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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Where there's smoke there's fire usually right?  In cases of serial killers -  men don't wake up generally one day such.  They start out harming animals usually, then escalating to violence against women.  In almost every serial killer case, there's someone in their past claiming they were assaulted and/or raped by this person in their past.

The two men who were called the "Hillside Strangler" started out as pimps.  Us working girls who were being kidnapped, raped, tortured, and then forced to work as prostitutes so their testimony wouldn't be "credible" before they eventually escaped knew that our calls to the police about these men were being completely ignored.  I myself drove a woman who had been stabbed 51 times by them to the task force with information on their names, addresses, name of the shop, etc. a year before they finally did catch these guys only to also be thrown out of their offices and ignored.

When I got shut out of the APAC when James Deen took over as President - I'm not shocked to hear about what his treatment of other women in the industry was like.  Predators don't want their victims comparing notes, nor banding together for strength.  In every jail, or court, where officers were found to be raping and abusing women in their care - I've seen cut out of their offices before the news started leaking out about what was going on.

OR we get included so we can be distracted.  We don't "associate" or "affiliate" with other groups for good reason.   Which is why when Brenda Myers-Powell got offered a job working with the Chicago police to "help prostitutes" I was upset and told her if she took the job she had to drop her affiliation with us.  The reason is because we have to be able to see things objectively.  For example, how are we going to be critical of a police department's handling of prostitutes if we also have a job where our financial resources are dependent?

So am I surprised when I heard the news report that two Chicago police officers were arrested for trafficking a 14 year old girl?  Absolutely not.  If anything, it explains why at a police sponsored event on sex trafficking Brenda was asked to speak, but I was excluded and blocked at the last minute.  They advertised on the site I was coming to speak.  They told me i was coming to speak.  Then three days before the event, I was told that I would not be speaking.  Why?  No idea as Brenda was allowed to speak, but I wasn't.  Again Brenda whose rent is now paid by the police department so she's not going to speak out against them in any way.  However, I have no problems with filing a complaint with Internal Affairs when I have a member come to us who says they were just raped by  cop.   What they did with Brenda was they were then the ones in charge of who she worked with, who she talked to, etc., once she accepted a job working with the police at the same time she was also running a chapter of

There's always signs there's problems with respect to sex trafficking long before the sex trafficking starts in other words.  As some of you readers to this blog know, I've been having a very difficult time getting any type of cooperation, or even acknowledgment we exist, out of the Orange County police.  Considering how many prostitutes and trafficking victims are in Orange County - that's shocking to me.  Especially when their trafficking task force refuses to respond to any of our calls or emails to speak to them about victims who call our hotline for help.  I can't help many of them without partnering with someone in law enforcement.  So when someone at the task force, nor the police, refuse to even return my calls - how am I supposed to help that victim?

Pedophiles are known to group together to protect themselves.  They connect to other cops, judges, psychologists, etc., to not only prevent their victims from making reports against them, but to further get protection from a system that won't prosecute them.  Traffickers get cops, judges, prosecutors on their payroll so they won't be prosecuted when their victims escape and go to them to press charges.  I read a statement from the undercover officer who busted a few people in the "League" in Seattle that these men were so cocky and bold they would talk openly about their operation there in restaurants.  Well that's because they have law enforcement, prosecutors, attorney's, investigators, etc., in their back pocket.  So why would they be worried?

As you know, I've been trying to get someone to look at the information we have on this "League" that ties them into the convictions in Wichita, Kansas, and also how the heads of this operation reside in Pasadena, California.  By the way, if you think trafficking doesn't affect you - there's an HIV epidemic in Kansas where this ring has been operating from about 2009 until about 2013.

But everyone I speak to says "until you file a report in Pasadena there's nothing we can do".  Only the Chief of Pasadena was ignoring me until I pushed on people over his head to force him to speak to me.  Oh he spoke to me alright.  Starting pushing on me to come down into the station and speak to him in person at the very same time a 5150 campaign starts up against me, along with a phony stalking accusation, both started by a woman on the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force who also is head of Abeni, and connected to SWOP headquarters.

Meaning the minute I set foot in the station - I'm going to have Meg down there filing her phony 5150 and stalking charges against me and I can kiss my ass goodbye.  The 5150 charges are simple - I've committed no crime and there's no grounds to drag me off to jail.  So it's a great way to get me locked up somewhere without the benefit of the law on my side for who knows how long or where because it's up to the judgment of some doctor.

As I'm trying to figure out who I can speak to that will look at the information I've been provided on this ring by their victims that will actually follow up on them to do something about locking these traffickers up so the victims can be freed from their grip - I'm looking for the names of agents who are actually willing to go up against these guys.

I started reading about Claude Arnold.  Look at some of the arrests in connection with this guy - or or so it looks to me like this guy is fearless about going up against Asian traffickers, or any traffickers for that matter.

I go to try and find him to make contact.  I learn he's no longer working with Homeland Security but instead with a police auction company called  I was thinking to myself when I read that it seems like a really strange jump to have this guy who is going after the really big bad guys to go to work in sales at a police auction company?   So I look into what they're doing.  They take stuff confiscated from the bad guys and they sell it to the public to raise money for the police departments.

Then i come across this article trying to find out what happened to Sharon Mitchell since she no longer runs the AIM Clinic anymore.  They shut down 10 years ago and I can't seem to find anything on what she's doing now.

Interesting case.  Seems a film maker whose father is not only a sheriff, but also the founder of an auction company selling confiscated items.  Interestingly, even 60 Minutes supposedly did a show attacking the victim.  This might explain why all my attempts to get the tape of the show I did for 60 Minutes about our 12 step program have gone unanswered.

Seems his father, Don Haidi, died in Newport Beach in 2012 after having raised a lot of money for Mike Corona's campaign.

I can't seem to find the name of the auction company he founded anywhere.  I'm going to dig a little deeper and won't be surprised if I find that Claude is now working for that same company.  I'll keep you posted after I do some records searching.

I found it interesting that many of the same things they did to attack this poor woman to try and stop her from prosecuting them is the same things they use to stop people from bringing trafficking reports to the authorities as well - going through her trash, stalking her, releasing medical records, etc.   Sounds just like what they're doing to those who report sex trafficking to the authorities.  Same exact m/o.

I further find it interesting they "distributed posters asking for people to give them dirt on the victim".  Gee - sounds like how Meg went online asking people to give her dirt on me, and then when she couldn't get anyone to talk bad about me, Domina Elle then set up the site at asking people to post dirt on me also.   Same m/o.  This is a pattern or system with these people because clearly this woman was not their only victim.   Pedophiles set up systems around them to protect themselves, as do rapists and sex traffickers.

You aren't going to stop this by "ending demand".  We have to address the "system" that allows this to happen.  A system that traces right back to corruption it seems every time.   I have been trying for two years now to find someone I can speak to about the actions of the Pasadena police.  Not just the chief, but the officer that threatened me and the two officers that drug this one victim out of her home and slapped her with two fake prostitution cases when she said she wanted to quit hooking.

When the heat stirred up on this gang two years ago because of the light I've been shining on them - did they stop?  No.  They started importing Korean women to throw off the investigators.  Yes there was a few arrests in Seattle recently - but STILL I don't have anyone talking to me about the HEADS of this operation.  This is why the RICO laws were written - you just remove a few cogs out of the wheel and the wheel remains.

I'll get back to you when I find out what auction company this Don Haidi owned.

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