickers.  Look, when the world acknowledged pedophiles go after children - systems were set in place to try and keep them out.  Background checks for jobs involving children, etc.  This was to keep the pedophiles out.

However, with sex trafficking you have to keep CORRUPTION out.  Sex trafficking is not a "pole".  It's a table with four legs.  Those legs are the sex trafficking, drug trafficking, corruption, and HIV (as well as other sexually transmitted diseases such as Hep C, TB, HPV, etc.)  If you don't address all of the legs on that table - your table is weak and will fall over.


The woman who testified at the Hill might have been a survivor - but she hasn't been saving others for 30 years like I have from traffickers.  I have a different perspective therefore and I would have spoken out about corruption and the fact the victims CAN'T call or go to or rely upon the cops to help them nor the media.  In the Chris Butler case, we could go to the media and they would expose the case and the public exposure got the arrests done.

However, right now I'm being told the media is being threatened and forced into not reporting on cases law enforcement is refusing to help.  I've been working on a case now for two years where I've been threatened by cops as has the victims.  I've gone to every Internal Affairs office I can't think of, the media, the politicians, and even the trafficking task forces and I'm getting nowhere.

I'm reading these senators see the problem but they want to "beef up the oversight committee".  THIS DOESN'T WORK.  Why?  Because the traffickers know where these people live and are threatening them into compliance.

How do I know that?  This case shows a witness was "lost" while in police custody,  and an FBI agent trying to prosecute this case was even threatened in the driveway of her home by multiple male officers.

Now we're hearing about this.  Do you think we're hearing about cases involving some prostitutes?  Hell no because right now that's exactly what's happening.  I have prostitutes telling me they're being threatened by law enforcement.  I've been threatened by law enforcement.  I have reporters telling me they've been threatened by law enforcement.

And the head of the new Los Angeles Trafficking Task Force?  Merrill Ladenheim who supported Tanaka.  Yes the same Tanaka not only spoken of here involving these types of threats to FBI agents, but also who was involved with the embezzlement of money from foster group homes for juveniles!

I've reached out to every office I can think of right now about a woman who is being forced to prostitute by a trafficking ring that drug her out of her home and slapped her with fake prostitution charges.  When I tried to help her - I was threatened by a police officer.  I now have been knocking on every door I can think of about this matter, and I even have a recording of the threatening phone call - and NO ONE is even asking me about this while at the same time standing up in front of the media talking about "fight trafficking".

If you're "fighting trafficking" and if we have a system that works - then SOMEONE WOULD CALL ME BACK.  Until I get a call about this case - we do not have a functioning system yet in place.

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