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Monday, February 15, 2016


The lines of distinction are being drawn here.  Sex Workers Anonymous had created the first program for adults wanting to leave working in the sex industry for ANY reason - whether trafficked or not.  We have been pushed out of the system, so that one for juveniles could be inserted.  One being created by this group in the STAR court lead by Commissioner Catherine Pratt who doesn't return our emails, calls, faxes or letters we've sent her asking to speak with her.  Looks great right?

Where is the word "he" or "transgender"?

This is a program that is Christian based.  The "camps" they are referring to here are not "Jewish friendly" meaning they do not have a kosher kitchen.  They also exclude males and lesbians.  Lesbians are being ejected from residential programs because they "don't have separate bathrooms and sleeping facilities".

And what about those who were not "trafficked"?  Yes there is the language that wants you to say that all children under the age of 18 years old are "victims" but what about those who were working in the sex industry WITHOUT being trafficked?

What about them?  What about those who are NOT being trafficked, but instead forced into prostitution because of poverty?

This case was the child's mother - not a pimp.

So I say "does it matter?"  These lines of distinction between who the country wants to help vs. who they want to call a criminal has to be dropped.  ALL are in need of help and respect.

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