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Friday, January 1, 2016


Can't hook anymore?  Get yourself a gimmick.  

Let's convince people bars of soap with the National Trafficking Hotline number on it saves trafficking victims.   Only guess what?  If someone can pick up a phone and call for help THEY AREN'T BEING FORCED THEN ARE THEY?  If they're in a hotel room and they can call for help it does mean they're not being supervised, and they can move freely.  Where I come from a trafficking victim can't call for help. That's the definition.  I ought to know because I FOUNDED THE MOVEMENT.  A movement founded because our victims couldn't call for help and get any.   Is there anyone walking around saying they got saved from a trafficking ring by calling the number off a bar of soap?  It sure is making money for Theresa Flores though.  A woman who says she willingly left her house to meet with a pimp and run off to prostitute.  I'm sorry but in "the game" where I come from I know a hustle when I see one.  There's 911 and there's yellow pages.  But if Theresa can get people to buy her soap and think it "saves lives" - let's give her the "gimmick award" for a new hustle.

We got "Hookers for Jesus" who goes out and takes the hookers out of the pimps house where the johns are paying their bills for them to put them in her house where she's getting old men to pay their bills at her house.  Got to have a gimmick.  Instead of parading women around in the brothel - she's parading them around the church stage.  Not to set them up in their OWN homes, but in HER HOUSE.  Over a million dollars was donated to Pastor Perez who then filed bankruptcy.  The judge then basically said something had to be set up or someone was going to jail so they set up the house but then they were out asking for people to donate a TV set?  Got to have a gimmick.  Want to quit prostitution and don't want to work?  Got get yourself some work out hookers, put them in your house, and then pimp them out to the church.  Either way you slice it these women still aren't working a job and in their own homes and on their own two feet.  They're still having other people take care of them and Annie still isn't working a job.  Mama's just got a new hustle.

Retire from prostitution, and open up a salon and a bakery but that's not enough is it?  No - you need to go out asking for grants and donations to go out and give cash and makeovers to active hookers and strippers.  Sure they'll take it.  Does it help them quit the biz?  No but then you got that covered - you just tell the press you're "loving them unconditionally".  Where I come from if you love an addict unconditionally and give them cash they'll go out and use on that money and die.  Now if these women are giving their money to their pimp - wouldn't that money then go right to their pimp?  Isn't "loving them right where they are" mean letting them stay right with their pimp?   I look at the money people can make in the bakery biz on shows like "Cake Boss" and with hair salons with what the guy who made "Wen" hair products is doing and is Joy Hoover out making six figures a year doing hair or baking cupcakes?  No - she's hanging around strip clubs getting tips without taking her clothes off. What a hustle!  Too bad she's taking money out of the pocket of the women who are shaking their ass for their tips.  But Joy's got a hustle - show up with "cupcakes" talking about Jesus!

Shelley Lubben's got her "Pink Cross" t-shirts - aren't they cute?  She treats porn stars like the ASPCA treats abused animals - she parades around porn stars who had had a bad streak and tells the donors her "trafficking porn" stories of how they've been "beaten, raped, abused, overdosed, trafficked" and please help us go give them a pink cross t-shirt, or better yet make a video of dead porn stars while asking for money.  I've never seen so many images of beaten up, used up, fucked up porn stars with Shelley having her hand out in my life = I swear she's created a new form of porn.  That's her "gimmick".

I could go on but what's the common denominator here?  Pimps make money exploiting these men and women.  I'm sorry but to me what I'm seeing here is just a costume change.  We all know that one can be in the sex industry without having intercourse.  This is just the new hybrid evolvement of a new form of exploitation because it's not rescue, it's not recovery, and it sure isn't a "program.

I want to point you to professor Sharon Oselin's 10 year study on three programs that work with prostitutes "Leaving Prostitution". One of the programs she studied over 10 years was ours.  The other two folded before the end of the study. That says a lot right there.   We have a solid program and I'm not running around applying for grants, holding fund raisers, or trying to sell you a bar of soap and convince you it saves trafficking victims.  Got to tell you - it's a great hustle though!

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