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Monday, February 8, 2016


After I was freed from my own trafficking situation, I returned to sex work as an "outlaw" as they were called in my day.   When word spread I was working as a "free agent", that's when a LAPD owned prostitution operation tried to get me to work with them.  I refused and they slapped me into jail as a "set up".  Five minutes after coming home from the Beverly Hills police station on bail, I got a call from them letting me know it was them who set me up.   I tried running and found myself embroiled in what is now known as "Iran Contra".  This was when our CIA was bringing cocaine into this country for sale - while blaming the African American gangs for the epidemic.  I would literally got to a boat at the pier while a white man had a truck loaded with the coke which needed processing.  I would then drive the truck into Compton for this, and then again drop at crack houses.  Then I'd go home to watch the news take a battering ram to an African American home and the media would urge us to "just say no".

I also started out doing rescues - only to find they would also return.  After returning, they also were prone to be re-trafficked again.  Or murdered, robbed, beaten, raped, etc.  Look at the Craiglist killer - he's going into their rooms with gun pulled and robbing them as he did with his first victim, and then escalating to murder.

So we knew we had to develop a full process - from rescue to restoration - in order to fully extract someone from the sex industry.  The goal isn't just sex trafficking rescue.  The goal is to get them out of sex work entirely, and permanently.  This is a process we developed and it's quite effective.  We have testimonials at and

Once the TVRA of 2003 passed - suddenly everyone is cutting us out of the process.  They're telling us "they're right" and we're "wrong" for how we do things.  Then this comes out from an independent source showing what we're saying is true.  If you want to help these men and women to leave the sex industry entirely - then it requires a "process".  One that we need to be involved with from the start in order to build up a relationship with the person who is trying to leave.  We don't call them "victim" because they may not be at that time we meet them.  We speak about them only as "someone who wants to leave sex work" because that's what THEY identify themselves as.

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