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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Letter to Editor:

I'm not going to be recommending to our members this "Black Dot" campaign.  I find it an illustration of the fact we now have people running these campaigns who have no idea what they're doing because they have not "been there".  Alcoholics Anonymous works because they've "been there".  Our program works because we've "been there".

If you read between the lines here, you see this is based upon one case where a woman wrote "help me" on her hand.  That was a specific one case situation that's now been adapted to this campaign designed to do what?  Raise attention and donations for the group starting the campaign to make it appear they're "doing something".

I assure you had this same woman put a "black dot" on her hand - the nurse would have probably said , in front of the abuser, "what's that for?"  I've been there and THAT'S what's going to happen with this campaign.  I've been a victim of abuse more than once as a sex trafficking survivor, and having been in an abusive relationship. I've worked for 30 years with these victims and I can assure you that if she knows about this "dot" then HE will know about this "dot".

Then when he finds out she's signaled for help in this manner - she's going to be harmed, or even lose what little liberty she has Also, "help me" is different than a "black dot".  Most will either think it's dirt, or not have a clue what it is.  I doubt everyone in the world knows what this dot means to respond.   If she pulls a stunt like this when out in public, he will take and lock her up in the house in response.

Whoever came up with this idea has NO IDEA what danger they're placing this victim in. This campaign does NOT have the safety of the victim in mind.   For women like this, we have a specialized hotline where we can help them execute a campaign for their specific situation.  For example, what if there's kids at home?  You alert the authorities and then he goes home to the kids and then what?  What if he has custody of the kids and then blocks her from visitation after this stunt?

This is not thought out as a campaign that will work for all victims.  Trust me - if it was that easy as putting a dot on your hand - we would have solved this ages ago.

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