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Saturday, February 27, 2016


When my daughter was about 8 years old I could see she was becoming a very pretty young woman.  Speaking as someone who was molested by my father as a child, and beaten by my mother, raped three times before I was 19 years old, and lured into a sex trafficking operation in my teen years - I believe a lot of what happened to me was because I was raised to "act like a lady".  My father was very authoritative, as I've learned most molesters and abusers are.  I was told by him that I had to "bend to his will" and "ladies don't act like that'.

So when my daughter was 8 years old, I enrolled her in a martial arts studio.  When the boys started hitting on her in school - she laughed.  She knew better.  My daughter gets approached by these guys and she blows them off.  I assure you these predators stay away from women who can defend themselves.  I love the film Jennifer Lopez made also showing martial arts as a tool of defense.  I know this - I started studying martial arts in my teen years when my mother was beating me.  One day she tried to hit me and I literally reacted without thinking as I'd been trained.  I had her pinned to the wall and my forearm was on her neck choking her. My mother never hit me again after that day.

When I walked into this club where I met those men who lured me into the sex industry - I had just been through a major car accident.  I was barely walking because of a back injury.  Had I been in fighting shape I doubt they would have bothered with me.  As I got my strength back in fact, they let me go.  There is an air of confidence women have who can defend themselves that repels predators.

You want to something to end sex trafficking?  Get kids in your town into martial arts.   Get your kids into martial arts.  Find a way to get the lower income kids into classes who can't afford them.  I was paying $40 a week but I was working then when I put her into classes.   I feel this is one of the best prevention's you can offer a young girl or boy.

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