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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)
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January 5, 2015

RE: Notice of Intent to Sue for Defamation and “Tortious Economic Interference”

Meg Munoz
Abeni Via Email

Ms. Munoz:

Maybe you clearly don't know who I am, but I was here first. I was in BOTH fields you're trying to straddle first as a matter of fact. I was a member of COYOTE, which was the mother of SWOP, a group that advanced the rights of women who chose to do with their bodies whatever they wanted to do with them, including sell it if they wanted to from 1976 until the day Margo walked away.

When SWOP came into being – I was organizing outreach projects with SWOP chapters in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Phoenix, etc. As a matter of fact, I had a very good working relationship with SWOP until Robin's death and you came onto the scene. While Norma Jean and I have had a tense relationship – we worked together at exposing Stella Marr for the fraud she was in 2007 – so again I had a working relationship with SWOP members up until a few years ago. Since this whole thing started between us – I've received calls of support from other SWOP members, and chapter leaders who have told me to tell you to “F**ck off” because of the help I've given them over the years. Help which by the way I have no idea what it is exactly you're doing to help anyone in the sex industry.

You certainly weren't around when I created the first safe house for adult prostitutes needing to escape pimps and traffickers in 1984 that got me arrested and dubbed “The High Tech Madam”. Nor were you around when I launched the first hotline for any sex worker to call who needed help to either leave the sex industry OR to get help to escape a pimp or trafficker even if that person/ring might be a cop, or retired cop, such as in the Chris Butler and Kemp Shiffer case I spent years helping women escape from out of California and Nevada. Nor were you around when I created the first alternative sentencing program for prostitutes that got them out of going to jail, or the first HIV/AIDS outreach projects where we'd get HIV positive prostitutes jobs, housing, free medical care, food, etc.

Now I don't know where you came from but I know that since you have come on the scene you've been throwing around words like “5150”, “stalking” and “harassment”. I have news for you Meg – speaking to someone who has introduced themselves into the field that you created isn't “harassment” nor “stalking”. I've told you that I would file for “defamation” and now you're getting to the point where your action have crossed the line into “tortuous economic interference”. When I'm posting simple announcements, news, etc., to the same field in the same area we do business in – well Meg you're just going to have to learn to be a professional or get yourself a lawyer. As a matter of fact, I think you better consult one because if you throw these words at me again like “harassment” when I'm simply trying to do the work I've been doing for 30 years – then you're going to need one to defend yourself.


Jody Williams

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