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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Yacshicka Watts - Story of a Murdered Sex Trafficking Victim

I received a call today from the foster-mother of Yacshicka Watts.  As she told me the story of her daughter's death, I could not help but feel not only moved, but to agree with her that there are many other laws that need to be changed so that victims receive justice even after death.   I've seen first-hand spirits of those who are not at rest, and my own grandmother was murdered by my step-grandfather so I know also how death can impact a family for generations after they're gone.  Here's a link to the story -

Here is the mother's story in her words (please have kleenex handy) -

I agree that the law needs to be changed for her daughter to have proper justice.  Since I have experience with getting laws passed, I told her I would help.  It doesn't take money to help - only love.  I have no money so all of this will be done through free social media to bring you the story.  We have registered a domain at (it was $0.99) and I'll be building her a website over the next few days.  We're going to make up honeybee buttons to show support for the rights of deceased victims, and their families.  

We also discussed our mutual concern that this murdered might turn "informant" like Peter Todd (  Too often, these murdering pimps turn informant and then don't face charges.   We don't believe there is ANY case that could mean more than the death of an innocent man, woman or child by a pimp.  So we're also going to be using this story as the face of our campaign "She's Important Enough" to also call for this practice to stop also.  More reason why we're using the honeybee logo.  They seem unimportant - but without them our food supply dries up and we die.  So too are these victims.  

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