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Thursday, February 18, 2016


I'm writing about the above article.  It sounds like a "prostitution" arrest NOT a "human trafficking" arrest.  There is a difference.  Was this the reporter not knowing the difference, or was the person charged this way?  

I can't find an email for the author Debbie directly, so could you please forward this to her?  I'm curious why the three females was taken to the Salvation Army shelter which is not specifically set up for victims who have been prostituted, instead of Children of the Night, who is.  Children of the Night is specifically set up with specially trained therapists, other survivors they can talk to, and also security in case this pimp/trafficker decides to intimidate the women because they are a witness.  

Which is very common.  The reason why I'm asking if this was a "pimping" case vs. "human trafficking" is this.  If this was some street pimp they have in custody - great.  Problem solved.  

However, if this was a "human trafficking" case, that means that there are other people probably still at large.  Other people on the outside who might be coming after these three victims to try and threaten and intimidate them, or worse, so they don't testify against anyone else in the operation.  

Since I do not know of any Salvation Army that has security in place for this kind of thing - again why I'm wondering why these victims was taken to a Salvation Army instead of a program like Children of the Night.  It's not like they wouldn't come out and get these women.    

I don't have an email for who made such a decision as to take these women to a Salvation Army instead of a program that is specifically designed for this type of victim whereas the Salvation Army is generally designed for homeless people, drug addicts and sexual predators.  

I mean you are aware the Salvation Army is the only program I'm aware of that is licensed to house sexual offenders after they get released from jail right?  So I'm reading that these young victims were taken to a program that probably has no security, no specially trained therapists, no other survivors for them to speak to, and possibly could have sexual offenders on the premises and no one sees anything wrong with this or at least is asking any questions about it?

Can you help me track down the email address for the person who made this decision please to send these victims there instead of a program like Children of the Night?  I'm not like their advocate or anything, and I don't work for them, I'm just pointing out that there is a program specifically set up for this type of victim they weren't sent to instead of being sent to a Salvation Army.  So I am curious if anyone double checked to see if this was one where the sexual offenders are housed in the area.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter because I would like to know if these women were put into a specialized program, and also if there are sexual predators in this facility, and why things were done this way.   I say that because I've been in field now since the 1980's.  For the last 30 years when I've heard of victims under the age of 19 who have been rescued from this type of situation - they've been sent to Children of the Night NOT a Salvation Army.  So yes I'm curious as to why this was done, and if anyone double-checked to see if there are sexual offenders also housed in this facility.   

Thank you.  
Jody Williams
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