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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Ever since the news hit that Samoly Mam had lied about being a survivor of sex trafficking, and had amassed a fortune in donations, awards, etc., before being exposed - this is when I first started getting the fake "Nigerian" calls for help.  Instead of being asked to help someone smuggle "millions out of their country" and then asking for my bank account number - this person was claiming to be "rescuing sex trafficking victims".   

When the film "Taken" was made based on one man's story - more people started seeing the financial potential in these stories.  Yes later he was exposed as a fraud and arrested - but a lot of people still aren't aware his story was not true either.  No you can't run around other countries shooting up traffickers and then come back to the states and be called a "hero".  

Then came "8 Minutes".  Kevin Brown and Greg Reese were going all over California holding fund raisers for their so called "rescue" they were pretending was real operating here in California.  I know because one of his assistants called me asking if I would "send a prostitute to their hotel room so they could stage an intervention".  I said "you want me to send you over a traumatized just rescued woman who just left being kept captive by a pimp to a hotel room where this ex-cop can then offer to take her off to some ranch in NM and she can stay there for a year to get treatment?"  I'm thinking to myself "what kind of con is this guy running?" and "why on earth would I do that to a woman in that type of condition?" as well as WHO would ASK such a thing?  So I said "I would like to see this ranch you're claiming you're "rehabilitating women at".  Of course I never heard from him again until I saw the show on TV.  

Relativity Media by the way is being sued by investors who invested in the series based on the news clips and thinking it was real just as investors invested in the idea of Heidi Fleiss opening a "male to female" brothel in Nevada while they were airing "Gigolo's" which was also exposed as being "actors" and not a "reality" show.  So actually "8 Minutes" was the third time I'd seen Relativity Media conning investors not only with the idea of a "reality show" which was actually staged, but also in connection with investing on the outside of the show as well.

Another fund raiser came with "Kamylla" claiming she had been "promised help" on one hand while admitting the show was staged.  Well which is it?  If the show was "for real" then she would have been given help as they claimed to be doing.  If it was staged, then why would she then think they could help her in reality?  But the news spread that Kamylla had been handed $10,000.

The cherry on the sundae came when Heather, the woman who shot Neal Falls, was handed $17,000.  Only to then disappear pretty much. 

Now the feeding frenzy is on.  Latesha Clay, a 15 year old with two small children, was tried as an adult without one word from this media, or online campaigns, to help her.  Amber Batts was left to lose her marriage, home, and children, for trying to screen clients and keep sex workers safe in Alaska.  No fund raisers for her.   But the Cupcake Girls and the three madams are busy busy busy raising money money money now - and everyone wants in.  

That's why "Sally" contacted after supposedly the Cupcake Girls turned her down for a fund raiser.  She then tried to talk me into hosting her a fund raiser.  I said "for what?"  She said "to get me out of sex work".  I replied I didn't need a fund raiser to get her out of sex work as we do it all the time, and do it without holding fund raisers.  Why?  Because the whole point is to teach them how to take care of themselves.  Me handing them money, a "john" handing them money, donors handing them money - are not teaching them to be financially self-reliant.  Nor is there any difference between marketing someone as a pimp vs. marketing them for a fund raiser - marketing is marketing.  What we do is show people how to become financially independent no matter their situation or limitations if that's what they want.  

So I offered to do this for her - connect her to our local Vegas members and show her how to get out of sex work.  Turns out that isn't what she wanted.  So she bashed us, and kept going until she found Stepping Stones.  BTW - Stepping Stones takes prostitutes off the streets and has them make handmade journals that they sell online.  How does this teach them how to make a decent living for themselves?  Not a clue.  But then again many of our members are business owners, artists, writers, doctors, lawyers, managers, brokers, realtors, politicians, reporters, and well financially independent. 

I wrote to Leroy when I saw the fund raiser letting him know of my experience with Sally.  He did not ask for the proof and has continued on for weeks asking donors for money.  I'm sorry - but if I was going to ask anyone for money for an attorney, or to help her out - it would be Latesha Clay who was tried as an adult in Michigan and clearly needs a better attorney.  Which by the way we were told yesterday we did secure.  I thought you might like to see the email I just sent Leroy about Sally.  While we will defend sex workers and trafficking victims confidentiality aggressively, and have, I report Nigerian con artists, and attack anyone who is harming supporters of those who truly do want to help real sex workers and real victims to find a new life.  They deserve honesty and protection also.  

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 3:20 PM
Subject: SALLY
To: Leroy Lamar <>

Dear Mr. Lamar:

I've received a telephone call from you so I'm sure you received my email about Sally Anne informing you of my experiences with her, and the fact I have the calls and texts recorded to back up my statements about her being a complete fraud with respect to the basis of this fund raiser.  It was my refusal to help her after I realized what she was as to why she then approached your group.  

First, she claims to "not be able to get an ID card".  We come across this problem FREQUENTLY.  Especially with our members who were sold as children so many of them don't even know their legal name sometimes.  I know for a fact Sally is residing in Las Vegas because she called me pressuring me for a physical meeting on the first phone call which real survivors by the way NEVER do.  

In Nevada especially we get a lot of survivors who for one reason or another can't get access to a birth certificate.  To obtain an ID card - the DMV there will take things like school records, shot records which are maintained at the Health Dept., and therefore can't be "lost" by the person in question, health insurance papers, utility bills, jail slips one gets when released, bailbond receipts, etc.  Also, she claims to have come to this country from India - meaning there's a record of her entering the country kept in NY's Immigration where she says this was her port of entry.   

When she started in with her ID issue - I told her I would personally pick her up, get her paperwork, and then take her to DMV and walk her through the process with a supervisor I've done this with many times, even offering to pay for the ID itself for her.   Not only did she block me at every turn from getting any of these alternative sources of paperwork when asked, but she kept INSISTING that I make her up a phony ID card illegally to create her a fake ID which of course I refused to do.

I've been placing men and women in jobs in Nevada since 1996 when I relocated there.  We have many members who are working at jobs in that town, that are supervisors, that work in human resources, and some who even own their own companies.   I know of jobs that pay cash daily for example where the supervisor literally lived about three buildings down from where she claimed to live.  This supervisor picks up our SWA members for work each day, and then drives them back home.  He's even helped pay for tuition for some of the employees who do well at the job - and done this without any form of sexual harassment.   Not one of our SWA members he's hired for this job has he asked for one look at their ID cards if they didn't want to show it, nor has he asked for their record information.  At the end of the day, he pays them in cash in full and they're working jobs paying enough to pay for their apartments, car lease, etc.  I've even gone down sometimes to this job when I've needed to pick up some quick cash.  

One of the jobs I talked to her about STARTED at $25 an hour doing time share presentations.  Now if she can work the streets supposedly as a prostitute - she can learn a sales pitch.  I say that because we've got about 10 SWA members working there now.  One woman has already paid off her condo mortgage at this job.    The company has a shuttle that picks up steps from where she says she lives and drops off right by them as they're right behind the MGM casino.  

"Sally" refused to even DISCUSS these jobs with me let alone consider them.

As for attorney's, we have three attorney's who have been donating their time which we use even if they weren't donating because they're the only attorney's who (1) aren't afraid to stand up to the prosecutor, (2) don't insist on sexual favors out of prostitutes.  

Having worked with the legal system and the local attorney's in Nevada also since the 1990's - I can assure you most attorney's are working for the state - not the prostitute.  Many won't even defend a prostitute, and others won't file charges when appropriate against corrupt judges.  If you think Nevada, with all the strip clubs and legal brothels, doesn't have attorney's and judges that swing things their way routinely - think again.  Most attorney's won't go up against a bad judge either -  they'll just let the judge violate their own rules.   In Vegas especially, it's the "wild wild west".  I've seen women locked up when they have not committed a crime, and they're not even charge.  Clark County Detention does not bat an eye about holding prostitutes up to 72 hours without charges in fact - not even listing them on the inmate registry. 

All but three attorney's I'm aware of in Vegas that will work with prostitutes at all are on drugs and insist upon sexual favors with them.  I've even had criminal lawyers I've been talking to on behalf of these women start hitting on me for sexual favors and I'm 54, fat, and walk with a cane since my stroke!   I can also show you at least three judges I've had to file complaints against in Nevada for their abuse of the prostitutes in their court, about five attorney's, and six police officers.  

Which is one of the reasons why we stick with these three attorney's to assist our members even if we did pay them cash.  Which we don't pay them because if an attorney receives so much as $1.00 from someone who is receiving that money from illegal sex work - he could wind up charged with "pimping" and disbarred.  THAT'S why our attorney's work on a donation basis with sex workers - to avoid the auditing that the system throws at them otherwise to try and get them disbarred.

I bring this up because supposedly your fund raiser is about "raising money for attorney's fees".  Okay you raise the money.  What do you know about the attorney she's going to use?  Do you know how he treats other prostitutes?  Do you know what his record is in court?  Has he taken bribes to throw cases, or refused to properly defend a prostitute because he wanted to cover his own ass?   Fund raiser or not - if an active prostitute has donated to your fund raiser and then you give him that money - that still makes him legally a "pimp" and your group then an "accessory".  

Now, I know Sally is a liar so I'm sure she's made up some wonderful stories.  As to another woman I know you're working with who is also telling you stories about us as well.  Because another woman in Atlanta came to us with the same song and dance also about "needing money because she couldn't find a job because of her record".   Only the minute we started telling her about jobs she could work at there in Atlanta with a record - was the minute she stormed off and then to cover her tracks started telling the stories about us we've heard repeated in connection with her latching onto your program for help.  

That's why I offered to pay you the tapes so you could verify for yourself everything I'm telling you about Sally getting you to engage in a fraudulent fund raiser on her behalf as you've started.   You know Leroy, if a group that's been working with victims in Vegas since 1996 rejects helping someone with a fund raiser as she's asking for - it might be for good reason which is why reputable agencies often protect each other by sharing information.

Not on survivors, but on con artists.  Sally is not a trafficking victim for one thing.  But I also don't believe she's a sex worker either.  I checked that out "on the streets" including her story about being "almost arrested at the Cosmopolitan" and it's completely bogus.   I spoke to security there I have a relationship with and her incident never happened for one.  For another, other working girls out there where she claims to work don't know her either.  

She's a con artist period.  Now I have not had you ask to see any of this but I see the fund raiser is still active.  Therefore, I've printed out her social media, your sites, and I'm turning them over to the authorities for further investigation.  

Jody Williams
(702) 468-4529 Cell Phone

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