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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Since the TVRA of 2003 - there was a push that anyone who received federal money to work with trafficking victims could not do so without signing an agreement opposing prostitution.  For some reason, people who can't be very intelligent have confused that to mean to also oppose Sex Workers Anonymous.  Why?  I have no clue . I have no idea how we're "supporting prostitution".  We're no more supporting prostitution than Alcoholics Anonymous supports the alcohol industry or Narcotics Anonymous supports medical marijuana.  Don't get it.

But the Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional to block anyone receiving federal money from working with another agency that hadn't also signed this agreement.  We can't sign any such agreement as we "have no opinion on outside issues" being a 12 step group.  Again, NA does not step up to try and block medical marijuana legislation.

Their focus, and ours, is only and solely on helping people to leave the industry, stop the behavior, and recover.  That's it.  Therefore, anyone blocking a prostitute from finding help in our organization is violating that person's constitutional rights according to the Supreme Court.

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