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Thursday, January 7, 2016


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Are you so high you can't understand English or is this a deliberate attempt to defame us?  We're "out for the money"?  WHAT MONEY?

First of all, I've spent over $500,000 of my own money that I've worked two jobs to fund the founding of the modern day sex trafficking movement itself of which I am the founder by the way.  I have turned down over $1,000,000 in book and movie offers in the 80's and 90's because they wouldn't tell the truth about sex trafficking.  Tearing up those contracts on Joan Rivers and saying "it's more important the truth be heard" in 1999 is one of the reasons why the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed here in the states.  Without which happening there wouldn't be a movement in Canada now. 

Do you know how I know that?  Because it was US who opened up the first drop-in crisis center in Vancouver in 1992 that's why.  When we got taken over by PACE we then branched off to form PEERS to keep going the ONLY  recovery house in Canada - all of which I haven't taken, or asked for, a dime.

I haven't applied for one grant, nor held one fund raiser.  We don't pass baskets at our meetings and I GIVE AWAY our Recovery Guide that I paid out of pocket to get our copyrights, ISBN numbers, and for publishing.  Of which whenever there's a study done in why our program is so successful at helping men and women recover from the industry they all attribute a portion of what helped them to that Recovery Guide.  That I wrote by the way after interviewing 4,000 ex-sex workers and victims, traveling the United States to get those interviews on my own dime.

I have NEVER ASKED YOU FOR A DIME.  I have however seen that you've accepted money WHILE PARADING AROUND MY NAME.  A name that I've asked you nicely for THREE YEARS NOW to take down off your site.  You LIE to me and say "oh we aren't running those meetings anymore" which if were the case then (1) you'd take the name off your site, and (2) I wouldn't be getting complaints from women saying they're being verbally abused at these meetings because they think it's OUR meeting.  I have to sit there and explain to those women that you're a FRAUD and that's NOT one of our meetings.  We don't TELL our members how to feel, what to think, or what to call themselves at our meetings.  

I've screenshot your lies and now I'm suing for defamation if an apology is not printed IMMEDIATELY about what you said.  My defense is the TRUTH and I have never asked you for a dime.  I have said that you've passed the basket at that meeting and I haven't seen a dime which makes you guilty of FRAUD my dear.

Now you have until Monday or I'm contacting your server for your website and notifying them that you're in violation of my trademarks and that you're running a fake meeting and I'll have your site taken down since you can't give me the respect of taking it off your site simply because I asked and it's MINE.  I came up with the idea of a 12 step group - NOT YOU.

If you want to run a 12 step group then you go start your own and leave your hands off mine.  I'm tired of taking complaints from these meetings and having to explain to people that's not how we treat our members nor is it what we believe.  There are male victims as well as female victims and there are female predators just as there are males and we don't run around bashing men as the root of our problems in SWA - but PREDATORS without gender.  We also don't block men, transgenders and the LGBT community either which is why the Hunt Foundation has their fingerprints all over this.

Which I will name as a co-defendant if I'm forced to sue.  Now I said I haven't asked you for any money up to now - I've only asked for the name to be taken off your site.  But if I'm forced to sue I will ask for damages because you are clearly profiting off this or you wouldn't be acting this way.  

TAKE IT DOWN including the lies or get me the name of your attorney and your website with our name on it is going down offline.   You don't want to hear from me?  THEN TAKE IT DOWN.  It's not YOURS.  Who gave you the right to act like we endorse your crazy ass?  

Now I've already started informing Canada we are not associated with you.  If forced to sue and take your site down, I will issue a press release about it and make sure all of Canada is aware of how you've been acting.  You have NOT "just been running 12 step groups" by dear when you have our name PLASTERED ON YOUR WEBSITE.  

I've got REAL groups in Canada suffering because people think they're somehow associated with your crazy asses.  What REAL survivor says that "only pimps want decriminalization"?  Are you out of your mind?  Clearly you have never tried to prosecute a real trafficker in your life or you'd know it's impossible while it's illegal and that anyone who wants to see REAL traffickers put behind bars doesn't want victims locked up where they can't testify!

What on earth do you think happened to me?  I couldn't testify against my own traffickers because I had cops threatening me and I had to save my own ass.  So they all got away you stupid twit because prostitution is illegal.  REAL survivors don't talk the way you talk and I want our name off your crazy site!

Jody Williams

On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 8:39 PM, LEAVING THE LIFE <> wrote:

Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous)

January 5, 2015

Via Email

Re: Cease & Desist

Clearly you are running meetings of Prostitutes Anonymous without our consent or you would have removed the listing a long time ago as we asked. Therefore, please be advised you have 10 days to shut down this meeting, and take down the listing off your website, or you will be having to give us the name of your attorney so we can process service of a complaint.

I've already started notifying the press we have nothing to do with this rogue meeting. Your disrespect of us as other survivors, and as someone who helped to found the first drop in crisis center in Canada, is completely incalled for.


Jody Williams
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