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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Those who have read my blog before, know that I have written Kamala Harris many times over the last two years asking her, or someone from her office, to speak to me about information that I have in black and white, along with cases that have been convicted in other states already, about a trafficking ring where it's based out of Pasadena, California - only to not receive one single response back saying "I'd like to see what  you have".  This is coming from a hotline, program, and survivor who has been in this field for over 30 years and is in fact considered to be the founder of the modern sex trafficking movement within the USA itself as I was the first calling out for this to receive federal recognition back in the 1980's.  Not just to be recognized - but to have our system change to help victims.

Now I know that a tape recorded in California without two party consent is illegal to record AND publish.  I saw this with the ACORN videos against Obama, as well as other cases like Donald Sterling's, I've seen and I'm not the Attorney General.  So please tell me why this woman was waving around the tape saying "I'm going to review it" like it was even legal in the field place?  Plus it's illegal to show a fake ID in California.  Again I know this also.

Now they're found guilty - no surprise. 

So please tell me why this woman is (1) running for Congress, and (2) people are saying she should be a Supreme Court Justice?  Seems to me she either knows less about the law than I do - or she's taking money from someone to say things she knows are not the law.  Either way - not someone I'd support.  Unless you want someone either ignorant, press seeking, or easily bought that is who doesn't care about about sex trafficking to pick up a phone.  Your pick.

Am I wrong?  MAY launch an investigation?  Come on - the minute I heard this whole thing I knew it WAS ILLEGAL.  Yet she didn't launch the investigation IMMEDIATELY?

If I handed her a tape of a murder would she really say I "might launch an investigation?"  This woman is not a strong leader, nor does she have respect for the law.    I'm sorry - there's the proof.

BTW Kamala - I STILL haven't seen you launch an investigation into the OC DA's office.    Professor Erwin Chermerinsky also says you have not asked him to review the sitution either despite your quote in an email response to me when I asked what sources he was going to use to look into this.

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