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Sunday, January 24, 2016


After reading that Erwin was asked by the California Attorney General Kamala Harris to "do a report on the corruption going on in Orange County", I contacted him.  He told me "I haven't been asked to do any report" and sounded confused.

I sent him this article - and told him that "this is the report they said you were asked to do a report on".

Well it seems he's now written to Loretta Lynch about the situation - who I wrote to also about what's going on in Orange County.

So our blog is getting action taken!

Below is the letter I just wrote Erwin:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 3:56 PM
Subject: corruption in Orange County
To: Erwin Chemerinsky <>

Dear Mr. Chemerinsky:

I'm not sure if you remember me, but I contacted you after reading an article that you were asked by Kamala Harris to do a "report on the corruption in Orange County".  You told me you had not been asked to do such a report.  That corresponded with my experience with Kamala Harris in her refusal to even speak to me about a sex trafficking operation I've been dealing with since March of 2013 that's operating within the USA, whose heads of said operation are based in Pasadena, California.  

This case ties to people living in Pasadena, the Pasadena police, and a Chief of Pasadena Police who resides in Orange county.  Things became even more compounded when a show aired on A&E in May of 2015 called "8 Minutes".  This show was supposedly a sex trafficking outreach headed by a retired cop named Kevin Brown based out of Orange County, California.  While there were many articles in the news making it appear that Kevin was doing sex trafficking outreach - that was not the reports we were hearing back from our members.

However, we had no proof the whole thing was phony until one of the women filmed on the show came to us with proof it was being staged and faked.  The show on A&E was being billed as a "reality" show, and was used to support grant applications for federal funding for not just sex trafficking programs such as the OC Sex Trafficking Task Force, but even for things like a $400,00 grant for housing for these victims.  

One teeny tiny little problem is that Erwin, we started the sex trafficking movement 30 years ago.  Our hotline has taken over 500,000 calls to date vs. Polaris who has taken about 100,000 calls.  We founded our program, and this modern day sex trafficking movement, out of Los Angeles.  So we've been an established group that's been here the whole time and everything we were seeing and hearing was going on out there in Orange County, or coming at us from Orange County, was something that obviously would affect us.  So it's been kind of hard for them to run a fake trafficking program for example while we're running around countering what they're saying with the truth.  

At one point in time, our program had the mayor, Board of Supervisors, city council, the probation department, UCLA, the jail, the court, the Chief of Police, etc. on speed dial.  That was when we were building towards achieving federal recognition for sex trafficking being real.  However, it was like once we had the Trafficking Act of 2000 was passed - it got hijacked out from under us.  A sentiment echoed by the writer of the Trafficking Act, Michael Horowitz, in an article in the Review Journal.  

Today we not only are not receiving any help or support from people within the system tody, such as Kamala Harris to name only one, but we are under active, aggressive attack to try and shut down our program.  Again, the reason being that we're interfering with not only the traffickers now but also those wanting to sit back and collect some serious grant money without any interference by us to actually do anything with this money.  

I'm therefore asking if we might open up a dialogue about this while you are getting Loretta Lynch involved hopefully in some kind of investigation into this matter.  To give you an idea what I'm dealing with here - in March of 2013 I was approached by a woman residing in Pasadena who reported to me her mother, brother, and sister were essentially the heads of this sex trafficking ring who had been forcing her to work with them since she was 8 years old.  She's in her early 50's now and wanted to retire.  

When she told them she wanted to quit - she said two Pasadena officers drug him out of her home, and then slapped her with two fake prostitution cases.  They further told her if she didn't "get back to work" that they would slap her with a third charge which would then get her deported back to China where a man there would see to it she got the death penalty.  This was two years before Liang Yaohui was arrested who ran over 1000 escort services, 3000 massage parlors, and was also a member of the People's Congress in China.  Meaning the threat was very real.  

Further, these people were pushing to have her son attend school at USC where he was used to recruit other young people.  Young people and professors who we saw later were involved in an espionage and corporate spying operation that would have resulted in billions of dollars lost to the American economy.  Evidently, when the women get too old to prostitute in China, they're brought over here to work in the massage parlors.  They're told if they "cooperate" their children will come to the USA to get a college education. Only when they're brought over here - it's to also involve them in sex trafficking, espionage, and other crimes.  

I have documentation and evidence about all of this operation and how it works as well as how it all originates out of Pasadena.  There have been convictions in Wichita, Kansas now, with other arrests in Seattle of pimps in this ring.  When this woman came to me for help she was threatened.  I found an attorney who said he would be willing to help her get these fake records cleared.  He then went to order the booking tape from the police who then responded by threatening him.  When that wasn't strong enough - another attorney called to threat him.  He withdrew from the case and advised me to also.  I continued to help this woman but then they told her they had expunged her records when they had not.  When I went to show her that her criminal record ws still there - a Pasadena officer called to threaten me to "back off".   I have a tape of that call.

When I went to the Chief about this call to me - I was ignored.  I went to people over him to have someone speak to me about this officer threatening me and about her and they pushed on him to speak to me.  The minute this happened - I had a woman in Orange County connected with their trafficking task force suddenly start these crazy accusations I was stalking her, threatening her, and I was a "5150".  It was made clear to me the minute I set foot in the Pasadena station - I'd be carted off for observation and/or arrested for supposedly stalking this woman I hadn't even spoken to.  

When that failed to deter me - the smear campaigns started online.  These people then set up the site at which accomplishes a couple of things.  It scares off people from calling our group for help for one thing.  It also tries to gather dirt on us.  On top of that, it's a "mirror" site meaning anyone thinking of contacting us will also go there.  They then get a "mirror" of our traffic by having this site up online.  The woman who set it up is living under a fake name, and traveling under the fake name meaning she's either in witness protection or a snitch.  

I have other people who have told me they've also tried to report sex trafficking to the authorities - only to find themselves being threatened and stalked in the same manner I was being.  They gave me documentation of this.  Imagine you go to report sex trafficking and the next thing you know is you're being charged with stalking, or even a 5150 campaign or a gag order.  

Our chapters who are working with real victims - are finding themselves threatened.  We're now being bombarded with people trying to get into our meetings to get at our members by pretending to be other victims in need of help.  I've had to set up all kinds of new security to keep these people out of our rooms and away from our members.  They've even told me to my face they're going to keep up with the stalking, threats and attacks until they get us to shut down our hotline.

Right now, I don't have one single person in authority who will even speak to us about these victims nor look at their evidence against their traffickers.  I've written to Kamala Harris, Jim McDonnell, the Board of Supervisors, the City Council, mayor, prosecutor's office, John Kerry, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, in other words everyone I can think of and no one will even answer me.  Of course the minute after I reach out to them, one of these private investigators or "influencers" as they're called contact them to tell them I"m "crazy" and if they "value their reputation and business future they'll not even speak to me".  

We are at a point right now where Columbia was in the 1990's where a person who wanted to testify against the Cartel would find if they tried to reach out to the authorities to make a report - their phone records were sent to the Cartel and the person was murdered or threatened almost immediately into silence.  Only this is what's happening right now here in the USA with respect to sex trafficking.  The traffickers have become the fox who has taken over the chicken coop.

Two senators were called in to rescue some kids who were put into a trafficking "safe house" where they were then being trafficked by the people running these programs.  They called for an  "independent audit".  That's not going to solve the problem.  

I am the person who stood up on that first talk show stage in 1987 saying that this country needed to recognize that not only was sex trafficking real, that it was here in the states, but that our country needed to create a system that could address this issue.  It's now been throwing money into the system I said didn't work - and it's made things just worse.  

To show you what I'm contending with  - I read that CASTLA was starting up a sign outreach campaign in June of last year.  I reached out to them to find out it was great press, but nothing was happening in reality.  When I told them I wanted to start doing the outreach ourselves, I asked what type of housing or services they could offer.  They then said they had a "year long waiting list" and didn't want any new calls.  I then offered to go show them how we find housing for the victims who call us for help immediately and offered to come down there and bang out that waiting list so everyone on it had housing immediately. 

They refused.  They said they "wanted it long so they could get more grant money" referring to a fund raising they were holding at $50,000 a plate.   I then told them I was going forward with the outreach, and we had no problem finding the housing these women needed on the spot essentially.  They told me that they've been telling the local police, social workers, etc., they have a year long waiting list and need more money and I'm essentially going to make them look bad by going out there and bringing forward some victims and getting them housing if needed.  That's when our outreach workers started being threatened and I also found that I can't get a return call from anyone in authority.  

Now how am I supposed to go out there and do outreach for victims when I can't get even a cop on the phone if needed to help them, and I'm having our outreach workers threatened with being carted off on stalking or 5150 charges?  I"m sure you've seen the faked Planned Parenthood video - well these people have been trying to get me to go to coffee to put me in some kind of crazy position and also trying to infiltrate our program to get at our members.    

We're at a total impasse here and I'd like to show all of it to Loretta once you have confirmed she's investigating all of this what's been going on.  These people have been following all our activity online, listening to our phone calls, hacking into our emails, and trying everything in their power to get us tripped up, set up, and shut down they can.  

The end result is we're not able to get anyone to look at the evidence we have against the heads of these trafficking operations.  I've been in touch with people at the FBI, Homeland Security, ICE, etc., and they're reporting the same thing is happening to them.  For example, I have police officers in Vegas telling me if they try and help a victim - they're seeing the officers doing this run right off the force, fired, set-up, etc.  

For example I took a file two inches thick on one operation to Chief Gillispie in Nevada.  I had names, addresses, outlines of how it was all set out, even maps of where the network as, and how they operated, when their drops were made, etc., and within 24 hours after I handed him this file - everything was cleaned out down to the walls washed with bleach to get rid of evidence.  Okay he's now stepped down because of corruption charges - but so what?  I still don't have a system where I can call and get help in Nevada for a victim.  

So if you get her attention on this issue - please consider allowing me to get some of this information on my end to her for review and consideration because again we're at an impasse now I have never been at in the 30 years I've been doing this work before.  I also have other officers and agents reporting the same who I'd like to direct her to.  

I appreciate any help you can give us in this area.  Thank you.  

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